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Miasto Piotrków Trybunalski | Published February 3, 2017

Construction of the new Public Library.

Piotrkow Trybunalski: Reconstruction ul. Pottery in the framework of the project entitled .: Revitalization Podzamcze Młode- old town of Piotrkow

 | Published July 12, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2017
45100000, 45111200, 45233000, 45220000, 45233150, 45233221, 45231400, 31527200, 45232300, 45232310, 32522000, 45111300, 45231300, 45111200, 45231110, 45233142, 45233142

The contract: Reconstruction of the street Garncarska with the necessary technical infrastructure in Piotrkow in the project Revitalization of the castle grounds - Young Old Town CPV: 45100000-8 Site preparation work 45111200-0 Construction work Site preparation and earthworks 45233000-9 works in construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads 45220000-5 engineering works and construction works 45233150-5 construction work for traffic regulation 45233221-4 45231400-9 Painting pavement construction work for electricity power lines 31527200-8 outdoor lighting - electric cables 45232300-5 construction and ancillary works in the field of telephone lines and transportation routes 45232310-8 construction work for telephone lines 32522000-8 telecommunications equipment 45111300-1 demolition work 45231300-8 construction work for the construction of water and sewage pipelines 45111200-0 work on preparing the site for construction and earthmoving work 45232000-2 ancillary works for pipelines and cables 45231110-9 construction work for laying pipelines 45233142-6 ancillary works for water pipelines 45233142-6 repair works of roads road works required to perform by own basic works - road, constituting the majority of the scope of work of the whole task. Subject of investment and scope: Jerusalem. Designed the way Class L adapted to the traffic load KR2, including roadway with asphalt concrete with a width of 7.0m and sidewalks on both sides of concrete cubes with a width adapted to the boundary of the existing roadway, existing buildings and fences. In the development of the project is to make the renovation of existing conventions to the adjacent property on the surface of concrete blocks. In terms of the geometry of the inclusion of the street with other streets remains unchanged. Designation of 2 percent. Lateral inclination of the pavement in the direction of the road. The slope downhill in the direction of the road with a slope adapted to the existing gates. Traffic organization is allowed to change the temporary traffic organization at the expense and effort of the contractor. Constant traffic organization developed by the project. Designed markings hardened materials smooth and vertical marking. Constant traffic organization must be adapted to current regulations on the collection day. The required 5-year warranty. Small architecture Elements of landscape architecture include: cast-iron grids with dimensions of 150x150 cm under existing and newly planted trees, steel bins, bike racks, park benches. In terms of green greenery perform the planting of trees and lawns carpet. Care is to last for a period of 5 years. INSTALLATION WORKS is projected hydrants frost with automatic drainage with additional closing ball preventing water flow in case of breakage. The network sanitary sewer pipes glazed stoneware DN250, DN200, DN425 wells PP, reinforced concrete DN1000 - factory-made manhole and tight transitions, manholes with concrete filling with permanently embedded gasket in the hatch, leaving a lane of PVC-U pipes DN160x4,7mm lite, DN200x5,9mm solid network of storm sewer pipes PVC-U DN315x9,2mm DN200x5,9mm lite lite, keys DN500 concrete settler, wells concrete DN1000 - factory-made manhole and tight transitions, manholes with concrete filling with permanently embedded gasket in the hatch, the approach the gutters by iron traps Geiger of PVC-U pipes DN160x4,7mm lite. 2,9mm. ELECTRIC WORKS Street lighting: Jerusalem, involving the construction of a new lighting poles steel cable supplied with natural waist planned sidewalk along the street. The existing street lighting fixtures with existing poles along the street Garncarska must be removed. The removal of colliding with the cable network NN: Cable lines under the street and at the entrances to the property protect pipes bisected type DVK fi 110. The removal of colliding with the telecommunications network - the scope of works included in the project and przedmiarze road: Due to the planned pedestrian designed to adjust the altitude finals existing cable manholes through their target adjusting to the level of the planned elevation of the surface area. The location of existing wells: ul.Garncarska estate No: 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 26 and on the median strip - ul.Pereca.
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