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Region Nordjylland | Published April 6, 2017  -  Deadline May 4, 2017
72000000, 72220000, 72227000, 72250000, 72260000, 72261000, 72263000, 72265000, 72266000, 72267000, 72268000, 72300000

As part of the contract to the supplier after the acquisition date should also provide operation, maintenance and support.

The offered contract contains elements of both a public contract as a framework agreement, as The contract includes both the Supplier's obligation to deliver the above, and that will entail an element of a framework agreement for the Customer options for the contract to book hourly ad hoc consulting services related to the decision support system and delivery of training.

The two main fields of application for decision support system is in electronic drug prescribing and support for medication review.

After the acceptance date expected decision support system is initially put into use at 3 selected using systems (Systems Employing Pilot), expectedly one regional system medicine and medical practices 2 systems.

The payment schedule will reflect the activities of the said main phases, so that the parts of the delivery payment not due until after the Customer's approval of each Pilot Connection Operating Tests and Completion Date, which is expected to be many months from the Acceptance Date, see. Nearer Annex 1 Schedule.

The contract generally comprise:

- Delivery of a clinical decision support system for use in electronic drug prescribing and medication review

- Project management and implementation services in connection with the preparation of the system

- Development Services relating to the establishment of the integrations between the decision support system and using systems.

- Tests and examinations

- Operation, support and maintenance after the Acceptance Date

- Implementation Services relating to the connection of the pilot by using systems Acceptance Date and subsequently of the further consumer systems.

Bidding process dialogue phase is expected to comprise the following phases:

- tenderers submitting preliminary offers

- The first dialogue

- tenderers submitting revised preliminary deal

- The second dialogue meeting

- Contracting Authority announced the termination of the dialogue phase

- Submission of final offer.

Reservations are made for holding further dialogue meetings referred to. Specifications.

No use of successive stages in order to reduce the number of solutions.

The Contracting Authority does not pay for participants in the competitive dialogue.

The tender documents, including The contract contains terms that oblige the supplier to provide cessation assistance with contract termination.

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