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Consulting services for the procurement of a Beriebsführungssystems for WWTP, special structures and channel maintenance

Stadt Borken | Published July 16, 2015

Beratungsleistung für die Beschaffung eines Beriebsführungssystems für die Kläranlage, Sonderbauwerke und Kanalinstandhaltung

Architectural and related services

Stadt Borken | Published October 30, 2015
Kastner Pichler Architekten

The city of Borken in the western Münsterland in North Rhine-Westphalia has performed as part of a procurement procedure with a Europe-wide upstream application process an architectural competition for high construction. In "Old Town Hall Borken" - today's City Museum - is a forum for art and present to be created. Emergence is a place of encounter, of experience and experiencing. The city of Borken intention planning services according to HOAI § 34 work stages 1-9 to forgive. The appointment should be done gradually to a bidder. First, the planning services of service phases 1-3 were awarded. Accompanying the planning of the high construction project work results must be coordinated with other specialist consultants for technical equipment and structural engineering and considered. Likewise, construction of buildings "Altes Rathaus Borken" further planning and construction in the field are parallel to the planning and implementation take place. Mentioned here are the redesign of the adjacent De-Wynen square and the planning and realization of the exhibition concept. These measures were not part of the local procurement procedure, without prejudice, however, a corresponding coordination efforts with other planners, committees and the principal will be required.
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