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Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 28, 2016

A framework agreement with a tenderer for the provision of consulting and project management services as part of a project to - preparation and implementation of person-centered control of integration assistance (PerSEH method) in Hesse

- Organizational development of services Dezernates SGB and KOF and

- Further development of the controlling

(Working title: project overall control - participation).

Control of the LWV Hesse.

200 (SGB Services and KOF) have already been developed as part of PerSEH concept.

However, Future-oriented shows that a unified and holistic control system for the LWV Hessen is required with the tools to manage the finances and services are possible.

Control processes and structures in the Department 200th

The current organization of Dezernates 200 is characterized by the following developments:

Basic security law, enforcement of housing subsidies, introducing personal budget, annex services).

The number of cases in the war victims, however, are declining steadily and do not have a sustained degressive course.

- The self-developed IT processes instruc to support the provision of benefits has been continuously specifically developed.

The staff assessment system forms that occurred since 2005 structural and IT technical changes not from procedurally.

B .:

- Uniform processing standards,

- Digital document management,

- Adapting the processes to the extended IT capabilities,

- Specialization requirements due to complex legal regulations.


- To reflect the recent developments only partially,

- Are inadequate for the implementation of future requirements,

- No longer required in personnel allocation system with the precision and completeness

are shown,

is a holistic organizational development of Dezernates 200 required.

PerSEH project

The planning of the BMAS envisages to adopt the BTHG still in 2016th

In Hessen, these key aspects have been taken up early (since 2003) and in various projects.

Goals of the project are:

Accompanying laws with respect to their content and timing effects and possibly decisions already taken the LWV Hessen analyzed and implemented.

The holistic strategic and operational financial and performance controlling for the LWV Hessen for planning, managing and control of finances and the services is implemented.

The Department 200 (SGB Services and KOF) is positioned to control, structure and processes relating to the future requirements and used thereon based update-capable personnel allocation system.

The PerSEH nomenclature (details in the tender documents) has been developed taking into account the coordination with external partners refinement and economy and implemented organizationally.

Delivery of 2 pieces Citrix NetScaler SDX8015 appliances together with appropriate implementation and consulting services.

LWV Hessen Zentrale Vergabestelle | Published November 25, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016
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