Public tenders for tunnel in Bucuresti Romania

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Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis

Compania Nationala de Autostrazi si Drumuri Nationale SA | Published April 23, 2015
Tecnic Consulting Engineering Romania SRL
71241000, 71322500

The object is the service contract: 1. feasibility study for Meses Tunnel in accordance with GD. 28/2008 as amended and supplemented, in accordance with the requirements of the specification and in accordance with the law; 2. Preparation of tender documentation for works contracts related to the project for Tunnel Meses, such as providing assistance to beneficiaries during the public procurement procedure (clarifications requested by potential bidders, participation in evaluation committees as experts co-opted in accordance with Article 73 of GD 925/2006 as amended and supplemented). The estimated value of the contract of 1,821,578 RON without VAT, include the amount of VAT 165 598 RON representing sundries and contingencies in 10% of the value of services.

Cleaning services

Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale, Administratiei Publice si Fondurilor Europene | Published May 23, 2017  -  Deadline June 23, 2017

The estimated maximum amount of surfaces, personnel and the value of consumables for cleaning services that will be provided for the duration of the framework agreement is 14 366,31 m² / month (for a total of 6 premises), for which the Allocate 28 people, and a maximum value of the consumable materials of 858 336 RON without VAT.

The estimated quantity covered by the largest subsequent contract is 14 366,31 m², for which 28 people will be allocated and a value of 214 584 RON excluding VAT for consumables.

We estimate that the maximum estimated area for which the cleaning service is required is 14 366,31 m² / month

And the surface of the whole tunnel is 688,142.88 m² resulting in the multiplication of the area of ​​14,366.31 by 48 months.

Railway construction works

Compania Nationala de Cai Ferate „CFR” – SA | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017
45234100, 45213321, 45221000, 45234115, 45315300

Rehabilitation of the railway Brasov-Simeria component of Corridor Rhine - Danube to flow with maximum speed of 160 km / h, section Brasov - Sighisoara, subsections: 1. 3. catalytic Sighisoara and Brasov -Apata;

The main objective of the rehabilitation is the circulation of passengers trains with a top speed of 160 km / h and freight trains with a top speed of 120 km / h.

Section Brasov - Sighisoara is divided into three subsections, of which only subsections 1 and 3 are subject to this auction:

Subsection 1. Cap X Brasov - Apata Capy (km 170 + 285 000 - km 208 + 088.954);

Subsection 2. Apata CapY- Cap X Cata (km 208 + 088.954 - 157.940 km 236 +);

Subsection 3. Cap X Cata - Sighisoara Cap Y (km 236 + 157 940 - km 282 + 842).

The two subsections auctioned presently is sectioning 11 points, all centralized electrodynamics (CED) 4 stations cf 7 halts movement 8 and halts trading halts. There are 2 main railway junctions on the route and a double tunnel of 660 m length.

Project rehabilitated subsections Brasov Apata and Cata - Sighisoara focused on the following categories of works: earthworks railroads, consolidations, superstructure, bridges and viaducts, culverts, tunnels, overpasses, roads, environmental protection, line installation protection, energoalimentare telecommunications, fiber optics, information system for travelers, signaling communications, video surveillance, architecture, structure, electrical, plumbing, Thermoventilators, bank protection, signaling, railway traffic.

The project includes technical specifications, technical memoranda, drawings, bills of quantities and will be published in SEAP so that all potential bidders have access to information needed to design supply.

During the execution of works is 48 months plus 60 months notice period of defections.

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