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Azerbaijan Railways Closed Joint Stock Company | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016
Individual Ta Consultant On Contract Management Issues
Republic ofAzerbaijan
Rail Trade and TransportFacilitation Project
Loans No 7509-AZ /8282-AZ
Project ID:P083108
Assignment Title:  Individual TA Consultant onContract Management Issues
Reference No. AZRTTFP-S16/5
The Republic of Azerbaijan together withAzerbaijan Railways Closed Joint Stock Company have received financing from the World Bank toward the costof the Rail Trade andTransport Facilitation Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for individual consulting services: Individual TAConsultant on Contract Management Issues.
The individual consulting services ("theServices") are expected to assist ADY and its Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in the management of largerailway system design,supply and installation contracts:
Power Conversion Contract. Conversion of the Baku-Boyuk-Kesik corridor power supply from 3.3 kV Direct Current (DC) to 25 kV 50 HertzAlternating Current (AC) (henceforth referredto as "Power Conversion" component); The conversion of power supply from 3.3 kV DC to 25kV AC istaking place under a turnkey design, supply and installation contract, which has been signed on August 08, 2012 betweenAzerbaijan Railways CJSC (ADY) and JV of Optimaand ATEF (Russia - Azerbaijan). Theworks are splited into 4 sections:
o  Section 1: Boyuk Kesik-Ganja  with the total lenth of 138km
o  Section 2: Ganja-Ujar with the total lenth of 113km
o   Section 3: Ujar-Hajigabul with the total lenth of 121km
o   Section 4: Hajigabul-Baku with the total lenth of 130km
Signaling Contract. Modification and upgrading of the signaling and telecommunication system (henceforth referred to as "signaling"component). The signaling contracthas been signed on August 08, 2012between Azerbaijan Railways CJSC (ADY) and JV of Optima and ATEF (Russia - Azerbaijan). Thecontract contains Plant Design, Supply, and Installation of Signaling System including Communication and other related componentscompliant with 25 kV 50 Hz Power System on the Baku-Boyuk-Kesik corridor contract. Similarto power conversion contract theworks are splitedinto 4 sections:Section 1: BoyukKesik-Ganja with the total lenth of 138 kmSection 2: Ganja-Ujar with the total lenth of 113 kmSection 3: Ujar-Hajigabul with the total lenth of 121 kmSection 4: Hajigabul-Baku with the total lenth of 130 km
·         Locomotives and Depots. Purchase of50 freight and 12passenger locomotives (henceforth referred to as "locomotive" component). The contract has been signed between ADY and Alstom(France) in April 2015. The delivery of locomotives is expected to start at the end of 2016. There will be new workshopsconstructed byADY in Baku and Ganja to serve new AC locomotives.
·         Track Rehabilitation. This activityis focused onrehabilitation of 1006 km of rail track at East-West corridor. About 370 km of track has been rehabilitated by end of 2014. ADYexpects that another 600 km will be rehabilitated within 2015-2018.This contract is implemented under separate financing from CzechExport Bank. The track rehabilitation specialist in the Consultant's team shall monitor periodically the progress under thiscontract and provide coordination for contracts located nearby
It is envisaged that 6months input during 12 months period would be required for implementation of the assignment.
The "Azerbaijan Railways" Closed Joint StockCompany (ADY), an implementing agency of the Borrower now invites eligible consultants ("Consultants")to indicate their interest inproviding the Services.
Qualification criteria are: :  A specialist with background in engineering or a related field. He/she should have at leastfifteen years of international experience for civil works and supply installation projects with proven contract managementexperience He/she shall demonstrate that has occupied similar positions in at least one similar contract/project. Similarity shallbe based on contract size of more than USD50million each. He/she should alsodemonstrate specific experience in claim managementunder one DBI contract of minimum USD 50 million value. The international experience shall include at least ten years of experiencewith FIDIC and supply installation contracts. The individual must demonstrate that he/she has extensive experience in claims, thevaluation of variation orders, extensions of time and payment issues. He/she shall have good working knowledge of the Englishlanguage. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
The individual consultants will be selected inaccordance with the proceduresset out in the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans andIDA Credits & Grants by World BankBorrowers ("Consultant Guidelines") dated January 2011 and revised July2014.
The attention of interested Consultants is alsodrawn to paragraph 1.9 of theConsultant Guidelines, setting forth the World Bank's policy on conflict ofinterest.
Terms of Reference for the assignment can beobtained from the following dropbox link:
Interested Consultants should send theirexpressions of interest, together with information on their qualifications and relevant experience and CV,by e-mail, mail or inperson to the contact information listed below by October 27, 2016.
"Azerbaijan Railways" Closed JointStock Company
Attn: Mr. Javid Gurbanov, theChairman
Contactperson: Mr. Seymur Gahramanov, Directorof Rail Trade and Transport Facilitation Project Implementation Unit
Address: D.Aliyeva str., 230 AZ1010-Baku city,Azerbaijan
Tel: +994 124996395
Fax: +994 124996397
Cellular: +994 55 838 2117;
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