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EB01 Seljord Vassverk - Construction Entreprise water treatment and råvannspumpestasjon

Sweco Norge AS Seljord | Published March 30, 2015  -  Deadline April 28, 2015
45252120, 45210000, 45262300, 45421000, 45252126

Seljord Municipality will build a new main waterworks Seljord center, with Seljord as the source. The development includes new water treatment, intake pumping station and wastewater systems in the sea and ditch. The present document applies construction work for water treatment on Vallar on 280 m2 with basement waterproof concrete, g deep intake pumping station on Bjørg Sanden of 26 m2. This contract includes construction work, sanitary installations, earthworks, exit and veg.

Svene Waterworks - Construction and engineering sciences

Sweco Norge AS Seljord | Published September 16, 2016  -  Deadline October 17, 2016
45210000, 45252126, 45262300, 45421000, 42500000, 45315100, 31127000, 45232150

Flesberg to embed the current water treatment plant at Svene and Lampeland, and it will be built a whole new Svene waterworks for both supply areas with the design capacity 60 m³ / h. Today the well area with 1 well drilling, expanded with new well.

In building contract includes:

• Structural work on new water treatment building on two floors with an area 235m2 (BYA), including machine / prosessrom in basement, staff room on the mezzanine, switchboard, compressor and extensions for reserve power plants.

• Ventilation inc. Dehumidification

• Electro incl. Main distribution and reserve power plants

• Sanitation.

• Earthworks, exterior VA.

Lower Sauherad Waterworks - Cord Construction Nordagutu

Sweco Norge AS Seljord | Published November 30, 2015  -  Deadline December 16, 2015

The contract covers the laying of water pipeline between planned hight pool and excl. net on Nordagutu.

Book collective and day activity center Nesvegen 7 -BYGG

Sted: hele Norge | Published June 16, 2017  -  Deadline August 9, 2017

Current competition applies to construction work for a new extension in Nesvegen 10, and new building in Nesvegen 7. Other entrants involved here are shown in chapter A3.4.1. Building prices include: • Construction works on new extension at Nesvegen 10, 117m2. • Construction works on new building in Nesvegen 7, 1325m2. • Groundwork, exterior VA.

building leadership

Sted: hele Norge | Published June 20, 2017  -  Deadline August 1, 2017

Construction of new buildings for Bukollektiv and day activity center, extension of the dementia department at Nesbukti Care and Care Center.

Bygdaråi bridge -Anleggsentreprise

Seljord kommune | Published September 29, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
45221110, 45246200

Seljord municipality will rehabilitate Bygdaråi bridge.

The present document applies to all rehabilitation works with bridge

Contracts include:

- Earthworks

- Concrete work

- Steel Works

- Wet Insulation / joints

Construction work has planned to start in May 2017 and will be completed during August 2017.

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