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Business and management consultancy services

Lokale Aktionsgruppe Kulturlandschaft Ahaus-Heek-Legden e. V. | Published April 7, 2016
planinvent – Büro für räumliche Planung
79410000, 79411000, 79416000, 79419000, 79421000

Regional Management for the LEADER region Ahaus-Heek-Legden.

General management consultancy services

Lokale Aktionsgruppe Kulturlandschaft Ahaus-Heek-Legden e. V. | Published November 5, 2015  -  Deadline December 14, 2015
79411000, 79411100, 79416000, 79419000, 79421000

An external Regional Management, hosted by a qualified service agency to which implementation of the Local Development Strategy (LES) for the LEADER region Ahaus-Heek-Legden optionally extendable accompany from 01.11.2016 to 31.12.2022, in the year 2023. This essentially includes: - organization, execution and evaluation of the administrative activities of the Local Working Group (LAG); - Guiding the club account; - Planning and implementation of LEADER acquisition and Sensibilisierunsveranstaltungen; - Preparation and execution of the project application and monitoring of the project accounts; - Preparation and monitoring of cooperation projects; - Promoters care; - Act as an interface and contact for formal contacts eg for district government Münster;. - Active network care with parent Intanzen; - Public Relations and Marketing; - Preparation and execution of information events on LEADER and presence in regional and supra-regionally important events; - Preparation of regular activity and evaluation reports for the LAG and the regional management; - Accompanied by the permanent project and process monitoring.
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