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Selection of consultant within the meaning of article 166 of the SPA for investitsion.proekt and exercising nezavis.str.nadzor to object: "Replacing the ... CONTINUES IN SECTION VI.3) -DOPALNIT.INFORMATSIYA

ЧЕЗ Разпределение България АД | Published January 30, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

"CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" held an open procedure for the award of public procurement: Selection of consultant within the meaning of Art. 166 of the SPA to assess the compliance of the investment project and the exercise of independent supervision for the project: "Replacement of oil-filled cable transmission line 110 kV" Enos "linear knife disconnectors 110 kV PS" Dimitar Dimitrov "a linear knife disconnectors 110 kV PS "Hippodrome", Ref. № PPS 16-124. The subject of this contract includes assessing the compliance of prepared projects and the exercise of independent supervision of the said object in its overall performance and putting it into operation, which is certified with authorization for use.

General management consultancy services

Висш съдебен съвет | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline February 24, 2017

Providing consulting services to improve the work of the Supreme Judicial Council with a focus on the process of appraisal, motivation, the formation of the remuneration of judges and disciplinary practice of the SJC. The subject of the contract includes the following activities:

1. Activity № 1: "Introduction of effective methods to assess the motivation of magistrates."

2. Activity 2 "Development of a model for the formation of salaries and additional benefits of the magistrates."

3. Activity 3. "Improving the disciplinary proceedings to comply with international standards and recommendations."

Architectural design services

Главна дирекция „Пожарна безопасност и защита на населението“ — МВР | Published February 11, 2017  -  Deadline March 17, 2017

Subject of the contract include: Investment design and exercising supervision of the project: "Center for vocational training - RDPBZN Montana" to GDPBZN-MI, namely completion of the cabinet and storage facilities, reconstruction of the existing dining room and the adjoining infrastructure and completion of training sub.

1. Preparation of technical investment project to complete the cabinet and storage facilities, reconstruction of the existing dining room and adjoining infrastructure within the project "Development of UTS Montana, with the aim of training competent authorities for the protection of ECI and CBRN" financed by the fund " Homeland security "provided under approved design specifications Annex № 1, which includes:

- Perform the necessary exploration work and preparation of the technical project, as required by the contracting authority and the requirements of currently valid legislation in the scope and content specified in the Terms of Reference for the development of the technical project.

- Perform all agreed on the technical design of administrative structures whose authorization, support or advice is required to fulfill the object of the contract.

- Performance of his duties as Designer and carry out supervision during construction and commissioning of the works in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation (TDA Decree № 3 of 31.7.2003 on Works at LSP for drawing up acts and protocols during construction and Decree № 2 from 31.7.2003 of works at LSP for commissioning of works in Bulgaria and minimum warranty periods for completed construction works, facilities and construction sites).

- Removal for its own account of the shortcomings of the project, in the course of the inspections by the developer and / or consultants conducting an evaluation of the project's compliance with the essential requirements for building works and technical control in part "const ...

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