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CO Subnational Institut. Strengthening - P123879

FONDO FINANCIERO DE PROYECTOS DE DESARROLLO FONADE | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016
Perform Technical, Administrative, legal and financial aid 4 regional operators who have Comoobjeto? Technical assistance and support to local authorities Selected by DNP, In The Pot / pod INVITATION TO SUBMIT EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST PERSONASJURIDICAS (CONSULTORIA- SERVICES Process SELECTION oF SIGNATURES) COLOMBIA PROJECT tO STRENGTHEN ENTIDADESTERRITORIALES Loan No. 8320-CO TituloAsignado: Consulting Services Process Consulting Firms No.2007-215082 DepartamentoNacional dePlaneación the World Bank has received financiamientodel for Strengthening Territorial Entities, and intends to use part funds for consulting contracts disservice. Services deconsultoría ( "services") comprendenRealizar technical, administrative, legal auditing yfinanciera to Regional Operators are intended to "provide technical assistance and support to those selected by the DNP entidadesterritoriales in the enlistment process, formulation and implementation the ETP and POD, with baseen guidelines POT / POD Modern program. " SCOPE OF DECONSULTORÍA SERVICES: The intervention will be made to the consultants hired to provide technical assistance and wings flanking territorial entities selected by the DNP in the enlistment process, formulation and implementation of the ETP and losPOD based on program guidelines POT / POD Modern, for areas of the country mentioned below. yacompañamiento assistance to the process of formulation, adoption and implementation of TEP and POD Strategy 3. Technical assistance to procesode formulation, adoption and implementation of the ETP / POD, specifically components enlistment, einstrumentación formulation including the following scope: the firm will be technical, administrative, financial jurídicay operators (consultants) interventoría looking for them to develop the following activities: this methodology debequedar shaped and developed in the content of products, where appropriate technically and shall integrate the insumosque produce members the National Support Unit. In addition, they must have the ability dearticular that information with the views of the community, unions and social groups facilitandoconsensos. 1807 of 2014 and Decree 1077 de2015. The firm haráinterventoría technical, administrative, legal, yfinanciera operators (consultants) seeking them to develop the siguientesactividades: For POD laestrategia monitoring, evaluation and control will be developed. This methodology will be implemented in coordination with the administraciónmunicipal. The areas involved are: Departments Area Municipalities SOUTH - CENTRAL -ORIENTE 11 February CENTER - EAST CENTER -North -North February 14 February 17 CENTER - SOUTH - WEST May 19
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