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ETendering Support consultant

Procurement Service Unit, Copenhagen - DENMARK | Published April 11, 2017  -  Deadline May 1, 2017

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is currently implementing a project Rollout of eTendering system that requires the services of an individual to perform the work described in the corresponding TORs for period May-December 2017 for aproximately 170 working days.Proposal should be submitted through the online eTendering system (search for Event ID 0000001278 in UNDP1) as per the deadline indicated in the system itself. Detailed user guide on how to register in the system and submit the proposal are attached to this notice. If you have registered in the system before, do not register again. Use forgotten password function to reactivate your password if you have forgotten it. User guides and videos on how to use the system can be found in the following link:

Highways consultancy services

Vejdirektoratet | Published March 21, 2017  -  Deadline May 1, 2017

The consultant's services will be to provide assistance to the Danish Road Directorate in the form of technical advice and assistance in the planning of smaller installations.

The consultant's services will be to provide assistance to the Danish Road Directorate in the form of technical advice and assistance in the planning of smaller installations.

More specifically, the task outline the following tasks:

- Analysis and planning of smaller installations

- Sketch Ring of smaller installations

- Project

- Evaluation of projects.

Please refer to Appendix 1: Performance Description.

Large Scale Maintenance - An International Comparison

Banedanmark | Published March 21, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017
71311300, 71620000

The scope of this project is to uncover why other railway infrastructure managers (IM) distinguish, choose, plan, contract and execute large scale maintenance works (LSM) as a supplement to renewal or small scale maintenance - and, if possible, to find out how they forecast traffical effects when choosing large scale maintenance.

The overall purpose for Banedanmark is to implement LSM according to best practice as a supplement to Banedanmarks traditional small scale maintenance and renewal.

With this present tender Banedanmark intends to contract with a consultant/tenderer to the complete the abovementioned benchmarking and analyses.

Software programming and consultancy services

Rejsekort A/S | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017

There is a need to improve the current solution for inspection of valid transport tickets on the Rejsekort and actions to improve the efficiency and quality of this solution has been identified.

Since the current Rejsekort inspection hardware is not able to read the Mifare DESFire type of contactless smart card, and will not be further supported in the future, it has been decided that the current Rejsekort inspection solution is to be phased out and a new solution installable on mobile devices and running on android operative system, replacing the existing Expanded Portable Inspection Device (EPID), should be developed and implemented.

The new solution must enable traffic operator inspection agents to perform inspection of Rejsekort travel cards to determine if customers have a valid transport ticket on the inspected Rejsekort, for all offered Rejeskort card types.

Please note that applications and offers must be submitted via e-mail to

There is a need to improve the current solution for inspection of valid transport tickets on the Rejsekort and actions to improve the efficiency and quality of this solution has been identified.

Since the current Rejsekort inspection hardware is not able to read the Mifare DESFire type of contactless smart card, and will not be further supported in the future, it has been decided that the current Rejsekort inspection solution is to be phased out and a new solution installable on mobile devices and running on android operative system, replacing the existing Expanded Portable Inspection Device (EPID), should be developed and implemented.

Main business objectives:

The new solution enables traffic operator inspection agents to perform inspection of Rejsekort travel cards to determine if customers have a valid transport ticket on the inspected Rejsekort, for all offered Rejeskort card types.

Since the traffic operators (PTOs) are responsible for the management of device users, the new solution enables each PTO, either by manual operations or by their own choice of MDM solution, to configure the operation of the application, supporting the minimum needs for operation.

The new solution provides the client application on the mobile device with all relevant data and files, such as transport operator network information, applicable fare rules for the traffic operator, configuration files and data lists currently named as Business Participant List, Black List, Action List.

The new solution supports the exchange of relevant data send and received by the device, enabling the inspector to monitor inspection and return log files, including e.g inspection logs and service level modification logs.

Traffic operator inspection agents will be the only direct users of the application and the new solution flawlessly supports the constantly changing location (Stop points, lines aso.) and the several hundreds of broad range transport ticket inspections, which is a natural part of a traffic operator inspection agent working shift.

The offer must contain:

1. A total project price;

2. An hourly price;

3. A monthly price covering maintenance and support.

Regarding no 1 the price must be in Danish Kroner (DKK) and consist of the num-ber of hours in the project multiplied with the hourly price.

Regarding no 2 the hourly price includes actual changes and separate tasks.

This procurement will be conducted according to the negotiated procedure with prior call for competition, according Directive 2014/25/EU on procurement by entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors and repealing Directive 2005/17/EC (the Utilities Directive).

The contracting entity wishes to conclude an agreement with one supplier on the Development, maintenance and support of a mobile solution enabling validation of transport tickets (rejsekort inspection).

A negotiated procedure with prior call for competition, according to article 47 of the Utilities Directive starts with a prequalification phase. In this phase the contracting entity will assess if there are applicants who must be excluded based on the criteria for exclusion or who do not live up to the minimum requirements for financial and technical fitness. Then, the contracting entity will select the number of candidates who will be invited to tender. The conditions for prequalification are described in section III.1.1 to section III.1.3 and deadline for application is the 3.5.2017.

In the negotiation phase, the selected candidates make an introductory tender, after which there is a negotiation with the tenderers. In the tender phase, the selected tenderer forward a final tender. The contracting entity shall evaluate the tenders and award the contract. The negotiation phase, tender phase, award criteria and the method of allocation are explained in the terms and conditions.

Construction consultancy services

Totalrådgivning — Hejrevangens Boligselskab – tagudskiftning | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 18, 2017

Total Consulting in connection with a replacement asbesttagbelægningen two departments of public housing. Altogether there are 91 homes.

The homes are inhabited subcontracting.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

DanPilot — Lodseriet Danmark | Published April 11, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017
72000000, 72200000, 72212150, 72212210, 72212211, 72212332, 72212510, 72212517

This procurement regards a service contract on delivery of a planning and dispatch system (hereafter referred to as ‘the System’). The procurement will be carried out by the use of the negotiated procedure with prior call for competition.

The procurement regards a service contract on delivery of the System). The System is to be used in the business of piloting (transit and harbours) as operated by the contracting authority in Danish Waters. The exact scope of the purchase may be subject to negotiation, including whether or not rostering is included. The procurement includes maintenance, licenses, support and other ancillary services. See procurement documents for further details.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

DanPilot — Lodseriet Danmark | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017
72000000, 72200000, 72212150, 72212210, 72212211, 72212332, 72212510, 72212517

This procurement regards a service contract on delivery of a planning and dispatch system (hereafter referred to as ‘the System’). The procurement will be carried out by the use of the negotiated procedure with prior call for competition.

General management consultancy services

Hovedstadsregionens EU-kontor | Published April 6, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017

Consultancy services to companies for guidance in EU funding from company-related EU programs such as Horizon 2020, Eurostars and the like. The performance must be delivered in close collaboration with the Copenhagen EU Office.

The task is to validate the match between the companies' product ideas and EU funding programs. The Contracting Authority refers companies for this performance. If matched can be validated, shall also be instructed to mature the project towards an application to the EU program. If the company wants even to write the application, offered the company a writing course which bidder is responsible. The Contracting Authority organizes local and catering to write courses and refer relevant companies to the benefit.

Construction work for buildings relating to health

Region Midtjylland, Hospitalsenheden Vest | Published April 4, 2017  -  Deadline May 1, 2017
45215100, 45214600

Offering comprises turnkey contract for the construction of new Psychiatry and constitutes stage two of the total DNV project.

Turnkey agreement includes the main building of the total construction belonging to Stage 2, Psychiatry, incl. all consulting services from and including the pilot project through project monitoring and technical supervision. The planning must be based on an existing project.

Psychiatry is expected to be charged with a gross area of ​​approximately 13 500 m².

In connection with the conclusion of the turnkey contract transferred consultant who prepared the project proposal for phase 2 of the turnkey contractor. Total contractor is obliged to take out a contract with a consultant.

The turnkey contract offered with a maximum budget of DKK 223 920 000 DKK.

For a more detailed description of the offered turnkey contract reference is made to the conditions of competition.

For further details, see section. II.1.4).

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Vejle Spildevand A/S | Published April 7, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017
71000000, 71200000, 71300000, 71400000

Vejle Wastewater provider hereby consultant performance in relation to a climate protection project for part of Vejle Østby.

The project will contribute to making the district resilient / robust to meet future heavy rain and large quantities of water.

The aim is to create a supplement to existing drainage systems from Nørremarken and Østbyen by establishing controlled drainage possibility of terrain for rainwater crowd by torrential rain events.

Total consultant performance in the design and construction process includes architects, landskabsarkitekt- and engineering advice in the preparation of conceptual design, preliminary project and main project and supply of all construction works with stage-part design and commissioning as well as derivative work thereof.

The Contracting Authority expects that the construction works are offered as two lots in the invited tender which respectively. pump construction incl. machine delivery and construction of civil works.

Total consultant must also perform all services related to the developer's obligations concerning health and safety at the construction site Work Coordinator in both the design phase (P) and the construction phase (B). Work coordination during the construction phase carried out in cooperation with the contractor.

Total Advisor provides in addition to project monitoring and supervision up to and including plant delivery.

Total consultant The benefit also covers all services provided in connection with the construction management.

The task is described in more detail in the document 'General conditions', 'Technical background note', 'ATR for subprojects' and in other documents.

Business and management consultancy services

Innovationsfonden | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017

Innovation Fund genudbyder now contract for the operation of entrepreneurial pilot scheme, including advice to entrepreneur pilots busy entrepreneurial pilot scheme. The contract also concerns the marketing of the scheme, the implementation of individual counseling programs, facilitation of networking and various administrative tasks associated with the system.

Software programming and consultancy services

Styrelsen for It og Læring | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017

Agency wants to conclude a four-year framework agreement for consultancy services for the development and maintenance of the Ministry of Education Data Warehouse and other tasks related to business intelligence and analytics.

Ministry of Education provider tasks concerning. maintenance and development of the Ministry of Education Data Warehouse, developed since 2013 and continuously developed and expanded with new training and data fields. Data The store now features statistical data on secondary education, vocational training and basic school. Data The store is designed with a focus on basic statistical data on students' background, progress, results and transitions in the education system and institutions, educators and performance indicators. Data storehouse used by ministry staff, the institutions and the public. Data department store can be accessed through Data The store is built in Microsoft DVH and BI tools ie using SQL Server, SharePoint, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS. In addition, used Targit to Dash table. In addition, the desired assistance to the ministry's other tasks within the BI, data use and analytics such as data mining, machine learning, advanced visualization, etc.

The contract gives the customer access to use and buy services independently or in cooperation with other units in the Ministry of Education Group, including the Ministerial area associated agencies and other state authorities.

Software programming and consultancy services

Frederiksberg Kommune | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017
72200000, 72230000, 72261000, 72262000, 72267000, 72310000

Frederiksberg Municipality hereby offers contract for maintenance, support and further development and possibly operation of the municipality's existing management system, FK LIS developed specifically for Frederiksberg.

Deployment Scenario with clarification phase, deployment phase and acceptance test and subsequent operation test is expected to commence immediately after the contract signature, the end of September 2017.

The offering is a limited supply, and the municipality will select the five candidates who can present the biggest and most relevant experience of performing tasks similar to those offered to tender for the contract as provided. Nearer the contract notice section II.2.9)


The system and all rights therein are owned by the Municipality of Frederiksberg.

Immediately after signing the contract initiated therefore an implementation process to prepare to take over the tasks.

Following the acquisition, the supplier's main tasks very general be

- further development of the system, consisting, inter alia, in the development of new functionalities and implementation of new areas in the system based on change requests from the municipality, and accepted proposals for optimization of the system suppliers

- maintenance and support of the system, including ensuring high availability and correct data, including the system monitoring, error correction, ensuring the back-up procedures, responding to user queries, etc.

- maintenance and preparation of system documentation, etc.

- active participation in status and steering committee meetings.

To the extent that the municipality makes use of the option that end, the supplier's tasks also include

- organizing training / workshops in the use of the system

- establishment of operating environment, management of hosting and operations, incl. construction and maintenance of operational documentation.

The precise obligations and other auxiliary obligations specified in the contract and in the annex and the annex to the contract.

Advertising consultancy services

Beskæftigelsesministeriet | Published April 20, 2017  -  Deadline May 19, 2017

2.4) for further information.

For this purpose, offered therefore partial agreement 1 (strategic consulting) with five companies that can assist with a variety of tasks, including overall:

- Strategic advice, ideas and concepts, advice on internal and external communication (eg development and implementation of the vision, mission and values);

- Brands and branding strategy;

- Promotion Strategy the objectives and contents;

- Tactics and communication flow, including advice on choice of media and communication channels;

- Design and design of promotional items (eg, ads, online banners, outdoor, social media, radio, TV, possibly. Video, etc.);

- PR;

- Experience with network-based communication and collaboration coordination;

- Post campaign (eg power measurement of the campaign's impact, evaluation of results and evaluation of the entire process);

- Political information campaigns and dissemination of policy initiatives.

For this purpose, offered therefore lot only two (design and development of websites and digital products) with five companies that can assist with a variety of tasks, including overall:

- advice on - and conducting user experience, user testing and user surveys;

- development of interaction design for websites, intranets, etc;

- development of information architecture for websites, intranets, etc;

- graphic design of the delivered products or services;

- advice on - and conducting technical SEO;

- advice on design for digital media, online communications and digital marketing.

For this purpose, offered therefore Lot 3 (Design, layout and graphic assistance to publications and electronic products, etc.) with five companies that can assist with a variety of tasks, including:

- Graphic layout of reports;

- Layout of publications;

- Design and layout for electronic products such as PowerPoint, electronic newsletters, mail auto signature and social media;

- Design for items such as roll-ups, overalls and billboards;

- Preparation of computer graphics and illustrations;

- Development of graphical assistance and visual identity.

Software programming and consultancy services

Lejerbo (Administrationsorganisationen) | Published April 13, 2017
72200000, 72243000

Lejerbo intends to conclude a contract with one supplier on the development of a new website as an agile project.

Consultancy services relating to map and chart production for digital and print products

Det Europæiske Miljøagentur | Published March 23, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

Formålet med dette udbud er at indgå en rammetjenesteydelseskontrakt med 1 tjenesteyder eller en sammenslutning af tjenesteydere (et konsortium), som skal yde rådgivning til EEA inden for udarbejdelse af kort og diagrammer til digitale og trykte produkter.

EEA gør vellykket brug af kort og diagrammer til at formidle specifikke miljømæssige meddelelser, der er baseret på dataanalyse. Sådanne kort og diagrammer kan være dynamiske, til brug i digitale produkter og online eller til statisk brug i trykte produkter, eller lejlighedsvis i digitale produkter og online. Kontrahenten vil blive ansvarlig for arbejde med miljødata om en lang række emner med henblik på at udarbejde interaktive eller statiske kort og diagrammer til brug i digitale og online produkter, der er lette at forstå, og som giver et klart budskab til brugeren.

Zweck dieser Ausschreibung ist der Abschluss eines Rahmenvertrags mit 1 Dienstleister oder einem Zusammenschluss von Dienstleistern (Konsortium), der Beratungsleistungen für die EUA betreffend die Erstellung von Karten und Diagrammen für digitale und gedruckte Erzeugnisse erbringt.

Zur Übermittlung spezifischer umweltbezogener Aussagen auf der Grundlage ausgewerteter Daten setzt die EUA erfolgreich Karten und Diagramme ein. Diese Karten und Diagramme können in dynamischer Form zur Verwendung in digitalen Erzeugnissen und im Internet oder in statischer Form zur Verwendung in gedruckten Erzeugnissen oder gelegentlich zur Verwendung in digitalen Erzeugnissen und im Internet vorliegen. Der Auftragnehmer ist für die Bearbeitung von Umweltdaten zu einer Vielzahl an Themen zuständig, um interaktive oder statische Karten und Diagramme zur Verwendung in digitalen und Online-Erzeugnissen zu erstellen, die leicht verständlich sind und den Nutzern eine klare Botschaft vermitteln.

The purpose of this call for tender is to establish a framework service contract with 1 service provider or a group of service providers (consortium) who will provide to the EEA consultancy services relating to map and chart production for digital and print products.

The EEA makes successful use of maps and charts to communicate specific environmental messages based on the analysis of data. Such maps and charts can be dynamic, for use in digital products and online or static for use in printed products, or on occasion in digital products and online. The contractor will be responsible for working with environmental data on a variety of themes to produce interactive or static maps and charts for use in digital and online products that are easy to understand and which convey a clear message to the user.

El objetivo de esta convocatoria de licitación es establecer un contrato marco de servicios con 1 proveedor de servicios o un grupo de proveedores de servicios (consorcio) que prestará servicios de consultoría en relación con la producción de mapas y gráficos para productos digitales e impresos.

La AEMA hace un uso eficaz de mapas y gráficos para comunicar mensajes medioambientales específicos sobre la base del análisis de datos. Dichos mapas y gráficos pueden ser dinámicos, para su uso en productos digitales y en línea, o estáticos, para su uso en productos impresos, o en ocasiones en productos digitales y en línea. El contratista será responsable de trabajar con datos medioambientales en una variedad de temas para producir mapas y gráficos interactivos o estáticos para su uso en productos digitales y en línea que sean fáciles de comprender y que transmitan un mensaje claro al usuario.

Tämän tarjouspyynnön tarkoituksena on palveluja koskevan puitesopimuksen tekeminen 1 sellaisen palveluntarjoajan tai palveluntarjoajien ryhmittymän (konsortion) kanssa, joka toimittaa Euroopan ympäristökeskukselle (EYK) digitaalisia tuotteita ja painotuotteita varten tehtävien karttojen ja kaavioiden tuotantoon liittyvät konsultointipalvelut.

EYK käyttää menestyksekkäästi karttoja ja kaavioita erityisten ympäristöön liittyvien ja tietojen analysointiin perustuvien viestien välittämiseen. Kyseiset kartat ja kaaviot voivat olla dynaamisia, kun ne tarkoitettu käytettäväksi digitaalisissa tuotteissa ja verkossa, tai staattisia, kun ne on tarkoitettu käytettäväksi painotuotteissa tai satunnaisesti digitaalisissa tuotteissa ja verkossa. Sopimusosapuolen vastuulla on työskennellä erilaisiin aiheisiin liittyvien ympäristöä koskevien tietojen parissa, jotta se voi tuottaa vuorovaikutteisia tai staattisia karttoja ja kaavioita käytettäväksi digitaalisissa tuotteissa ja verkkotuotteissa. Karttojen ja kaavioiden on oltava helppoja ymmärtää, ja niiden on välitettävä käyttäjälle selkeä viesti.

L'objectif du présent appel d'offres est de conclure un contrat-cadre de services avec 1 prestataire ou un groupe de prestataires (consortium) qui seront chargés de fournir à l'AEE des services de conseil relatifs à la production de cartes et de graphiques destinés à des produits numériques et imprimés.

L'AEE utilise de manière fructueuse des cartes et des graphiques afin de communiquer des messages environnementaux spécifiques sur la base de l'analyse de données. Ces cartes et graphiques peuvent être dynamiques, destinés à une utilisation dans des produits numériques et en ligne, ou statiques, destinés à une utilisation dans des produits imprimés, ou à l'occasion dans des produits numériques et en ligne. Le contractant sera chargé de travailler avec des données environnementales relatives à une variété de thèmes afin de produire des cartes et des graphiques interactifs ou statiques destinés à une utilisation dans des produits numériques et en ligne qui sont faciles à comprendre et qui transmettent un message clair à l'utilisateur.

Σκοπός της παρούσας πρόσκλησης υποβολής προσφορών είναι η σύναψη μιας σύμβασης-πλαίσιο παροχής υπηρεσιών με 1 πάροχο υπηρεσιών ή όμιλο παρόχων υπηρεσιών (κοινοπραξία) που θα παράσχει υπηρεσίες παροχής συμβουλών στον ΕΟΠ σχετικά με την παραγωγή χαρτών και γραφημάτων για ψηφιακά προϊόντα και προϊόντα εκτύπωσης.

Ο ΕΟΠ χρησιμοποιεί επιτυχώς χάρτες και γραφήματα για τη τη μετάδοση ειδικών περιβαλλοντικών μηνυμάτων βάσει ανάλυσης δεδομένων. Τέτοιου είδους χάρτες και γραφήματα δύνανται να είναι αποτελεσματικά για χρήση σε ψηφιακά και επιγραμμικά προϊόντα ή στατικά για χρήση σε προϊόντα εκτύπωσης ή περιστασιακά για χρήση σε ψηφιακά και επιγραμμικά προϊόντα. Ο ανάδοχος θα είναι υπεύθυνος για τις εργασίες με περιβαλλοντικά δεδομένα επί ποικιλίας θεμάτων που σχετίζονται την παραγωγή ευκολονόητων διαδραστικών ή στατικών χαρτών και γραφημάτων για χρήση σε ψηφιακά και επιγραμμικά προϊόντα εκτύπωσης τα οποία διαβιβάζουν ένα σαφές μήνυμα στον χρήστη.

Scopo del presente bando di gara è stipulare un contratto quadro di servizi con 1 prestatore di servizi o gruppo di prestatori di servizi (consorzio) che fornirà all'AEA servizi di consulenza relativi alla produzione di mappe e grafici per prodotti digitali e stampati.

L'AEA fa un uso proficuo di mappe e grafici per comunicare messaggi specifici relativi all'ambiente sulla base dell'analisi di dati. Tali mappe e grafici possono essere dinamici, da utilizzare in prodotti digitali e online, o statici, da utilizzare in prodotti stampati o talvolta anche in prodotti digitali e online. Responsabilità del contraente sarà lavorare con dati ambientali riguardanti vari temi al fine di produrre mappe e grafici interattivi o statici, da utilizzare in prodotti digitali e online, che siano di facile comprensione e che trasmettano all'utente un messaggio chiaro.

Doel van deze aanbesteding is het sluiten van een raamovereenkomst voor diensten met 1 dienstverlener of een groep van dienstverleners (consortium) die het EEA consultancydiensten moet verlenen met betrekking tot de productie van kaarten en grafieken voor digitale en gedrukte producten.

Het EEA maakt met succes gebruik van kaarten en grafieken voor het meedelen van specifieke milieuboodschappen op basis van de analyse van gegevens. Dergelijke kaarten en grafieken kunnen dynamisch zijn voor gebruik bij digitale producten en online, maar ook statisch voor gebruik bij gedrukte producten of soms bij digitale producten en online. De contractant is verantwoordelijk voor het werken met milieugegevens over een waaier aan thema's om interactieve of statische kaarten en grafieken te produceren voor gebruik bij digitale en onlineproducten die gemakkelijk te begrijpen zijn en een duidelijke boodschap aan de gebruiker overbrengen.

O objetivo do presente concurso consiste em estabelecer um contrato-quadro de serviços com 1 prestador de serviços ou um grupo de prestadores de serviços (consórcio) que prestarão à AEA serviços de consultoria relacionados com a elaboração de gráficos e mapas para produtos impressos e digitais.

A AEA utiliza os mapas e gráficos de forma bem-sucedida para comunicar mensagens ambientais específicas com base na análise de dados. Os mapas e gráficos em questão podem ser dinâmicos, para utilização em produtos digitais e em linha ou estáticos para utilização em produtos impressos, ou pontualmente em produtos digitais e em linha. O contratante será responsável por trabalhar com dados ambientais sobre uma variedade de temas para elaborar gráficos e mapas estáticos ou interativos para utilização em produtos em linha e digitais de fácil compreensão e que transmitem uma mensagem clara para o utilizador.

Syftet med denna anbudsinfordran är att upprätta ett ramavtal för tjänster med 1 tjänsteleverantör eller en grupp tjänsteleverantörer (konsortium) som kommer att tillhandahålla EEA rådgivningstjänster med anknytning till framtagande av kartor och diagram för digitala och tryckta produkter.

EEA använder kartor och diagram på ett framgångsrikt sätt för att framföra specifika miljömässiga budskap baserat på analys av data. Sådana kartor och diagram kan vara dynamiska, för användning i digitala produkter och online, eller statiska för användning i tryckta produkter eller ibland i digitala produkter och online. Uppdragstagaren kommer att ansvara för att arbeta med miljömässiga data med avseende på olika teman för att ta fram interaktiva eller statiska kartor och diagram för användning i digitala produkter och produkter online som är lättbegripliga och som förmedlar ett tydligt budskap till användaren.

Účelem této výzvy k nabídkám je uzavřít rámcovou smlouvu na služby s 1 poskytovatelem služeb nebo seskupením poskytovatelů služeb (konsorciem), kteří budou poskytovat EEA poradenské služby týkající se výroby map a grafů pro digitální a tištěné produkty.

EEA úspěšně využívá map a grafů v rámci konkrétních sdělení týkajících se životního prostředí na základě analýzy dat. Tyto mapy a grafy mohou být dynamické, určené k použití v digitálních produktech a online, nebo statické pro účely tištěných produktů, nebo příležitostně v digitálních produktech a online. Zhotovitel bude odpovědný za práci s ekologickými daty o různých tématech při výrobě interaktivních nebo statických map a grafů k použití v digitálních a online produktech, ve kterých bude možné se snadno orientovat a které budou uživateli podávat jasné sdělení.

Selle pakkumiskutse eesmärk on sõlmida teenuste raamleping 1 teenuseosutaja või teenuseosutajate ühendusega (konsortsium), kes osutab Euroopa Keskkonnaametile (EEA) nõustamisteenuseid, mis on seotud digitaalsete toodete ja trükiste jaoks kaartide ja diagrammide tootmisega.

EEA kasutab edukalt kaarte ja diagramme, et anda andmete analüüsi põhjal edasi konkreetseid keskkonnaalaseid sõnumeid. Sellised kaardid ja diagrammid võivad olla dünaamilised, mida kasutatakse digitaalsetes toodetes ja veebis, või staatilised, mida kasutatakse trükistes või mõnikord ka digitaalsetes toodetes ja veebis. Töövõtja vastutab mitmesugustel teemadel keskkonnaalaste andmetega töötamise eest, et toota digitaalsetes ja veebipõhistes toodetes kasutamiseks selliseid interaktiivseid või staatilisi kaarte ja diagramme, mis on kergesti mõistetavad ja mis annavad kasutajale edasi selge sõnumi.

Ezen ajánlati/részvételi felhívás célja szolgáltatási keretszerződés megkötése 1 olyan szolgáltatóval vagy szolgáltatói csoportosulással (konzorcium), amely az Európai Környezetvédelmi Ügynökség (EEA) számára a digitális és nyomtatott termékekhez használt térképek és grafikonok készítésével kapcsolatos tanácsadói szolgáltatásokat nyújt.

Az EEA sikeresen alkalmaz térképeket és grafikonokat adatelemzésen alapuló környezetvédelmi üzenetek közvetítéséhez. Az ilyen térképek és grafikonok lehetnek dinamikusak digitális termékekhez történő vagy online használat céljából, illetve lehetnek nyomtatott termékekhez vagy esetenként digitális termékekhez és online használt térképek és grafikonok. A nyertes ajánlattevőnek különféle környezetvédelmi témákkal kapcsolatos adatokkal kell dolgoznia digitális és online termékekhez használt olyan interaktív vagy statikus térképek és grafikonok készítése céljából, amelyek könnyen érthetők, illetve amelyek világos üzenetet közvetítenek a felhasználó számára.

Šio kvietimo pateikti pasiūlymus tikslas – sudaryti preliminariąją paslaugų pirkimo sutartį bent su 1 paslaugų teikėju arba paslaugų teikėjų grupe (konsorciumu), kurie teiks EAA konsultavimo paslaugas, susijusias su skaitmeninių ir spausdintų produktų žemėlapių ir grafikų gamyba.

EAA sėkmingai naudoja žemėlapius ir grafikus, siekdama pranešti specialius aplinkosaugos pranešimus, grindžiamus duomenų analize. Tokie žemėlapiai ir grafikai gali būti dinamiški, skirti naudoti skaitmeniniuose produktuose ir internetu, arba statiški, skirti naudoti spausdinamuose produktuose arba kartais skaitmeniniuose produktuose ir internetu. Rangovas bus atsakingas už darbą su aplinkosaugos duomenimis įvairiomis temomis, kad galėtų rengti interaktyvius ar statinius žemėlapius ir grafikus, skirtus naudoti skaitmeniniuose ir internetiniuose produktuose, kuriuos lengva suprasti ir kurie perteikia aiškią žinutę vartotojui.

Šā uzaicinājuma uz konkursu mērķis ir noslēgt pakalpojumu pamatnolīgumu ar 1 pakalpojumu sniedzēju vai pakalpojumu sniedzēju grupu (konsorciju), kas sniegs Eiropas Vides aģentūrai (EVA) konsultāciju pakalpojumus saistībā ar karšu un diagrammu sagatavošanu digitāliem un drukātiem materiāliem.

EVA veiksmīgi izmanto kartes un diagrammas, lai paustu konkrētus vēstījumus par vidi, pamatojoties uz datu analīzi. Šīs kartes un diagrammas var būt dinamiskas – paredzētas izmantošanai digitālos un tiešsaistes materiālos, vai arī statiskas – paredzētas izmantošanai drukātos materiālos vai dažkārt digitālos un tiešsaistes materiālos. Darbuzņēmējs būs atbildīgs par darbu ar vides datiem par dažādiem tematiem, lai sagatavotu viegli saprotamas, interaktīvas vai statiskas kartes un diagrammas, kas izmantojamas digitālos un tiešsaistes materiālos un nodod skaidru vēstījumu lietotājam.

L-iskop ta' din is-sejħa għall-offerti hu li twaqqaf qafas ta' kuntratt ta' servizz ma' fornitur ta' servizz 1 jew grupp ta' fornituri ta' servizz (konsorzju) li se jipprovdi/jipprovdu servizzi ta' konsulenza lill-EEA li għandhom x'jaqsmu mal-produzzjoni ta' mapep u tabelli għal prodotti diġitali u stampati.

L-EEA tagħmel użu b'suċċess tal-mapep u t-tabelli biex tikkomunika messaġġi ambjentali speċifiċi bbażati fuq l-analiżi tad-dejta. Tali mapep u tabelli jistgħu jkunu dinamiċi, għal użu fi prodotti diġitali u onlajn jew statiċi għal użu fi prodotti stampati, jew okkażjonalment fi prodotti diġitali u onlajn. Il-kuntrattur se jkun responsabbli li jaħdem b'detja ambjentali fuq firxa ta' temi biex jipproduċi mapep u tabelli interattivi jew statiċi għal użu fi prodotti diġitali u onlajn li huma faċli biex wieħed jifhimhom u li jwasslu messaġġ ċar lill-utent.

Celem zaproszenia do składania ofert jest zawarcie umowy ramowej o usługi z jednym usługodawcą lub grupą usługodawców (konsorcjum), którzy będą świadczyć na rzecz EEA usługi doradcze w zakresie przygotowywania map i wykresów do wykorzystania w produktach cyfrowych i drukowanych.

EEA z powodzeniem wykorzystuje mapy i wykresy w celu przekazywania konkretnych i popartych analizą danych informacji dotyczących środowiska. Takie mapy i wykresy mogą być dynamiczne – do wykorzystania w produktach cyfrowych lub online, bądź statyczne – do wykorzystania w produktach drukowanych lub czasami w produktach cyfrowych lub online. Wykonawca będzie odpowiedzialny za obróbkę danych dotyczących środowiska z użyciem rozmaitych motywów na potrzeby przygotowania interaktywnych lub statycznych map i wykresów do późniejszego wykorzystania w produktach cyfrowych i online, które mają być łatwe do zrozumienia oraz zawierać czytelne komunikaty dla użytkownika.

Cieľom tejto výzvy na predloženie ponúk je uzatvoriť rámcovú zmluvu o poskytovaní služieb s 1 poskytovateľom služieb alebo skupinou poskytovateľov služieb (konzorciom), ktorí budú poskytovať pre EEA poradenské služby týkajúce sa výroby máp a tabuliek pre digitálne a tlačené materiály.

EEA úspešne využíva mapy a tabuľky na oznamovanie špecifických environmentálnych správ na základe analýzy údajov. Tieto mapy a tabuľky môžu byť dynamické, na použitie pri digitálnych materiáloch a online, alebo statické na použitie v tlačených materiáloch, alebo príležitostne v digitálnych materiáloch a online. Dodávateľ bude zodpovedný za prácu s environmentálnymi údajmi týkajúcimi sa rôznych tém na výrobu interaktívnych alebo statických máp a tabuliek na použitie v prípade digitálnych a online produktov, ktoré sú jednoduché na pochopenie a ktoré používateľovi tlmočia jasný odkaz.

Namen tega javnega razpisa je skleniti okvirno naročilo storitev z 1 ponudnikom storitev ali skupino ponudnikov storitev (konzorcij), ki bo zagotovil svetovalne storitve za EEA v zvezi s proizvodnjo zemljevidov in preglednic za digitalne in tiskane izdelke.

EEA uspešno uporablja zemljevide in preglednice za posredovanje posebnih okoljskih sporočil na podlagi analize podatkov. Takšni zemljevidi in preglednice so lahko dinamični za uporabo v digitalnih ali spletnih izdelkih ali statični za uporabo v tiskanih izdelkih ali občasno v digitalnih in spletnih izdelkih. Izvajalec bo odgovoren za delo z okoljskimi podatki o različnih temah za proizvodnjo interaktivnih ali statičnih zemljevidov in preglednic za uporabo v digitalnih in spletnih izdelkih, ki so enostavno razumljivi in uporabniku posredujejo jasno sporočilo.

Is é cuspóir an ghlao seo ar thairiscintí conradh seirbhíse creatlaí a dhéanamh le 1 soláthraí seirbhíse nó le grúpa de sholáthraithe seirbhíse (cuibhreannas) a sholáthróidh seirbhísí comhairleachta don EEA a bhaineann le léarscáileanna agus cairteacha a tháirgeadh le haghaidh táirgí digiteacha agus priontála.

Baineann an EEA úsáid rathúil as léarscáileanna agus cairteacha chun teachtaireachtaí sainiúla um an gcomhshaol a chur in iúl bunaithe ar anailís ar shonraí. Is féidir a leithéid de léarscáileanna agus cairteacha a bheith dinimiciúil, le húsáid i dtáirgí digiteacha agus ar líne nó statach le húsáid i dtáirgí priontáilte, agus ar ócáidí i dtáirgí digiteacha agus ar líne. Beidh an conraitheoir freagrach as oibriú le sonraí comhshaoil in éagsúlacht de théamaí d'fhonn léarscáileanna agus cairteacha idirghníomhacha nó statacha a tháirgeadh le húsáid i dtáirgí digiteacha agus ar líne atá éasca le tuiscint agus lena gcuirtear teachtaireacht shoiléir in iúl don úsáideoir.

Целта на тази покана за участие в търг е да се сключи рамков договор за услуги с 1 доставчик на услуги или група от доставчици на услуги (консорциум), които ще осигурят на ЕАОС консултантски услуги, свързани с изготвянето на карта и схема за цифрови и печатни продукти.

ЕАОС успешно използва карти и схеми, за да съобщава специфични екологични послания въз основа на анализа на данни. Такива карти и схеми могат да бъдат динамични, за употреба в цифрови продукти и онлайн или статични за използване в печатни продукти или понякога в цифрови продукти и онлайн. Изпълнителят ще отговаря за работата с данни за околната среда относно разнообразни теми за изготвяне на интерактивни или статични карти и схеми за използване при цифрови и онлайн продукти, които са лесни за разбиране и които отправят ясно послание към потребителя.

Scopul acestei licitații este de a încheia un contract-cadru de servicii cu 1 prestator de servicii sau un grup de prestatori de servicii (consorțiu) care va furniza în favoarea AEM servicii de consultanță legate de producția de hărți și grafice pentru produse digitale și tipărite.

AEM utilizează cu succes hărți și grafice pentru a comunica mesaje specifice de mediu bazate pe analiza datelor. Aceste hărți și grafice pot fi dinamice, destinate utilizării în produse digitale și online, sau statice, destinate utilizării în produse tipărite sau ocazional în produsele digitale și online. Contractantul va fi responsabil pentru lucrul cu date de mediu privind o serie de teme în vederea producerii de hărți și grafice interactive sau statice destinate utilizării în produsele digitale și online care sunt ușor de înțeles și care transmit un mesaj clar utilizatorului.

Svrha ovoga poziva na nadmetanje sklopiti je okvirni ugovor o uslugama s 1 pružateljem usluga ili zajednicom pružatelja usluga (konzorcij) koji će EEA-u pružiti savjetodavne usluge u pogledu izrade karata i grafikona za digitalne i tiskane proizvode.

EEA uspješno upotrebljava karte i grafikone za prikazivanje određenih poruka o okolišu na temelju analize podataka. Takve karte i grafikoni mogu biti dinamički, za upotrebu u okviru digitalnih proizvoda i na internetu, ili statični za upotrebu u tiskanim proizvodima ili povremeno u digitalnim proizvodima i na internetu. Izvoditelj će biti odgovoran za rad s podacima o okolišu u okviru raznih tema kako bi izradio interaktivne ili statične karte i grafikone za upotrebu u digitalnim i mrežnim proizvodima koji su lako razumljivi i kojima se korisniku prenosi jasna poruka.

Consultancy services for the development of institutional framework of Green Investment Facility

Udenrigsministeriet | Published April 20, 2017  -  Deadline May 12, 2017

For further information about this offer, see link:

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Vejle Spildevand A/S | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017
71000000, 71200000, 71300000, 71400000

Vejle Wastewater provider hereby consultant performance in relation to a climate protection project for part of Vejle Østby.

The project will contribute to making the district resilient / robust to meet future heavy rain and large quantities of water.

The aim is to create a supplement to existing drainage systems from Nørremarken and Østbyen by establishing controlled drainage possibility of terrain for rainwater crowd by torrential rain events.

Consultancy project "Creativity & Entrepreneurship" also called "co-current"

Svendborg Kommune | Published November 20, 2015  -  Deadline August 31, 2018

Training for creative companies - from the food chain for entrepreneurship, growth and expansion. The "co-current" plans to engage consultants, trainers and coaches preliminary to the development and implementation of four training courses for kommende-, new-, etablerede- and growth entrepreneurs in creative industries. These are relatively modest tasks that are not covered by formal procurement rules. The project wishes to give all interested competent consultants, trainers and coaches the opportunity to show interest in the tasks so that the project will be able to choose the most dedicated and best suited to help with the tasks. Project "co-current" therefore calls on teachers and coaches who have an interest in the study and training, to submit expressions of interest with your CV and references. Among the stakeholders invited regularly to offer jobs. Said material may be sent. mail: The material will be part of the basis for the project invitation of partners to discuss possible cooperation on achieving solutions. The "co-current" would increase entrepreneurship and growth in the creative industries in Southern Denmark - with Future Factory, Spinderihallerne, Business Kolding and IDEA - Entrepreneurship Centre / SDU as the primary actors The project is funded by the European Social Fund and regional development funds.

Civil engineering consultancy services

Skive Kommune | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 16, 2017

Offering concerns advice for site development of the Business Park GreenLAB, Stage 1 and 2. For a detailed description of the services offered, including the minimum services must meet, refer to tasks and performance description, the tender list, and any correction letters for answering the question.

The offered agreement has a maturity as follows:

- Design and construction supply ready for broadcast 01.09.2017

- Construction management and supervision Stage 1 2017-18

- Construction management and supervision stage 2 has a time horizon of 4-6 years, depending on when land is acquired and available for site development.

- There you can expect minor project modifications and drawing revisions during the construction period.