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Zarząd Dróg Powiatowych w Brzegu | Published July 25, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016
The contract is for the construction and repair of pavement divided into 3 tasks. Czepielowice DP No. 1157 About czepielowice within the district road No. 1157 and 1158 O O - V stage from km 0 + 237 to km 0 059 episodes. 1.50 m concrete cubes gray and red on the descents 8 cm including the execution of drainage (street inlets laterals). Myśliborzyce DP No. 1167 About Myśliborzyce from km 0 + 328 to km 2.0 m with local constrictions of 8 cm cubes of red cube 80.0 m. Lubsza DP No. 1146 O includes performing the repair of the pavement by the district road No. 1146 About Forest with an average width 1.50 m concrete cubes gray and red 8 cm with exits. Each task is a separate contract which will be signed separate agreement. According to Article 30 section 4 of the Public Procurement Law, the Purchaser allows solutions equivalent to those described in the project documentation and other annexes to siwz provided that the offered materials or equivalent solutions ensure the implementation of works and obtaining technical parameters not worse than assumed in the tender documents. The contractor, which refers to a solution equivalent to those described by the Employer is obliged to prove that offered by its construction meet the requirements specified by the Contracting Authority (Article 30 paragraph 5 of the Public Procurement Law). The Contractor's remuneration determined on the basis of the offer is a salary contractor will bid evaluation based on the analysis of all materials provided by the Purchaser ie. Bill of quantities, project documentation, STWiORB, the obligations specified by the Contracting Authority taking into account the unit prices all costs associated with the implementation of tasks and others not listed. The Contractor's remuneration determined on the basis of the offer is a salary final amount of compensation will be determined on the basis of its work checked as required by the Superintendent and approved by the Employer using the unit prices included in the cost estimates for proposals Contractor. As part of the contract, the contractor is also required to: 1) develop a draft amendment to the organization of traffic for the duration of the works carried out in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 23 September 2003r.w on the detailed terms of traffic management on the No. 177, as amended poz.1729. d.) approved by the governing body movement on district roads and its maintenance during the works carried out in the proper technical and aesthetic condition, 2) implementation and maintenance of the marking in the course of the works and the demolition of the completion of the work, 3) compliance with safety regulations. It is recommended that the Contractor made the vision of the local area for which the contract and won all the information necessary to prepare the offer and sign the contract. During the execution of works, observe the Laws Act of 2013. poz.21 amended). 24 months from the date of final acceptance. The warranty period is one of the evaluation criteria: - the minimum period quality guarantee is 24 months - the maximum declared period of quality guarantee is 60 months.
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