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Sopot: Delivery ambulance ROAD TYPE C

Samodzielny Publiczny Zespół Zakładów Opieki Zdrowotnej | Published July 22, 2016  -  Deadline August 2, 2016

1.Przedmiotem contract is the supply for the Independent Public Complex of Health Care City Ambulance Station Outpatient Clinic in Sopot 1 / one / art ambulance road hepatitis C within the meaning of the Polish standard PN-EN 1789), with technical parameters in line with the content of the specification CPV - 34114121-3. 2.Zamawiający requires offering brand new vehicles without operating the course, with the date of manufacture of the base vehicle - 2016 years. 3.Oferowany ambulance should meet the requirements of PN-EN 1789 and the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 31 December 2002. On the technical conditions of vehicles and obligatory equipment / Journal. U. of 2003. No. 32, item. 262 /, taking into account the changes. 4.Oferowany vehicle must hold a certificate of approval of the base vehicle and the completed vehicle issued under the regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy on type-approval of motor vehicles and trailers, and their items of equipment or parts / Journal. U. of 2013. Pos. 407 / and should comply with the requirements of the Act of 20.06.1997 r. Traffic Law / vol. Laws of 2012, item. 1137, as amended. zm./ and the regulations thereunder. 5. DETAILED description of the contract is contained in Annex 1 hereto. The Annex vehicle parameters and equipment are absolutely necessary under pain of rejection of the offer. 6.Wykonawca offered to provide basic vehicle warranty service Dealership located no farther than 20 km from the headquarters of the Purchaser. 7.Wykonawca guarantee availability of spare parts for 10 years ..

Reconstruction VI floors in the building SP ZOZ Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Ministry of the Interior in Sopot.

 | Published October 17, 2014  -  Deadline November 4, 2014

1 The contract is for the execution of works involving reconstruction VI floors in the building of the Spa Sanatorium Health Care Centres Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sopot, ul. Battle of Płowcami 63/65. 2 Scope of work: Zwiezienie to ordering furniture store located in rooms on the sixth floor of the building, break the old carpet and skirting boards, thresholds and Dismantling guard rails, removing the old layer of smoothing (putty, glue, thin leveling screed) with the repair and performance compensatory base layers, arranging the lining together with flange on the wall (as bases) of wyobleniami at the junction of the floor and the wall along with the preservation, preparation for gypsum plaster, priming, filling the walls and ceilings, and 2 x coat of paint, assignment corners, Floor covering with plasterboard, Replacing lighting with fittings in bathrooms, Electrical Measurements execution, painting the pipes, Fit fender boards with lacquered, Zoom doorways, lintels execution, assignment of a new door woodwork, Replacement radiators plate with accompanying works, demolition of wall and flooring in bathrooms, damp proof Demolition (papa on glue), Execution of moisture insulation (foil and foil in the liquid), Implementation of leveling (walls and floors) and laying tiles and terracotta, Replacement fittings, sanitary valves, construction of new approaches, Removal and installation of new fire alarm system installation. the supply wires to the control panel mounted on the ground floor, Execution telephone system, making the installation of calling signaling connection control unit located on the fifth floor of the building (p. 524), together with the assembly 2 displays acoustic sound and start calling signaling installation Removal and disposal of debris.

Architectural services for buildings

Gmina Miasta Sopotu, w imieniu której działa Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published December 28, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017
71221000, 71320000, 71242000

The contract is: Service: Development of multi-branch project documentation pn.

"The development of the node integration sopot along with the author's supervision"

financed under the Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie voivodship for 2014-2020, under the mechanism of the Integrated Territorial Investment (RPO ZIT)

The contract is divided into parts - 4 tasks. Documentation of each section should contain:

Geotechnical and geological documentation

The report on the environmental impact (if required assessment EIA)

The inventory and the green economy

Building Design Wielobranżowy

Project Target Organization Movement

operat wodnoprawny

projects Executive

Technical Specifications Execution and Acceptance of Construction Works

Bill of Quantities

Investors estimate

Managements - overflow, in case of accession by the Employer for the execution of works to the call of the Purchaser.

Visualization of the developed design solutions

The scope of the Agreement shall also obtain a building permit along with a set of documents that will be required when folding in tasks that require this permission, as well as supervision.

Repair Repair steppe cattle cottage cottage dwarf hippos in Coast City Zoo Budgetary Units in Gdansk - Oliwa ul. Karwieńska 3

 | Published February 15, 2015  -  Deadline March 2, 2015
45215500, 45215510

1) Task I - Repair steppe cattle house in Coast City Zoo in Gdansk - Oliwa ul. Karwieńska 3 Specifications: Pow. Built - 76.30m2 cubic capacity - 282,10m3 Scope of work: 1) Drainage 2) Foundations 3) Floor 2) Task II - Renovation of the dwarf hippos house in Coast City Zoo in Gdansk - Oliwa ul. Karwieńska 3 Specifications: Pow. Built - 177,30m2 cubic capacity - 482,10m3 Scope of work: 1) Joints 2) Construction 3) External insulation 4) Electrical Installation actuators.

Reconstruction of the boiler room in the building in the Nile hippos City Zoo Coast

 | Published January 20, 2015  -  Deadline February 10, 2015
45333000, 45331110, 45300000

Scope of work: 1) gas boiler technology: the dismantling of existing boilers with the installation, assembly and fitting of boiler equipment, 2) interior installation of gas: installation of pipelines and fittings, 3) construction of boiler: dismantling and demolition of building elements; the execution of the internal components of the walls and ceiling, supporting structure boilers, floor, 4) Electrical: Power boiler room; General installations, signaling and control, potential equalization ..

Vehicles for refuse

Zakład Oczyszczania Miasta w Sopocie | Published October 26, 2017  -  Deadline December 5, 2017

The subject of the order is the delivery of specialized vehicles for the collection of waste, equipped in accordance with the requirements of the Ordering Party described in detail in the description of the subject of the order constituting Appendix No. 1 to the SIWZ -

The subject of the order is the rental of 3 special vehicles for the collection of waste:

3-axle garbage truck with single chamber construction

All vehicles must be identical in brand, type and equipment.

Architectural services for buildings

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published October 21, 2016
Matprojekt Mateusz Muchewicz
71221000, 71320000

Complementary service for the development of the project Construction of the cycle path at al. Army Polish section of the pier in Sopot to the border city of Gdansk - applying map for design purposes military weapons, to agree on the publication "Secret", relocation of parking for bikes at the pier in Sopot.

Sopot: Reconstruction and extension Funeral Home with technical infrastructure and reconstruction of the fence at the municipal cemetery in Sopot

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published January 4, 2017  -  Deadline December 30, 2016
Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane TB INVEST Tomasz Brzeziński, ul.Harfowa 34, 80-298 Gdańsk, kraj/woj. pomorskie.
45215400, 45110000, 45111200, 45233200, 45311200, 45231300, 45332000, 45332400, 45331100, 45331210, 45333000

Reconstruction and construction Funeral Home with fence Municipal Cemetery in Sopot, replacement of pavement on the access passages to the building and the square, make a new exit, the execution of the entrance gate Street. Malczewski in Sopot ..

Architectural services for buildings

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published January 29, 2016  -  Deadline March 14, 2016
71221000, 71320000, 71242000

The contract is for the development of project documentation for the construction of bicycle paths in Sopot -w Al. Independence - on the section from the border of Gdynia ul. Haffner and Al.Mamuszki - on the section from North Park to Pier.

Installation of telecommunications equipment

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published July 4, 2015  -  Deadline August 10, 2015
45314000, 48813000, 45310000, 44112000, 32581000, 32500000, 32412100, 38800000, 48000000, 45262210

The subject of the contract is works involving the construction, installation, and commissioning - turned to the Integrated Traffic Management System TRISTAR unilateral passenger information boards on six bus stops on the street. Kosciuszko Chopin and Al. Independence in Sopot.

Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork

Gmina Miasta Sopotu, w imieniu i na rzecz której działa Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published November 23, 2017
Konsorcjum firm: Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Wod-Kan-Grzenkowicz Sp. z o.o. – Lider, Firma Budowlano-Drogowa MTM S.A. – Partner
45230000, 45232130, 45233220, 45231400, 45232000, 45233150

Other works: until 31.3.2019

Defect notification period: 60 months from the date of issuance of the Works Acquisition Certificate.

The quality guarantee period (60 months) is counted from the date on which the Contractor fulfilled all obligations related to the execution of the works, which will be attested in the Certificate of Acquisition of Works.

Sopot: Land development at the Primary School No. 8 in Sopot - PHASE I

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published September 27, 2016  -  Deadline June 16, 2016
Firma Budowlano-Drogowa MTM S.A. Gdynia, ul.Hutnicza 35, 81-061 Gdynia, kraj/woj. pomorskie.
45000000, 45100000, 45310000, 45316000

The scope of works includes: construction of roads, eg. For bicycles, small architecture, electrical works - cable and installation of lighting poles - 4 pcs ..

Architectural design services

PKP Energetyka S.A. Oddział w Warszawie – Usługi, Zakład Północny w Sopocie | Published July 7, 2015
Inwestor Media Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

"Implementation of project documentation (executive and construction) together with obtaining a final building permit for fiber optic connections to the objects listed in the Terms of Reference".

Architectural design services

PKP Energetyka S.A., Oddział w Warszawie – Usługi, Zakład Północny w Sopocie | Published May 13, 2015  -  Deadline June 18, 2015

Preparation of design documentation (executive and construction) for the fiber optic access points - the objects listed in sections 2.2 of the Terms of Reference together with obtaining a valid building permit.

Architectural services for buildings

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published May 19, 2016
MATPROJEKT Mateusz Muchewicz
71221000, 71242000, 71320000

The contract is the preparation of project documentation for the construction of a bicycle path in Sopot - Al. Independence and Al. Mamuszki.

Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published January 5, 2016
Lider Konsorcjum: Firma Budowlano-Drogowa MTM S.A., Członek Konsorcjum: Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe BIMEL Sp. z o.o., Członek Konsorcjum: AGROMEL Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Agromelioracyjnych i Hydrotechnicznych Sp. z o.o.
45230000, 45240000, 45232410, 45232150, 45233162, 45233220, 45231400, 45232000, 45233150, 45112710

Execution of works involving supplementary reinforcement to the bike path in the street. Obodrzyców.

Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published March 6, 2015  -  Deadline March 17, 2015
45230000, 45240000, 45232150, 45232130, 45232410, 45233162, 45233220, 45231400, 45232000, 45112710, 45233150

Roboty budowlane w zakresie budowy rurociągów, linii komunikacyjnych i elektroenergetycznych, autostrad, dróg, lotnisk i kolei; wyrównywanie terenu

Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses

Gmina Miasta Sopotu | Published April 20, 2016  -  Deadline May 18, 2016
45211000, 45100000, 45111291, 45111300, 45112710, 45233200, 45310000, 45315600, 45316100, 45330000, 45340000

3. Execution of works includes, in particular:

1) Slices of green, clearing the plot and demolition of foundations, floors, walls, as the remains of the partially demolished earlier farm buildings.

2) Residential building: o net volume of 9,793.7 m3;

3) installations and devices in buildings, including:

a) water supply and sanitary sewage,

b) storm water drainage,

c) central heating and hot water, including substation equipment,

d) electricity, lightning protection, surge, power,

e) teletechnical - telephone, Internet, terrestrial and satellite,

f) intercom,

g) smoke staircases,

h) ventilation

i) passenger lifts;

4) systems and connections, including:

a) water supply (networks and connections)

b) sanitary sewage system (networks and terminals)

c) storm water drainage (networks and terminals)

d) Power (connection of the building to the cable connectors ZK-A, B-ZK, ZK-C)

e) area lighting,

f) telecommunication (only conduit for connection with manhole connection);

5) of the area, including small architecture:

a) road,

b) sidewalks,

c) parking spaces,

d) two garbage cans,

e) green,

f) area lighting,

g) children's playground.

6) other works and activities necessary for the subject of the Order, including, if necessary, the execution of projects, assembly and workshop, which the Contractor will perform their own efforts and at their own expense and as-built documentation.

7) The scope of the Contract does not enter:

a) the supply and installation of lighting fixtures in all public housing;

b) the performance of power grids including ZK-A, B-ZK, ZK-C.

Sopot: construction work complementary to the rump: protection embankment on the Communal Cemetery in Sopot

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie | Published September 6, 2016  -  Deadline September 6, 2016
FB-JELCZ Franciszek Bergański, ul. Polna 45, 80-209 Chwaszczyno, kraj/woj. pomorskie.

Laying sewer cascade of concrete troughs length. 15.00 m on the concrete bench with a concrete C12 / 15 on a slope at the CK in Sopot.

Construction of the economic nilgai antelope in the City Zoo Coast Budgetary Units

 | Published March 22, 2016  -  Deadline April 5, 2016
45215500, 45215510

Scope of work: 1) Demolition works 2) Earthworks 3) The foundation and floor 4) Walls 5), Carpentry 6) Roof 7) Fence 8) Plumbing and electrical detailed scope of the technology of the works include: Takeoff, technical specification of the workmanship and the receipt of work project outbuilding for camels dwugarbnych - Annex 6 to the specifications ..