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Turnkey Utomhus Hovik Vollen

Asplan Viak AS | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017

The smoke Eiendom AS invites with this contest without negotiations for the project "Utomhus Hovik Mound." The project will be implemented as turnkey acc. contract standard NS8407, and builder's general and special contractual provisions.

The smoke municipality has a recreational area with shoreline on Hovik Vollen, who represent a large and well recreation area for residents of the municipality and visitors.

The plot includes a swimming beach, flat with processed lawn, overgrown hillside, mountains and masonry in

day, shrubs, deciduous trees and pines.

In connection with the upgrade of the existing service building municipality wants and clean up more outdoors conditions on site, as well as establish a buried waste solution and a new path to the service building. The intention is to include the service building in the area with a swimming beach, while it should be easier to use the building.

Especially in slope between grassland and the building will vegetation cleared and trees common, while a wish to bring up the old walls and mountains in the day.

The tasks to be performed include the felling of trees and clearing of vegetation.

Parallel to this competition it created a special contest that deal works with service building. Total contractor advised to familiarize themselves with this competition.

In work with service building shall be buried a new septic tank as shown in the drawing. Construction of service building has with external work even finished graded gravel / cover of tank, while this contract shall include, if desirable. Soil and grass / gravel that will be over.

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