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Olkusz: Design of the technical connections of sewage and rainwater in SP No. 5 in Olkusz

Miasto i Gmina Olkusz | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016
Cegielniana 24 in Olkusz, no plot 972/11. The contract is for the development of the design and cost estimate including: The project must be made in accordance with Polish standards and regulations. 462 of poses. D.) The contract is for the development of the design and cost estimate including: - the execution of the project construction and the executive in all industries including the required permits, opinions - 5 copies. - Estimates: blind and investor in progressive stages (as agreed with the Employer ), and takeoffs (with the calculations for each amount of work and a basis for valuation, and specific physical inputs) for each of the branches in the written version (2 copies.); - Preparation of detailed technical specifications for each of the branches in written form - 2 copies., - In the event of a collision associated with the construction as well as resulting from the necessity to improve security, should be further developed design documentation execution and / or spacers and / or protection of underground utilities and overground for the telecommunication industry, water supply, electric power, gas, heating - in written form (5 copies.); - Design of small architecture (if required) - in written form (3 copies). - Green inventory and plan the felling of trees, shrubs (if required) - in written form (2 copies.); - A project of traffic for the duration of the works (if required) - in written form (3 copies.); - An electronic version containing the entire scope of the study; - Projects for all industries must include a descriptive part and drawing;

Olkusz: Repair of district roads No. 1129K Baths Great - Dluzec to the road No. 794 in the m. Great Baths at km 0 + 000 - 3 + 076 and 1132K Kąpiołki - poręba dzierżna in m. Miechówka and poręba dzierżna at km 1 + 732 - 5+ 642

Zarząd Powiatu w Olkuszu | Published July 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 18, 2016
These roads are county roads, with average traffic - KR2. The task will be made: - strengthening and renewal of roads (restoration of the substructure of the road to the KR2 in the amount of about 26 000 m2, arrangement of a bonding layer of MMA in the amount of about 37 500 m2 and the wearing of MMA in the amount of about 37 900 m2), - sidewalks (platforms) with stops communication - parking spaces on the surface of the asphalt mix, - renovation and modernization of street lighting - replacing old fixtures with new ones with energy-saving light sources and installation of LED solar lamp (Annex 10); within county road No. 1129K at km 0 + 300 - 2 pcs. solar lamps, at km 1 + 500 - 2 + 000 - 5 pcs. solar lamps, at km 2 + 100 - 2 + 900 - 10 pcs. solar lamps, within county road No. 1132K between the intersection with the municipal road No. K120658 Zagumnie the cemetery - 7 pcs. solar lamps, - renovation of ditches, - restoration of roadsides soil - improving the quality of the vertical label by exchanging signs with new ones - repair of culverts - modernization of the conventions on estates, - execution of road markings - the implementation of elements of road safety: 1 set of characters active D-6, guard rails, protective barriers - (appendix 10); Furthermore, the seat and backrest should be made of wooden slats and the world equipped with a trash can attached to the construction of sheds or free-standing frame and on the timetable. In the course of the construction process is required systematic research in the field of capacity, density, thickness of the structural layers, etc.
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