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Gentbrugge - Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain - maintenance of HVAC and plumbing systems

Regie der Gebouwen - Vlaanderen Regio West | Published September 22, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Gentbrugge - Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain - maintenance of HVAC and plumbing systems

Engineering services

Ale kommun | Published October 25, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016

Electric, plumbing systems and control engineering, structural engineering, environmental review, inspection.

C--Renovate 5th Floor B1 655-16-109

Department of Veterans Affairs, Saginaw VAMC | Published August 12, 2016  -  Deadline January 13, 2017
This procurement is restricted to Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) firms located within a 350 mile radius of the Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center, 1500 Weiss Street, Saginaw, MI 48602. The mileage restriction is in compliance with VAAR 805.207(b). This requirement is being procured in accordance with the VAAR 836.606-73 as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6.
Description of work to be performed includes: Architect-Engineering services are required for Schematics, Design Development, Construction Documents, Technical Specifications, Construction Period Services, Site Visits, Cost Estimates, and all other related information for Project #655-16-109, Renovate 5th Floor B1.  The project will include design work for the preparation of 100% complete working drawings and contract documents using edited VA Master Specifications to complete the following:
1. Design Intent:
The intent of this project is to fully prepare plans and specifications necessary to renovate existing user spaces in all user spaces and corridors/hallways on floor 5 at the Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center, Saginaw, Michigan - Buildings 1 in accordance with the following:
A. General Scope of the Project: The Architect / Engineer (A/E) will review and verify record drawings and existing conditions; prepare design narrative; fully developed Construction Documents (drawings and specifications); construction phasing (scheduling) timeline; cost estimates; and provide complete construction period services.
B. The total completed design shall include all necessary features and items of work required so that the government shall have complete buildable and functional user spaces and upgraded finishes/materials in all associated user spaces and corridors/hallways, complying with the latest requirements of the Department of Veterans Affairs design criteria and all applicable national codes and standards. It is anticipated that the design effort will involve electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, communications and controls disciplines and other disciplines as required.
C. Provide all drawings, specifications, equipment selection, equipment layout, cost estimate, and construction duration including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, communications and controls disciplines and other disciplines as required for this contract.
D. Equipment shall be provided emergency power as required by NFPA and VA Standards.
E. The period of performance for this scope of work shall not exceed 270 (Two Hundred Seventy) days from date of Notice to Proceed.
F. The total area of renovation in this scope of work is approximately 15,000 S.F. of user spaces and corridors/hallways in Building 1, 5TH floor.
G. Relocate Optometry clinic from West Corridor to East Corridor
2. Design Effort:
A. Buildings 1, floor 5 User Space and Corridor/Hallway Renovation
1. Analyze the extent of demolition and modifications to existing areas and/or systems and design select user spaces and all corridors/hallways for Building 1, 5TH floor.
2. Demolition and removal to include electrical, plumbing, carpentry, communications, HVAC and controls disciplines and other disciplines as required.
3. New design to include the following: The design of all related mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for spaces being renovated.
B. The A/E shall utilize applicable VA Design Criteria Manuals, VA Construction Standards, and VA Master Guide Specifications. These documents are available on the Internet at:
C. The A/E shall furnish all necessary labor, tools, and materials and perform work for the design. All drawings shall meet the Aleda E. Lutz VAMC CAD standards.
D. The design shall also conform to all additional documents:
1. Sustainability Issues with Design rev 3-1
Design completion timeframe of 354 days after receipt of the Notice to proceed. The A/E firm shall also be required to perform construction period services after award of the construction project contract. In accordance with FAR 36.204 and VAAR 836.204, the estimated magnitude of the resulting construction project is between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000.
Qualifications (SF330) submitted by each firm for Project #655-16-109 for "Renovate 5th Floor B1" will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria:
Prospective firms are required to address all selection criteria within submitted SF330 packages using additional pages as required and SF 330 submissions including any additional pages are not to exceed fifty (50) pages. Selection criteria shall be in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 36.602-1 and VA Acquisition Regulation (VAAR) Part 836.602-1 as follows:
(1) Professional Qualifications: the qualifications of the individuals which will be used for these services will be examined for experience and education and their record of working together as a team. The specific disciplines which will be evaluated are architectural, engineering, and estimating.
(2) Specialized Experience and Technical Competence:  specific experience and technical skill in the type and scope of work required, including, where appropriate, experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials.
(3) Capacity to Accomplish the Work: the general work load and staffing capacity of the design office which will be responsible for the majority of the design and the ability to accomplish the work in the required time will be evaluated.
(4) Past Performance: the past performance of the firm on contracts relevant in scope to the advertised project that were accomplished with the Department of Veterans Affairs, other Government agencies, and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules will be examined. Project past performance references older than 3 years will receive a lesser score than those references for projects accomplished within the past 3 years.
(5) Location of Design Firm: the geographic proximity of each firm to the location of the VA Medical Center will be evaluated. This criterion will apply to the office from which the majority of the design services will be performed. Scoring will be based off of the proposed location of the Prime Contractor Firm for this category and scoring shall be as follows:  within 50 miles - Excellent (Blue); 51-100 miles - Very Good (Green); 101-150 - Acceptable (Yellow); 151-200 - Marginal (Orange); 201-250:  ; 251-350 - Poor (Red).
(6) Claims and Terminations: record of significant claims against the firm or terminated contracts because of improper or incomplete architectural and engineering services will be examined.
(7) Reputation in A-E Community: reputation and standing of the firm and its principal officials with respect to professional performance, general management, and cooperativeness.
(8) Specific experience and qualifications: of personnel proposed for assignment to the project and their record of working together as a team.
(9) Energy Efficiency: Demonstrate success in prescribing the use of recovered materials and achieving waste reduction and energy conservation in facility design.
(10) Estimating Effectiveness: Provide a breakdown of cost estimates completed over the previous two years indicating both the estimate provided and the actual bid amount.
The NAICS Codes for this procurement is 541330 Engineering Services and small business size standard of $15.0 Million. Award of a Firm Fixed Price contract is anticipated.  Anticipated time for completion of design is approximately 354 calendar days including time for VA reviews. The A/E firm shall also be required to perform construction period services if award of a construction project contract is made.
Federal Acquisition Registrations require that federal contractors register in the System for Award Management (SAM) database at and enter all mandatory information into the system. Award cannot be made until the contractor has registered. Offerors are encouraged to ensure that they are registered in SAM prior to submitting their qualifications package.
To ensure that the individuals providing services under the contract have not engaged in fraud or abuse regarding Sections 1128 and 1128A of the Social Security Act regarding federal health care programs, the contractor is required to check the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) located at for each person providing services under this contract.  Further the contractor is required to certify that all persons listed in the qualifications package have been compared against the EPLS list and are NOT listed.  During the performance of this contract the Contractor is prohibited from using any individual or business listed on the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities.
Companies awarded a contract with the federal government shall be required to enroll in E-Verify within 30 days of the contract award date.  They shall also need to begin using the E-Verify system to confirm that all of their new hires and their employees directly working on federal contracts are authorized to legally work in the United States.  E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows an employer, using information reported on an employee's Form I-9, to determine the eligibility of that employee to work in the United States.  There is no charge to employers to use E-Verify.  (FAR 52.222-54)
Qualified A-E firms are required to respond if interested by submitting one (1) original completed Standard Form 330 qualification package Parts I and II to include all consultants (form available on-line at:  Must include in Part I Section H an organizational chart of the firm (excludes consultants) and a design quality management plan.  Submission information incorporated by reference is not allowed.  All submissions must be bound in some manner (spiral, wire, binder, etc.) and a CD copy of the Standard Form 330.
Completed SF330s can be delivered to Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center, Attn: Sonny S. Earls, Contract Specialist, NCO 10 Contracting Office (90CSC), 1500 Weiss Street, Saginaw, MI 48602, no later than 3:00 p.m. EDT, September 12, 2016.  Outermost envelope or packaging shall clearly indentify Solicitation number and project.  Information shall be submitted via commercial express service. No hand carried deliveries.
Telegraphic, email, and facsimile forms are prohibited.
All submissions must be bound in some manner (spiral, wire, binder, etc).
Award of any resultant contract is contingent upon the availability of funds.
No solicitation document is available and no other information pertaining to project scope, etc. is available at this time.  Any request for assistance with submission or other procedural matters shall be submitted via email only (, telephone inquires will not be honored.
After the evaluation of SF330 submissions in accordance with the evaluation criteria, three or more of the most highly qualified firms will be chosen for interviews to present their approach to the design to arrive at selection of the number one firm for negotiations. The contract is anticipated to be awarded in FEB 2017. The Government will not pay nor reimburse any costs associated with responding to this request. The Government is under no obligation to award a contract as a result of this announcement.

C--Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection (MEFP) Engineering Services, A-E IDIQ, Unrestricted, NAVFAC Southwest, San Diego, California

Department of the Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016
This procurement will result in one Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract for multi-discipline Architect-Engineer (AE) services for Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection projects at various military installations located in the NAVFAC Southwest Area of Responsibility (AOR): California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Worldwide.
The preponderance of work is expected to be in Southern California. These services will be procured in accordance with 40 USC Chapter 11, Selection of Architects and Engineers, as implemented by FAR Subpart 36.6. The IDIQ contract will be for a base period of one year and four one-year option periods (if exercised). The total fee for the contract term shall not exceed $30,000,000. The guaranteed minimum for the contract term (including option years) is $5,000. Firm-fixed price task orders will be negotiated for this contract. The minimum value of individual task orders executed under this contract is $200,000. The maximum value of individual task orders executed under this contract is $2,500,000.
There will be no dollar limit per year. Multiple task orders may be awarded with similar completion schedules and overlapping delivery dates. The hourly rates will be negotiated for each performance period. The Government may exercise the option period unilaterally. Per NFAS 17.208-100(c)(1), options for PCAS may be negotiated on individual task orders for unilateral exercise. Estimated start date is June 2017.
The Government makes no representation as to the number of task orders or the actual amount of work to be ordered. The contractor is not guaranteed work in excess of the minimum guarantee. Firms that provided Architect-Engineer services for a task order issued under the resulting contract are prohibited from participating on the subsequent construction contract.
This limitation also applies to subsidiaries/affiliates of the firm.
This proposed contract is being solicited on an UNRESTRICTED basis. The Small Business size standard classification is North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code 541330 (Engineering Services).The Government seeks the most highly qualified firm to perform the required services, based on the demonstrated competence and qualifications, in accordance with the selection criteria.
The type of Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection services expected to be performed under this contract are as follows:
Primary A-E services required: Preparation of Requests for Proposals (RFP) for Design Build (DB) projects; Design-Bid-Build (DBB) construction contract packages (i.e., full plans and specifications); Mechanical/Electrical Site Investigations, Studies, Surveys, and Reports.
Secondary A-E services required: Cost estimates; construction contract support services (CCSS) or post construction award services (PCAS); Fire Protection Engineering Designs, Studies, Surveys and Site Investigation (e.g.
fire risk/hazard analysis, life safety code analysis, fire modeling and engineering documentation, antiterrorism, and final inspections and tests of installed Fire Protection Systems. Fire Protection surveys shall be conducted within the guidelines established by OPNAVINST 11320.23G).
Support A-E services which may be required: Technical reviews of government-prepared RFP for DB projects and/or full plans and specifications for DBB projects; preparation of planning and programming support documents; incidental architectural, civil, structural, geotechnical, and environmental work; identification and abatement methods for existing asbestos-containing materials, lead-based paint, and other hazardous materials.
Types of projects will include, but are not limited to, sustainable energy documentation (e.g.
Energy Master Planning, Commissioning, Life Cycle Cost, LEED/Third Party Certifications, Title 24 Energy Compliance documents, ASHRAE 90.1 compliance documents, and ASHRAE 90.1 Performance Rating Method reports); Military Construction (MILCON), new construction, major repair/renovation of: onsite power generating systems (e.g. solar, cogeneration); control systems (e.g. microgrid, utility control systems); heating, ventilation, air conditioning and control systems (e.g. exhaust systems, direct digital control schematic and architecture); energy supply systems (i.e. above and below ground steam distribution, high temperature/pressure water, refrigeration systems, and natural gas including earthquake shut off valves); plumbing systems; interior and exterior electrical power systems (e.g.
interior building power, medium and low voltage distribution systems, primary and secondary substations, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), emergency generators); communication and security systems (e.g. cable TV, electronic security systems); fire protection systems (e.g. fire sprinklers, fire alarm and detection systems, fire alarms and fire resistant building assemblies); and lighting systems for airfield, operational and training, commercial, institutional, industrial, research development, quality of life facilities, etc.
All contractors are advised that registration in System for Award Management (SAM) Database is required prior to award of a contract. Failure to register in the SAM Database may render your firm ineligible for award.
For more information, check the SAM Web site:
In accordance with the FAR 36.601-4(b) the AE firm must be a registered/licensed architectural and/or engineering firm to be eligible for award. Provide proof that firm is permitted by law to practice the professions of architecture or engineering, (e.g.., state registration number, or a brief explanation of the firm’s licensing in jurisdictions that do not register firms, etc.). This documentation is not counted as part of the 30-page limitation. Failure to submit the required proof could result in a firm’s elimination from consideration.
The awarded contract will be subject to specific provisions addressing the avoidance of organizational conflicts of interest, including NFAS 5252.209-9300, Organizational Conflicts of Interest. The prime firm for this contract will be required to perform throughout the contract term.
Interviews may be scheduled with firms slated as the most highly qualified. Firms slated for interviews may be asked to clarify information contained in the SF330 submittal. Elaborate presentations are not desired.
SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Architect-Engineer firms desiring to be considered for this contract must submit a completed SF-330 package.
The SF-330 shall be typed, one sided, at least 11 point Times New Roman or larger. Part I shall not exceed thirty (30) single-sided 8.5 by 11 inch pages (the page limit does not include ISRs, certificates, PPQs, licenses, or the draft subcontracting plan, as required by the Small Business Subcontracting criterion, nor does the page limit include cover sheets or dividers, provided that these do not contain any substantive information submitted in response to the synopsis or intended to demonstrate the qualifications of the firm). Part I pages shall be numbered sequentially.  The organizational chart in Section D may be one page single sided 11 by 17 foldout, using 11 point font or larger (font limitations do not apply to graphics, captions or tables).
Introductions shall be included in Sections E and F. Please include your DUNS and CAGE numbers in Block 30 of the SF-330. Interested firms shall submit one (1) original and four (4) hard copies of the SF-330 and one (1) CD (Adobe Acrobat .PDF format) to Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest, Code RAQ20.EP, Attn: Elliott Penetrante, 1220 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92132. Responses are due no later than no later than, 2:00P.M.Pacific Standard Time on November 15, 2016. Late responses will be handled in accordance with FAR 52.215-1. The point of contact is Elliott Penetrante, Contract Specialist, at Elliott.penetrante@navy,mil, 619-532-2967.  If an SF 254/SF 255 is submitted for this solicitation, it will not be reviewed or considered.
As required above, provide verifiable evidence that your firm is permitted by law to practice the professions of architecture or engineering (e.g., state registration number).
An Offeror risks the late receipt and rejection of their SF330 package when delivery is delayed until the last few minutes before the deadline. Offerors intending to deliver the SF330 package in-person are cautioned that the NAVFAC Southwest facility is located in downtown San Diego. It is recommended that the Offeror allow for delays driving through downtown San Diego caused by traffic (both freeway and downtown), train/trolley crossings, parking at the pay lots/meters near the facility, and gaining access to a secure Government facility.
No parking or offloading of SF330s is available at the Government facility. SF330s shall be delivered to the mailroom in Building 128 and reasonable time shall be allowed for mailroom personnel to receive and time stamp the SF330. The stamp time is determined by the NAVFAC Southwest facility mailroom time stamp device only, not by any other time keeping device that the Offeror may use or own. Immediately upon proposal delivery, the Offeror shall leave the premises of the Government facility. An Offeror that does not leave the premises may be requested to leave or be escorted off the premises.
Electronic (E-mail, facsimile, etc.) submissions are not authorized.
It is the offeror’s responsibility to check the NAVFAC electronic solicitation website NECO (Navy Electronic Commerce Online) at: for any revisions to this announcement or other notices.
Plan-holder list is available via the NECO website and an Interested Vendors List is available via the FedBizOpps website,, under this solicitation number.
Inquiries concerning this procurement should include solicitation number and title and be forwarded via email to or via telephone: 619-532-2967.
SELECTION CRITERIA: Firms responding to this synopsis will be evaluated to determine the most highly qualified firms to perform the required services in accordance with the published selection criteria.  Failure to comply with instructions, or provide complete information may affect the firm’s evaluation or disqualify the firm from further consideration.
Selection of Architects and Engineers, formerly the Brooks Act (PL 92-582) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 36.6 selection procedures apply. Criteria 1 and 2 are considered most important and of equal importance to each other; Criteria 3, 4, 5, and 6 are of lesser importance and listed in descending order of importance; and Criterion 7 is of lesser importance and will be used as a tiebreaker among firms considered to be technically equal. Evaluation of past performance and experience may include information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and publicly available sources. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers may result in a firm being considered less favorably in the evaluation.
In evaluating an Offeror’s capability, the Government will consider how well the offeror complied with these instructions.  Specific selection criteria include:
1.	Specialized Experience
2.	Professional Qualifications and Technical Competence
3.	Past Performance
4.	Quality Control
5.	Program Management and Capacity and Location
6. 	Commitment to Small Business
7.	Volume of Work

Medium Altitude Manned ISR Beddown

Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016
Renovate Bldg 1011 Project Number: YZEU139006
The work includes predominately a complete interior renovation to 24,000 SF of an existing hangar facility B1011, installation of a High-expansion foam (HEF) system in the 26,000 SF hangar bay, a Mass Notification System throughout the facility and incidental related work, as defined by the Contract Documents and consists of the following: B1011 has an overall facility area of roughly 70,000 SF. The work consists of a complete interior renovation and reconfiguration of select administrative, shop and storage areas, including building support and utility spaces, to meet Oklahoma ANG mission requirements and to be in compliance with ADA and LEED criteria. This project will fully renovate and reconfigure approximately 24,000 SF of interior space, provide some improvements to the hangar bay area, and provide life safety improvements to remaining interior space.  This project is being solicited as a Small Business Set Aside. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 236220, and the Small Business Size Standard is $36.5M in average annual receipts for the past three years. Construction project magnitude is between $5M to $10M. Persons who intend to bid are strongly encouraged to attend the Pre-Bid Conference. See Section 00100 for location and date. All documents including the plans and specifications will be available only from the Fed Biz Ops website: 
Solicitation cover page:
•1.1.1     Project Description
The work includes predominately interior renovation to existing hangar facility B1011 and incidental related work, as defined by the Contract Documents and consists of the following:
a. General:
•(1)  B1011 has an overall facility area of roughly 70,000 SF. The work consists of a complete interior renovation and reconfiguration of select administrative, shop and storage areas, including building support and utility spaces, to meet Oklahoma ANG mission requirements and to be in compliance with ADA and LEED criteria. This project will fully renovate and reconfigure approximately 24,000 SF of interior space, provide some improvements to the hangar bay area, and provide life safety improvements to remaining interior space.
b. Exterior:
•(1)  No significant work to the exterior façade or roof of the facility is included with the project scope of work. There are two glass enclosures at the south side of the facility previously added as vestibules that will be removed in their entirety. Equipment located at the facility exterior walls will be removed or replaced as indicated.
c. Interior Renovations:
•(1)  Administrative and Storage Areas:
•(a)  Demolition of existing interior partitions, finishes, fixtures, equipment, and MEP systems as indicated. Interior renovations include new partitions, new doors and hardware, insulation at exterior walls, and all new finishes, fixtures and casework as indicated, along with new supporting HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and life safety, and communications. The existing toilet rooms at the south lean-to facility will be completely renovated and new plumbing fixtures will be provided. Existing walls, doors and frames being reused at the renovated areas will be refurbished and furnished with new hardware.
•(b)  A new elevator is added to both the north and south lean-to structures to provide accessible access to the second floor areas. A new wheel chair lift will provide access to the third floor of the Annex facility.
•(c)  The HVAC system will be replaced with new for the areas renovated with the project scope of work, including all equipment, SECTION 01 11 00 Page 1 Oklahoma Air National Guard W912L6-13-D-0006/0001 ISR Beddown Building 1011 YZEU139006 ductwork, devices, piping and direct digital controls. Systems serving areas no being renovated will remain in operation.
•(d)  Existing plumbing fixtures and piping will be demolished at the renovated areas. The existing compressed air system is no longer required and will be removed entirely. The plumbing systems for the facility includes domestic water, sanitary waste, and vent systems, compressed air piping and outlets, and natural gas piping system. The plumbing design will provide domestic hot and cold water and sanitary waste and vent piping to new low flow plumbing fixtures in the areas of renovation.
•(e)  Electrical distribution will be new for all renovated areas of the facility. Existing to remain areas will be transferred from the existing main electrical equipment on the east side of the facility to the new equipment located at the northwest side of the facility, requiring strategic phasing of the transfer of power. Panels and transformers serving spaces that are not to be renovated will not be replaces, and equipment currently located within stairways will be removed or relocated as indicated. New lighting will be included at renovated areas, with lighting controls and occupancy sensors as indicted.
•(f)   All existing data/voice and backbone cabling in areas to be renovated will be demolished. The east Entrance Facility (EF) into the North lean-to will be demolished and relocated from the stairway corridor into the adjacent new Telecom EF Room. Renovations include new telecommunications spaces, equipment racks, interior pathways and horizontal and backbone structured cabling. Ancillary or special systems consist of cabling for Community Antenna Television (CATV) and Training/Conference Room video cabling.
•(2)  Fire Protection:
•(a)  A new Mass Notification System (MNS) will be provided for the entire facility. The existing wet pipe sprinkler systems within the areas of renovation will be demolished and replaced with new. The existing fire alarm system will be demolished and replaced with new throughout the facility.
•(3)  Hangar Bay:
•(a)  The hangar bay is approximately 26,000 SF, and improvements to this area includes replacement of the existing deluge sprinkler system with new wet fire sprinkler system and low-level high-expansion foam (HEF) system, and new HEF system fire alarm control panel, mass notification devices, repair to the hangar doors, and new indirect natural gas fired air rotation units. Interior windows overlooking the hangar bay from the lean-to structures will be replaced with fire rated assemblies, and some of the overhead doors will be replaced with double doors.
•(4)  Areas designated as not being renovated:
•(a)  Areas not being fully renovated will receive improvements for fire alarm and mass notification.
d. Site/Utility:
Site improvements and utility work includes new electrical service and transformer at the northwest side of the facility, removal of existing electrical equipment at the east side of the facility, water service to new riser location, additional fire hydrants, and sanitary sewer line replacement as indicated. This project relocates fire risers to the fire pump room, adds new fire pumps, new electrical switchgear and panels, replaces HVAC system and adds direct digital controls. New work requires phasing as existing services are demolished and some remain operational. The fire hydrants will be removed from the 16" dedicated fire line and reconnected to the 10" domestic water line. 
e. Hazardous Materials Abatement:
The building contains existing hazardous materials as indicated and abatement is within the scope of work.
1.1.2 Location
The work is located at Building B1011 at the Oklahoma Air National Guard, Will Rogers Air Guard Bass, OK, approximately as indicated. The exact location will be shown by the Contracting Officer.
This Annex portion of the building will be occupied during performance of work under this Contract. Before work is started, arrange with the Contracting Officer a sequence of procedure, means of access, space for storage of materials and equipment, and use of approaches, corridors, and stairways.
In addition to "FAR 52.236-9, Protection of Existing Vegetation, Structures, Equipment, Utilities, and Improvements":
•a.    Remove or alter existing work in such a manner as to prevent injury or damage to any portions of the existing work which remain.
•b.    Repair or replace portions of existing work which have been altered during construction operations to match existing or adjoining work, as approved by the Contracting Officer. At the completion of operations, existing work must be in a condition equal to or better than that which existed before new work started.
Obtain digging permits prior to start of excavation, and comply with Installation requirements for locating and marking underground utilities. Contact local utility locating service a minimum of 72 hours prior to excavating, to mark utilities, and within sufficient time required if work occurs on a Monday or after a Holiday. Verify existing utility locations indicated on contract drawings, within area of work.
1.4.1 Notification Prior to Excavation
Notify the Contracting Officer at least 72 hours prior to starting excavation work.
The Contractor shall verify the elevations of existing piping, utilities, and any type of underground obstruction not indicated or specified to be removed.
Work on other repair projects may be going on at the exterior of the facility under separate contract. Contractor shall not impede adjacent ongoing work and shall cooperate as requested by the Contracting Officer.
Not used.
Not used.
  • 1