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Cleaning Floors in our dinning hall and kitchen

Department of Labor, Employment Training Administration | Published April 26, 2016  -  Deadline May 3, 2016

This is a Procurement Opportunity with Adams and Associates at the Woodstock Job Corps Center and not with the Federal Government. Scope of Work for: Foodservice Floor Cleaning Woodstock Job Corps Center Woodstock, MD 21163 Operated by Adams and Associates, Inc. For the U.S. Department of Labor Prepared by: Denora Brown Purchasing Agent Woodstock Job Corps Scope of Work ID: WS1-100 - 26 Table of Contents I. General 3 II. Construction Requirements 3 A. Codes 3 B. Specific Requirements 4 C. Special Conditions 5 D. Schedules and Delays 6 III. Bid Requirements 7 IV. Evaluation Criteria 8 V. Acceptance of Work 8 A. Substantial Completion 8 B. Final Inspection 9 VI. Extent of Work 9 VII. Wage Determination 10 I. GENERAL Owner: US Department of Labor (DOL) Center Operator: Adams and Associates, Inc. Mailing Address: Woodstock Job Corps Center Site Visit: May 3, 2016 Proposal Due Date: May 17, 2016 by COB EST 5pm Submission of Proposals: Woodstock Job Corps Center Attn: Purchasing Agent, DeNora Brown Fax: 410-696-9401 The only Bids that will be considered will be from vendors who attend the mandatory bid conference on the day and time specified above. Project Summary: Clean, power wash, scrub all tile and grout lines of our dinning area, hallway and kitchen area II. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS A. CODES 1. The contractor will conform to all applicable state and local codes, ordinances, and regulations including the national building code commonly used in the area. 2. All conflicts and requests for interpretation or clarification shall be submitted to the Woodstock Job Corps Center. 3. All work shall conform to the current regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The regulations of Maryland shall prevail if they are more stringent than those of the Federal Government are. 4. The contractor shall not submit plans or specifications to any local authority without the prior approval of the Woodstock Job Corps Center Director or designated representative. 5. As required by FAR 52.222-41(g), it is a requirement of the subcontractor to inform each employee working under the subcontract of the minimum wage determination. The poster provided by the Department of Labor (Publication WH 1313) is to be posted at the worksite. B. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS 1. Prior to submitting a bid, the prospective bidder must visit the site and become thoroughly familiar with all pertinent conditions that are included in this Scope of Work. The prospective bidder must take such steps as may be necessary to ascertain the nature and condition of the work, and the general and local conditions, which can affect the work or cost thereof. Failure to do so shall not relieve bidders from the responsibility for estimating properly the difficulty or cost of successfully performing the work. Arrangements must be made with the center prior to inspecting the site. 2. A pre-bid walk-through will be conducted at the project site with all interested contractors prior to the bid opening date. At that time, questions related to the areas of work can be presented and discussed with the center. This site pre-bid conference and walk-through is mandatory and if you desire to submit a proposal you must attend. No other accommodations will be made. 3. Any proposed interruption to center operations during construction must have prior approval from the U. S Department of Labor Contracting Officer after a minimum of 72-hour notice. The center and its buildings shall remain in operation throughout construction. All construction activity and contractor access shall be coordinated with the center in order to minimize disruption of center operations. No work will be performed on weekends unless the contractor receives prior approval in writing from the Contracting Officer. 4. Although this Scope of Work identifies specific elements of construction, it is the contractor's responsibility to provide any elements, which are incidental to the functioning of the work to be provided. It is not intended that other deficiencies that are not related to the work identified in Section V of this Scope be corrected. The contractor shall limit its efforts only to the work that has been identified (including affected areas) in this Scope of Work. 5. As-built construction drawings may not be available. The contractor is required to familiarize himself with the existing conditions affecting the work through site verification. The contractor will be responsible for verification of all dimensions, layout, and conditions in and around the construction area involved. The contractor shall inform the center immediately of any unforeseen conditions, which may affect the work. 6. A pre-construction meeting shall be held at the center after execution of the agreement and prior to commencement of the work. Those in attendance shall include the Maintenance Manager or designated representative, the contractor and major sub-contractors. The meeting agenda shall include significant items, which could affect the progress, construction schedule, critical sequencing, use of premises, and policies governing interaction with center staff and students. 7. For work scheduling, the contractor shall provide a sequenced construction schedule to the center for approval no later than 10 days after he receives a Notice to Proceed (NTP) indicating the areas he desires and the periods he requires them vacant in order to perform his work. 8. All materials, finishes and appurtenances shall be selected for their ease of maintenance, high durability, and local availability; and shall be coordinated with those currently used by the center. Restoration of damaged elements or surfaces shall be promptly executed in like materials, as a part of this contract. 9. The contractor shall be responsible for all cutting and patching incidental to the work described herein. The contractor shall promptly repair/replace any damage to structures, elements, utilities, finishes, etc., occurring due to construction, as a part of this contract. 10. The contractor shall maintain a clean and safe work area throughout the period of construction. The contractor shall, at the end of each workday, remove all demolition debris and hazardous and potentially dangerous materials used in the work. The contractor shall collect construction material and debris frequently, dispose of debris, and refuse away from the center in a lawful manner. The contractor shall clean the exterior public areas impacted by construction dust, dirt and debris on a daily basis. The contractor shall be responsible for all fees, permits, etc., required for waste disposal. 11. The contractor shall be responsible for receiving, storing, and securing of all materials, equipment and other items to be used in accomplishing the work. The contractor shall be responsible for all equipment and materials brought onto the center and shall replace damaged or stolen items at its expense. 12. The contractor and all persons employed under the contract: a. Shall observe all security regulations in effect at the center; b. Shall not fraternize with the students or staff of the center; c. Shall not consume or transport any alcoholic beverages or drugs on the center; d. Shall not transport any firearms on the center e. Persons violating the above shall be dealt with in an appropriate manner. 13. The contractor shall be required to be licensed by the appropriate authority in the area to conduct the required contractual work. 14. The contractor will coordinate with the center for locations of staging areas, and vehicle parking. Electricity will be made available by the center. Connections to existing power shall be by the contractor. Following completion, the contractor shall return the site conditions to their original state. C. SPECIAL CONDITIONS 1. Acceptance of “As Is” conditions Prior to performing any work at or on an existing center element, the contractor shall tour that element with the designated representative of the center for the purpose of defining the limits of his work area and establishing existing conditions. Once the center and the contractor agree on the “As Is” condition the contractor may take possession of that element for the purpose of performing the work. He shall protect all existing items within the work limits, which are not specifically part of the work in the Contract and, at the completion of his work shall restore as necessary the work area to the “As Is” condition agreed to with the center prior to commencement of the work. If there is concern that the work area contains damaged elements that might appear as damage caused by the prosecution of the work, the contractor shall document the damage through memo or video tape the work area and provide a copy to the center prior to commencing any work. The center may make its own video of conditions, if desired. 2. Contractors’ possession of the work Once the contractor accepts the work area(s) and the “As Is” conditions (item 1 above), he/she is responsible for protecting and insuring everything within the work area against damage and harm. Only when the center executes a substantial completion certificate for the work completed in a specific work area will the contractor be relieved of responsibility for the protection of that work area. D. SCHEDULES AND DELAYS 1. The contractor shall, upon acceptance of his proposal by the center, perform the work in accordance with the Scope of Work, and start work within fourteen (14) days of issue of Notice to Proceed (NTP) by the center. All work, including punch list items, shall be completed within the prescribed period after written NTP. 2. The contractor shall immediately notify the center of any expected delays in the acquisition of materials, which may delay the completion of the project. Should this impact the approved construction sequence schedule (item II.B.7 above) the contractor shall adjust the schedule and resubmit it for center approval. No extensions in time will be granted unless the modified schedule is approved by the center. III. BID REQUIREMENTS 1. Each bidder shall submit a bid based upon Part VI - Extent of Work that includes reference to the project listed in this scope of work. Any variations from the base scope of work are to be noted as distinctly separate from the base bid. 2. Bids shall be submitted for the work as a basis for the contract. The prospective bidder shall submit a bid for a Single Lump Sum Contract. 3. The bid shall include all labor, material, and equipment costs, and all incidental costs necessary to complete the work. 4. The contractor must include with his/her proposal, certification that he/she will conform to the latest Wage Rate decisions (this will either be Davis Bacon or Service Contract Act depending on the work being performed) for the area. See section VII for wage determination. 5. Contractor must provide a timeline for substantial completion in their proposals. 6. A minimum 90-day bid guarantee is required. 7. This project is tax-exempt. 8. Prior to starting any work, the contractor shall show proof of required insurance, in amounts to cover risk as stated below: • Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance ( $1,000,000 combined single limit) • Workers Compensation / Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 per occurrence) • Fire Legal Liability of at least $500,000 per occurrence. • Fire Legal Liability of at least $500,000 per occurrence. 9. Final Bid Proposal shall be typed and submitted on official Company letterhead and must include the following: • Scope of Work ID#, Project Description, Project Specific Requirements, Lump Sum Cost • A list of materials (Eco-sensitive materials should be identified) to include a list of any reused parts, equipment or conduit, and material safety data sheets (MSDS) proposed for use, if any • References • Copies of all Insurance Certificates • Copy of all licenses and certifications relevant to this proposal • Proof of a valid Contractor’s License for the State of Maryland • Completed Vendor Questionnaire (with DUNS# if available) and W9 • Small Business Certification, if any 10. Net 30 payment terms IV. EVALUATION CRITERIA Evaluation Criteria Point Value Price: Responsible Contractor who can perform effective services at the lowest reasonable price. 60 Quality: Demonstrated experience and knowledge capabilities; Technical Excellence; Management Capabilities; Personnel qualification; Quality of the Tender packages; Technical excellence including where necessary, technical drawings, blue prints. 20 Past Performance: Past services to center or list of references for verification purposes. 10 Schedule: Explanation on how services will be carried out and the delivery timeframe. 10 TOTAL POINTS 100 Award will be made to the offeror who provides Best Value to the Center when all Evaluation Criteria are considered. Lowest Price does not guarantee award of Sub Contract. Adams and Associates retains the right to reject any and all bids. V. ACCEPTANCE OF WORK A. SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION 1. Substantial completion of the work is defined herein as the point at which the work is complete in all respects except for a few minor items which are to be listed on the contractor’s punch list. With the issuance of a substantial completion certificate executed by the center and the contractor, the center will occupy/take possession of the work and operate the installed systems/equipment. Prior to the issuance of an executed substantial completion certificate the contractor shall have had all tests completed, witnessed and approved by the center’s authorized representative. The provision of all required training, operating and maintenance manuals, keys and other such requirements specified in this Scope of Work shall be a prerequisite to the contractor’s notification requesting a substantial completion walk-through. 2. The contractor shall notify the center in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the estimated date of substantial completion and request a substantial completion walk-through. The letter shall include a dated punch list as developed by the contractor. The purpose of the walk-through is to review the contractor’s list for accuracy and to identify any additional items needing completion prior to final acceptance. The contractor, shall, upon receipt of a substantial completion punch list, correct his work as required within fourteen (14) days or until acceptable to the center. The Contracting Officer and/or the designated representative shall perform the substantial completion walk-through. 3. The date of the center's acknowledgment of substantial completion shall establish the date of commencement of the contractor's one (1) year guarantee of workmanship and the manufacturer's product warranties (2 years if work involves roofing). 4. Manufacturer’s warranty shall include the following information: a. Center Name b. Date of Substantial Completion (warranty commencement date) c. Date Warranty Expires d. Description of Warranty Services e. Serial numbers of equipment under Warranty B. FINAL INSPECTION 1. The contractor shall inform the center in writing at least three days prior to the estimated date of the completion of the work and request a final acceptance inspection. 2. The contractor shall guarantee all workmanship done under this Scope of Work for a period of one year. Prior to final payment, the contractor shall deliver to the center, consent of surety of final payment and release of liens by all subcontractors and material suppliers associated with this project. The center must also receive a completed SF 1413, a copy of which is included in the Pre Award Bid Package, and all certified payroll records, as well as the Sub Contractors Release of Claims. VI. EXTENT OF WORK a). The Contractor shall clean all quarry tile floors in Dinning area, hallways and Kitchen area in Food Service. b). The Contractor shall power wash and scrub all tile and grout lines. c). The Contractor shall use environmentally safe cleaning products. d). The Contractor shall apply one coat of tile and grout sealer to all cleaned areas. e). The Contractor is responsible for moving all equipment, tables and chairs for cleaning. VII. WAGE DETERMINATION The wage determinations will be determined first as Service Contract Act or Davis Bacon Act. It will always be one or the other and not both. Always include the wages for all classes of laborers who will work on the job. You should also include in your bid package the complete printout from

Office/Janitorial Supplies

Department of Labor, Employment Training Administration | Published November 2, 2015

SCOPE OF WORK ID #: WS2016-012 This is an opportunity with Adams & Associates, Inc. and Woodstock Job Corps Center and not the U.S. Federal Government Adams and Associates, Inc., contracting for the U.S. Department of Labor for the operation of the Woodstock Job Corps Center - a 550 student residential training facility located at 10900 Old Court Rd., Woodstock, MD 21163, is currently soliciting written bids for Office and Janitorial Supplies as needed. All quotes should be submitted in writing to the Purchasing Department by November 23, 2015 by 10:00 a.m. Quotes received after the deadline and/or without all requested documentation applying to your company will not be considered. Vendor is to return written bid on included excel worksheet and put company name at the top of each page, vendor paperwork, and all licenses for doing business in the State of Maryland, all employee licenses required for performing work in the state of Maryland, Certificate of Liability insurance and list of references if no past experience with Center. The period of performance is February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. Submitted bid will show at minimum breakdown as follows: • Cost per Item • Vendor Stock Number • Case/Pack Size • Printed name and Signature of authorized person submitting bid Bids, vendor questionnaire, W9, Authority to Commit if necessary, and all licensures needed to do business may be faxed to 410-696-9401, Attn: Suzanne Beasley, Purchasing Department; emailed to:; or mailed to: Woodstock Job Corps Center Attn: Suzanne Beasley 10900 Old Court Rd. Woodstock, MD 21163 If your quote deviates from specifications in any way, such exceptions must be noted on bid. If unable to quote please indicate ‘No Bid' and return bid package to us. Adams and Associates, Inc. reserves the right to reject any bids and select the bid deemed most responsible. Bidders should be aware of bid requirements for federally funded projects and act accordingly. Bidders are placed on notice that this is a competitive bid process and cost is an important fact. Overall low bid does not constitute bid award. Woodstock Job Corps Center is a federally funded facility and entitled to GSA pricing. Payment terms are Net 30 days from date of invoice. All questions regarding the Invitation to Bid and/or scope of work must be submitted in writing to: No phone calls will be accepted. Freight, fuel surcharge or handling charge, if any, must be noted on bid or charges will not be paid if invoiced. Vendor shall hold all licenses necessary to do business in the state of Maryland and/or the state the business is located in, and provide copies of all licenses with bid package. Vendor must supply manufacturer name and stock number for all items bid on. Items reference a manufacturer and stock number on bid sheet for reference purpose to insure correct item is bid. Vendor may substitute identical items under a different manufacturer or brand name but must note manufacturer and stock number on bid sheet. Vendor is to note on bid sheet if item is a green or recycled item. Vendor is to provide a billing invoice that includes BPA number and shows individual lines for each item ordered. Woodstock Job Corps Center does not accept back-orders on food and drinks, all orders will be considered complete upon receipt. The vendor shall obtain and maintain insurance(s) as follows if vendor's employee(s) or agent(s) will be on Center at anytime: • Workers Compensation • Comprehensive General Liability with Woodstock Job Corps Center listed as additional insured. ($1,000,000 per occurrence). • Comprehensive Automobile Liability ($1,000,000/combined single limit) Project Description: Office Supplies, Janitorial/Sanitation Supplies Specific Requirements: Vendor to provide all required items and services that follow as stated, and deemed necessary by Woodstock Job Corps Center. To qualify for bid vendor shall meet the following requirements: • 1) Do you sell Office Supplies including paper, and general office supplies? • 2) Do you sell janitorial/sanitation supplies? If yes, describe your product offering. • 3) Does your company have dedicated facilities jan/san specialists who can provide service and training for Woodstock Job Corps Center? If yes, describe your facilities jan/san program. • 4) Do you have an E-Commerce solution that offers office and jan/san supplies? Substitutions are allowed but must be clearly marked as a substitution. All substitutions must be suitable and specs should be as close to the originally requested item as possible. Forward Spec Sheets on any substituted item for comparison along with bid package for consideration. Please provide pricing for all of the following items listed: Item Description Manufacturer Manufacturer Part # Jan/San Supplies Comet deodorizing cleanser Proctor and Gamble 32987 or 84838569 Dart 6J6 foam cups Dart 6J6 Dart foam 10 oz cups Dart 10J10 9 ounce plastic cold drinking cups clear/1000 pak Dixie DXECP9APK Purell hand sanitizer 4 oz Gojo GOJ9631CT with moisurizers & vitamin E Clorox disinfecting wipes Clorox 7712 Lysol 4 x 1 gallon antibacterial all purpose cleaner Lysol 36241/74392 Lysol all purpose cleaner RTU 32 oz Lysol RAC75352CT Clorox toilet bowl cleaner 24 oz Clorox COX1567 Prestige 2000 Ml lotion skin cleanser refills Prestige Sponges cellulose 6" x 3.6" x 1.5" 3M C31 Toilet bowl mops - case of 25 Impact 2042591 Blue mop heads cut end #20 12/cs Cotton mop head 24 oz cut end Rubbermaid 224C Deb foaming hand sanitizer 1 liter, alcohol free Deb Soft scrub total bath and bowl 9 x 24.5 oz Soft Scrub 00375 Break Up Diversey 04495 Bravo Floor stripper 5 gallon bib Diversey 5594995 Masterpiece neutral cleaner 4 x 1 gallons Diversey 03904 Vectra floor finish 5 gallon bib Diversey 5105047 High Mileage floor finish 5 gallon bib Diversey 5104811 Complete floor finish 5 gallon bib Diversey 5104773 Glance RTU glass cleaner Diversey 047CT Brighton lemon fresh furniture polish Brighton 136ACT/1848 Pledge multisurface cleaner 6 x 9.7 oz aerosol SC Johnson 72354 Swifffer dust and shine furniture spray Swiffer 84830338 Airwick freshmatic refills lavender scent 6 x 6.17 oz Airwick 62338-77961 Airwick freshmatic refills vanilla scent 6 x 6.17 oz Airwick 62338-80978-16 Raid commercial flying insect killer 6 x 19 oz aerosol Raid 19800 / 94892 Lysol neutra air sanitizing spray 12 x 10 oz Lysol 19200 / 79196-12 Lysol disinfecting spray crisp linen 4 x 19 oz aerosol Lysol Latex gloves 100/box large powder free Designer Care GPLGPF400 Liner 43" x 47" 1.6 mil black 100/case Brighton Liner 43" x 48" 16 mic natural 200/case Brighton Liner 24" x 24" 6 mic natural 1000/case Brighton Lift off graffitti removerv6 x 22 oz RTU Brighton General purpose spotter 6 x 32 oz RTU Diversey 04192 Wausau paper Ecosoft 8" x 800' roll towels natural Wausau SEB20181CC Marcal pro facial tissue 100/box 30 boxes/case Brighton Professional 33603 Toilet seat covers 20 sleeves of 250 Rochester Midland RMC25177673 rubbermaid dust pan Rubbermaid 2005 mop handle wooden, screw down head Rubbermaid FGH51600000 Jumbo Jr toilet tissue rolls 61990 Coffee Service and Breakroom Green Mountain Coffee® Colombian Fair Trade, K-Cups®, 24/Bx GMT6003 Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6520 Green Mountain Coffee® Our Blend K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6570 Green Mountain Coffee® French Vanilla, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6732 Green Mountain Coffee® Hazelnut, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6792 Green Mountain Southern Pecan Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Ct GMT6772 Green Mountain Coffee® Caramel Vanilla Cream K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6700 Green Mountain Coffee Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6715 Green Mountain Caribou Blend Daybreak Coffee K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6994 Green Mountain Coffee® Vermont Country Blend K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6602 Newman's Own Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT4050 Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Ct GMT6663 Green Mountain Coffee® Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6722 Green Mountain Caribou Blend Decaf Coffee K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6992 Green Mountain Organic Sumatran Reserve Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT4060 Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic Extra Bold, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT4061 Green Mountain Coffee® French Roast, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT6694 Green Mountain Lake & Lodge Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Ct GMT6523 Green Mountain Coffee® Tully's Italian Roast, K-Cups, 24/Bx Tully's 193019 Green Mountain Coffee® Tully's French Roast, K-Cups, 24/Bx Tully's 193619 Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Extra Bold Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT4066 Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT7522 Green Mountain Coffee® Vermont Country Decaffeinated, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT7602 Green Mountain Newman's Own Special Blend Decaf Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Bx Newman's Own 4051 Green Mountain Dark Magic® Decaf Extra Bold Coffee, K-Cups, 24/Bx GMT4067 COFFEE CARIBOU DECF K-CUP GMT6995 Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea, K-Cups, 24/Bx Celestial Seasonings 14734 Celestial Seasonings Devonshire English Breakfast Tea, K-Cups, 24/Bx Celestial Seasonings 14731 Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea, K-Cups, 24/Bx Celestial Seasonings 14732 CS PEACH ICED TEA K-CUP 24 CN Celestial Seasonings 6822 Green Mountain Coffee Café Escapes® Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup, 24/Bx Café Escapes 6801 Café Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cups, 24/Bx Café Escapes 6802 Tazo® Calm Tea, 24/Bx Starbucks 149901 Tazo® Awake Tea Starbucks 149898 Tazo® Earl Grey Tea, 24/BX Starbucks 149899 Bigelow I Love Lemon Tea, 28/Bx Bigelow 399 Bigelow Earl Gray Tea, 28/Bx Bigelow 348 Bigelow English Teatime Tea, 28/Bx Bigelow 345 Lipton Single-Serve Tea Bags, Regular, 100/Box Lipton 291 Lipton Single-Serve Tea Bags, Decaffeinated, 72/Box Lipton 290 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, Regular, 1 oz. Packets, 50/Bx Swiss Miss 47491 Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa, 0.55 oz., 24/Bx Swiss Miss 55584 Coffee-Mate® Liquid Coffee Creamers, Original, 50 Mini Cups/Bx Coffee-mate 35110 Coffee-Mate® Liquid Coffee Creamers, French Vanilla, 50 Mini Cups/Bx Coffee-mate 35170 Coffee-Mate® Liquid Coffee Creamers, Hazelnut, 50 Mini Cups/Bx Coffee-mate 35180 FR VANILLA SUGAR FREE CREAMER Coffee-mate 17570 Coffee-Mate® Liquid Coffee Creamer, Pump Dispenser, Regular Flavor 1.5 Liter Coffee-mate 13799 Coffee-Mate® Liquid Coffee Creamer, Pump Dispenser, Hazelnut, 1.5 Liter Coffee-mate 31831 Coffee-Mate® Liquid Coffee Creamer, Pump Dispenser, French Vanilla 1.5 Liter Coffee-mate 31803 Nestle Coffee-Mate® Powder Original Creamer, 22 oz. Canister Coffee-mate 30212 Nestle Coffee-Mate® Powder Original Creamer, 11 oz. Canister Coffee-mate 55882 Nestle Coffee-Mate® Powder Lite Creamer, 11 oz. Canister Coffee-mate 74185 Nestle Coffee-Mate® Powder French Vanilla Creamer, 15 oz. Canister Coffee-mate 35775 Nestle Coffee-Mate® Powder Hazelnut Creamer, 15 oz. Canister Coffee-mate 123450 Nestle Coffee-Mate® Powder Original Creamer Packets, 50/Bx Coffee-mate 30032 Mini Moo's Half and Half Creamer, 192/Ct Mini Moo's 100718 'N Joy Non-Dairy Powder Creamer, 12 oz., 3/Pk N'JOY 94253 Sweet 'N Low Packets, 400/Bx Sweet 'N Low 50150 Equal® Packets, 500/Bx Equal 20008699 Splenda Sweetener, 400/Bx Splenda JOJ20041 Dixie Crystals Sugar Packets, 100/Bx Dixie Crystals 23310 'N Joy Sugar Value Pack, 20 oz., 3/Pk N'JOY 94203 5.5 WOOD BEVERAGE STIRRERS Berk enterprises 9041290 5.25 ASSORTED BEVERAGE STIRRER Berk enterprises 1241202 Dixie PerfecTouch® Hot Cups, 8 oz., 500/Ct Dixie DXS5338DX Dixie Hot Cup Dome Lids, White, 8 oz., 1,000/Ct Dixie 9538DX SYMPHONY PAPER HOT CUP 8 OZ Solo 378SMJ8000 LID CUP PLAS TRAVL 8OZ Solo TL38R10007 Sustainable Earth by Staples® Compostable Hot Cups, 8 oz., 500/Ct Sustainable Earth SEB40150CC Sustainable Earth by Staples® Compostable Hot Cup Lids, 8 oz., 500/Pk Sustainable Earth SEB40156CC 6 INCH SOLO PAPER PLATE Solo MP6J8001 PLATE PAPER 8.5 MED WGT SYMPH Solo SCCMP9SYM Sustainable Earth by Staples® Compostable Plates, White, 9", 250/Pk Sustainable Earth SEB40135CC Sustainable Earth by Staples® Compostable Plates, White, 6", 250/Pk Sustainable Earth SEB40134CC Sustainable Earth by Staples® Paper Towels, 2-Ply, White, 15/Ct Sustainable Earth SEB20185CC Sustainable Earth by Staples® Napkins, 1-Ply, White, 400/Pk Sustainable Earth SEB20179CC Safety Products ColdForm2TM Sorbent Light Weight, Single-Sided, Laminated, Oil-Only Pad, White, 200/Bx Cold Form 3CFWPSL Sorb Gorrilla Granular 25lbs. Bag/Ea Evolution Sorbent Product GORILLAZORB Crews® CheckMate® Safety Glasses, Clear, 12/Bx MCR Safety CRWCK100 Crews® Chemical Safety Goggles, Clear Crews CRW2230R Safety Zone Leather Palm Glove with Knit Wrist, Gray with Green, 12 Gloves/Bx Safety Zone GLP1MNA1C Safety Zone Leather Palm Glove with Safety Cuff, Green Stripped, 12 Gloves/Bx Safety Zone GLR1MNB1C Spun Bonded Hair Nets, White, 20", 100/Bx United Facility Suppky UFS7387WL 3MTM Particulate Respirator 8210-N95, White, 20/Bx 3M 8210 OFFICE SUPPLIES Manufacturer Item Number Description UNIT DURPX28AB BATTERY 6V LANTERN EA DURPC1604BKD BATTERY 9V Pro-Cell BX/12 DURPC1500 BATTERY AA Pro-Cell PK/4 DURPC2400BKD BATTERY AAA PK/4 DURPC1400 BATTERY C PK/12 DURPC1300 BATTERY D PK/12 AVE03401 BINDER 1 1/2" BLACK EA STP21686CC BINDER 1 1/2" WHITE EA AVE03501 BINDER 2" BLACK EA AVE19701 BINDER 2" WHITE EA WLJ36434NB BINDER, 3" BLACK EA MEA05510 BOOK,SUBJECT NOTEBOOK/WIRE EA RED9G620 BOOK,VISITORS LOG PK/2 HUB910L BOOK,RECORD,SMALL EA FEL0070308 BOX,FOLDING STORAGE,BANKER PK/4 SPL170XCC CALCULATOR 8-digit display EA Oxford 51 CARDS,INDEX 5X8 (LINED)(DISCONT) EA ROL67553 CARDS,ROLODEX (DISCONT) EA CARTRIDGE,PANASONIC-US5550 CARTRIDGE,PANASONIC-US5550 EA OIC99966 CLAMPS,BUTTERFLY LARGE BX OIC99957 CLAMPS,BUTTERFLY SMALL BX STP11069 CLIPBOARD letter, smoke 9" x 12 3/8 STP10669 CLIPS,BINDER LARGE 2" width BX12 STP32003 CLIPS,BINDER MEDIUM 1 1/4 " width 144/pk STP15350 CLIPS,BINDER SMALL 3/4" width BX/12 STP72577 CLIPS,PAPER JUMBO nonskid 1000/pk OIC99910 CLIPS,PAPER SMALL PK/10 BICWOFQD12WE CORRECTION FLUID BX/12 SEB500008ACC CLEANER WHITEBOARD EA UNV20830 DIVIDERS,INSERTABLES TAB 5 PK/12 MER530 DICTIONARY EA MAS00900 DOOR WEDGE RUBBER EA 468389CC DUCT TAPE 3" Core 1.89 x 60 EA FALDPSJB DUSTER II SPRAY EA 487493 ENVELOPE CLASP 9x12 brown kraft BX/250 AVERY 98071 ENVELOPE STIK PK/6 WAU91006 ENVELOPE 4 1/8X9 GRAY BX MEA75024 ENVELOPE PLAIN BX 17203 ENVELOPE Left WINDOW #9 white BX/500 19298 ENVELOPES,INTEROFFICE 10 x 13 string BX/100 QRTESP02 ERASER #1 FELT CHALKBOARDS EA 595367 EXPANDING FILES A-Z 21 pockets no flap EA 13670CC EXPANDING hanging folder file, blue letter EA GLWR217MHD EXPANDING FILE MONTHLY EA OIC99852 FASTENER 2-HOLE BX SMD10339 FILE,FOLDER 3 TAB LETTER MANILLA BX/100 MMM6834 FLAG EA 614617 FOLDER,CLASSIFICATION RED top tab recycled EA 16403 FOLDER,FILE LTR 1/3 CUT CUT (INTERIOR) letter, laminated BX/250 490853 FOLDER HANGING 1/3 CUT LGL GRN Legal BX/50 19910US FOLDER HANGING 1/5 CUT LETTER, yellow BX/25 ACC40023 FOLDER 2-POCKET PK STP10445 GLUE STICKS CLEAR .28 OZ PK/4 34389 HIGHLIGHTER,ASSORTED Fluorescent with grip PK/6 SAN25025 HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW tank style BX/12 AVE16142 INDEX TABS SELF ADHESIVE BAG/2 AVE5162 LABELS,MAILING (WHITE) AVERY5162 PK AVE5161 LABELS LASER 2000 5161 PK AVE98017 MARKER,MARKS A LOT RED BX/12 AVE98410 MARKER,MARKS A LOT BLUE BX/12 17631 MARKER,PERM,BLACK xtra fine tip, blk BX/12 SAN30001 MARKER,SHARPIE BLACK BX/12 ADMSC1184D MESSAGE,BOOK LARGE EA ABFSC1153RB MESSAGE,BOOK SMALL EA 23643 PAD,PAPER LINED 8 1/2X11 wide ruled white 50 sheets PK/12 MEA05510 PAD,SPIRAL NOTEBOOK EA PAC03596 PAPER,CONSTRUCTION PK STP135848 PAPER,COPY, 92/20 5,000 sheets CS 201384FCC PAPERNOTEBOOK, Composition, blk marble, 100 sheets PK/2 ACC40023 PAPERPOCKET FOLDER W/FASTENER PK ACC40023 PAPER FOLDER W/FASTENER PK/10 PAP6110187 PEN,PAPERMATE BLUE BX/12 PAP6130187 PEN,PAPERMATE BLACK BX/12 PAP61201 PEN,PAPERMATE RED BX/12 DIX13882 PENCIL #2 LEAD PK/72 DL123ABPK PHOTO,BATTERIES, 3 volt PK MMM6834 POST-IT FLAG BX MMM654CYP2VA POST-IT 3X3 BX/24 MMM6605SSCY POST-IT 4X6 PK/5 MMM653YW POST-IT YELLOW SMALL 1 1/2X PK/12 STP36054 POLY FAST/REPORT COVER letter. Clear BX/5 17651 POWERSTRIP 6 outlets. 6' cord EA OIC99852 PRONG,FASTENER, 3 1/2 CAP SET/50 10575-CC PUNCH,2-HOLE 28 sheets, 20lb blk EA SWI74037 PUNCH,3-HOLE EA STP18214CC RUBBERBANDS, JUMBO, Assorted colors and sizes BAG STP18214CC RUBBERBANDS,MED BAG STP18214CC RUBBERBANDS,SMALL BAG ACM05221 RULER 12' WOOD Double metal edge EA ACM41318 SCISSORS HAND 8' EA 17813 SHARPENER PENCIL BATTERY silver/black EA 39668 SHARPENER,PENCIL ELECTRIC light-duty blk EA 10896CC SHARPENER,PENCIL MANUAL single hole translucent EA 10626CC STAPLE REMOVER BLACK EA SWI40501 STAPLER 20 sheets 20/lb EA OIC91900 STAPLES SMALL STANDARD PK/5 16943 SURGE PROTECTOR 6 outlets, 709 Joules EA STP10566 TAPE DISPENSER 1" core blk EA STP52380P6 TAPE INVISIBLE, 1" core, clear 3/4 x 1,296 PK/6 467951 TAPE PACKING, standard grade, 3" core clear PK/6 San80699 EXPO DRY ERASER MARKER PK/12 SAN09287 EXPO REFILL EA MMMC66000/50 TRANSPARENCY FILM PK 496091 CARDS, INDEX 3X5 (LINED) PK/100 AVE16063 CARDS, INDEX 4X6 (LINED) PK 688054 CRAYOLA COLORED PENCIL PK 5878136000 CRAYOLA MARKER PK AVE04301 BINDER 1" blk w/ label holder round ring EA STP3315EF12 STORAGE BOXES Legal, 10 x 15x24 stacking 700 lbs BX/12 DURDC2400B4N BATTERIES, RECHARGABLE PK/4 STP15339 BINDER,CLIPS,ASSORTED sizes, blk 60 PK PK/60 STP21684CC BINDER,1" WHITE View, round rings 175-sheet EA SWI35319 HEAVY DUTY STAPLES EA AVE19751 BINDER,3" WHITE EA BOSPHD60 STAPLER,HEAVY DUTY EA QRT210TEA EASEL BOARD EA MMM570 EASEL PADS EA STP126987 COPY PAPER 11X14 92/20 5,000 sheets CS 37868 BADGE PROTECTORS, vertical PK/50 MMM653YW POST-IT NOTES 1.5X2" PK 508911 3 TopTAB FOLDER (BLUE) 8.5 x 11 BX/100 CE255A CARTRIDGE HP PRINT 55A EA UG-5540 CARTRIDGE,PANASONIC-UG5540 EA Center Rules and Requirements Center Regulations: Vendor and his employees shall abide by all of the Center's rules and regulations. There shall be no fraternization between contractor personnel and Job Corps Center students or personnel. The Contractor will be required to follow all Center safety and security requirements including searches entering or leaving the Center. Deliveries: The Contractor shall clear all deliveries with the Center's Security Personnel.
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