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Repair and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical building installations

Milano Serravalle — Milano Tangenziali SpA | Published May 17, 2017  -  Deadline June 27, 2017

Maintenance services of electrical, lighting, air conditioning and plumbing systems on the entire motorway network under concession.

ROME PALAZZO AM - Notice of the outcome of the procedure for direct assignment S024 - Design assignment of the heating and plumbing systems, fire-prevention measures and urban / cadastral requirements

2° Reparto Genio A.M. - AMMINISTRATIVO | Published June 12, 2018  -  Deadline July 12, 2018

Maintenance, overhaul, implementation and conservation in accordance with the plants, installation and electrical equipment relating to buildings and irrigation and plumbing systems for the period 01.06.2018 - 31.05.2021 - CIG 7388354698

 | Published July 5, 2018
1. E.I. Elettrotecnica Industriale Srl

Turn-Key Project for Refurbishment of a Building (office and workshop) at the UNGSC/UNLB, in Bri ...

United Nations Secretariat | Published December 11, 2015  -  Deadline January 6, 2016

UNGSC requires a Contractor to perform the engineering works/services for: Turn-Key Project for Refurbishment of a Building (office and workshop) at the UNGSC/UNLB, in Brindisi - Italy. The project will be divided in two phases: Phase One for the delivery of the Operative Safety Plan (POS) and Gantt Chart, and Phase Two for the Construction activities. The bid will be assigned as lump sum (l’appalto e’ aggiudicato a corpo) based on UNGSC/UNLB guidelines and concept drawings. A more detailed summary of the works is as follows: PHASE 1 - Delivery of Operative Safety Plan (P.O.S.) with all required documentation as per Italian Safety Laws ('Testo Unico della Sicurezza', D.Lgs 81/2008); - Provision of Executive Project; - Provision of executive Gantt Chart. PHASE 2 – Construction - Preparation of site (including fencing, signalization, etc.) and removal of all unwanted materials upon approval by UNGSC; - Demolition of existing masonry walls and staircase (approx. 70 mc); - Removal of floor, doors and windows, existing electrical and plumbing systems; - Construction of masonry walls and partitions (approx. 380 sqm); - Plastering and painting finishes (approx. 1400 sqm); - Provision and installation of wall and floor tiles (approx. 550 sqm); - Provision and installation of plumbing fixtures and furnishings; - Provision and installation of electrical lines, lighting and related electrical works; - Provision and installation of air conditioning system; - Provision and installation of doors and windows; -Demolition and new provision of waterproofing membrane (approx. 866 sqm) - Supervision of works; - Testing and certification; - Site cleaning.

Service of air treatment systems, refrigeration units (including evaporative towers) and plumbing systems, of the hospitals of Pordenone, San Vito al Tagliamento and Spilimbergo, including the availability service, the third-party service, ancillary services and call maintenance. CIG 7562119A01


Construction work

Centostazioni SpA | Published January 13, 2016  -  Deadline March 2, 2016
45000000, 50000000, 09000000

Hybrid contract services and works mainly with economic and functional service activities, divided into n. 4 lots, for the award of the integrated activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and service of energy at the property complexes of the railway stations belonging to the network Centostazioni SpA, as specified in the documentation on the basis of race. The contract will include mainly the following activities: the technical / management, service registry, management and maintenance of the building and plant works (building works, signaling, electrical systems, plumbing systems, systems raise-shifters, plant and fire equipment, air conditioning, heating systems), energy service, as well as other activities, as explained in detail in the documentation on the basis of race. The activities under the contract and the places affected by the activities themselves are detectable in Annex B to this announcement corresponding to each batch and in the documentation on the basis of race. Lot 1 - IGC: 652817439B Lot 2 - CIG: 6528197695 Lot 3 - IGC: 6528340C95 Lot 4 - IGC: 6528400E18.

Tender by open procedure n. 5710339, fully managed with telematics systems, for the award of the contract to supply a catalog of miscellaneous hardware, equipment, tools, pneumatic and hydraulic systems of Turin, Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Bari, Lecce and Reggio Calabria, the Passengers Division Long Haul.

Trenitalia SpA — Divisione DPLH\PMA&CP | Published August 30, 2014  -  Deadline October 16, 2014

Open tender, fully managed with telematics systems, for the award of the contract to supply a catalog of miscellaneous hardware, equipment, tools, pneumatics and hydraulics, for plants in Turin, Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Bari , Lecce and Reggio Calabria Division Passenger LH in the catalogs specified for each category of material, and in particular: For the category hardware / tools / tools / Pneumatic: - ABC, Bosch, Beta, USAG, Sicutool, Manutan, Strops, Ingersoll Rand, Metal Work. For the hydraulic category: - ATAG, Carrara and Matta, Luxor, DAB, Castolin, Elbi, Tenaris-Dalmine, Unidelta, GT Comis, OLAB. The race is divided into 4 lots. - Lot 1 (North - Hardware / tools / tools / pneumatic) systems: IMC Turin, Milan ETR IMC, IMC IMC Milan and Mestre, - Lot 2 (North - Hydraulics) systems: IMC Turin, Milan ETR IMC, IMC Milan and IMC Mestre, - Lot 3 (Central / South - Hardware / Tools / Tools / Pneumatic) systems: IMC ES * Rome, Rome IMC, IMC ETR Naples, Bari IMC, IMC IMC Lecce and Reggio Calabria, - Lot 4 (Centro / South - Plumbing) systems: IMC ES * Rome, Rome IMC, IMC ETR Naples, Bari and IMC IMC Lecce.

Induction of a procedure, divided into two lots, to be carried out through RdO on the MePA, pursuant to art. 36, paragraph 2, lett. b) and paragraph 6 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 and subsequent amendments, for the assignment of maintenance services for the technological systems present at the premises of the Central Administration of Crea and the Center for Policies and Bioeconomics, located in Rome, via Po n. 14, Palazzine A and B. LOTTO 1 maintenance services for air conditioning and plumbing systems

CRA - Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria - sede - affari generali - | Published December 29, 2017  -  Deadline January 29, 2018

Turn-Key Project for the third phase of the Renovation and Maintenance of three Buildings (or wa ...

United Nations Secretariat | Published December 20, 2016

The United Nations Global Service Center/United Nations Logistics Base (GSC/UNLB), with its Headquarters located in Brindisi, Italy, seeks an appropriately qualified contractor for a Turn-Key Project for the third phase of the Renovation and Maintenance of three Buildings (or warehouses no. 118B, 118C and 118D) at the GSC/UNLB in Brindisi, Italy. These buildings of 9720 total square meters, are located in the Logistics Area of the UNLB compound, 40 meters far from the port dock and are metallic sheds. They were erected in the 1920's and used for the maintenance of the aircrafts during the Second World War and are currently used as warehouses. Each building is accessed on its main façade by doorways, they have concrete floors and external curtain walls in corrugated metal sheets and metal roofs covered with sandwich panels and skylights in polycarbonate. The Renovation and Maintenance of Buildings 118B, 118C & 118 D - Phase 1 project, has been already implemented by GSC, and the Phase 2 project is under completion phase currently. The current requirement is to carry out engineering works for the Renovation and Maintenance of Buildings 118B, 118C & 118 D– Phase 3, which consists of works related to external/internal refurbishment of the subject building, including civil works, electrical systems and plumbing systems for toilet/showers and restructuring of existing offices and general usage storage. Works/Services include but are not limited to the following: Construction: a. General Works: 1. Site preparation 2. Site cleaning 3. Safety Operational Plan (POS) 4. Detailed Work Program (Gantt Chart) 5. System Certification and documentation 6. Test and Certification 7. Obtention of the C.P.I. – “Certificato di Prevenzione Incendi” from the local Fire Brigade authority; 8. “As-Built” Drawings; 9. Executive Design of the electrical system (Toilets/shower, Janitor Room and General Usage Storage) and plumbing system (Toilet); 10. Maintenance Manual, Use Manual and Maintenance Plan as per Italian law. b. Civil Works: i. Buildings 118B, 118C & 118D: 1. Painting of the external back side façade of the Building 118 B, C, D; 2. Removal of Corrugated Sheet of Side and Back side façades and provision and installation of similar corrugated sheets when damaged; 3. Maintenance Building Roofs 118 B,C,D – Skylights and Roof Panels. Inspection, maintenance/repair, cleaning and sealing of the roof skylight panel joints with silicone materials in order to prevent any water leakages; 4. Front Side Window Building 118 D: Removal of existing corrugate sheet, located on the main facade of Building 118 D, and supply and installation of Aluminium Window; 5. Removal of Internal Flooring (General Usage, Batteries Storage and Spare Parts Storage Rooms), made of plastic/ceramic, and supply and installation of new porcelain tiles Flooring; 6. Cleaning, maintenance and replacing of external metal water grid; 7. Removal of External Ventilation Pipes installed to the back facade of the Building 118 B,C,D made of steel material; 8. Maintenance, repairing and painting of external metal staircases. ii. Women’s Toilet and New Janitor Room/Shower Buildings 118D: 1. Removal of Internal Paint; 2. Supply and installation of Painting of the internal surfaces; 3. Removal and Replacement of Bathroom Items; 4. Women’s Toilet: removal of existing electrical system including lighting, sockets, cablings; 5. Women’s Toilet: supply and installation of civil type electrical system; 6. Removal of internal existing access doors and supply and installation of new internal aluminium door. 7. Removal of Existing internal Partitions made of concrete/stone blocks; 8. Removal of Internal Flooring and Wall Covering; 9. Removal of Existing Internal Plaster and Painting, Plumbing System and Toilet Items, Existing Electrical System, External Existing Steel Window and Door; 10. Supply and installation of new plumbing system, internal partition in concrete blocks, Flooring, including the Wall Covering, pre premixed plaster for interior surface (ceiling and walls), and painting; 11. Supply and installation of new civil type electrical system, internal aluminium door and windows, wooden doors for the new two toilets, and toilet items; 12. Maintenance of the roof tiles in local stone "lastre di Cursi". iii. Office Building, General Usage Storage Areas internal and external in Buildings 118 C - D: 1. Removal, Supply and Installation of Internal Flooring, False Ceiling, Wall Wooden Panels, Electrical system, Bakelite panels (6 mm. thickness) for walls, false ceiling with mineral fibre and galvanized steel interlocking frame, Anti-blast Film for Windows, aluminium doors; 2. Maintenance / repairing of external staircase and handrails; 3. Internal Plaster and Painting. The Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment and materials required to perform the project, including all tests and certifications as per Italian Legislation in force. The full technical requirements and details will be provided with a formal solicitation document to be issued at a later stage soon after the closing date for this EOI.
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