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Refuse and waste related services

Gmina Psary | Published November 21, 2015
REMONDIS Tarnowskie Góry Sp. z o.o.
90500000, 90000000, 90512000, 90513100, 90514000

The contract is for the provision of services collection and management of municipal waste from residential real estate located in the commune Psary, and includes in particular: a) the collection and recycling of municipal waste from residential real estate located in the commune Psary; b) equipment property owners in bags for the selective collection of municipal waste in the following fractions: plastics and composite packaging, paper and cardboard, glass, metal; The area where the contractor is obliged to carry out PSZOK-in, will be sent free of charge for the duration of the contract; d) forward received mixed municipal waste and green waste takes place directly to the Regional Installation municipal waste treatment in the region of municipal waste management in accordance with the resolution of the Silesia Province Assembly on the implementation of the Regional Waste Management Plan; 6a Act of 14.12.2012 on waste; 3, and the reasons for such action together with documents confirming the existence of failure and refusal to accept mixed waste or green by all regional systems operating in the second region of the municipal waste management Silesian province; g) waste management to ensure the achievement of appropriate levels of recycling and preparing for re-use of paper, metal, plastic and glass, and the level of recycling, preparing for re-use and recovery by other methods of non-hazardous construction and demolition waste which municipal waste, reduce the weight of municipal waste biodegradable transferred to storage in accordance with the provisions of the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities, regulations, by Resolution No. IV / 25 / 1/2012 of 24.8.2012 Silesia Province Assembly on adopting the Waste Management Plan for the Silesian province in 2014, Resolution No. IV / 32 / 3/2013 of 03.23.2013 the Silesia Province Assembly on amending Resolution No. IV / 25 / 2/2012 Silesia Province Assembly of 24.8.2012 on the implementation of the waste management plan for the Silesian province in 2014;
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