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Sewerage work

Gmina Kobierzyce | Published April 7, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017
45232410, 71320000, 45233140, 45231300, 45232440, 45232423

The contract includes development of the concept, construction projects, detailed designs including obtaining any required approvals and necessary administrative decisions and the construction of sewage and water supply system for the village: Małuszów, Buds, Krzyżowice, Żerniki Small Raclawice big, Chrzanów Magnice, Pełczyce, Księginice, Kuklica, News and part of Kobierzyce Kobierzyce. Construction and installation should cover a complete range included in the projects developed by the Contractor and building regulations.

Kobierzyce: Modernization of the building common room country with infrastructure and land development in miejscwości Domasław, Kobierzyce Commune

Gmina Kobierzyce | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline July 31, 2017
45000000, 45110000, 45262500, 45320000, 45421000, 45232460, 45232400, 45310000, 45311000, 45311100, 45311200, 45400000, 45442100

1. The contract is the modernization of the rural common room with infrastructure and land development in Domasław, Kobierzyce Commune on the basis of technical documentation and execution for the Employer required activities related to the implementation of the provisions of the building permit, obtaining a use permit or a certificate of absence PINB opposition on the planned accession to the use of the facility. 2. Object of the contract should be implemented based on the developed technical design documentation (documentation is attached as Appendix 9 to the SETC). 3. The scope of reconstruction includes mainly reconstruction and renovation of all rooms located on the ground floor and lobby, and a storage room on the first floor, the conversion of electric heating to gas, replacement of waterproofing on the roof with the replacement of skin plates, sheet metal along with gutters and downpipes and window wyłazowym on the roof, Wroclaw, repair exterior stairs of reinforced concrete on the west side, 4. the Contractor shall execute the necessary operations and bear all costs related to the organization and maintenance of the site, including, among others, execution in agreement with the Employer the necessary access roads, traffic organization, bringing the media for the duration of construction activities lane roads, the removal of a collision, marking, fencing and building security. 5. The Contractor on behalf of the Employer shall notify prior to the start of work: a) the competent supervisory authority of the construction of the intended date of commencement of works under the provisions of the building permit, the Contractor on behalf of the Employer register log construction. In addition, there will be on behalf of the municipality in the execution of technical activities Contractor within 7 days from the date of signing the contract must submit a request for a power of attorney for people who are authorized to act on behalf of Kobierzyce Commune in order to settle in / in the cases. 7. The Contractor shall prepare and print ZI obtain technical data sheet to allow the Purchaser to sign an agreement on the distribution and supply of electricity. 8. The contractor will prepare the application form ready to fill the gas fuel gas. 9. The Contractor shall obtain on behalf of the Employer required permits related to the use of the object as the State Fire Service, State Sanitary Inspection, Office of Technical Inspection with permission to use or certificate of no objection PINB the planned accession to the use of the facility, inclusive. 10. As part of the contract the Contractor will develop a user fire, make equipment and marking in this area. 11. As part of the contract the Contractor will develop (if required) energy performance certificate of the expanded facility. Invitation to the meeting of the author's supervision must be agreed with the Purchaser. 13. Any additional work, parts and do not require execution should be described in the protocol prepared by the Contractor and the need to promptly presented with a detailed valuation to accept supervision and the Purchaser (PROTOCOLS NEED TO PREPARE THE CONTRACTOR). Moreover, the Contractor shall provide complete project documentation with marked if necessary. Amendments accepted by the supervision and inspector. 15. The contractor will provide a permanent, full and geological surveying services. 16. It should be included in the valuation of the additional costs resulting from the exchange of land, repair and reconstruction of damaged roads, keep that in. Drainage trenches, the conditions of agreements and decisions. 17. The contractor will be required to work closely with the investor's supervision inspector 18. The contractor will be required to conduct research soil compaction (including bedding, backfill) and present them at the request of the Superintendent of Investor. Office. 20. The contractor will be obliged to carry out the work in a way that minimizes damage to adjacent land.
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