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Gliwice: Construction exit to City Hospital No. 4 in Gliwice Sp. z oo ul. Sigismund the Old 20, 44-100 Gliwice

Szpital Miejski Nr 4 w Gliwicach Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością | Published July 20, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
The contract is for the execution of works, specific technical documentation (exit area of ​​City Hospital No. 4 in Gliwice Sp. Z oo Position unloading tankers) - constituting Appendix 1 hereto and the execution of additional work, ie .: - built documentation, according to with the provisions of the Act of 7 July 1994. construction Law (consolidated text .: OJ 2016., pos. 290, as amended. d.), hereinafter referred to as pbud, - receipt, storage and export of legitimate dump demolition materials and debris, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 14 December 2012. About waste.

Gliwice: Repair of the rooms and anterooms DS. Babylon. The matter: OZ / B / 16/26 / MW

Politechnika Śląska | Published July 26, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016
1. The subject of the contract is works include: repair segments of the student. Each segment consists of one room, hallway and bathroom. Premises for the renovations are in three divisions (DS. Babylon is a 11-storey building). 2. CPV: - 2 Construction work for buildings - 0 Building installation work, - 7 Construction. 3. The term of the agreement from the date of conclusion of the contract until 11.30.2016 r. Employer provides for the transfer of the works to 3 days from the date of the agreement.

Gliwice: Modernization of objects: land development (Stage II), adjust the premises for the disabled.

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 41 | Published July 26, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
The contract works are as follows: a) reconstruction of the external stairs and the construction of ramps for people with disabilities At the gym wall on the south side provides for the demolition of passage paved parade ground and execution of green area. Basic parameters of design objects - storage under the stairs: Wall outer dimensions: 2.71 x 2.42 m, height 2.20 m + 0.15 m; building area of ​​6.55 m2; - External stairs: the dimensions of the roll: 4.50 x 1.40 m; surface of the stair in plan: 6.30 m2; the number and dimensions of steps 2 x 6 degrees with dimensions of 16.5 x 30 cm, - ramp for the disabled: dimensions in plan: 11.00 x 5.32 m; the surface of the ramp in plan: 58.50 m2 - Stairs Field: dimensions in plan view: 0.60 x 1.19 m, the surface of the stairs in plan: 0.70 m2; the number and size degrees 3 degrees with dimensions of 16 x 30 cm, - network of sanitary sewage system: the total length of the reconstructed and overhauled the network: 17.5 m, material and diameter of the pipes: PVC, fi 0.16 m; - The surface area of ​​the new green: the surface of the projection: 120.0 m2. b) the implementation of land development (stage works) Cormorants 23 in Gliwice, annexed to the above. decision. In 2013, we performed the first stage of modernization of courts and land development, which included: 28,0m x 58,0m; 15,0x24,0m, 75,0m, - construction of jump to jump, - construction of stairs field - the implementation of retaining walls; - Construction of pavements; - Construction of the access road to the fields and hills in the distance; - Road construction fire without laying cobblestones; - Construction piłkochwytów; Sandpiper and partly to establish the existing fence from the cooperative; - Installation of small architecture and equipment of sports fields; - Execution of lighting the whole area and installation of monitoring; - Partial execution storm sewer system; The second phase of the work is a continuation of the investment project undertaken with regard to the fact planned to complete the reconstruction of the ramp and the entrance stairs (according to a separate study) and includes: demolition work, ie.: - Demolition of pavement square maneuvering on the surface of trylinki from the yard; - Demolition of the paving of the square maneuvering (roll call) on the surface of the concrete slabs on the west side of the building, including the grassy parts; - Demolition of the internal network of storm water drainage schools under the square parade ground; - Demolition of existing concrete irrigation channel along the parade ground and the sidewalk on the west side of the building; - Dismantling of the gates and gates of the courtyard; - The demolition of part of the inner fence on the south side to the gable school; Plumbing, ie .: - the construction of the drainage network of schools (wells, drains, wires) in respect of the parade; -Construction drainage line along the escarpment at the parade ground; Road works, ie .: - leveling and korytowanie square maneuvering, parade ground, fire roads and pavements; - Execution frameworks for new surfaces; - Execution of pavement squares and sidewalks with concrete blocks; Assembly work, ie .: - building the fence internal panel from the south to the gable school; - Installation of a new gate and gate system palisading - from the yard; - Installation of small architecture (bins - 2 pcs).

Gliwice: Development of design documentation for the project. / Expansion of the intersection of the county road No. 2927S with county road No. 2916S with calming traffic on the street. Olchowej in Żernicy /

Zarząd Dróg Powiatowych | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2017
The scope of work includes design: Szafranka) and dehydration 3.2. renovation of the district road No. 2927S at a distance of about 500 m in places indicated by the Purchaser together with the ordering of drainage in the area of ​​the cemetery Olchowej at a distance of approximately 1 300 m in order to ensure an adequate level of pedestrian safety, taking into account in particular the following principles: - preference for pedestrian, bicycle and ensuring safe movement of pedestrians along the way (eg. construction bands) - to provide a safe route to school - security solutions - the idea is to put solutions do not cause hazards in traffic - anticipate the entrance of the diversity of character area - the point is that the driver rode to the area at reduced speed and did not raise it above the desired level - stabilization of the speed of vehicles at the desired level - the point is that the driver kept the speed to the desired level, without excessive fluctuations, including sudden braking and acceleration - sedation and slow traffic (method of traffic calming: eg. limit the intensity of traffic in the area of ​​sedation, reducing the speed of vehicles using the road signs, the speed limit of vehicles by the impact from the formation of a spatial path (tilt the track, refugees, narrowing , speed bumps), reducing the speed of vehicles using impact from the road surface 3.4. As part of the contract must be performed: The current cadastral map and the current excerpts from the register of land parcels directly adjacent to the investment, the Employer has the map for design purposes - updated: 12.18.2015 r. Szafranka in Żernicy Szafranka in Żernicy construction project - Executive county road repair No. 2927S with drainage of the road (reconstruction of storm water drainage elements with adjusting the location of drains to the proposed geometry of the street, regulation of foreign devices built into the lane) Projects Construction and implementing the removal of colliding with the existing infrastructure located in the traffic lane (in case of need) project construction and executive traffic calming road district No. 2927S inventory of woodlots and felling plan (as required): Technical Specifications execution and Acceptance of construction works detailed bill of quantities, form the valuation of the offer complies with STWiORB, Estimate of investor, the project targeted traffic organization Determining geotechnical foundation conditions , Operat wodnoprawny for road drainage (in case of need), Information card project, together with the necessary materials to the application for the environmental decision (in case of need), materials for an application for a decision on a permit for the execution of road investment, safety Information and health,

Gliwice: Brownfield revitalization Street. Port in Gliwice

Miasto Gliwice | Published July 25, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2017
The contract is: a) preparation of documentation revitalization of brownfields Street. Port in Gliwice - Land registration No. 1 and 2 Port precinct with a total area. 6.6684 ha - divided the property into plots intended for small and medium-sized enterprises - by preparing the technical infrastructure for investment land, together with the rearrangement of the existing land plots, b) submission on behalf of the Employer to the competent authority of a complete application for a decision on the construction permit and obtaining a decision the approval of the construction project and granting construction permit or notification of works for the planned tasks including obtaining approval of the application by the authority c) supervising the author at the time of execution of works on the basis of the documentation done by the design Unit. A detailed description of the contract document contains description of the contract (APPENDIX 5 to the ToR), and the model contract (APPENDIX 4 to the ToR). Required term of warranty: The warranty period for documentation made will run from the date of receipt of final documentation until the expiry of the guarantee and warranty on the subject made on the basis of the documentation developed, but not longer than 5 years from the date of acceptance protocol developed documentation.

Gliwice: Reconstruction of the guest house Sesame together with adaptation to the Student House Silesian University of Technology. The matter: OZ / B / 16/34 / NC

Politechnika Śląska | Published July 27, 2016  -  Deadline June 1, 2017
1. The contract is for reconstruction facility guest house sesame. 2. CPV Construction, Installation of computer cabling, wiring work electrical installation work of electrical building installation work Installing alarm systems and antennas installation of fire alarm systems work plumbing and sanitary central-heating installation installation of ventilation and air-conditioning 3 . the term of the agreement from the date of the contract to 01.06.2017r ..

Portable computers

Politechnika Śląska | Published September 28, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016

1. The contract is for the supply of computer equipment (a laptop) for the Silesian University of Technology. Offered equipment must be CE marked. All equipment and components for construction equipment, which are object of the contract must be brand new. 2. Object of the contract is financed from the project "The new tools of molecular diagnostics and imaging individualized therapy of breast cancer, thyroid and prostate MILESTONE agreement no STRATEGMED2 / 267398/4 / NCBR / 2015 implemented under the program" Prevention and treatment of diseases of civilization "3 . CPV: portable computers. 4. delivery Time: 14 days from the date of the agreement.

Gliwice: Dehydration South KSSE - the area ul. Bojkowska

Miasto Gliwice | Published July 15, 2016  -  Deadline September 30, 2019
, The project will involve the construction of storm sewer system, along with weapons and the execution of a sealed storage reservoir for rainwater pumping station and accompanying buildings and culvert under the street Bojkowska. Other sections of storm water drainage system shall be done by open trench. Bojkowska designed bushing frame with dimensions of 1200 mm x 3500 mm. The area at the pumping station will be limited from the ogroblowania retaining wall built in the form of reinforced concrete on the top plate of steel sheet-pile wall. In connection with the need to protect the tank in case of overflow, the scope of work also provides for making transfers from the emergency bleed conical trough and discharge of water from the overflow into the trough open ditch. The route leads provided for the implementation control drain in the concrete pit, chosen to expense 110 l / s. Conduit will have an outlet to the reservoir. Around the area of ​​the tank will be performed perimeter security against interference by third parties. For the correct operation of the system to perform power system provides power and automation systems necessary to operate the equipment. In connection with the existing technical infrastructure, there is a need to translate the existing fiber-optic cable, and the works will be necessary to temporarily disable the high voltage line running along the northern border of the reservoir. A detailed description and scope of the contract specifies the design documentation and technical specifications for execution and acceptance of construction works constituting APPENDIX 5 to the ToR. NOTE: In this field of work described in the project, the primary will not be executed and apply provisions of the draft replacement. When preparing the Schedule in time-material and financial to be assumed that the Contractor in 2016 made 10% of the contract value in subsequent years, 30% of the contract. The work lying on the side of Tauron are not covered by the construction project and not part of the contract. The Contractor shall, within 30 days notify the contracting authority plans to start work on a plot 201 precinct New Gliwice. This means that the contractor may propose other than those specified in the documentation solutions with appropriate equivalent technical specifications, standards, approvals, technical specifications and reference systems to achieve the expected functionality of the entire system which is the subject of the contract ensuring obtain all possibly required arrangements.

Gliwice: Repair of apartments intended for repatriates in residential buildings administered by the Board of Municipal Buildings II Housing Association Sp. z oo in Gliwice. Part 1 -Remont apartment Street. Scout 8b m.2 in Gliwice intended for repatriates. Part 2 - The apartment renovation Street. Chodkiewicza 4 m.5 in Gliwice intended for repatriates.

Zarząd Budynków Miejskich II Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego Sp. z o.o. | Published July 21, 2016  -  Deadline October 30, 2016
The subject of this part of the contract is the execution of works mentioned in the title of the contract in accordance with the attached to the terms of the contract: documentations design WSP przedmiarami works, material specification and the relevant contractual provisions (annexes hereto), in accordance with the knowledge and art of building, health and safety regulations, and taking into account the following remarks. The scope of works: The contract includes the renovation of residential units in the part of the construction, electricity and installation (what and water and sewage). Scout 8b m.2 in Gliwice intended for repatriates. -Powiększenie Bathrooms (moving partition walls in the kitchen and hallway) -Exchange one window in the bathroom, walling up the second, according to the draft -Exchange door woodwork internal and external -INTERNAL installation of water and sanitary sewage, construction of new approaches for the equipment: sink , shower, toilet bowl with flush-mounted flush, washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen sink, -made new plaster and paint, suspended ceilings, floors -made (partly tiles, partly panels) -made electrical installation (lighting, sockets, protection against electric shock, install overvoltage), -Installing gas installation bifunctional gas boiler and a gas stove, -Etażowa installation at -Installing hot water Chodkiewicza 4 m.5 in Gliwice intended for repatriates. -Powiększenie Bathrooms (moving a partition wall in the kitchen) -Przymurowanie window jambs in the kitchen and bathroom, -Exchange door woodwork internal and external -INTERNAL installation of water and sanitary sewage, construction of new approaches for the equipment: sink, shower, toilet bowl hanging from flush flush, washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen sink. -made New plaster and paint, suspended ceilings, floors -made (partly tiles, partly panels) -made electrical installation (lighting, sockets, shock protection, installation overvoltage), -Installing gas installation bifunctional gas boiler and a gas cooker , -Etażowa installation at

Gliwice: Execution of the design - cost estimates for the purpose of building renovation of the Main Library and the three buildings, the Department of Foundry. The matter: OZ / U / 16/18 / HP

Politechnika Śląska | Published July 25, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016
1. The contract is for services related to the execution of the design - cost estimates of thermal insulation Silesian University of Technology, divided into two tasks: Task 1 - thermo-modernization project of the building of the Main Library Street. Kaszubska 23 in Gliwice; TASK 2 - thermo project three buildings at ul. Commodity 7 in Gliwice 2. CPV architectural design services. 3. The term of the order - until 15.09.2016 r .: documentation of architectural and construction, an opinion ornithological and Chiropterological and to request a building permit (for the license until 25.10.2016 r.) - To dated 10.20.2016 r .: Investor estimates and takeoffs - until 30.11.2016 r .: full executive documentation. With regard to the author's supervision: the call of the Purchaser, in the course of work carried out on the basis of this technical documentation (specified implementation period in the years 2017-2020). Warning! The term of a point II.2) of this notice is given for technical reasons (inability to enter several terms, and a thorough description of them) as 11.30.2016 r ..

Gliwice: Repair (reconstruction) barrage government. Bierawka at km 17 + 600 m. Sierakowice, along with the renovation of the river at km 17 + 400 - 17 + 750 - the removal of flood damage

Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej w Gliwicach | Published July 18, 2016  -  Deadline May 30, 2017
For this purpose, the reconstruction of the existing level cascade to bystrotok (ramp), which will no longer be an obstacle to the movement of aquatic organisms. The scope of the proposed solutions includes execution: - preparatory works, in the form of felling of trees and shrubs along demarcation geodetic objects; - Accompanying works, involving the implementation of temporary technological road with culvert road, cofferdam in the river bed for the duration of the works and the partition stopping hazardous substances; - Reconstruction of the degree to which it has to perform the demolition of the existing elements of the degree of killing a tight walls of sheet piles of steel, construction of reinforced concrete floor slab bystrotoku the top layer in the form of overhead stone embedded in concrete, assembly of habitatowych, supporting elements in the form of baskets reticular - stone and wooden palisades and revetments at the height of the degree in the form of mattresses reticular-stone for the geotextile; 1,50m; - Finishing works involving humusowaniu slopes with sowing grass mix, organize the site, repair roads and used as-built performance measurement surveying. The scope of the major work includes: - construction measuring 0,35km - mowing lichens from the slopes 3500,00m2 - felling 40,00szt - making technological roads 840,00m2 - making a temporary culvert pipe 5,00m - carrying the surface tłuczniowych 1132,20m2 - the bulkhead sandbags 196,00m3 - 2492,04m3 excavations - embankments 2492,04m3 - tight walls of steel sheet piles 59,20m - reinforced concrete elements ramp (bystrotoku) 85,96m3 - making wooden palisades 247,25m - making ties with guts fascine 641, 00m - strengthening geotextile 1853,82m2 - baskets and mattresses reticular-stone 132,80m3 - making rip-rap at the bottom and on the slopes 727,22m3
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