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Radom: Execution of construction works on the reconstruction of the premises of Radom Hospital.

Radomski Szpital Specjalistyczny im. dr Tytusa Chałubińskiego | Published July 21, 2016  -  Deadline March 31, 2017
The contract is for the execution of works involving reconstruction of premises Radom Hospital: Lot 1 - Reconstruction of facilities for the needs of the Clinic for Gastroenterology Adults them. Dr. Janusz Zawadzki and Laboratory Endoscopy them. Dr. Janusz Zawadzki with equipment - Step 2: Execution of construction works carried out under the task Reconstruction and equipping of Radom Hospital Part 2 - Implementation of the project entitled. The execution of works in the building of Emergency Department related to the granting of medical services to persons who are after excessive alcohol consumption ..

Radom: Construction graves prefabricated reinforced concrete and precast concrete slabs in the Municipal Cemetery in Radom Street. Victims of Firleja 45

 | Published July 12, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2018
Victims of Firleja 45. Symbol according to the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): - works in cemeteries. 450. Victims Firleja 45. The scope of works specify: Victims Firleja 45 (Annex 9 to the SETC and No. 2 to the Agreement), Victims Firleja 45. (Annex 10 to the ToR). - BIOZ information (Appendix 11 to the TOR), - cost estimate (Appendix 2 hereto and No. 1 to the Agreement) - a schedule 1 for 2016 .; schedule # 2 for 2017 .; schedule No. 3 for 2018. (Annex 4 to the Terms of Reference and No. 3 to the Agreement) All materials and equipment used in the performance of the contract must be 883 as amended.), - have the legally required declarations or certificates of compliance and labeling. The costs of such visits shall be borne by the Contractor. Contractor in the offer price must also take into account the costs of preparatory work and all other costs associated with the execution of the contract including in particular: 5.1. costs of disposal and utilization of construction waste (garbage, debris, etc.), 5.2. costs of clean up construction, facilities construction, as well as neighboring areas occupied by the Contractor for the execution of works, including the restoration of land development in the green and restoration of damaged, in particular as a result of movement of construction equipment and heavy transport, roads and pavements, 5.3. the costs of organizing their own facilities construction and land required for the storage of materials and stationary machinery and equipment, 5.4. the costs of site supervision (the Contractor is obliged to protect and maintain the work site at their own expense), 5.5. the cost of doing the work without stopping the normal functioning of the cemetery, the Employer does not allow partial offers.
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