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Procurement for the construction of new tømmerkai, Namsos harbor

Trondheim Havn | Published November 28, 2016  -  Deadline January 6, 2017

Trondheim harbor plans expansion of Kiskaia. Future use will be as tømmerkai / flerbrukskai.

Kaiutvidelsen represents 24 m. Quay is at the end of Namsen.

Kaia is scheduled to open pelekai with superstructure of concrete girders and concrete deck.

Vertical piles will be drilled steel piles down to the bedrock, reinforced and cast. Horizontal anchoring is planned

with two groups of inclined steel core piles, one group with struts to the end of the dock.

Hadsel VGS Stokmarknes

ARKITEKTENE VIS-À-VIS AS | Published October 25, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

New construction, reconstruction, demolition of Hadsel secondary school in Stokmarknes.

Procurement of Architectural and consultancy services, Health Førde HF

Sykehusbygg HF | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline January 17, 2017

Scope: Architectural and consultancy services in connection with the implementation of quality assurance concept phase report and feasibility study for New Forde Hospital with options for further phases. Førde central hospital (FSS) is a somatic and psychiatric hospital for Sogn og Fjordane county. The hospital is located at Vie Forde. The hospital buildings will be expanded by approximately 10,000 m2 new construction and remodeling of existing hospitals, ca. 50 000 m2. The project consists of new construction for children-, youth and adult psychiatry, incl. Outdoors, reconstruction of existing buildings psychiatry sick hotel and offices for administration and new construction, extension and reconstruction of uni- versity college and low rise. Plans with turnkey tilt transport of architect and consultants.

Rive Entreprise Charging sports park area development

Trondheim kommune | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

In connection with the construction of the new joint use hall at Lade Athletic Park, the existing wardrobe building will be demolished in two phases. See attached rivesnittegning. Remaining part of the wardrobe built to be refurbished, as the remaining part of the wardrobe built still employed in a transitional phase.

For further information, see the attached amount of description.

Framework agreement on deck hotel and buying tires

Trondheim kommune | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

Principal needs of tires and tire hotels to about 500 light vehicles, about 65 heavy vehicles. With light vehicles means vehicles with weight class below 3.5 tonnes and heavy vehicles means vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, as well as some agricultural / construction equipment.

Delivery of deck hotel involves:

• Storage of tires

• Restructuring of tires

• Balancing occasionally

• Wash and maintenance of tires and rims.

• Checking the tires in relation to statutory requirements for tread depth and the like.

• Control of valves and pressure.

Delivery of new tires means:

• Summer

• Friction tires

• winter tires

• Implementdekk / div. Tractor / construction tires

• Wheels and other tire-related products

• Replacement tires, on / off rims.

The client wants an option for tire repair and emergency assistance in case of puncture. The need for emergency assistance by puncturing will be outside the workshop's opening.

Refers to the attached tender documents and annexes.

Full WIDTH NKOM 2016 - Joint broadband project in Sor-Trondelag

Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune | Published December 5, 2016  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

As part of the ambition of full broadband coverage in Sør-Trøndelag shall in 2017 carried out the construction and upgrade of broadband in eight municipalities.

In total there are 15 areas that will be developed. The project is a collaboration between STFK and the involved municipalities. Delivery shall include:

- New and upgraded broadband solution at minimum 30Mbps downstream

- Establishment of broadband accesses to businesses and households

- Providing Internet access and other broadband services

Minimum requirements and award criteria exist in our tender documents and annexes. This can be published simultaneously with the competition are announced.

Number of accesses is estimated at 1200, 60 companies and 1,000 homes.

It will be given the opportunity to bid on specific areas of a municipality.

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