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Severn Trent Water Limited | Published January 26, 2017
45000000, 71000000, 45100000, 71800000, 43100000, 45200000, 44100000, 43200000, 44000000, 71300000, 43300000, 43000000

Severn Trent Water Limited (STW) is considering its strategy for above and below ground capital works, services and goods for future regulatory periods including AMP7 from large capital projects to smaller scale repair and maintenance. The programme value is expected to be up to £4 billion depending on the size of the regulatory cycles included, with individual projects typically ranging from 10 000 GBP to 50 000 000 GBP. Individual Projects may be grouped together by work type, geography etc. and awarded collectively.

STW is interested in exploring a number of different delivery models ranging from turnkey solutions to sourcing strategy for materials, plant, equipment and labour.

STW is interested to hear from any parties who operate in these markets such as: Design and construction or construction; Material supply e.g. supply only and supply and installation of plant; Labour supply; Construction equipment supply and/or operation.

Call(s) for Competition will be issued later.

See II.1.4.

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