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KIZAD Warehouse Construction Services

Department of State, Near Eastern Posts | Published November 23, 2016
FedBizOpps Synopsis
Action Code: P (Pre-solicitation) Modification Date: 1123Year: 16Contracting Officer Zip Code: 20521-6010Classification Code: NAICS Code: 532412 - Construction ServicesDepartment of State, NEA Posts, American Embassy Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesContracting Office Address: 	Contracting OfficerP.O. Box 4009Embassy of USAAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesSubject: Construction ServicesProposed Solicitation Number: STC10017R0002Opening and Closing date: November 23, 2016 and January 9, 2017Point of Contact: Contracting Officer, Fax: 97124142696, e-mail:
Description: Please note that this solicitation is not ready to be issued as of this date. The requirement is a fit-out for a warehouse leased by US Embassy in KIZAD, to carry out procurements and construction services.  All responsible sources may submit an offer, which will be considered.  The solicitation will be issued via the FedBizOpps. Please see the RFP for the actual date. The magnitude of construction for this project is between $250,000 and $500,000. Place of Contract Performance: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

FUSNA Pier and Ramp Construction

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ECC | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 8, 2016
El Cerro Uruguay Navy Base Ramp and Pier ConstructionMontevideo, Uruguay
Project Description: The Regional Contracting Center-Americas, 410th Contracting Support Brigade intends to award a Firm Fixed Price construction contract for the construction of a ramp and pier at the El Cerro Uruguay Navy Base. The Contractor shall furnish all management, supervision, labor, equipment, material, transportation, and supplies required to complete this project. Work executed by the contractor shall include but is not limited to:
- Site preparation and soil study;- Construction of ramp and pier;- Provision and installation of cleat, ladder, corner and edge straight bumpers, handrail, and solar dock lights;- Paint, provision and installation of buoy with label and related signs; and - Any other related works for the ramp and pier construction.
Place of Performance: The project location is at the El Cerro Uruguay Navy Base, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Magnitude: The magnitude of this project is estimated between $100,000.00 and $250,000.00 U.S. Dollars
Obtaining the solicitation: The solicitation will be issued unrestricted to allow U.S. and non U.S. firms to participate. The solicitation and any technical exhibits (when applicable), will be available for download from the FedBizOpps website. All notifications of changes to the solicitation shall be made through electronics means only. It is the contractor's responsibility to check for any posted changes to the solicitation. Registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) is required of Contractor to receive the contract award.
Contemplating Awardees: Since the contemplating contract is to be awarded by the contracting activity located in Fort Sam Houston, Texas and to be performed in Uruguay, the offerors must meet the requirement under DFARS 252.225-7042, "Authorization to Perform - The Offeror has been duly authorized to operate and to do business in the country or countries in which the contract is to be performed". The Contractor shall, without additional expense to the U.S. Government, be responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses and permits, and for complying with any host government and political subdivisions laws, codes, and regulations applicable to the performance of the work.

Construction Manager as Construction for the 985 Michigan Avenue Building Modernization and Backfill Project

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS) | Published November 3, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016
The General Services Administration (GSA), Great Lakes Region 5, announces an opportunity to provide Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) services for the 985 Michigan Avenue Federal Building Modernization and Backfill Project in Detroit, Michigan. The scope of CMc services under this proposed contract includes Design Stage Services and an option for Construction Stage Services.
The CMc will be competitively chosen using source selection (FAR 15) procedures. The objective of the source selection process is to select a proposal that represents the best value to the Government. The award will be made to the responsible Offeror whose offer conforms to the solicitation and offers the best value to the Government, considering the technical factors and the total evaluated price. For this procurement, the technical factors will be significantly more important than price (FAR 15.101-1, Trade Offs). The technical factors will include Experience in providing Design Phase Services and Construction Phase Services on similar projects, to be defined in the Request for Proposal; Project Management Plan/Approach; Qualifications and Experience of Key Personnel; Past Performance in providing Design Phase Services and Construction Phase Services on similar projects, and Project Labor Agreement. Additionally, Cost Accounting Standard (CAS) compliance shall represent a go/no-go factor. The Contractor must demonstrate their compliance with CAS through the submittal of all disclosures in accordance with FAR 52.230-1, Cost Accounting Standards Notice and Certifications and FAR 52.230-7, Proposal Disclosure - Cost Accounting Practice Changes.
The Government reserves the right to make award on initial offers, but discussions may be held if appropriate. The estimated total construction cost for the project falls within the range of $60,000,000.00 to $80,000,000.00. The Design Stage Services are anticipated to commence upon award of the contract on or about April 2017. The optional Construction Stage Work is anticipated to be awarded in or around November 2017, with a performance period of approximately 924 days.
The requirement for this opportunity includes restacking the IRS within the building and renovating their current space, as well as renovating building vacant space for incoming tenants and altering major mechanical, electrical and fire protection equipment throughout the building. IRS, including its print shop, currently occupies the building. IRS needs to consolidate space, and plans to do so by reconfiguring space within the 985 Michigan Avenue Building to implement new workplace strategies, and to consolidate offices currently at 985 with offices currently in leased space. They have requested a total of approximately 200,000 USF of space in the 985 Michigan Avenue Building to accommodate this move and restacking effort. GSA proposes that at least 7 other agencies move leases into the 985 Michigan Avenue Building with varying space requirements. This project will aim to achieve LEED CI Gold and is currently registered under LEED Version 3. The NAICS code for this procurement is 236220.
Definition of Construction Manager as Constructor: A CMc contractor is defined as a firm engaged under direct contract to a building owner or client (in this case the GSA) to provide services such as design review, cost estimating, sustainability review, scheduling and general construction services. The services requested of the CMc shall cover a wide range of design and construction activities which are often performed by both Construction Managers (CMs) and General Contractors (GCs). In contrast to a CM that is not also a constructor; the CMc is at risk and is involved with project development and administration of the construction. The CMc shall be a member of the project development team during the design and construction stages, working with the A/E and the Government to ensure a quality project, within the mandated schedule and budget. The CMc contractor will perform services including, but not limited to: evaluating design concepts, monitoring A/E progress, coordinating design reviews, reviewing designs, reviewing and preparing cost estimates, controlling schedules, keeping records, reporting on design and construction progress, conducting Value Engineering (VE) exercises, conducting constructability reviews, constructing the facility at or below the Estimated Construction Cost at Award (ECCA), administering the construction contract and all subcontracts, coordinating construction meetings, CPM scheduling, monitoring construction costs and performing administrative and other services as defined in the scope of work to provide for a completely functional facility.
There are two components of work to be performed under this Contract: Design Stage Services and Construction Stage Services. The Contractor is required to complete the Design Stage Services for the firm-fixed-price set forth in the Contract Price Schedule. If the Government exercises the option for the Construction Stage Services, the contractor shall complete the Construction Stage Services at or below the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The CMc is responsible for confirming all existing conditions that are readily accessible for viewing, investigating, surveying, scanning, or otherwise knowable. The CMc is responsible for recommending design stage investigative demolition where such efforts may help identify the work required to complete the project.
Joint Ventures: Joint venture or firm/ consultant arrangements will be considered and must submit an acceptable joint venture agreement. Acceptable JV is the continuity of warranty coverage by the surviving entity after completion of the project should the JV be dissolved.
The solicitation package will be available on or about November 18, 2016. The solicitation package will only be available electronically. Potential Offerors will be responsible for downloading the solicitation from the FedBizOpps website,, and for monitoring for possible amendments and/or additional information.
A pre-proposal conference and site-visit will be held in Detroit, Michigan on or about December 6, 2016. A link to the Pre-Proposal Registration Form will be included in the solicitation posting, and anyone interested in attending the pre-proposal conference shall complete the form and submit it no later than one week prior to the pre-proposal conference. Please note, the number of people attending will be limited to three individuals per company/team. We consider attendance at this conference vital to the preparation of a competitive and cost effective proposal and to understanding the total result desired by the Government. Failure to attend this meeting will not be accepted as an excuse for omissions or miscalculations in offers. The offers will be due on or about December 19, 2016.
All responsible sources may submit a bid/proposal which shall be considered by the agency. In order to be eligible for award offerors are required to provide electronic representations and certifications in the System for Award Management (SAM), which can be accessed at: An award is anticipated on or about April, 2017.
Any questions regarding this notification should be directed to the Contracting Specialist, Alexandra Huber at

White Chuck Bench Trail #731 Construction

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service | Published November 1, 2016
CONTRACT TYPE SELECTION: One Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) trail construction contract will be awarded from this solicitation.PROJECT SCOPE OF WORK: This project involves the construction of approximately 2.7 miles of the White Chuck Bench Trail #731. Work includes clearing, grubbing, and excavation and the construction one Shallow Stream Ford and all switchback corners. Climbing Turns are considered incidental to Excavation-Section 911and will be constructed in accordance with Climbing Turns-Section 914. Other structures listed on the construction log are for informational purposes only and are not included in the Schedule of Items. Rough excavation will be completed through all of the listed trail structures. Completion of those structures will be done by others. Blasting may be necessary on some sections of construction. The use of helicopters or stock is not expected, but may be considered if requested. Work is expected to start on this project as soon as possible and will be complete by 11/1/2017.This project was surveyed in two segments. Segment #1 (Eastern Segment) begins at the Crystal Creek trail bridge located 1 mile downstream from the Crystal Creek Trailhead and continues downstream to MP 2.7. Segment #2 (Western Segment) is on the lower part of the trail. It begins 2.2 miles from the White Chuck Bench Trailhead and runs upstream for 1 mile. The two segments are separated by 1 mile of existing trail.  Option Item #1 includes maintenance logging out and brushing of the segments of existing trail that are not included in the reconstruction and relocation segments.  BLASTING REQUIREMENT: Blasting shall be done by a state and federally licensed blaster. The blaster will be responsible for all permits required to perform explosive work. Please refer to the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) Internet web site for detailed information on federally required explosive permits.PROJECT LOCATION/DRIVING DIRECTIONS: This project is located on the Darrington Ranger District of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. All work is located outside of designated wilderness. Take I-5 north of Seattle to exit 208 SR 530 and Arlington exit. Stay on Highway 530 to the town of Darrington. At the "T" intersection in Darrington turn right on to the Mountain Loop Highway. To access Segment #1: Follow the Mountain Loop Hwy 9 miles to FSR #23. Turn left onto Rd. #23 and continue 5.5 miles to the Crystal Creek Trailhead. This is the eastern terminus of the White Chuck Bench Trail. Hike the White Chuck Bench Trail 1 mile to Crystal Creek. Trail construction begins on the far side of the Crystal Creek Bridge. To access Segment #2: From Darrington, follow the Mountain Loop Highway 9 miles and turn left at the White Chuck Boat Launch (Rd #22). Cross the bridge and follow the road up for about 0.8 mile. You will come to a small parking area on the left with outhouses and a sign for the White Chuck Bench Trail on the right. Hike the White Chuck Bench Trail 2.2 Miles to the beginning of Segment #2.ESTIMATED QUANTITIES: 14,672 LF (Excavation), 14,672 LF (Clearing & Grubbing), 4.5 MI (Logging Out), 4.5 MI (Brushing).  These represent the majority of line item quantities on the Base and Option #1 items.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: USDA, Standard Specifications for Construction of Trails and Trail Bridges on Forest Service Projects, U.S. Customary Units, 10/30/2014. recreation/programs/trail-management/documents/plans/supporting_ documents/Trail_Specifications.pdf.DISCLOSURE OF THE MAGNITUDE OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Between $25,000 and $100,000.PRE-BID CONFERENCE: None scheduled.TECHNICAL POINT OF CONTACT: Katherine White, Trail Specialist, Telephone: (360) 319-5090, E-mail: ESTIMATED DATE SOLICITATION (REQUEST FOR QUOTE) WILL BE ISSUED:

Peavine Aquatic Construction on the Plumas National Forest

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service | Published December 2, 2016
This contract is for the replacement of an existing pipe arch culvert which currently impedes the passage of aquatic organisms. The existing culvert will need to be removed and replaced with a new open bottom arch culvert measuring 20'-0 x 6'-4" x 60'-0". The new culvert will be composed of a multi-plate galvanized steel arch and supported by 7' cast-in-place concrete abutments. Riprap will also need to be placed at the inlet and outlet of the culvert in order to provide slope protection.
Stream simulation and road construction will also be a part of the project. A low flow channel will need to be constructed in the streambed, with a layer of stream simulation rock placed and compacted to simulate a natural streambed throughout the length of the arch. Rock weirs will need to be constructed within the arch as well. A portion of the roadway will also need to be expanded and overlaid with crushed aggregate.

Design/Build Construction of the VARO Office Space

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS) | Published December 5, 2016
Design/Build Construction/Repair of the Veterans Administration Regional Office Space located in the Hiram Ward Federal Building and Courthouse in Winston Salem, NC.
Based on market research results, the procurement will be open to small and large business concerns as an unrestricted procurement with full and open competition. Office of Small Business Administration Programs concurs with the determination to solicit as an unrestricted procurement.  THIS WILL BE A COMPETITIVE FULL AND OPEN SOLICITATION. All prospective Offerors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database ( and the Online Representations and Certifications Application database (
The General Services Administration Region 4 Southeastern Sunbelt Acquisition Division is seeking eligible business firms capable of performing Design/Build Construction services for the Hiram Ward Federal Building and Courthouse located in Winston Salem, NC.  The total estimated cost for this project is between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000.  The appropriate NAICS Code is 236220.  This will be a Design/Build 2-Step Solicitation.  This acquisition will result in a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract for design and construction services.
This project includes Design, Construction, Demolition and Renovation of existing office space. This project will design and construct class A office space on eight (8) floors of a Federal Building and Courthouse.  The Hiram W. Ward Federal Building and Courthouse is located at 251 N. Main Street, Winston Salem, North Carolina, 27110.  The primary tenants are the United States District Courts, United States Marshals Service, the Veteran's Administration, and GSA. The Hiram H. Ward Federal Building and Courthouse was first constructed in 1976 and many of the finishes and systems are original. GSA is the Owner of the building and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is a primary tenant within the building. VBA occupies the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth floors in the building.  Major renovation of VBA's space on all six floors is included as part of this scope of work.  
The approximate Release Date of the solicitation is anticipated to be December 20, 2016 posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website ( This solicitation, including all specifications, will only be available in downloadable electronic format. ALL DOCUMENTS will be in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format and downloadable from the website.  This solicitation will contain Sensitive but Unclassified Material SBI and only registered contractors will be able to review the documents.  All safeguards will be required when using SBI material.  The Contracting Officer and Project Manager will send out CD's to contractors requesting SBI material.  Only registered contractors will be notified by email when amendments to the solicitation are issued. Please forward technical inquiries to Mr. Joseph Ardoin via email at

Facilities Maintenance and Minor Construction Blanket Purchase Agreement

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service | Published October 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 12, 2016
This solicitation is for maintenance, repair, replacement, alterations, and construction work for Forest facilities in a number of trades.  The Fremont-Winema National Forest has a variety of support facilities including administrative, residential, recreation buildings, lookout towers, campgrounds, water and wastewater systems, snow shelters, warehouses, utilities and other infrastructure.  Work items will appeal to a variety of contractors - general, electrical, plumbing, HVAC mechanical, etc.  Contractor(s) awarded this Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract will be asked to provide quotes on specific BPA Calls for which the Contractor(s) will be expected to provide unit prices for common construction and maintenance elements including labor, equipment, supplies, and material costs to construct, maintain, repair or inspect Forest Service facilities.The majority of the Fremont-Winema National Forest worksites are located in Klamath and Lake Counties, Oregon.  The majority of Forest work sites are located outside of city limits throughout Klamath and Lake Counties, and some sites are in remote areas of the Forest.  The majority of the work will take place on different Ranter District locations on the Forest.  the Ranger Districts are located in the communities of Chemult, Chiloquin, Klamath Falls, Bly, Lakeview, Paisley and Silver Lake.  Also included may be work at major recreation sites across the Forest, such as Lake of the Woods, Williamson River Campground, Miller Lake, Thompson Reservoir, Cottonwood Meadows, Dog Lake, and Lofton Reservoir.All Contractors performing the work shall be licensed and bonded in Oregon.THIS IS ONLY THE PRESOLICITATION NOTICE.  THE SOLICITATION WILL BE POSTED BY NOVEMBER 10, 2016.

Market Survey- Construction Projects for the Western Service Area Islands

Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Western Service Area (WSA) is seeking interested sources that are capable of providing all construction projects in the Western Pacific Islands including but not limited to roofing, HVAC, NAVAIDS, and all associated work and general construction services under the following specialized NAICS codes:
236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
237130 Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
237310 Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
237990 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
238120 Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors
238210 Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
238160 Roofing Contractors
238220 Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
238390 Other Building Finishing Contractors
Potential projects could be located in the following areas:
America Samoa
Hawaii (The Big Island)
The FAA is conducting this Market Survey to improve the Government's understanding of the current marketplace and to identify capable sources. Responses to this market survey will be used to determine if there is adequate competition to set the requirement aside for socially and Economically Disadvantaged Businesses (SEDB/8(a)), Small Businesses, or full and open competition. This survey is being conducted in accordance with FAA Acquisition Management System (AMS) Section This survey will support market research obtained from multiple sources and will be utilized for planning purposes only. At this time, there is no scope of work and no projects assigned to these locations.
This is not a screening information request or request for proposal of any kind.  The FAA is not seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals.  All interested parties are advised the FAA will not pay for any information or any administrative costs incurred that are associated with any response received from industry in response to this market survey.  Any information provided under this market survey is for informational purposes only and will not be released.  Any proprietary information submitted will be protected if appropriately marked.  Vendor participation in any informational sessions is not a promise of future business with the FAA.
All responses to the market survey must be completed in the following link: before 5:00pm PT, December 16, 2016.
If you're viewing this announcement from a source other than Federal Aviation Administration Contract Opportunities (FAACO), visit to view the original announcement.

Construction Management Services for the new FBI Headquarters Facilty

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS) | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline January 3, 2017
The General Services Administration (GSA) hereby notifies of the intent to issue a request for proposal for the commercial services of construction management (CM) in accordance with the format in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 12 - Acquisition of Commercial 
Project Summary:
GSA intends to procure CM services that will include commissioning consultant and other professional services for a design-build project of the new consolidated headquarters facility for FBI of up to 2.1 million rentable square feet in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  The CM will assist GSA with budget and finance, programming presentations, reports, purchasing studies, and contracting documentation.  They will oversee the work of the designer by providing design reviews, cost estimating, and code and constructability reviews.  During construction, the CM will be at the jobsite providing everyday oversight of the construction.  This will include, but not be limited to, document control, jobsite inspections, change order management, punch list inspections, submittal evaluation and processing, Request for Information (RFI) management, schedule and fragnet reviews, coordination with security personnel for site access, coordination of technical security inspections, commissioning services, and other related activities.  The CM will also be involved in move management requirements to consolidate facilities in surrounding area.  NOTE: The selected CM firm must have an established local presence within the Washington, DC Metropolitan area at the time of contract signature.  This is a classified project and each offeror shall possess a current and active required Facility Security Clearance Level of Secret in order to be considered eligible to bid upon this project and be issued a solicitation package.  It is anticipated that classified technical data and documentation, up to the level of Secret will be utilized on the project. 
In accordance with FAR 12.6, the solicitation process will utilize streamlined procedures for evaluation.  The selection procedure will employ tradeoffs and technical/management factors that are significantly more important than price and price related factors. The three technical factors are described hereinafter.  FACTOR 1: Past Performance/Experience on Comparable Projects whereby offerors must demonstrate successful experience as a construction manager responsible for the construction management of two (2) similar projects (or phases) substantially completed within the past fifteen (15) years as defined as a project that is comparable in nature, type, and complexity to the following characteristics:  (1) New construction project (single or multiple facilities similar to a campus setting) that included horizontal and vertical construction, including but not limited to roads, architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection systems, high performance green building initiatives, high security blast and ballistic windows, central utility plant, renewable energy, and site work; (2) The total project construction cost at award of the construction contract(s) was not less than $100 million; (3) Design Build or Construction Manager at Risk project; (4) Project involved phased construction and occupancy.  FACTOR 2: CM Capabilities/Management Approach; and FACTOR 3: Key Personnel/Project Staffing Plan.  There will also be Interviews/Presentations, whereby Offerors shall attend and provide a presentation/interview on their management approach and key personnel as described in their technical proposal and in response to the scope of the project.
This negotiated procurement will be open to both large and small business firms.  Any qualified responsible firm, including small, veteran-owned small, service-disabled veteran-owned small, HUBZone small, small disadvantaged, and women-owned small businesses are encouraged to participate as prime contractors, or as members of joint ventures with other small businesses, or as subcontractors.  Pursuant to Section 8(d) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637(d)) and FAR Subpart 19.702, an offeror that is not a small business concern, offering to perform a contract that has subcontracting possibilities, must submit a subcontracting plan that is acceptable to the Contracting Officer which provides subcontracting opportunities to small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, HUBZone small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, and woman-owned small businesses to the maximum extent practicable.  Interested firms must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM).  Firms can register via the Internet site at or by contacting the SAM Service Desk at  Interested firms are required to submit their representations and certifications through the SAM website.    Joint Ventures (JV) shall be allowed to participate only if the joint venture submits one (1) copy of the executed joint venture agreement and the joint venture holds all security requirements including Facility Security Clearance Level of Secret, under said JV firm (not individual firms). 
Estimated RFP Issuance:
The RFP is anticipated to be issued on/or about 20 January 2017, and proposals will be due 30 calendar days after RFP issuance.  NOTE:  The RFP and its other related documents will be issued to ONLY those CM Service offerors that hold a current active Facility Security Clearance at the Secret Level.
Estimated Performance Period:
The estimated performance period consists of a base of five (5) full years from the date of contract award, and five (5) additional one year options, to be exercised at the discretion of the GSA, for potential total contract duration of ten (10) full years from the contract award.
NAICS Code: 236220 (Size Standard is $36.5 million)  
Interested firms must submit a written "LETTER OF INTEREST" NO LATER THAN 3 January 2017 at 2:00 PM.  The "LETTER OF INTEREST" must by submitted VIA EMAIL to:, and cc: along with the required FACILITY SECURITY CLEARANCE LEVEL CERTIFICATION INFORMATION listed in items 1) through 5) below:
1) Requesting Offeror's Name, Address, DUNS # and Telephone #2) Assigned Cage Code3) Offeror's Facility Security Officer's (FSO) name, address, email and phone information4) Offeror's Cognizant Security Office name, address and phone information5) Certification of the Facility Security Clearance at Secret Level that the offeror holds and date clearance was received.
Due to Security Requirements, RFP packages SHALL only be distributed to firms that have submitted the Letter of Interest and required Facility Security Clearance Level Information by the stated date and time above and meets all stated security clearance requirements.  The Government shall verify all submitted Facility Security Clearance Information prior to the issuance of any RFP.  ONLY FIRMS THAT MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE THE RFP DOCUMENTS.
NOTE: Offerors will not be reimbursed for any submittal expenses.  

SLAC Request for Proposal for Design Build Construction for Renovation Building 7

Department of Energy, SLAC National Accelerator Lab | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory seeks a design-build general contractor to provide all materials and labor necessary for the design and construction of the ~ 100 square foot expansion of the existing B007 for the replacement of the existing water cooled air compressor in accordance with the requirements set forth in the performance specifications, drawings and contract documents for RFP 271039, B007 Renovation.

Design-Build Construction Project for a Systems Management Engineering Facility

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Published November 4, 2016
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be issuing a solicitation for a 2-step design-build contract for the design and construction of a Systems Engineering Management Facility (SMEF). The SMEF is a 2-story building consisting of approximately 40,000 gross square feet located on the Hanscom Air Force Base (HAFB), Bedford, MA. The NAICS code for this procurement is 236220. The estimated construction cost is expected to range from $15,000,000.00 to $20,000,000.00. 
The Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC), on behalf of HAFB, proposes to construct a new Systems Engineering Management Facility to replace an aging structure built in 1953-1955. The new facility will be located on base adjacent to existing building 1604 which was constructed as the first phase of this two phase project. Building 1604, which is complete, created a new 2-story 30,000 square foot office building. The second phase and focus of this notice, will add an additional 40,000 square feet adjacent to building 1604. Additionally, as part of the SMEF project, existing building 1600 will be demolished after the current occupants are moved to the new SMEF building.
The SMEF design and construction will utilize economical design and construction methods compatible with applicable DoD, Air Force, and base design standards. The project will include design and construction of the SMEF building, which is primarily office space, new access road, landscaping, site improvements, and necessary utilities and communication systems. The facility will be designed as permanent construction in accordance with DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 1-200-01, General Building Requirements and UFC 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements and the facility will be LEED Silver certified. The facility shall comply with DoD minimum Antiterrorism Standards for buildings per UFC 4-010-01.
This is not a request for proposals at this time. The solicitation requirements and contract documents to include instructions for submission and the response date will be available on or about December 1st, 2016. Neither telephonic, mailed nor faxed requests for hard copies of this solicitation will be accepted. The solicitation will only be available online; in order to download the solicitation, offerors must access the Federal Business Opportunities website ( All responsible sources may submit a proposal which shall be considered by the New England District. Additional questions may be emailed to the Contract Specialist at

Design and Construction project at the FDA Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Published November 15, 2016
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District is issuing the presolicitation notice for a Design and Construction project at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center (WEAC) in Winchester, Massachusetts.
The estimated construction cost is between $30,000,000.00 and $60,000,000.00.
The project scope of work includes the design and construction of a new Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center (WEAC) for the Food and Drug Administration, located in Winchester, MA. The new WEAC facility shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the 2015 International Building Code and the National Institute of Health (NIH) Design Requirements Manual for Biomedical Laboratories and Animal Research Facilities (DRM). The WEAC is a multi-disciplinary, full-service specialty laboratory with capabilities in the areas of medical device/radiation-emitting products testing, radionuclides research, and microbiology analyses. This facility is the FDA's only major laboratory installation to provide services in these specialty areas. The existing building was constructed in 1952 on 5.9 acres of land and provides approximately 43,000 SF of laboratory, office, and warehouse space. The existing facility no longer meets current program requirements or FDA's updated lab and office standards.
The new building shall provide approximately 75,000 Building Gross Square Feet (BGSF) to house the Engineering Branch; the Radionuclides Branch; and the Bioeffects Branch; support office areas, such as the Director's Office, WEAC headquarters, and shared support areas. Existing site electrical, water, sewer, gas, telecom, and storm drainage are available on or adjacent to the site and shall be provided from points of connection to the new building. The work is located immediately adjacent to and within the site of the occupied existing WEAC facility. Testing and analytical work will be ongoing in the existing facility during the construction of the new WEAC facility. Any impacts to on-going operations must be kept to a minimum and carefully coordinated in advance.
This is not a request for proposals at this time, the solicitation requirements and documents will include instructions for submission and the response date, will be available around December 2016. Neither telephonic, mailed nor faxed requests for hard copies of this solicitation will be accepted. The solicitation will only be available online; in order to download the solicitation offerors must access the Federal Business Opportunities website ( Additional questions may be emailed to the Contract Specialist at

Construction Contract(s) for Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Construction Repair and Alterations Project(s)

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS) | Published November 1, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016
The U.S. General Services Administration announces the solicitation for General Construction Contractor(s) (General Contractor or GC) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract(s) for repair and alteration projects throughout Indiana and Illinois (excluding Cook and Winnebago Counties). This acquisition will result in multiple contract awards divided into three (3) zones: Zone 1 - Illinois (excluding Cook and Winnebago Counties), Zone 2 - Northern Indiana (North of I-70, including Indianapolis) and Zone 3 - Southern Indiana (South of I-70, excluding Indianapolis). General Contractor's will be eligible to submit for more than one zone.
The purpose of these contract(s) is to establish terms and conditions upon which GC's can provide efficient and effective repairs and alterations work on Government owned and leased buildings. Contractor's, under task orders issued by the Contracting Officer and Designated Ordering Officials, will complete projects that include general carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, etc.
The duration of the base contract will be one year. The minimum guarantee for the base contract year only is $2,000. All contracts will include a clause for four (4) options, each of which could extend the contract for an additional year and may be exercised at the discretion of the Government. The maximum order limitation is $1,000,000 per contract for each one year period.
The North American Industrial Classification Code (NAICS) is 236220, Commercial and Institutional Building Construction, with a size standard of $36.5 million. This procurement is set aside for all small business concerns.
This is a negotiated procurement; there will not be a public bid opening. Award(s) will be made to responsible GC(s) whose proposals conforms to the solicitation requirements and could provide the best value to the Government, considering technical factors and line item prices. For this procurement, the technical factors, when combined, will be significantly more important than price. The technical factors will include: (1) Experience as a General Contractor on Repair and Alteration Projects; (2) Project Management Plan; (3) Staffing Plan and Qualifications of Key Personnel; and (4) Past Performance as a General Contractor on Repair and Alteration Projects. The Government reserves the right to make award on initial offers, but discussions may be held if necessary. The solicitation will be available on or about November 15, 2016.
Multiple pre-proposal conferences at various sites are anticipated to provide maximum opportunity for participation based on availability; notification to the Contracting Officer of proposed attendance will be required. The Government considers attendance at, at least one of these conferences vital to the preparation of a competitive proposal and to understanding the total result desired by the Government.
The solicitation cited above can only be obtained by accessing a secure website known as FedBizOpps (FBO). FedBizOpps is a secure website designed to safeguard sensitive but unclassified (SBU) acquisition information. FedBizOpps is fully integrated with other electronic Government initiatives, including the System for Award Management (SAM) ( database. Registration in both SAM and FedBizOpps websites is required in order to download solicitation documents and is used to validate vendor identity. Contractors not registering in these systems will be ineligible to download the solicitation and ineligible for an award.Potential offerors will be responsible for downloading the solicitation and monitoring the website for amendment(s), if any, to the solicitation. Offer due date and time for receipt of proposals will be on or about December 20, 2016. Please provide only the information requested; supplemental information will not be evaluated.Submission requirements will include three (3) hard copies and two (2) CD's (that include PDF copies of all of the required documents), along with one single-sided cover letter indicating the zoning preference. All offers are to be submitted to:
General Services AdministrationAttn: Katie Musselman, Contracting Officer8899 East 56th Street, Column 123BIndianapolis, IN 46249
Any questions regarding this notification should be directed to the Contracting Officer whose name appears herein.

Y--675-900 Build New Research Space (Minor - Construction)

Department of Veterans Affairs, Tampa VAMC | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017
The Orlando VA Medical Center, Orlando Florida has a requirement for Project 675-900 to  Build New Research Space (Minor - Construction)  per the drawings and specifications provided in the future solicitation.
THIS SOLICITATION IS A 100% TOTAL SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS SET ASIDE (SDVOSB).  PROPOSALS WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED FROM SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESSES THAT ARE VERIFIED IN VETBIZ AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL AND DATE OF AWARD in accordance with Public Law 109-461.  This acquisition will be conducted under FAR Part 15, Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) source selection process as a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP).  Award will be made on the basis of the lowest evaluated price of proposals meeting or exceeding the acceptability standards for non-cost factors.
The NAICS code is 236220/size standard is $36.5 million.  Magnitude of Construction Cost range is between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000.
Project Overview:
This project requires construction services to build a new research space at the Lake Nona facility.  The new research space will be a second floor addition of approximately 22,000 ft2 to Orlando VAMC SimLearn Facility, building number 13. Work includes general construction over existing occupied space; site preparation to include select demolition and removal of existing structure, parapets, roof, roof top mechanicals and walls; protection of existing structures; relocation and protection of existing utilities and landscaping; construction in occupied spaces below the new construction; protection and restoration of finishes and equipment in occupied spaces; excavation for new foundations; construction of new utility services; erection of steel superstructure over occupied space; vertical extension of existing elevator shafts and installation of elevators in existing shafts; new stairwells; general offices, conference rooms, Bio Safety Level (BSL) 2 and 3 Laboratories and support spaces; mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and other associated work as required by the specifications and drawings.  Work includes but it s not limited to:
Contractor shall be a Certified/licensed General Contractor.
100% Construction Drawings and specifications will be provided as part of this project.  No deviation from the VA-issued drawings and/or specifications will be allowed without prior approval by the CO/COR.
Contractor shall perform all work specified in the provided drawings and specifications.
All construction phasing shall be approved by the COR.
Solicitation VA248-17-R-0076 will be posted to the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website on or about 01/16/2017.  All solicitation packages and amendments must be accessed on line.  No Telephone requests will be accepted.  Complete electronic solicitation with forms and specifications for submitting a response and to register your name on the bidder s mailing list may be obtained at the following website:  All amendments issued to this solicitation will also be available at this website and will not be mailed.  Offerors are advised that they are responsible for obtaining amendments.   A ONE-TIME organized pre-proposal site visit will be held and the date and time will be announced in the solicitation when it is posted to FBO.  No prior information is available until the date of issue.  All respondents are required to be registered and verified at  and must be registered at with complete online Reps and Certs.  Vets 100 Registration is also required.

Construction Supervision or Compliance Activity of USAID/Armenia Funded Activities

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016
This requirement is for a Blanket Purchase Agreement for Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Services for various project locations within Republic of Armenia. A&E firms and individuals shall hold all necessary licenses of the Republic of Armenia to provide the required services. The services will be for undertaking the supervision or compliance review of USAID's Implementing Partner's and construction contractor's works, which will include the following: (i)	Design review and comments; Ensure that works are in compliance with the approved design and applicable laws, building codes and safety requirements;(ii)	Supervision or compliance  review of construction works for safety, quality, quantity (volume of works) and time control; The aim is to obtain the highest quality product, in the least time, and assure adherence to USAID approved environmental, safety and health procedures, controlling claims and moderating additional cost, and maintain a written record of the process and results;(iii)	Participate in and where necessary perform interim testing of systems and system components; (iv)	Participate in the final inspection and acceptance of works; (v)	Work closely with USAID respective staff for coordination of activities, provide regular technical feedback on progress, schedule joint monitoring site visits;(vi)	Compile and provide related documents and reports, etc. Specific deliverables and milestones will be provided by the COR for each Task Order issued under this BPA.Comment on the Contractor's Shop Drawings: The A&E Company will review the working designs and specifications to ensure that they comply with Armenian construction standards/codes and safety and environmental requirementsSupervision, Compliance Oversight of Construction Contractors Works: The A&E Company shall supervise or review the construction work for compliance with the overall agreed technical quality and compliance of performance, equipment and materials, and the quality of workmanship as well as the quantity (volume of works) and time control when tasked. This shall involve compliance with the design and specifications, quality of work and changes of the program when appropriate. Compliance control shall be carried out for supplies as well as for works. Particular attention has to be paid to the compliance with safety and environmental requirements. Recommendations shall be made to USAID/Armenia either recommending acceptance or denial of the contractor's requests for extensions, changes for the approved plans and schedules.Technical Inspections: The A&E Company shall check all the technical codes and standards for the installation and construction of all systems/equipment and their compliance with approved designs, applicable laws, building codes, safety and environmental requirements.Meetings: Site progress meetings with USAID/Armenia shall be scheduled on a monthly or semi-monthly basis as requested by USAID/Armenia for each specific order. More frequent meetings will be organized during times of peak activity, if necessary. In case inaccuracies are identified during inspection visits, corrective and remedial measures will be discussed and agreed upon during the formal progress monitoring meetings. The principal items to be addressed at the project progress meetings and following monthly reports shall include but not limited to the following:•	Adequacy of performed works with the initially approved design;•	Discussion of identified current/potential problems, finding solutions.
Testing and Commissioning: The A&E Company shall participate in the interim and final commissioning. The A&E Company shall certify final test results and witness the commissioning of the systems. Testing of all the equipment/systems installed by the construction contractor shall be carried out in accordance with the specifications. A&E Company engineers shall attend and witness final testing of equipment and systems.A.	Deliverables and Deliverables ScheduleFor each Task Order under this BPA the Contractor shall submit the following deliverables/reports or outputs to the COR:
• Construction Project Supervision or Compliance Reports: will be submitted to USAID/Armenia on a monthly basis regarding the progress of the project; quantity and quality as well as correspondence of the works performed by the construction contractor(s) with the design. Should any inconsistencies between the design and the works performed by the construction contractor, or any other problems be identified during the project monitoring, the contractor will provide unplanned reports to USAID/Armenia keeping them apprised of the problems.
• Phase Reports: will be provided to USAID/Armenia upon completion of certain tasks and installation and testing of systems according to the approved schedule of works.
• Project Completion Report: will be provided to USAID/Armenia upon completion and sign off of a specific project.
• BPA Completion Report: will be provided to USAID/Armenia upon completion and sign off of the BPA.The lead discipline shall be a registered Architect. The term of the contract will be 1,825 calendar days from the date of contract award, or until a $500,000 maximum contract limit is reached. The daily rates will be negotiated for each calendar year.The A&E fee for any single order may not exceed $150,000. The estimated start date is December 2016.
Qualifications will be reviewed by an A&E Evaluation Board to evaluate and determine the most highly qualified firms to perform the work prescribed in the Statement of Work for the BPA and the BPA's calls announced with BPA.   The evaluation of the offerors will be based on the information provided in the Standard Form 330.
A price proposal will be requested of the highest evaluated firm and discussions will be initiated with this firm with the intent of an award.
Evaluation of proposals will be done using numerical scoring by the criteria presented below.
A&E selection criteria will include (in order of importance):
(1) Professional qualification of the proposed staff and consultants. Proposals shall demonstrate knowledge and experience in applying sustainability concepts and principles to facilities and infrastructures through an integrated design approach, including: water and energy conservation, pollution prevention, the use of recovered and recycled materials, waste reduction, and construction waste management practices. List only the team members who will actually perform major tasks under this contract. Qualifications should address each individual's specific contribution to the efforts contemplated by the contract.
SCHEDULE A: 1) interior/exterior renovations/alterations; 2) energy efficiency/conservation designs, 3) repair and minor construction projects, 4) structural investigations and 5) seismic evaluations.
SCHEDULE B: 1) water and other utility improvements, 2) site improvements, 3) general landscape, surveying and irrigation projects, 4) life safety, 5) site surveys, 6) site investigations, 7) cost estimating, 8) economic analysis required to develop and define actual costs of construction projects,9) provide quality control and inspection/acceptance services.
The firm must have experience with coordination of design disciplines for phased construction, including occupied/unoccupied and fast track projects. Projects may also require the identification of asbestos and lead-based paint. Do not list more than a total of ten (10) projects in Section F of SF Form 330. Indicate which consultants for the proposed team, if any, participated in the preparation of design documentation for the projects listed. Sustainable Design: Demonstrated success in prescribing the use of recovered materials and achieving waste reduction and energy efficiency in facility design.
2) Past performance on contracts with government agencies and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work and compliance with performance schedules. Indicate effectiveness by listing budget/estimated construction cost, award amount, final design estimates, and construction change order rate for at least five recent projects. Briefly describe internal quality assurance and cost control procedures and indicate team members who are responsible for monitoring these processes and how you ensure the quality of work from subcontractors. List recent awards, commendations, and other performance evaluations (do not submit copies).
(3) Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time. Indicate the firm's present workload and the availability of the project team (including consultants) for the specified contract performance period and indicate specialized available and prior security clearances.
(4) Location in the general geographic area and knowledge of the locality of the projects.
Those firms which meet the requirements described in this announcement and wish to be considered must submit one copy of SF 330 for the firm and Section E of SF330 for each consultant listed in Section G, to the address stated above by 5:00 P.M. Local Time on the due date that is shown above. Submittals received after the date and time stated herein will not be considered. Indicate solicitation number in block 3 of PART I and block 1 of PART II, Contractor Establishment Code (CEC), and /or DUNS number in block 4 of PART II, email address in block 6c. For firm with multiple offices, complete the PART II for each specific branch office seeking work. Use Section H of the SF 330 to provide any additional information desired. Personal interviews may not be scheduled prior to selection of the most highly qualified firm. SF 330s shall not exceed 30 printed pages. Double sided are two pages. Organizational charts and photographs are excluded from the 30-page count. Exception: Photographs with text will be considered one page. All information must be included in the SF 330 (cover letter, other attachments and pages in excess of the 30 page limit will not be included in the evaluation process).
Firms not providing the requested information in the format directed in the synopsis will be negatively evaluated. Firms, their subsidiaries or affiliates that design or prepare specifications for a construction contract or procurement of supplies cannot provide the construction or supplies. This limitation also applies to subsidiaries and affiliates of the firm. Telegraphic and facsimile SF 330s will not be accepted. Site visits will not be arranged during the submittal period The Standard Industrial Code (SIC) is 8711 and the North American Industry Code Standard (NAICS) is 541330. The lead discipline shall be a registered Architect.
Proposals must be written in English. The Offeror should submit the proposal electronically internet e-mail attachments compatible with PDF, MS Word, Excel, in a MS Windows environment. The address for the recipient of electronic proposals is
Government Obligation - The US Government is not obligated to make an award or to pay for any costs incurred by the offeror in preparation of a proposal in response hereto.

Y--Construction of Structures and Facilities

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs | Published February 24, 2009  -  Deadline April 16, 2020
This procurement is for a multiple award construction contract(MACC) and is being advertised on an unrestricted basis inviting full and open competition. The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southwest Regional Office (SWRO), Albuquerque Acquisitions Office (AAO), intends to award multiple Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) construction contracts for Design/Build to the responsible proposers whose proposals, conforming to the Request for Proposal (RFP), will be most advantageous to the Government resulting in the best value, price and other factors considered.   The BIA, SWRO AAO intends to award multiple IDIQ design-build construction contracts for new building construction, repair, demolition, and renovation to include: schools, commercial and institutional buildings at various locations within the BIA area of responsibility throughout the United States.  Types of projects may include, but are not limited to: administration buildings, school buildings, auxiliary school buildings, fire stations, gymnasiums, law enforcement, detention centers, office buildings, and related building systems/parking/paving for a period of one basic year, and four one year option periods. Construction Contractors seeking consideration for award shall have demonstrated successful Design-Build  Project Delivery experience for construction projects as the Primary Design-Build Contractor for projects including but not limited to:  new school construction, alteration, renovation or repair and improvement including school related facilities such as dormitories offices, quarters, other miscellaneous support facilities, and utilities systems.  This is an IDIQ contract with no pre-established fixed contract prices. The actual amount of work to be performed and the time of such performance will be determined by the Contracting Officer or his properly authorized representative, who will issue written task orders to the contractor. Award of task orders will be on a firm fixed price basis. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes may include, but not limited to: 236220, 237990, 238990, 238390, 238330, 238320, 238220, 238160, 238220, 238210, 238110 and others  and the annual size standard is $33.5 million. The basic contract period will be for 12 months. Each contract contains four (4) 12-month options for a total maximum duration of 60 months. The only work authorized under this contract is work ordered by the government through issuance of a task order. The government makes no representation as to the number of task orders or actual amount of work to be ordered; however, during the term of the contract, a minimum of $2,500.00 is guaranteed to be ordered from each awardee, under the performance period of the contract. Contractors are not guaranteed work in excess of the minimum guarantee.   Source Selection procedures will be used, and award may be made to the offeror whose proposal is the most advantageous and offers the best value to the government, price and other factors considered.If you would like to receive the solicitation, please email your request to the, or fax your request to 505-563-3034.  The solicitation will be available on or about March 13, 2009.

Renovate / Construction for New AFRL Offices in Building F/20254 at WPAFB, OH

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Published December 6, 2016  -  Deadline January 24, 2017
DESCRIPTION: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Louisville District intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) W912QR-17-R-0009 for the Renovate/Construction for New AFRL Offices, F/20254 Project.
The total project encompasses 46,600 square feet. The project will consist of the construction of approximately 9,500 square feet of new administrative space over two new elevated floors to be constructed within the footprint of the existing East high bay laboratories (Minor Construction), and the renovation of 37,100 square feet in the two floors of the north wing of the building, and the first floor and basement of the East Bay (Repair). The scope of the construction includes open office administrative space, conference rooms, and private offices designed and constructed in accordance with ICD 705 including perimeter security/alarm notification systems, security control systems and floor to ceiling sound rated interior walls. In addition the 1,725 square foot existing basement under the East Bay addition will be renovated into a storage room (included in Repair). All ceilings except for the anechoic chamber will be removed and replaced as a part of this work. The control room for the anechoic chamber shall be expanded and modernized to enhanced test control operations for the chamber.
The HVAC system within Building 254 is currently at the end of its useful life and a number of AHU's will be replaced along with replacement of the DX and air cooled chillers. There will be a conversion from steam to hot water heat exchangers and boilers to eliminate steam usage for the building. The HVAC system in the newer West Addition, constructed in 2007, will remain.
The Government will procure all Furniture (FF&E) through the AFICA contract and install all FF&E in a separate contract.
The project contains an option: Option 1) Additional minor construction on the new 3rd floor in the East Bay.
The Contract Duration is five hundred forty (540) calendar days from Notice to Proceed.
TYPE OF CONTRACT AND NAICS: This RFP will be for one (1) Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) contract. The North American Industrial Classification System Code (NAICS) for this effort is 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction. The Size Determination is $36.5 Million.
TYPE OF SET-ASIDE: This acquisition will be a Full and Open (Unrestricted) procurement.
SELECTION PROCESS: This is a single phase procurement. The proposals will be evaluated using a Best Value Trade Off source selection process. Potential offerors are invited to submit their performance, technical, and capability information; as will be described in the Section 00112 of the Solicitation, for review and consideration by the Government. The proposal for this procurement, at a minimum, will consist of the following: Prime Contractor Past Performance, Technical, and Price. Pro Forma Information such as bonding and financial capability will also be required to meet the minimum requirements of the solicitation.DISCUSSIONS: The Government intends to award without discussions, but reserves the right to conduct discussion should it be deemed in the Government's best interest.
CONSTRUCTION MAGNITUDE: The magnitude of this construction project is anticipated to be between $10,000,000 and $25,000,000, in accordance with DFARS 236.204.
ANTICIPATED SOLICITATION RELEASE DATE: The Government anticipates releasing the solicitation on or about 21 December 2016. Details regarding the Optional Site Visit will be included in the solicitation. Actual dates and times will be identified in the solicitation. Additional details can be found in the solicitation when it is posted to Responses to this synopsis are not required.
SOLICITATION WEBSITE: The official solicitation, when posted, will be available free of charge by electronic posting only and may be found at the Federal Business Opportunities website, Paper copies of the solicitation will not be issued. Telephone and Fax requests for this solicitation will not be honored. Project files are Portable Document Format (PDF) files and can be viewed, navigated, or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download the solicitation for this project, contractors are required to register at the Federal Business Opportunities website at Amendments, if/when issued, will be posted to the above referenced website for electronic downloading. This will be the only method of distributing amendments prior to closing; therefore, it is the Offerors responsibility to check the website periodically for any amendments to the solicitation.
Offerors shall have and shall maintain an active registration in the following database:
System for Award Management (SAM): Offerors shall have and shall maintain an active registration in the SAM database at to be eligible for a Government contract award. If the Offeror is a Joint Venture (JV), the JV entity shall have valid SAM registration in the SAM database representing the JV as one business/firm/entity. If at the time of award an Offeror is not actively and successfully registered in the SAM database, the Government reserves the right to award to the next prospective Offeror.
POINT-OF-CONTACT: The point-of-contact for this procurement is Contract Specialist, Michael Hutchens, at

Construction / Replacement Works in Playground Area at Mitsui Housing Compound, U.S Embassy Tokyo, Japan

Department of State, Office of Acquisitions | Published November 21, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016
The American Consulate General, Frankfurt provides the following Pre-Solicitation Notice regarding the issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for:
The Regional Procurement Support Office in Frankfurt, Germany, intends to issue a Firm Fixed-Price Construction Type Contract during the second quarter of fiscal year 2017.
The successful contractor shall provide complete construction services, contract coordination, and supervision, including but not limited to the management and construction necessary to meet the requirements of this contract within the established timeframe.
The successful contractor shall perform all repair work and construction services including furnishing all labor, material, and equipment, and services required to complete the playground area at Mitsui compound located in 2-1-1 Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan.
Pursuant to Subpart 36.204 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the estimated magnitude for the entire project is between $250,000.00 and $500,000.00 U.S. Dollars (Note: the prescribed FAR range determinations provide relatively wide ranges only, in order to give potential offerors a very general orientation as to the magnitude of the work. However, the specified range is not meant to give any indication as to the Independent Government Cost Estimate for this project, which could be at the lower or the upper end of the range indicated).
Qualified companies interested in the solicitation shall express their interest by written correspondence to the attention of Ms. Joanna Catsamaki at , no later than December 19, 2016 using the solicitation number SGE500-17-R-0018 in the subject line. DO NOT TELEPHONE. All requests for a copy of the solicitation MUST include the following information: Name of Firm, DUNS number, Name, Telephone and Email Address of Point of Contact and Complete Physical and Mailing Address of Firm. The solicitation package/documents shall not be placed on FedBizOpps as the document contains SBU information. Only companies submitting a letter of interest shall receive a copy of the solicitation package/documents when available.
The solicitation package will only be available in the English language. All requirements for translations will be at the expense of the Contractor. Additionally, you are required to complete and include in your expression of interest the below check list. All requests for the solicitation document that are submitted without the check list, or with an incomplete check list, will be rejected.
Firms shall be knowledgeable in written and spoken English and possess all appropriate permits and licenses to perform construction work in Japan.
A pre-proposal conference and site visit shall be tentatively scheduled for January / February, details of which will be provided to interested offerors.

SDVOSB MATOC IDIQ for Electrical Construction and Repair Tasks in the Interior/Exterior Electrical Discipline

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Published November 2, 2016
Number: W912DW-16-R-0008
TITLE: United States Corp of Engineers (USACE) Seattle District office located at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for Electrical Construction and Repair Tasks in the Interior/Exterior Electrical Discipline at JBLM and Sub-Installations (Yakima Training Center, Spokane and other locations in Washington, Idaho and Montana) as required. LOCATION: Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Sub-Installations, WA
ISSUE DATE: On or about 30 November 2016
RESPONSE DATE: On or about 31 December 2016
PRICE RANGE: NTE $45,000,000 (Base Year plus four (4) One-Year Option Periods)
CLASS CODE: Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
NAICS CODE: 237130 Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
SET-ASIDE: 100% Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside
PRIMARY CONTRACTING POC: Ms. Kate Schollard, Contract Specialist, (
ALTERNATE POC: Ms. Elke Neal, Contracting Officer (
NOTE: If you have any questions concerning this procurement you are encouraged to email the point(s) of contact listed, please use W912DW-16-R-0008 MATOC-USACE-JBLM in the subject line of your email.
1. The Special Projects Branch of the Seattle District contracting division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (hereinafter Seattle District or Special Projects Branch) plans to solicit offers for the award of a MATOC for Electrical Construction Work in Support of Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), Washington and Its Sub-installations. The solicitation will be issued as 100% set-aside for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business concerns only. Up to five IDIQ contracts may be awarded under this solicitation. Those contractors that successfully receive an award under this MATOC solicitation will share a total contract capacity of $45,000,000 over the life of the contract. The contract will reflect a base year and four subsequent option years. Task orders will be firm-fixed price with an anticipated range of $2,000 to $5,000,000. The majority of task orders will normally be less than $3,000,000.
2. The primary North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code for this procurement is 237130, Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction, with a small business size standard of $36.5 Million.
3. The contractor will be required to provide all plant, labor, tools, equipment and materials (except as indicated otherwise in the specifications) and perform all work in strict accordance with the plans and specifications for individual Task Orders (TOs). The IDIQ covers a broad range of electrical repair, maintenance, and minor construction work on real property assets of the electrical distribution system at Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA and its sub-installations. During the contract period, the Government will identify specific jobs and issue individual TOs to the Contractor for completion. The Contractor shall maintain a local management office to receive Requests for Proposal (RFPs), signed TOs, and Notices to Proceed (NTP); to receive and initiate contract correspondence and to provide other engineering and construction management services related to accomplishing individual TOs. The TOs will vary in size, with the majority expected to be medium to large in size. The Task Orders may include construction and repair tasks in the interior/exterior electrical discipline. Interior work may include replacement, installation and relocation of circuits, panel boards, meter bases, main distribution panels, lighting and electrical equipment. Exterior work may include replacement, installation and relocation of underground and overhead distribution feeders and laterals (13.kV), transformers, disconnects, cutouts, lighting (including airfield lighting systems and components), poles and appurtenances, raceways, and electrical distribution substation components. Associated incidental carpentry, excavation, concrete & paving work, site restoration (e.g. landscaping, hydro-sampling, etc.), painting, fencing, demolition, low voltage electrical (i.e. less than 50VAC, including fire alarm, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and communications), ACM and LBP testing & abatement, and environmental clean-up may be required with the interior/exterior task orders. The work will be comprised of approximately 90% construction & repair and 10% service over the duration of the MATOC. The intent of this MATOC is to provide means for the Government to solicit and award electrical services projects with as little lead time as possible. The successful contractor shall attend required site visit with as little as 24 hour notice and may be expected to turn around a request for proposal in less than 7 days.
4. The solicitation for this MATOC will be issued on or about 30 November 2016, Contractors who submit a response to the solicitation will be required to propose pricing for a Seed Project entitled, "Replace Lights at Various Buildings at JBLM, WA, 98430" The magnitude of construction for this seed project is between $250,000 and $500,000.
5. DISCLAIMER: All contractors proposing on Department of Defense solicitations must be registered in the System of Award Management (SAM) database prior to award of the contract. The purpose of this database is to provide basic business information and capabilities to the Government. The SAM website can be accessed at ( You are encouraged to register as soon as possible. All new contracts can ONLY be made to contractors who are registered in SAM. This requirement applies to all Department of Defense contract awards, regardless of the media used. The solicitation documents for this MATOC requirement will be issued in electronic format only and will be made available online via the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website under solicitation number W912DW-16-R-0008. The official plans and specification will be located on the official government web page. A Pre-proposal conference and site visit will be scheduled and posted in the formal solicitation. Interested contractors are encouraged to attend. Details for registering for the pre-proposal conference will be available in the solicitation under Section 00 21 00, Instructions, Conditions, and Notices to Offerors. Arrive early enough for clearance to the facility for any and all site visits. The Government is not liable for information furnished by any other source. Amendments, if/when issued will be posted to FBO for electronic downloading. This will be the only method of distributing amendments prior to the solicitation closing date; therefore, it is the offerors responsibility to include amendments to the solicitation as part of their proposal. Websites are occasionally inaccessible due to various reasons. The Government is not responsible for any loss of Internet connectivity or for an offerors inability to access the documents posted on the referenced web pages. The Government will issue no paper copies. It is encouraged to add the solicitation to your "Watchlist."

Design-Build-Bridging Construction Services for the Modernization of the U.S. National Poultry Research Center (USNPRC), SEPRL Campus in Athens, GA

Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service | Published December 6, 2016
The USDA, Agricultural Research Service, intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the replacement of the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (SEPRL) at the U.S. National Poultry Research Center in Athens, GA. This SEPRL Modernization Project will be implemented by the Design-Build project delivery method and will involve the design and construction of an entirely new research campus. The USDA has developed a set of Bridging Documents (plans and specifications) showing and describing the project's essential elements.
BACKGROUND: The SEPRL staff currently conducts research activities in more than thirty buildings with a combined floor area of approximately of 80,000 Gross Square Feet (GSF) on a thirty-two acre site. The offices, laboratories, conference and animal facilities are outdated, poorly equipped and overcrowded. Since the construction of the campus in the 1960s, the scope and objectives of SEPRL's research mission have changed, resulting in the facilities' inability to properly support the research necessary to lead the nation and the world in the control of devastating poultry and zoonotic diseases such as avian influenza. REQUIREMENT: The selected Design Build Contractor (DBC) will be required to provide all of the necessary professional architectural and engineering services. The scope of this contract will require the DBC to demolish 29 buildings occupying approximately 69,000 GSF, to construct four new main buildings occupying approximately 255,000 GSF, some smaller support buildings, and to completely replace all of the existing utility systems.
The four new main buildings will consist of: 1) Building (B)45, a two story, laboratory, office, and administration building occupying about 67,000 GSF; 2) B46, an Animal Biosafety Level- 2 (ABSL-2) poultry holding facility with a main floor, penthouse and basement, with a floor area of about 87,000 GSF; 3) B47, consisting of: a) Biosafety Level-3 Enhanced (BSL-3E) laboratories, b) Animal Biosafety Level-3 Enhanced (ABSL-3E) poultry holding facilities; and c) Biosafety Level-3 Agriculture (BSL-3AG) animal holding facilities, housed on a main floor, a two level penthouse, a basement and a mezzanine, with a combined area of approximately 89,000 GSF; and 4) B49, a hatchery and brooding facility with a main floor and basement covering about 12,000 GSF.
BASE: Base Item - All project design and construction work is contained in the Base Item, except for the Optional Items described below.
OPTIONS:OPTION 001 - Provide and install in B46 a new tissue renderer and all of its associated utilities as shown in the Bridging Documents (BD) plans and specifications.
OPTION 002 - Provide all labor, material and equipment to upgrade the HEPA filter boxes in B47 with an automatic scan testing feature. This option shall also include providing two automatic scanning systems complete with all necessary equipment needed to perform the automatic scan.
OPTION 003 - Provide all labor, material and equipment to construct a pre-engineered building (B50) as detailed on the BDs. The DBC may use this building for storage during the construction duration and prior to the Government's taking ownership of the building. The warranty period for this building will not start until Government takes ownership of the building.
GENERAL:The contract performance time is approximately 2008 calendar days (Base and all Optional Items) after the issuance of the Notice to Proceed. Total Design-Build cost is estimated to be more than $100 million.
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are 236220 (Construction), 541310 (Architect) and 541330 (Engineering), with a size standard of $33.5 million for construction and $4.5 million for architectural and engineering services.
This project will be initiated by a two-phase design-build solicitation. This procurement is being issued on an unrestricted basis using full and open competition utilizing the negotiated method by issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP).
The solicitation criteria relies upon industry standards, where allowable, to afford the offeror a degree of design flexibility while meeting certain specific project requirements. The successful DBC must design and construct complete and useable facilities, as described in the RFP documents.
One solicitation will be issued covering both phases. Phase One is the pre-selection phase. This phase does NOT include the submission of a price proposal.
Evaluation factors under Phase One may consist of the following: Bonding, Project Management, Special Experience & Technical Capacity and Past Performance.
Proposals will be evaluated in Phase One to determine which offerors are eligible to submit proposals for Phase Two, and an amendment to the RFP will be issued to those selected offerors (maximum of four). The detailed project performance requirements for this project will be included in the amended RFP package for Phase Two.
The Evaluation Factors for Phase Two will consist of the following: Technical Solutions, Oral Presentations, the Design-Build Team, and Small Business Utilization.
Sub-contracting plans are required for all construction contracts awarded to a large business when the award amount exceeds $1,500,000. If the offeror is a large business, the firm will be required to submit a sub-contracting plan as part of its proposal package during Phase Two of the solicitation.
The contract will be awarded, based on the Best Value "Trade-off" process, to the firm whose proposal, in the judgment of the Contracting Officer, provides the best combination of design features and cost or price reasonableness. In making this determination, all evaluation factors other than cost or price, when combined, are approximately equal to cost or price. The Government reserves the right to make the contract award to other than the lowest price offeror, price and other factors considered.
Bid Bonds are required. Performance and Payment Bonds will be required by the successful offeror. It is anticipated that the solicitation documents will be available for viewing and downloading on FedBizOpps ( on or about December 22, 2016.
Plans and specifications will NOT be provided in hard paper copy. The solicitation and all amendments for the RFP will be posted on
Proposals are due on or about January 23, 2017, at the George Washington Carver Center (GWCC), ATTN; Michael Wigfall, 5601 Sunnyside Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705-5124. Due to the heightened security at Government buildings, offerors are encouraged to send their proposals via overnight mail.
If proposals are sent via regular mail, please allow an additional five (5) days for mail scanning. Couriers will not be allowed to drop proposals off at the security desk; they must take them to the mail room located at the back of the building and therefore must do so in enough time to meet the date and time for receipt of proposals. All responsible sources may submit a proposal which will be considered.
Offerors will have the maximum timeframe expressed in calendar days below to develop proposals in response to Phase 1 and Phase 2. In Phase I, the Government will evaluate Performance Capability proposals to "Shortlist" a maximum of four (4) of the most highly qualified Offerors. ONLY those firms selected in Phase I will be allowed to participate in Phase II.
a. PHASE 1 - 30 Calendar Days
b. PHASE 2 - 30 Calendar Days
It is the responsibility of the contractor to check frequently for any amendments or changes to the solicitation. The Government is not responsible for any loss of internet connectivity or for an offeror's inability to access the documents posted at the referenced website. No copies on electronic storage (USBs, DVDs, CDs, etc...) or hard copies will be made available.
If an offeror would like to be listed so that others can see that the offeror is an interested vendor, the offeror must click the "Add Me to Interested Vendors" button in the listing for this solicitation on
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