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Construction work

Soha Housing Ltd | Published June 20, 2015  -  Deadline July 5, 2015
45000000, 50000000, 50700000, 50711000, 45420000, 45410000, 45261900, 45342000, 45432200, 45262660, 45262500

Construction work

Design, Construction and Commissioning of an ILW store at Harwell (1).

Magnox Limited | Published November 19, 2015
Trant Engineering Ltd769274
45000000, 32235000, 42414200, 71220000, 71320000, 71321000, 90521200

Design and construction of an Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) store on the Harwell site. It is envisaged the work covered by this contract will also include heating and ventilation, lifting and handling equipment, shielding, shield door, and CCTV equipment.

Synchrotron Extension Buiding: The POD (DLSPIN0381).

Diamond Light Source Ltd | Published November 8, 2014

Construction of a 2 storey extension to the existing Synchrotron Building. The building will contain specialist physical and life science laboratories/workshops on the ground floor and general offices/facilities on the first floor. The scope of works includes construction of the external building, related external works, alterations to existing internal laboratories and connection to the existing building/facilities.

Quantity Surveying Services for the construction of new offices and laboratories at Westcott Venture Park

SATELLITE APPLICATIONS CATAPULT LIMITED | Published March 20, 2018  -  Deadline April 4, 2018

The Satellite Applications Catapult was recently awarded £1.5m in funding to construct a new innovation centre at Westcott Venture Park (between Bicester and Aylesbury), this is inclusive of professional fees. The intention is to build a circa 800m2 two-storey office and laboratory building using modular/off-site techniques to reduce cost, risk and project timelines. The catapult is seeking suitably qualified/experienced Quantity Surveying firms to provider their services to this project.

Decommissioning of the Dragon Reactor Core.

Research Sites Restoration Ltd (RSRL) | Published November 1, 2014

Research Sites Restoration Limited (RSRL) is decommissioning the Dragon Reactor as part of its overall programme for the clean-up and restoration of the Winfrith Site. The helium-cooled Dragon reactor project was operated as a fuel testing and demonstration reactor until 1975. Since then the reactor has been defueled and decommissioned such that only the reactor core remains to be removed from the building. RSRL is reviewing the method to be adopted and is considering a range of options. The options range from construction of a head cell and use of a telescoping arm to allow the core to be removed, size reduced and packaged into boxes, to removal and transportation of the core as a single shielded unit. RSRL is open to new ideas to complete the work and is particularly interested in any innovative methods or technologies which may be appropriate for use in decommissioning the reactor core. The outline programme is for the reactor to be decommissioned by 2020. RSRL aims to finalise its strategy for the project during 2014, and issue Invitations to Tender for support required from the supply chain from spring 2015.

STFC Five Axis Milling Machine

UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED | Published December 6, 2017  -  Deadline December 20, 2017

Supply, delivery and training of a Positional 5 axis universal mill. The Science and Technology Facilities Council's (STFC) Technology Department provide planned manufacture of highly specialist items for STFC Science facilities. Manufacturing facilities support all mechanical manufacturing requirements to support the scientific projects on campus and for global science partners. The requirement for this procurement comes from an identified need to develop the service levels currently available, in order to improve upon the support provided to the project customers and partners on site and in the wider science community. The machine will be delivered, located, levelled and commissioned by the supplier. The supplier will provide onsite training within their submission. The machine must be delivered on site at STFC no later than the 30th March 2018. Please refer to the attached Invitation to Quote document for the full specification. About UK Shared Business Services Putting the business into shared services UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS) brings a commercial attitude to the public sector; helping our customers improve efficiency, generate savings and modernise. It is our vision to become the leading provider for our customers of shared business services in the UK public sector, continuously reducing cost and improving quality of business services for Government and the public sector. Our broad range of expert services is shared by our customers. This allows our customers the freedom to focus resources on core activities; innovating and transforming their own organisations. Core services include Procurement, Finance, Grants Admissions, Human Resources, Payroll, ISS, and Property Asset Management all underpinned by our Service Delivery and Contact Centre teams. UK SBS is a people rather than task focused business. It's what makes us different to the traditional transactional shared services centre. What is more, being a not-for-profit organisation owned by its customers, UK SBS' goals are aligned with the public sector and delivering best value for the UK taxpayer. UK Shared Business Services Ltd changed its name from RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd in March 2013. Our Customers Growing from a foundation of supporting the Research Councils, 2012/13 saw Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) transition their procurement to UK SBS and Crown Commercial Services (CCS - previously Government Procurement Service) agree a Memorandum of Understanding with UK SBS to deliver two major procurement categories (construction and research) across Government. UK SBS currently manages £700m expenditure for its Customers. From the 2nd April 2014 the Government is introducing its new Government Security Classifications (GSC) classification scheme to replace the current Government Protective Marking Scheme (GPMS).
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