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Maintenance work plumbing systems

Oslo kommune, Eiendoms- og byfornyelsesetaten | Published July 12, 2014  -  Deadline September 2, 2014
45259000, 45259300

Existing heating in Maridalsvei 3 has backlog of maintenance in several areas. There is a need for mounting the heat exchanger between the primary and secondary side, re-insulation of pipes and a general upgrading of the current BMS.

Upgrade Lunde Purifiers - Construction work

Asplan Viak AS | Published May 31, 2013  -  Deadline June 28, 2013

Nome to upgrade the existing treatment plant at Lunde. This procurement is for construction work and plumbing systems. CPV: 45210000.

Violence forest nursery

Rygge kommune | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017

The project includes the rehabilitation of violence forest nursery. The measures we essentially be upgrading the surfaces, electrical and plumbing systems.

Lunde RA - Rehabilitation, reconstruction and extension

Nome kommune | Published October 11, 2014  -  Deadline November 13, 2014
45000000, 45200000, 45210000

The provision applies to construction work and plumbing systems for rehabilitation of existing plants. The work includes the renovation and remodeling of existing premises at approximately 480 m2 and extension of approximately 120 m2.

Tau school Superparken Entreprise 40-50 electro

Tilleggsinformasjon finnes på | Published March 26, 2018

Electricity and telecommunications systems include: - Low voltage installations - Lens systems - Telecommunications and data installations - Fire alarms and televisions - Security systems - Enabling and installation in automation and plumbing systems - Commissioning of the plant and tasting - FDV

Berger museum, Fossekleiva Culture

Sivilingeniør Stener Sørensen AS | Published September 19, 2013  -  Deadline October 11, 2013
45212313, 45331000, 45315100

There shall be established new museum space in existing buildings. Some of the common areas be upgraded significantly with heat and power. New technical rooms shall be established for the electrical and plumbing contracts for Individual - Construction work, new technical rooms, rehabilitation - plumbing systems, heating and ventilation - Electrical work CPV: 45212313, 45331000, 45315100.
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