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BI-Finance & Private Sector Development - P107851

Projet de Développement des Secteurs Financier et Privé (PSD) | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Selection D? A Consultants Office Charged With Preparing D Report? Completion From Development Project In The Financial Sector And Private (psd). PROXY MANIFESTATIONSD'INTERET REPUBLIC OF BURUNDI DEVELOPMENT PROJECT AREAS AND PRIVATE FINANCIAL (PSD) SELECTION a Consultant Company chargéde prepare the Development Project completion report of SecteursFinancier and Private (PSD). IDA Grant No. H5360-BI; IDA Grant No. H6590 Request for Expressions of IntérêtN ° DMI / 029 / PSD / 2016 duBurundi Republic has received a gift del'Association International Development (IDA) and intends to utiliserune part of the proceeds of this grant to make payments to the next titreducontrat: Benefits of a bureaude consultants to prepare the Project completion report deDéveloppement of Financial and Private Sectors (PSD). The objectifprincipal completion report is (i) assess the relevance of the project to the context that prevailed aumoment of its design, (ii) assess the extent to aatteint project objectives and expected results ( iii) to draw leçonsapprises past experience through the preparation process and in demise? piece of project activities. The lamission period is two (2) moiscalendrier from 2èmequinzaine December 2016. Experts aligned must prove to have participated THE ORGANISATION and execution of similar operations and demonstrate sufficient descompétences in writing reports . Bureaudoitindiquer the availability of appropriate skills among staff àaligner with at least the following qualifications: 1) Mission Chief Expert in the field of assessment dedéveloppement program projects? 2) An expert in thefield assessment Financial Sectors; 3) An Expert specialized SecteurPrivé: Lesconsultants (firms) concerned must provide the information indiquantqu'ils are qualified to perform the services (copies of contratsdéjàréalisés and all other references regarding the implementation of contratsanalogues, experience in similar conditions, etc.) . Lecabinetde consultants will sélectionnéselon MyMethod selection based on Qualifications of Consultants (QC), according to the guidelines of the World Bank "Selection and Employment of Consultants by Borrowers WORLDBANKOPERATIONSEV", January 2011 Edition and in accordance with critèresexigés in terms of reference. Candidates (law) interested peuventretirer a copy of the detailed terms of references and get more misinformation about the reference documents adresseci below. The manifestationsd'intérêt marked "Manifestationd'Intérêt for the selection of a consulting office for depréparer the completion report SecteursFinancier Development Project and Private (PSD)" must be delivered to the address below at more tardle 31/10 / 2016-17 30 hours minutesheure Bujumbura. At Mr Coordinator have SDB Warning Project for the Financial and Private Sectors (PSD) Building SOCAR Bld junction of Independence and Avenued'Italie 1590 Bujumbura, BURUNDI Tel: (257) 22 24 9595 Fax: (257) 22 24 9592 E-mail:;

consultancy services contract a consulting firm to capacity building of human resources organizations in the field of Gender, sexual Law, reproductive health and HIV / AIDS

Belgische Technische Cooperatie - PAORC | Published October 12, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016
consultancy services contract a consulting firm to strengthening human resource capacity of organizations in the field of sexual and Gender-Law reproductive health and HIV / AIDS
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