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Systems and technical consultancy services

Brandenburgischer IT-Dienstleister | Published February 18, 2017  -  Deadline March 21, 2017
72220000, 72227000

For this it is necessary to move the run by ZIT-BB center infrastructure by mid-2018 at the location of the new data center (RZneu) to move to Berlin, and the remaining active hardware controlled decommission. 

Other objectives are to meet cost and quality of service to customers of the ZIT-BB.

be 46 freigezogen mid-2018 in Potsdam.

This is in the wake of the first colonization of the new data center and for receiving the first the moved procedures.

The actual relocation of the computer systems and the infrastructure is part of an overall project, which is divided into the following three sub-projects:

Project 1 - provision of data center space;

Project 2 - Technical RZ equipment;

Project 3 - RZ Umzug.Das central data center in Dortustraße 46 includes, inter alia, currently:

- 530 physical and 460 virtual servers;

- A multi-level structured active network consisting of core, distribution and edge-plane;

- 380TB data volume in the SAN;

- 280TB data volume in the backup;

- 8 Housing systems with 51 servers, blade enclosures 3, 1 and 1 Netapp EMC2 storage;

- More than 300 procedures of different complexity of which a part is moved in own contribution of the principal;

- 48 infrastructure components;

- Plus various databases for the operation of the elements..

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

ProPotsdam GmbH | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline February 23, 2017
71000000, 71240000, 71200000

In the situated directly at the Heinrich-Mann-Allee subregion the establishment of a 5-storey building is provided, inter alia, for commercial and office use. 

135 rent arise.

3700 m 2 Floor area should be implemented privately financed.

The new apartments are to plan accessible and are to be tailored to the needs of older residents.

The apartments are to be developed in the predetermined key as a 2- to 4-room apartments (45% 2-room Whgbis to 50 m 2 WFL, 25% 2-room-apartment up to 55 m 2 WFL, 10% 3-room-apartment up to 75 m 2 WFL, 20% 4-room-apt to zu90 m 2 WFL).

Given the necessary efficiency, these cost limits the cost ceiling is to be agreed as quality of project planning.

Benefits are granted according to HOAI (2013).

14 300 m 2 To forgive the remaining areas of the future construction site WA4 to the planning office, which receives the first order, if appropriate, can be transferred to the remaining areas of solutions can be generated.

Provision of planning services:

quarter 2017

quarter 2017

quarter 2018

In the planning and execution is placed on sustainability and efficiency in the production, operation and maintenance costs great value.

Supplementary note: It is envisaged that the selected consultants in the second phase of the process provide solutions (partial performance of the pre-planning).

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