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CO (APL2) Rural Education APL II - P082908

Ministerio de Educación Nacional | Published February 4, 2015  -  Deadline February 18, 2015

Design and implement a communication strategy that Allow Through The Social Mobilization The Return Of Results Deimplementación the Rural Education Project Per Ii A Las Regionesy Apropiaciónde The Same As The Interior Of The Arctic issues REPUBLICADE COLOMBIA MINISTRY EDUCACIÓNNACIONAL PHASE II SBCC-561-15 CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS DEINTERÉS DECONSULTORÍA SERVICES TO "DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT A STRATEGY THAT ALLOWS decomunicación THROUGH SOCIAL MOBILIZATION DERESULTADOS RETURN OF IMPLEMENTATION OF RURAL EDUCATION PROJECT II A PER THE REGIONS AND THE APPROPRIATION OF THEM WITHIN THE MINISTRY ÁREASMISIONALES ". BIRF7540-CO CREDIT 1. This request is issued Interesting deExpresión comoresultado the General Procurement Notice that for this proyectofuepublicado in Development Business Edition September 2008. IBRD, to execute THE PROGRAM to Strengthen Quality Coverage for Rural SectorEducativo Phase II. , Loan request of the Nation, was on 3 December 2013 with the approval of Banco Internacional recon and Development-IBRD to extend its deadline until 30 dejunio 2015. To do this, i) increase the retention of students in elsistema; ii) strengthen the capacity of the Secretariats of Educaciónparaplanear and manage Rural Education and iii) strengthen rural establecimientoseducativos through institutional improvement plans to queofrezcan decalidad relevant education. 4. The Ministry of EducaciónNacional invites PersonasJurídicas, Asociacionesen Participacióno Consulting Firms to presentarexpresión interest to develop a consultancy whose consisteen subject: CONSULTING SERVICES FOR "DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT A STRATEGY decomunicación PERMITTED THROUGH THE SOCIAL MOBILIZATION DERESULTADOS RETURN IMPLEMENTATION OF RURAL EDUCATION PROJECT II A PER THE REGIONS AND THE APPROPRIATION OF THEM WITHIN THE MINISTRY ÁREASMISIONALES ". The selection is made according to losprocedimientos Selection of Consultants established in the World in the Bank's publication entitled "Guidelines: Seleccióny Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, May 2004, revised October 2006. SECOP) version, http: // www. . or additional obtenerinformación in the email indicated in numeral9 of estellamado Consultants may associate to enhance suscalificaciones 7.1 Losinteresados ​​must provide at least the following documentation:. · General Background dela (s) signature (s) quedemuestren your organization, legal constitution of the firm and the firm representaciónlegal. SECOP) or ladirección indicated in paragraph 9 alformato Consultants may access Atitulado "Experience Consultant" .Dicho format must be filled out for each work developed (the trabajoreferenciado must be completed by the date of the expression deInterés) by the firm or institution yadjuntar copy of the contract or certification Correspondingly, parademostrarque has continued experienciasolicitadaa developed in lossiguientes fields: - Production of contenidosradiales, print and broadcast, preferably related to education. - Demedios Management. - Yredessociales Administration web pages. - Design and implementation deestrategiasde social mobilization and / or communication for social change. Information on the experience of proponentedebe be duly supported by copies of contracts or deliquidación, or compliance certifications in which object verifiqueel minutes, start date, completion date and the name delaentidad contractor. The informationabout the experience of the proposer must be properly supported mediantecopia of contracts or certificates of completion or settlement, or compliance lascertificaciones where the object lafecha deinicio, the date of termination, the contracting entity or person is verified. NOTE: The signature must attach the wing corresponding support experience required. The contratosdeben be maximum 4 and must be completed and implemented in recent cincoaños. The foregoing shall inform the Consultant through 'Experimental Firm "format, cualdebe be filled out for each job or contract developed. In no case was professional life evaluaránhojas submitted expressions of interest. The National MinisteriodeEducación reserves the right to verify the information. 7. The single deinterés expression does not oblige the Mini

CO Subnational Institut. Strengthening - P123879

Fondo Financiero de Proyectos de Desarrollo FONADE | Published June 8, 2016  -  Deadline June 22, 2016

Establish methodology Cadastral Operation rural and urban With Focus and deploy Multi defined Municipalities ... INVITATION TO SUBMIT EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST PERSONASJURIDICAS (CONSULTING SERVICES FIRMS SELECTION) PROYECTODE COLOMBIA STRENGTHENING TERRITORIAL ENTITIES Loan No. 8320-CO Assignee Title: Process consulting services FirmasConsultoras No.1984-215082 National Planning Department has received World financiamientodelBanco for the strengthening of EntidadesTerritoriales, and intends to use a part delosfondos contracts for consulting services. Losservicios consulting ( "services") comprise Set lametodología of rural and urban cadastral operation enfoquemultipropósito and deploy defined municipalities [1], in accordance with the standards and / or technical specifications deproducto [2] defined by the Cadastral Authority and Registration in Colombia under the Model of Land Management LADM (ISO19152: 2012) and generate information and cadastral necessary inputs for decision making by the National Government under the Cadastre Project with enfoqueMultipropósito coordinated by the National Planning Department ( DNP) DECONSULTORÍA REACH oF SERVICES: delmismo way, multipurpose cadastre conceptual parameters established by the autoridadcatastral overview of processes and the same authority should be considered. In a segundaetapa, after the development of the methodology by the consultant and approved by the auditor, elpiloto will be implemented in the previously defined municipalities, implementation of standards and / or technicalspecifications deproducto defined by the cadastral authority, under the modelode Land Management LADM (ISO 19152: 2012), by an uprising swept massive property tax each municipality, with coherenciae integration between informaciónfísica and legal cadastre and property registration and valuation of the properties and obtenciónde the catastralesnecesarios inputs for the consolidation of this phase. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform losservicios. It is desirable that the consultant present it following experience: Esdeseable that this experience activities in contracts executed detailing. NOTE: For purposes decumplir with the above interested parties must complete the following table: Name of the entity with cualsuscribió the contract number and / onombre Object Description of actividadesdesarrolladas delContrato Value Date and date specific delcontrato completion is desirable that this sedetallen experience activities in contracts executed. NOTE: In order to comply with the above stakeholders should next completarel table: Name of the entity with which it signed elcontrato Number and / onombre Object Description of the activities value of Fechade contract start date and definalización the contract INFORMACIONFINANCIERA: It is desirable that Financial losEstados refer the interested approved at 31 December 2015. interested consultants may serubicados by the contractor in any of the shortlists that seconformen parala execution of the consultancy groups set out below. DEPARTMENT MUNICIPALITY PREDIOS RURAL APPROXIMATE urban land APPROXIMATE GROUP CUNDINAMARCA Topaipí 2,752 339 1 SANTANDER LEBRIJA 5,540 5,297 ANTIOCH sancarlos 5,873 3,911 GUAJIRA Dibulla 1,502 6,922 QUINDIO ARMENIA 2,801 126 259 2 VALLEDEL CAUCA BUENAVENTURA 5,335 96,418 CAQUETA San Vicente del Caguan 12,189 10,659 META Puerto Gaitan 3,141 6,182 3 PUTUMAYO Puerto Leguizamo MAGDALENA SANTA MARTA 823 2,015 9,166 [3] 147 860

CO Rio Bogota Environ Infrastructure - P111479

CORPORACION AUTONOMA REGIONAL DE CUNDINAMARCA | Published December 3, 2015  -  Deadline December 28, 2015

A consultant for the design or from areas multifunctional and the elaboration N Trade Plan Maintenance lasobras NY From FITNESS N Hyd Ulica In the middle basin of RO Bogot INVITATION apresentar EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (DECONSULTORIA-SELECTION SERVICES FIRMS) COLOMBIA PROJECT ADECUACIÓNHIDRÁULICAY BOGOTA RIVER ENVIRONMENTAL RECOVERY IBRD LOAN 7985-CO. DECONSULTORÍA SERVICES: 03_2015 BM_SP_ Process Object name: CONSULTING multifunctional areas parael DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF WORKS OF FITNESS HYDRO DELA BOGOTA RIVER BASIN MEDIA. This invitation to presentarexpresiones of interest is formulated as a result of the general notice of adquisicionespara this project, published on 8 july 2010 at the United Nations Development Business (UNDB). 3 Studios for Integrated River Basin Management Bogotá. The consulting services ("the Services") include: - The multifunctional diseñode Areas covered in the draft environmental yRecuperación Hydraulic adequacy of ríoBogotá, - The preparation of a Plan of Operation and Maintenance of Hydraulic Adjustment works in his Bogota Delrio Media basin. - The preparation of a proposal for implementation of a pilot treatment porhumedales artificial riverbed in the program. - The study of alternative oxygenation to the Bogota River in its middle reaches. To fulfill this scope, objetivosgeneralesde consulting services are: superficietotal of the six areas is approximately 160 hectares. - Design and develop a maintenance plan delas yOperación works under Component 2 Hydraulic Adaptation and Environmental Recovery of the River Bogota, comoelemento essential complement to its sustainability. - Prepare to hire her design construction and operation of a pilot project to assess tecnologíasde artificial wetlands to improve the quality of the river Bywater. - Prepare a study to assess technologies dealternativas direct oxygenation in the Bogota River. It is planned to implement the activities deejecución estimated within twelve (12) months.

CO Nat'l Urban Transit Support Program - P117947

MINISTERIO DE TRANSPORTE-UNIDAD DE MOVILIDAD URBANA SOSTENIBLE | Published September 10, 2015  -  Deadline September 11, 2015

Integral assistance to entities involved in PLMB INVITATION TO SUBMIT EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST SELECTION BASED QUALITY AND COST Country: Republic of COLOMBIA ProyectoNacional Urban Transport PNTU Loan No. 8083-CO Consulting Firms Umus-No .: 112-SBCC-CF PLMB, ALLOWING create institutional, ADMINISTRATIVE, TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVANCEMENT setout AND ACCOMPANY THE COMPANY MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTING DURING THE PROCESS OF STRUCTURE AND CONTRATACIÓNDE its components. "This comprehensive assistance will be executed during the process of structuring and hiring loscomponentes project currently under development, are expected loscuales carried out in the last trimestredel 2015 and 2016 during the term and has among its main objectives: 1. To create the institutional, administrative, technical and operational capability to lepermita entities involved in the project have the strength to develop the processes of structuring ycontratación componentesdel project, and prepare for the following phases of construction, implementation and operation dela PLMB. 2. To support the manager and contracting entities estructuracióny hiring processes required for implementation, until the signing of the contracts, which include among others, the review of the documents supporting the bidding process yrecomendar changes or modifications to these existing entity . PMI, delproyecto management plan that defines the lifecycle future and allow us to track and control the cord in the following phases. The términode this is limited to structuring and bidding processes that are underway, and is expected to finish at the end of the vigenciadel year (2016). The REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA - Ministry of Transport has received funding from the World Bank parael National Urban Transport Project PNTU, and intends to apply part of the funds for contracts deconsultoría services. The criteria for selection of short lalista are directed to comply with the following conditions: Association and / or operator of oferroviarios meter high capacity systems (greater than 25,000 passengers an hour sense) during the last ten (10) years (counted partirde the date of application of deinterés manifestation), has been responsible for planning, structuring, design, construction, operation and maintenance of underground lines with more than 20 km long, yAsociaciones and / oempresas consulting and / or operates underground they have made lagerencia construction (PMO), supervision or oversight of mega engineering amounts approximate or superior construction to US $ 2 billion American dedólares, where it has at least made a draft tube with one or more lines or quesumadas underground sections you are over 20 Km. NOTES: · The value of US $ 2billones US dollars, corresponding to the value of construction of the project and no project management, supervision ointerventoría, for which they were hired. · Only consideraránproyectos underway with more than two years of implementation or are terminated. To relate the experience of the firm, it is desirable that the consultants diligencien the following formats: · FORM A, "Overview of signature or entreFirmas Association" · FORM B, the "Model for the presentation of experience porparte firms consultorasen response to calls to submit expressions of interest ", attached to lapresente. For purposes of the decision to manifestarinterés, and an eventual contract, the consultant concerned must take into account the grounds of conflict of interest yelegibilidad established standards outlined in the previous paragraph, which can be consulted on the Web page: http: / /

Collective CO Victims Reparation - P148552

Unidad Para la Atención y Reparación a las Víctimas | Published July 28, 2016

General Procurement Notice GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA PROJECT: REPAIR COLLECTIVE FOR RECONSTRUCTION SOCIAL victims of conflict. Donation N °: TF 018 908 UNIT FOR THE CARE AND COMPREHENSIVE REPAIRS TO VICTIMS has received a grant from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) comoadministrador the Multi-Donor Financial Fund, for aCuatro montoequivalente million seven hundred thousand dollars of the United States of America (USD 4,700,000) and intends to use the funds to make payments for the acquisition of goods and contracting deobras, related services and consulting services under ThisProject. The project will include the following components: i) Strengthening national capacities AND LOCAL to run the program ReparaciónColectiva; ii) Support for implementation of the measures of collective reparation plans including ethnic and non-ethnic subjects; yiii) generating knowledge and learning on collective redress. Consulting services will be selected in accordance with the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants conPréstamos IBRD, IDA Credits & Grants by THEWORLDBANK Borrowers, January 2011 edition.

Colombia: EITI Implementation - P106013

Ministerio de Minas y Energía | Published December 7, 2015

General Procurement Notice MODEL GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE OF IMPLEMENTATION PLAN COLOMBIA NATIONAL ACTION INITIATIVE Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) General Procurement Notice Grant No. 019279 The Ministry of Mines and Energy has received unadonación the BancoInternacional for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) for US $ 500,000 montoequivalente, and intends to use the funds to carry out for the acquisition of goods payments andthe contracting works, related services and consulting services under this project. The project will include the following components: Produce information under the general objective of EITI Colombia. Selection and recruitment or administradorindependiente. o Design, production and printing of the EITI report EITI agree with EITI standards and principles Colombia. or design a strategy of adaptacióndel PROMOTION AND EITI process for the participation of small and medium mining and other sectors not covered so far, starting in the second report. or formulating a diagnosis and ACTION PLAN To implement payment requirements and transportation sub Elmarco the EITI standard. Disclose information that compliance with the EITI standard produzcagarantizando. Ensure the operational, organizational and operational structure of the EITI Colombia deacción to implement the plan and the EITI initiative Colombia. Consulting services will be selected in accordance with the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans, IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers January 2011. As available specific procurement notices will be published in lapágina web Colombian government contracting: and / or page of the Ministry of Mines and Energy: Contact: Maria Teresa PardoCamacho- Chief Financial; Tel: 2200300 Ministry of Mines and Energy Colombia

CO Nat'l Urban Transit Support Program - P117947

MINISTERIO DE TRANSPORTE | Published September 25, 2015  -  Deadline October 9, 2015

Develop A Technician characterization, operational and Socioeconomic Phenomenon Mototaxismo In Colombia INVITATION TO SUBMIT EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST SELECTION BASED ON QUALITY YCOSTO Study Country: Republic of COLOMBIA National Urban Transport Project PNTU Loan No. 8083-CO Consulting Firms No .: Umus-118-CF-SBCC Assigned Title: DEVELOP A STUDY CARACTERIZACIÓNTÉCNICO, OPERATING AND ECONOMIC PHENOMENON OF MOTOTAXISMO ENCOLOMBIA The REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA - MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT harecibido World Bank financing parael National Urban Transport Project PNTU and party intends utilizaruna of losfondos contracts for consulting services. The consulting services ("the Services") include: Develop a technical, operational and socioeconomic study of the phenomenon of mototaxismo in Colombia, quepermita: determine these characteristics of service, their providers and their users; characterization of mobility behavior, deconducción, road safety and their attitudes and perception of risk motorcyclist user; establish the measures to be taken parasu control at both national and local levels; and the mechanisms and alternatives for losconductores labor substitution. Losconsultores Applicants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the servicios.Loscriterios for selecting the short list are: Experience in the past ten years: a. Trucking studies, mobility and road safety: demovilidad formulation of master plans, surveys mobility, road safety studies, conceptual design of transportation systems, estructuracionestécnicas, financial and legal systems of public passenger transport, interregional mobility studies. b. Technical, financial and legal structuring transporteyreglamentación transport systems. c. Characterization studies and diagnostic aspects in economic, social, transport and traffic sciences. · FORM A, "Overview of the signature or signatures Partnership" · FORM B, the "Model for the presentation of experience from consulting firms: to relate the experience of the firm, consultants quelos diligencien the following formats it is desirable enrespuesta to calls to submit expressions of interest "which seadjunta to this.

CO Nat'l Urban Transit Support Program - P117947

Ministerio de Transporte - UMUS | Published June 2, 2015  -  Deadline June 16, 2015

Determine the technical feasibility and legal providing public passenger service by De Motocarrosy Tricycles use, four case studies. Please do not respond. INVITATION TO INTEREST PRESENTAREXPRESIONES SELECTION BASED QUALITY AND COST Country: Republic of COLOMBIA National Urban Cargo PNTU Project Loan No. 8083-CO Consulting Firms -UMUS No .: MT-73 -SBCC-CF This assistance generally includes the following Actions: TIRS). Comprehensive -Acompañamiento the Management Body and Contracting in losprocesos structuring and bidding for procurement of works, acquisition of rolling stock and others who serequieran for the next phases of the project entities. Attendance and support to national entities encargadasde policy, regulation, monitoring yfinanciación transportation projects in the country. REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA - Ministry of Transport has recibidofinanciamiento World Bank for PNTU National Urban Transport Project, and intends to apply part of the contracts fondospara consulting services. PLMB and integration into the SITP (integrated system transportepúblico) capital district and TIRS (integrated regional transport system), which allows the creation of institutional, technical and operational capacity of the institutions involved in its development, and make the accompaniment managing body and entidadescontratantes in the process of structuring and tender components work and rolling criteria parala selection dela short list are: Experience in the last fifteen years: Operation subway and rail systems High capacity, losque it has been responsible for planning, structuring, implementation, operation and maintenance of a redque have líneassubterráneas.Contratación, supervision or underground lines ejecuciónde Demetros high capacidad.Operación integrated transport systems otrasmodalidades. To relate the experience of the firm, it is desirable that the consultants diligencien the following formats: · FORM A, "Overview of signature or THE ASSOCIATION Signatures" · FORM B, the "Model for the presentation of experience from consulting firms in response to calls for presentarexpresión interest ", attached hereto.

Strengthening Capacity Ministry of Labor - P144363

Ministerio del Trabjao | Published December 2, 2015

General Procurement Notice MODEL GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA MINISTRY OF INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT AND WORK MONITOREODE POLICIES AND EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS MINISTRY OF LABOR GENERAL NOTICE DEADQUISICIONES Grant No. TF 014557 The Labor Ministry has received a grant from the Bank International deReconstrucción and Development (IBRD) in the amount equivalent to US $ 675,000, and intends to use the funds to make the pagoscorrespondientes to acquisitionof goods, non-consulting services consultoríaen services under this project. Comprenderálos project the following components: Component 1: Strengthening the information system for monitoring and analysis mercadolaboral queel is why Labour Ministry, meaning its coordinating role and its commitment to strengthening the capacity técnicade The institution of the general public and other institutions for decision-making and policy planning, desarrollóuna web platform, which includes statistical information and analysis of the labor market. However, these monitoring tools work, useful market parala decision making, require constant updating, both in terms of content and of statistical information reported, agree to the dynamic priority of the sector and the population. Component 2: Review and strengthen the Ministry of Labour in its capacidadde define policy guidelines and operation of the public employment service. The Gobiernocolombiano through the Ministry of Labour has focused considerable efforts and significant resources to the design, implementation and commissioning of the Public Employment Service which was inaugurated last May 1, 2013, with laparticipación and support of local governments and Family Compensation Funds. Espor this, the Ministry of Labour requires conelementospara have to track policy Public Employment Service to provide the necessary information, for Latoma maneraoportuna and accurate decisions about the direction and adjustments must be incorporated into laestrategia. Objective: Strengthen mechanisms for improved management of employment and promote accesode the population in the labor market. Component 3: Study and policy guidelines for temporary employment programs that improve the employability of losjóvenes in Colombia Also, this population was characterized by important unrenglón in the labor market, to achieve an overall participation rate of 73.7 %, while esteindicador national level was 64.2%, also it found that although this group holds a 19.2% overall lapoblación, SuAporte unemployment was 46.1% in 2014. This is a barrier for the young without work experience, limiting their chances of integration almercado work in appropriate conditions. Consultoríase services selected in accordance with the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans, IDA Credits & Grants by Borrowers THEWORLDBANK, 2011 edition.
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