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Consultant for regional projects under the Quality of Service Programme

Union postale universelle UPU Service d'achats | Published November 28, 2016

Consultant for regional projects under the Quality of Service Programme

Project implementation consultancy services - Ghana Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs | Published June 8, 2016  -  Deadline July 28, 2016

The overarching objective of the Implementation Consultant services will be to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the project and the appropriate and economic use of the project funds in the fulfillment of the project objectives. The Implementation Consultant shall be responsible for the project progressing efficiently and for early identification of project risks and devising with the beneficiaries of corresponding mitigation measures.
The Implementation Consultant will provide support to the project beneficiaries, including supervising the work done by consultants, suppliers and contractors hired under the project.

For detailed information on the mandate tasks, please refer to the Tender documents

Consulting Services for Healthcare Hazardous Waste Management Project (HHWMP) with the Ministry of Health in Egypt

Federal Department of Economic Affairs (FDEA), State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) on behalf of the Egyptian Ministry of Health | Published November 30, 2015  -  Deadline February 22, 2016

The HHWMP aims at replacing the decentralized facilities by two large incinerators providing a safer alternative for the hospital waste management and covering the needs of the whole of Dakhaleya, a prominent Governorate located in the Nile Delta North-East of Cairo. Within the framework of the HHWMP, the Swiss Government, represented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), intends to engage a Swiss Consultant for assisting the Egyptian Ministry of Health in: 1) procuring, installing and commissioning two turn-key incineration facilities and the waste collection system, as well as in establishing waste disposal sites in Dakhaleya Governorate (Provision of Infrastructure); 2) establishing a financially and administratively fully autonomous Collection, Incineration and Disposal Unit; developing regulations, guidelines and procedures; providing training (Institutional Strengthening); 3) supporting the financial sustainability, national strategy, dissemination of the model (Policy Dialogue).

Kocani Waste Water Treatment Plant

Federal Department of Economic Affairs (FDEA) State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) | Published January 21, 2015  -  Deadline March 24, 2015

Within the framework of the Kocani Waste Water Treatment Plant Project, the Swiss Government, represented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), intends to engage a Swiss Consultant for 1) the preparation of the detailed design, tendering, supervision of the erection and commissioning of the extension of the urban sewage system and the construction of the Kocani Waste Water Treatment Plant. 2) the establishment of a Corporate Development Program in the Kocani Public Utility "Vodovod" 3) the strengthening of the Policy Dialogue Network

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

SBB Informatik „Message Broker“ | Published September 16, 2015  -  Deadline October 20, 2015

The purpose of this tender is the selection of 2 competent strategic partners in the field of IT development. To fulfill the tasks under-take are sought that: -about have substantial know-how and experience in software development, computer science -the SBB with competent employees in the defined roles Integration Consultant, Integration Architect, can support integration developers, -About skills in independent project management feature, possess -fundiertes expertise and experience in interfaces integration (SAP and non-SAP), -with the computer science technologies employed in the SBB very familiar (see Section 2.2), offering services -also as works can -About expertise have set up as a strategic partner with the SBB computer science new cooperation models. The retrieval of a specific service by the SBB computer science is done either under a Personalverleih-, a service or a contract for work. The performance takes place in the event of Personalverleih- and a service contract either by contractually fixed staff or by staff that have been defined on the basis of the performance object by the Contractor and accepted by the SBB. SBB is responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of the performance, respectively role description of the individual contracts and reserves depending on the nature of the request, to monitor the deliverables in an appropriate manner and to control. Does the staff of the service provider's premises or on the systems of SBB, these are bound to the corresponding instructions (SBB Policies).

Backstopping Mandate for the Project “Capacity Building for large Gas Infrastructure Developments in Albania II (CBII)"

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO | Published December 23, 2015  -  Deadline February 5, 2016

With its first intervention, the project for Capacity Building for Large Gas Infrastructure Developments in Albania I (CB I), SECO contributed to build the necessary framework conditions in Albania to meet the requirements for the future realization of the Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP) and to lay the grounds for a future gas supply to the country. In view of the next steps, the implementation of TAP and the development of the Albanian gas market, SECO and the Ministry of Energy and Industry (MoEI) prepared the second Project CBII, specifically addressing managerial, technical, industry-specific and structural capacity building needs of the Government of Albania (GoAL), identified during CB I and a respective Project Design study. CBII will focus on sustainably enabling the GoAL and the respective institutions to administer the - partially very complex - tasks themselves. It will support Albania in realizing the local benefits of the realization of TAP and the development of the Albanian gas market. A Consultant with specific expertise will provide the Capacity Building and Advisory Services of CBII to the GoAL and the involved public institutions. The Consultant has competences in public sector strengthening, in advisory to governments on large infrastructure projects, in the development of a domestic gas market and energy sector strategy, in legal and technical engineering and in financial and regulatory consultancy. For the steering and monitoring of the CBII Project, SECO is looking for a backstopper, whose mandate is defined as follows: The overall objective of the backstopping mandate is as follows: To provide strategic guidance and advice to SECO in managing the implementation of the CB II and act as a sounding board. The specific objectives of the backstopping mandate are as follows: To support SECO with technical expertise for steering and monitoring the whole implementation of the project To assess the inception report, all project reports, annual work plans, schedules, the logframe and provide comments and recommendations to SECO for improving project implementation according to the work stream targets. To make recommendation to SECO on enriching the capacity development concept and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the capacity development measures.

Consulting services for water-supply and waste consultancy

Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft SECO, Ressort Infrastrukturfinanzierung WEIN | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline January 6, 2017

Within the framework of its cooperation between Switzerland and the Republic of Peru, the Swiss Government, represented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), provides financial assistance on a grant basis for the improvement of the quality and sustainability of the urban water and sanitation services in Peru.

Component 2 of SECO's Water Utility Reform Support Program comprises the establishment of a Technical Assistance Fund to support the Peruvian sector authorities in their reform efforts.

SECO is now inviting interested parties to submit bids for the Operational and Administrative Management of this Technical Assistance Fund.

A detailed description of the tasks is included in the tender documents.

Furniture for travel centers

Konzerneinkauf Verbrauchsgüter | Published December 18, 2014  -  Deadline February 5, 2015

SBB is looking for a supplier for the manufacture, supply and installation of furniture for travel centers (travel agency, consultant jobs and occasional furniture)

Consulting for UPU Outsourcing Strategy

Union postale universelle UPU Service d'achats | Published March 15, 2017

Consulting for UPU Outsourcing Strategy

Microsoft Consulting Services for Federal Government

Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL | Published June 22, 2016

Microsoft Consulting Services for Federal Government

Microsoft Consulting Services to Federal l`Office

Office fédéral des constructions et de la logistique OFCL | Published June 22, 2016

Microsoft Consulting Services to Federal l`Office

Consulting Information Security

Amt für Informatik und Organisation des Kantons Bern | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017

Gegenstand dieser Ausschreibung ist der Abschluss von drei Rahmenverträgen mit den drei am besten bewerteten Anbietern in diesem Beschaffungsverfahren für die Unterstützung/Beratung des Auftraggebers bei allen Fragen und Aufgabenstellungen im Bereich der Informationssicherheit.

Dabei erbringt der Anbieter mit direkt vertraglich gebundenen Fachpersonen Beratungsleistungen im Bereich der Informationssicherheit.

Die konkret zu erbringenden Leistungen werden durch den Auftraggeber bei den Rahmenvertragspartnern abgerufen. Der Abruf erfolgt dabei über ein Mini-Tender-Verfahren, welches unterfolgenden Rahmenbedingungen abläuft:
- Berücksichtigung aller Rahmenvertragspartner nach gleichen vertraglichen Regeln
- Vordefiniertes konkretes und transparentes Vorgehen gem. ASU
- Bewertung nach vordefinierten Kriterien gem. ASU
- Bewertung des Preises gemäss Offerte im vorliegenden Vergabeverfahren
- Abschluss des Mini-Tender-Verfahrens mittels Bestellung inkl. Beschrieb des Leistungsumfangs

Weitere Informationen sind aus den ASU ersichtlich.

Die Hauptaufgabengebiete umfassen:
- Beratung und Unterstützung von Verantwortungsträgern und Mitarbeitenden bei der Erarbeitung von ISDS-Unterlagen auf der Basis von bestehenden Vorlagen (z. B. ISDS-Konzepte, Risikoanalysen) und bei der Umsetzung der daraus folgenden Massnahmen
- Wahrnehmung der HERMES-Rolle als ISDS-Verantwortlicher
- Mithilfe bei der Einhaltung der Informationssicherheitsvorgaben auf allen Ebenen
- Überprüfung der Einhaltung von Sicherheitsvorgaben
- Erarbeitung und Einhaltung von Eskalations- und Kommunikationsverfahren für Informationssicherheits-Zwischenfälle
- Förderung des Informationssicherheits- und Datenschutzbewusstseins innerhalb der Organisationseinheiten.

Die Fachperson auf Stufe Senior S3 führt dabei Vorhaben oder Aufgabenpakete eigenständig oder mit zugewiesenen Personalressourcen nach internen Vorgaben des Auftraggebers durch.

Anforderungen an die Fachpersonen:
Die Fachpersonen des Anbieters müssen den Status Senior S3 aufweisen.

Organizational consulting BAG

Stab der Abteilungen RM, DS, CC | Published June 23, 2016  -  Deadline August 4, 2016

Subject of this mandate is the technical, methodological and procedural support of BAG-internal services unit PC + OI, selectively also the direct provision of services towards BAG internal customers. The contract is concluded for a period of two years and be extended without notice of the parties three times maximum of one year.

To meet the requirements for a high-quality and customer-oriented management support justice, the mandate requires proven expertise in the following focal points of OFZ:
- Leadership and Management (Focus Public Management)
- Organizational development
- Change Management

Consulting Realty Management

armasuisse Immobilien Portfolio- und Umweltmanagement | Published November 26, 2015  -  Deadline October 21, 2015

Beratung Immobilienmanagement

Consulting Realty Management

armasuisse Immobilien Portfolio- und Umweltmanagement | Published September 11, 2015  -  Deadline October 21, 2015

The provider accepts industry-specific real estate management services such as consulting, training and analysis in the context of core processes P1 ownership and portfolio strategy, P2 maintenance strategy and further PFM processes. The tasks comprise mainly: -The Development, the further development and operationalization and training strategies, portfolio management concepts and development plans as well as a comprehensive portfolio Controlling -the necessary project administration with referrals, record keeping and the Reporting and documentation

Computer support and consultancy services

Berner Fachhochschule | Published November 17, 2016
Alteco Informatik AG
72600000, 72263000, 72261000

Windows10 + support.

Business and management consultancy services

Stab der Abteilungen RM, DS, CC | Published October 11, 2016
Philippe Vallat — Comitans

Conseils d'organization.

General management consultancy services

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, Einkauf Konzerndienstleistungen | Published November 4, 2015
McKinsey & Company, Inc. Switzerland, Wilmington, Zurich Branch

Reduktion Gesamtsystemkosten (GSK).

Software programming and consultancy services

SBB Informatik | Published November 6, 2015  -  Deadline December 15, 2015
72200000, 72400000

The deployment and operation of a website and app tracking tools which include the following main tasks: - A facility of user registration and management, and rights management; - The collection of anonymous website and mobile app usage data, including cross-domain tracking; - The provision of an interface to the data (REST); - Access to the analysis tools including administrators functions via the Internet (common browsers).

Marketing management consultancy services

armasuisse Einkauf + Kooperation/CC WTO | Published November 21, 2015
Futureworks AG

Marketingpartner SPHAIR.