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Construction-site supervision services

Stavanger kommune [Stavanger municipality] | Published December 3, 2016
Construction-site supervision services

Jåttå Sixth Form College. New construction, Adapted Education department

Rogaland fylkeskommune [Rogaland County] | Published November 12, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016

Rogaland fylkeskommune shall build a new department for adapted education at Jåttå sixth form college in Stavanger. The school offers both vocational and university-preparatory education and has approx. 1 100 students. The premises that currently house adapted education at Hinna shall be sold, and a new building shall be erected on the southern end of the site at the main school. The education will take place in small groups with increased staffing. The students are armed to master a better work life or everyday life by the completion of their schooling. The department will have 65 students, of which 30 will be undertaking every day life training and 35 will be undertaking work training. There are approx. 60 employees.

The site is located between roads, railway and park-like open space, and is relatively flat. The main building is from 2007, and the sports building from 2010.

This competition concerns a turnkey contract for the adapted education department that is a new construction totalling GFA 3 390 m2, as well as outdoor works and demolition/development of a new multi use games area. The turnkey contract includes erection of a complete functional and user-ready building. The executing turnkey contractor will be responsible for ensuring that the contract includes all the necessary work for the planning, engineering design and execution.

Jåttå. New construction Facilitated department

Rogaland fylkeskommune | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016

Rogaland county will build a new department for special teaching, by Jåttå school in Stavanger. The school offers both vocational and general studies courses and has about 1,100 students. The premises which today is facilitated teaching at Hinna be sold, and new buildings will be built south of the plot by the main school. Undervisngen will take place in small groups with increased staffing. Students gearing to master a better work or daily life at the end of schooling. The department gets 65 students divided into 30 on everyday life training and 35 on the job training. There are about 60 employees.

The plot is situated between roads, rail and park-like friaraeal, and is relatively flat. The main building is from 2007 and sports buildings from 2010.

This competition is a turnkey for facilitated branch which is a new construction totaling BTA 3.390 m², as well as outdoors and demolition / construction of the new mini-pitch. The turnkey contract includes the construction of a complete functional and ready to use buildings. Executing contractor responsible for the contract includes all necessary work with respect. planning, design and execution.

VVA Sørbø Hagane B02

Dimensjon Rådgivning AS | Published November 14, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016

Construction of VVA-, green space and land for field B02 Sørbø Hove in Sandnes.

Canon school - expansion - annex - Turnkey

Stavanger kommune | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline February 15, 2017

Canon School is a middle school and address St. Svithuns gate 40, 4009 Stavanger.

The school will be expanded with an addition of approximately 720 m2 (BTA). The extension will have two floors, and will mainly accommodate base room, communication rooms and group rooms. The extension is an extension of the building C.

The measure conflicts with existing mini-pitch, which must be removed. Delivery of new mini-pitch is included as an option.

It shall also be filed option for green roof (additional cost).

A computer room in existing buildings shall be modified to workroom for teachers.

Pilot project forms part of the tender documents. The project will further turnkey. Planned start of construction work is beginning in July 2017, with completion in early July 2018.

BIM will be used in the project.

Please note protected trees near the plant site.

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