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Solar Developments for UK Public and Private Sector.

Public Power Solutions Ltd | Published March 24, 2015  -  Deadline March 18, 2019
Creation of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) arrangement to allow all public bodies to call off contracts for the development,design, funding, construction and operation of Solar Facilities from 500kW to 50MW+ on individual or multiple sites including aggregated projects for the generation of electricity throughout the UK.

Laira Depot Works Upgrade

First Greater Western Limited | Published November 9, 2016

The Works comprises modifications of the following plant:

1. Fuel line;

2. Fume extraction system;

3. CET modifications.

GWR has not yet decided whether to package all the required works into a single contract (Lot 1) or split the works into separate lots (Lots 2, 3 or 4).

GWR are inviting ‘Expressions of Interest’ only at this stage for the 1 or more of the following Lots:

Lot 1 — A single design and construction contract comprising modifications to fuel line, fume extraction system and CET modifications.

Lot 2 — A contract for the design and installation of Fuel line modifications.

Lot 3 — A contract for the design and construction of Fuel Extraction system modifications.

Lot 4 — Lot 4 — A contract for the design and construction of CET system modifications.

Note: No other documents are to be provided at this stage. ‘Expressions of Interest’ against one or more of the above Lots are requested by email to clearly indicating which of the Lots above an applicant is applying for.

Solar developments for Public & Private Sector

Public Power Solutions | Published March 17, 2015  -  Deadline March 18, 2019
Please ensure once you have received your username and password and registered your interest, you complete the on-line questionnaires (within the "My Opportunities" area) 
You must complete and submit your application before the current round ends or all data will be lost.
You also have the option to export and save your data.

Expressions of interest sought from organisations meeting the requirements for Solar developments including roof top, ground/water base and car park canopies across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Specific Lots: Lot 1 EPC, provision of individual project finance; Lot 2: Construction Finance /Off -Take/Development; Lot 3: ICP, design & construction plant infrastructure & grid connection; Lot 4: PPA Providers, understanding of DECC requirements for FIT-CfD; Lot 5: Legal Services/EU Law/compliance, contracts management; Lot 6: Project Managers, On site H&S, management reporting, site security; Lot 7: Planning Consultancy Services; Lot 8: O&M ongoing management of operational solar park throughout its lifespan; Lot 9: Trust Fund Managers, allocation & management of funds for community projects; Lot 10: Registered Electricity Suppliers wishing to engage in local community schemes and any current or proposed community energy offer.

Organisations can express interest in multiple lots providing they are all part of their core business offering.


Railway signalling works

Network Rail Infrastructure Limited | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

The Cornwall Capacity Enhancement Scheme (Phases 1 and 2) incorporates the upgrade and re-control of signalling from local control points at Plymouth Panel plus nine mechanical signal boxes throughout Cornwall and increases the capacity of service between Penzance and Plymouth.

The scope of this Project is specifically for Phase 1 covering the ‘West’ section only comprising Guide to Rail Investment Projects (GRIP) stages 4b-8 covering the design, construction, delivery and commissioning of:

— additional capacity of service between Par signal box and Penzance;

— circa 12 new intermediate block signals;

— 6 Miniature Stop Lights Crossings (MSLs) & 1 Manually Controlled Barrier with Obstacle Detection (MCB-OD); and

— associated signalling works.

CCES Scheme Overview:

The principal driver for the CCES scheme (of which the works which are the subject of this Notice form a part) is to provide Cornwall County Council with a half-hourly local service from Plymouth to Penzance.

The scheme will be delivered in two phases — Phase 1 and Phase 2.

— Phase 1 is to provide Cornwall County Council with a half hourly local service between Plymouth and Penzance by December 2018.

— Phase 2 is to renew life expired signalling assets and in addition realise operating cost savings with the closure of ten signal box locations.

Phase 1 will be divided into two Sections namely East and West with the dividing line at Par Signal Box.

Project Description:

This Project, and therefore the scope of this Notice, is for the West Section — Phase 1 CCES Contract GRIP 4b — 8 Design, Construct and Commission ONLY — from Par Signal Box to Penzance, which supports the introduction of the new timetable in December 2018.

The overall scope of the Cornwall Capacity Enabling Scheme Phase 1 (West) covers the line of route currently controlled by Truro Signal Box: Par Signal Box to Penzance, within the mileage limits described below.

Engineering Line References & Mileages:

MLN3 300mi 57ch to 305mi 65ch

MLN4 305mi 67ch to 320mi 67ch

Maintenance Units:

Par Maintenance S & T / PWAY Depot

Further details on the technical scope and specific contract requirements are set out in the procurement documents provided.

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