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Zakład Produkcji Czekolady i Artykułow Cukierniczych „Wiepol” Zakład Pracy Chronionej Ireneusz Wielimborek | Published January 31, 2017  -  Deadline March 15, 2017

In connection with the application by the Department of Production Chocolate and Confectionery Articles

"Wiepol" for funding under the ROP WM Activity 3.3 Innovation in SMEs - placing on the market of new or improved products or services (through the implementation of research results), please submit a price quotation for the supply of automated line for the production of chocolate with connected devices.

Delivery, installation and commissioning:

200 mb, electrical wiring, and signal and connection.

BIG BAG unloading station 1000 kg 0,9x1,1x1,2, powder coated (must meet the requirements of Polish UDT) screw conveyor in stainless steel, pneumatically sealed bearings equipped with a separator metal filings,

Mixing raw materials - topielnik 600L, two-compartment with accessories, insulation, pumps and piping - resistant performance; premixer for pre-mixing the chocolate ingredients - 1200 l min, the temperature 45 degrees min with 2 stirrers (2,2 and 4 kW), with at least three weighing celkami.

The process of refining 1000L-2 tanks, 2 mills, pumps and valves, 3-way, intermediate containers 80L tank under Conche BCL

Transfer system - pump piping and tube with a heating jacket 1.5mm sieve with a magnetic separator,

Tanks with a capacity of 26,000 liters, wew.- diameter of 2,650 mm and ext. - 2860 mm (3 pcs.) And 1000 l, wew.- diameter of 1300 mm and ext. - 1450 mm (2 pcs.) And 30000 l, wew.- diameter of 2,850 mm and ext. - 3260 mm (1 pc.)

Heating system piping and equipment: 45 st. Plus water network from 55 to 110 degrees 10bar, distribution of compressed air for pneumatic actuators, construction of culverts in the walls of the product pipelines, delivery and installation of the cooling system of the mill using a chiller

Cooling system - coolant R410A, minimum power control 50%, Scroll compressors for completely filled with coolant - 5.7 kg (2 pcs) Axial fans type with a nominal power consumption - 0.60 kW (2 pieces), cooling mode : liquid - ethylene glycol 35%, the cooling capacity of 71.6 kW, sound pressure - dB (A) 49, max. power consumption (E1) - 33,10kW

The line to merge and packaging of chocolate: min depositor with a capacity of 5 tons / hour. min conveyor 19m in length and a minimum width of 1.30 m.

50 bags / min, doses of 50 to 150 g

Integrated automatic control process of preparation of raw materials and the production process along with the memory module allows saving recipes:

Controls and electrical power supply with the module in which they are recorded recipes, which can be defined: the name of the final product, materials needed, your activities, used intermediates, replacements,

Computer software for recording and analysis of the results obtained, containing the following modules: Defining technology, Configuring, Production Scheduling, Implementation of production supervision and reporting, Accounting production picking.

Compatibility (integration) software analyzes the results of existing computing facility "Proexpert SQL version II.

Prerequisite: all supplied materials comply with CE

The term of the contract: up to 09.30.2017.

Preparing the offer:

a) the offer should be prepared to be valid pursuant to the enclosed tender form (Appendix 1)

b) the offer should be made in Polish

c) the offer price should include all costs of the Contractor

d) the offer should be signed by a person authorized to represent the Contractor

e) The Contractor may submit only one offer.

The criteria for evaluation of submitted bids:

Price 50%

The term of the 20%

Service response time 15%

The warranty period of 15%.

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