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Tarnobrzeg: Reconstruction of the Practical Training Centre and the Secondary School No. 2 and the boarding house with the purchase of equipment, under the Regional Operational Programme of the Podkarpackie Region for the years 2014-2020 - Priority Axis VI - Spatial cohesion and social action 6.4 Educational infrastructure, Measure 6.4. 2 vocational training and learning and PWSZ.

Prezydent Miasta Tarnobrzega | Published July 21, 2016  -  Deadline August 31, 2017
45000000, 45262500, 45410000, 45430000, 45442100, 45332300, 45331100, 45310000, 45310000, 45332400

Task No. 1: Practical Training Centre in Tarnobrzeg (dz. Reg. No. 1858/29, 1720/16, precinct 12 Tarnobrzeg). CKP ul. Copernicus - reconstruction of an integrated lab of electrical installations 29, - reconstruction of an integrated laboratory sanitation and equipment and renewable energy systems 34, - corridors, - reconstruction of sanitary sewage system and heating system, - construction thermo - replacement of windows and doors outside. - Electrical CKP ul. St. Barbara - replacement of windows and doors inside. - Reconstruction of water and sewage system. and heating installation and ct. - Construction thermo, Task No. 2: Team Secondary School No. 2 at ul. Copernicus 18 in Tarnobrzeg (dz. Reg. No. 3625/1, section 12 Tarnobrzeg). - Reconstruction of the canteen for the needs of lab technician hospitality and logistics technology, Task No. 3: Building a boarding Street. St. Barbara 1 in Tarnobrzeg (dz. Reg. No. 1884/9, 1884/14, 1884/15, 1884/17, precinct 12 Tarnobrzeg). - Reconstruction of water and sewage system. - First and second floor and partly floor - reconstruction hydrant systems - the entire building, - reconstruction of the electrical system - first and second floor and partly floor - reconstruction of rooms on the first and second floor, corridors and staircase - reconstruction of rooms on the first floor the needs of the nurse's office, laundry room, ironing room, drying rooms, bathrooms and toilets, linen storage, - making kitchen on the first floor - the reconstruction of the ground floor of the building in the implementation of the reception built with facilities ,.
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