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Nidelv bru, Maintenance Worker

Region: Trøndelag | Published March 20, 2018

Bru nr. 16-0913 Nidelv bru is a flap bridge located in the center of Trondheim and was built in 1976. Brua is in 8 spans, of which a movable flap of 28.5 meters. Total length of the bridge is 203 meters with a width of 10 meters spread over 7.5 meters of lane and 2 slopes of narrow sidewalks / road lanes. Axis 0 to 1 consists of solid beams / concrete slabs over landscreens, NOB / NOT beams from Axis 1 to 2, Plain concrete slabs from Axis 2 to 5 and 6 to 8 and Single-Axis Flap Machines in Axis 5 to 6. Axes, Machine Houses and pillars are made of concrete. Dimensioning load class is SVV 1971. Brua is classified as BK10 / 60, wall group A. Classification year is 1996. Extensive maintenance work will now be carried out on most of the structural elements on the bridge. The work includes both steel and concrete work. This contract also includes works on the following constructions: • 16-1676 Strindheimkryssbrua • 16-1734 Rotvollhaugen bridge south • 16-1737 Rotvoll GS bridge • 16-1738 Madsjøbrua vest • 16-1766 Schmetows Ale • 16-1791 Rotvoll downfall south On These bridges will be subjected to concrete work involving the installation of openings in rails, injection molding in columns / walls and concrete coatings, and some mechanical concrete rehabilitation and surface treatment.

New Iron, Sogn Earth and Horticulture Coal

Sted: hele Norge | Published June 8, 2018

Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule will renovate and you will expand the iron by the shoulder. It will be useful primarily for you teaching, but also for production. Additions are approx. 50 m2 BTA with ceiling over and overcoat exterior staircase. Flooring on the ground, exterior walls, flooring and roof made as wooden constructions. Interior surfaces with hygiene requirements. Roofing with concrete roofing tiles.

Fv.17 Jektvik ferjekai - Delivery and installation of new ferry bridge

Sted: hele Norge | Published May 31, 2018

At Jektvik ferjekai, today's ferry bridge must be changed to new bridge. In this connection, new concrete structures that are adapted to new bridge will be established. Existing concrete structures around today's bridges will be demolished gradually and in advance of building new constructions. This is necessary to ensure that traffic can go over the connection as normal. This work is delivered in another contract. It is planned that new lift towers should be established and commissioned in an early phase and used for a period of today's ferry bridge. Once these have been put into operation, it will be clear for demolition of remaining constructions and for deepening in bridge locks. When the new ferry bridge is to be installed, it will be necessary for the connection to be closed over a short period of time.

12-BYM-2016 Framework Agreement for Maintenance of Bridges and Support Mills

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 13, 2017

All bridge and wall constructions managed by BYM need both periodic and more acute maintenance. This in order to maintain and, in many cases, increase the safety of road users, as well as maintain the aesthetic characteristic of these constructions in the cityscape. Bruene is inspected annually by the control engineer from the City of Oslo, and every five years a main inspection is carried out. The inspections form the basis for a report which identifies damage to the bridge, and describes any need for maintenance measures. Acute maintenance needs will also occur so that it will be difficult to plan the specific measures in advance, therefore a framework agreement is appropriate. We will acquire a framework agreement with one contractor who can perform maintenance work on bridge and wall constructions. The attached amount description describes the work that may be relevant when the framework agreement is terminated. As part of the contract work, the supplier, in cooperation with the contractor, perform state mapping of relevant structures and verify the maintenance measures before starting maintenance work. The economic volume of calls on the framework agreement per year is estimated to amount to approximately NOK 12 million excluding value added tax. The estimate can not be regarded as binding on the principal.

Demolition Sand dairy

Fylke: Rogaland, Kommune: Suldal | Published September 5, 2017

Part of Sand Dairy must be demolished, and new concrete façade must be established in the "wound". The building is on 3 floors. Mainly concrete and "heavy" constructions. An environmental report and waste plan has been prepared, which forms the basis for the offer.

Fv. 33 Skartjednet - Tonsvatnet and Lower Øydgarden - Bjørgokrysset

Fylke: Oppland, Kommune: Nord-Aurdal | Published February 28, 2018

The contract work comprises two pairs of parsons, Skartjednet - Tonsvatnet and Lower Øydgarden - Bjørgokrysset. Parsellene is located in Etnedal and Nord-Aurdal municipality. The distance between the two pairs is approx. 5 km. The work is to redecorate existing roads, width extensions and curve improvements on the parcels, including four new constructions.

7806 Rismelen Activity Park Part 2

Fylke: Nord-Trøndelag, Kommune: Steinkjer | Published April 9, 2018

The project is carried out as a contracted general contract. The following chapters are included in the contract price: * Rig and operation * Roads and seats * Park and garden * Stairs * Concrete constructions * Metalworking * Activity bridge * VA plant * EL worker

Rehabilitation VVA Mo i Rana - P23.2 Center

Rana kommune | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017

Roald Amundsen street: Existing water and sewage pipes to be replaced with new wiring in Roald Amundsen street. It should be put down new sewer and laid out new branch lines. The project encompasses approximately 450 m water mains, ca. 440 m main sewage line, ca. 470 m main water pipes, six new water basins, 12 new wastewater foamer, 12 new stormwater foams and ca. 4600 m2 asphalt surface. OT Olsens gate: Existing water and sewage pipes to be replaced with new wiring in OT Olsens gate and nearby areas. It should be put down new manholes, including one wastewater pumping station and laid out new branch lines. The project encompasses approximately 340 m water mains, ca. 510 m main sewage line, ca. 440 m main water pipes, six new water basins, 11 new wastewater foams, one new pump station for waste water, 9 new stormwater foams and ca. 4500 m2 asphalt surface. The plant in OT Olsens gate must because of the traffic situation in the city center conducted in phases. This gives great need for detailed progress planning of the contractor in the execution phase. There is currently another project in OT Olsens gate, with the entry of a large business and apartment buildings. This means nothing less space in the area and a great need for coordination of the two projects in the construction phase. In OT Olsens gate lies the existing district heating in new trench pathways. New VA lines will cross under heating tubes several locations, with a small clearance between the tubes. This requires extra accuracy and caution by the contractor at work in ditches. OT Olsensgate lies not far above sea level, and new wiring must be installed right down to the contour 0. shall be established even deeper spuntgrop for the pumping station and water pipes to associate existing culverts, where the water level is directly affected by sea level. This place calls for the need for extensive measures for handling of water during excavation work.

New building mental health SSK

Fylke: Vest-Agder, Kommune: Kristiansand | Published June 30, 2017

The task is to further develop a conceptual phase through a preliminary project (hereinafter referred to as the "Preproject phase") and, secondly, the "Implementation phase" of a new building for mental health care, which will enable Sørlandet Hospital Kristiansand (SSK) to fulfill national goals For the development of this part of the health service in southern Norway. The project will provide the business with facilities that ensure good and economically efficient treatment. The building will enable continuous development of the offer to patients and interaction with other parts of the health service. The building will be rebuilt on Eg (district of Kristiansand), just south of the existing hospital. For further information, see Part II of the competition document. The client is committed to optimizing quality at all stages of the project. The task should therefore not be implemented as a traditional contract, but as a complete contract with cooperation in the Preproject phase and expanded cooperation obligation during the Implementation phase, please refer to this in the contract terms included in Part II of the tender documents. The supplier who wins the competition must first develop a preliminary project together with the Client and users, and at the end of the Preproject phase there will be a coherent adjustment of the proposed target for the Implementation Phase. The completion phase will be an option for the Client. Whether the option will be used will be decided upon completion of the Preproject phase. If the construction is carried out, it must be done on the basis of an approved preliminary project with the corresponding target amount. In other words, the project is divided into two main phases: A. Preproject phase (Contract based on NS 8401) B. Implementation phase (Contract based on NS 8407)

T45 Storvikeid picnic area

Sted: hele Norge | Published March 14, 2018

This entry fee (T45) includes the construction of a main station and several smaller works in different areas along the E6 west of Alta. Storsandnes: The area is 45.5 km west of Alta. Temporary bypass road must be removed and a turning point must be established. Parts of old E6 will be narrowed and roadways set up. Finnskjåen: The area is 33 km west of Alta. Here are some unevennesses that are desired to be corrected in a range of approx. 150 meters. Replacement masses must be replaced at the bottom edge and new bearings should be laid out. The entire stretch must be re-phased. Storvikeidet: The area is located 17 km west of Alta. It is here to establish a main stage. The rest area must have a toilet and a drainage area for campers. The concrete foundation must be cast in the toilet module and the gap kitchen. The toilet module must have closed septic tank. Scheduled tarmac, asphalt, planting, green areas, lighting, benches and tables are planned. The toilet building and the gaphouse are delivered and assembled by the developer. There must be an area for parking for buses and trailers as well as passenger cars. In addition, an area will be used as a sales pitch for Duodji / Sami handicrafts with access roads. T45 Storvikeidet picnic area has the following main activities: • Secondary road / local road • Lighting • Planting and sowing of green areas • Benches and tables • Coatings • Concrete foundation for the WC module and gaphouse The cultural area in Kåfjord: The area is 16 km west of Alta. Establishment of grassland with planting past the cultural heritage area. Aslakheimen: Approx. 7 km west of Alta there are problems with ice creams in the ditch along the E6. Here, some measures will be taken in the form of trenching / blasting and drainage of drainage pipes to kum. Measures will be considered during the work. This is settled by hourly rate for crew and machinery, cf. Chapter E

Change process towards new workplace

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published November 9, 2017

Planning of the new Munch Museum in Bjørvika has been ongoing since 2008. The construction of the new Munch Museum started in October 2015, and the plan is for a new museum to start in December 2019. The opening of the museum with the full show program for the public will take place in June 2020. The changes is significant - From own offices to office landscapes - 2.8 times more visitors to 500,000 - 4.5 times larger area of ​​†<†<4500 m2 - 5 times more arrangement Today's office solutions were taken into use in 1963 and are characterized by it. The new premises in Bjørvika will make it possible to use completely new forms of work and to adapt to a modern labor market. The building provides good framework conditions for exhibitions, storage, conservation and research, with facilities, workplaces and workshops for this. Office workplaces in the new building are open solutions, while employees have to date largely had their own closed offices. In order for the changes in the form of work to be appropriate and well implemented, the work on this must be anchored among the employees with good participation and the usual working methods must be challenged. There is a need to find new working methods and to train them. We also want to see what they have done best to succeed in such a change process. The Munch Museum wishes a process that starts now and which ends after the new museum has been in use for a while and corrective measures have been taken. We want assistance throughout this process.

MP Bicycle Action Charge

Region: Trøndelag | Published December 15, 2017

MP Bicycle Action Lade is a collection project in the Environmental Package, which includes the improvement of walking and cycling facilities on the northeast side of Trondheim, construction of metro bus stations and some road safety upgrades. The project consists largely of the following subprojects: 1. Bicycle path with sidewalk along Jarleveien / Lade allè: Build a cycle path with sidewalks from the crossing with Stiklestadveien to Haakon VII's gate and connection to existing cycle path with sidewalk. About. 800 meter cycle path with sidewalks. Includes upgrading of cross Jarleveien / Håkon Magnussons gate. 2. Upgrading of the roundabout Haakon VII's gate / Lade allè. 3. Metro bus stations Ingemann Torp's road, including the dismantling of Lade allè to a field in each direction. Includes rebuilding of crossing Allele / Olav Engelbrektson's allè. 4. Metro bus stations Ladeveien, including metro bus services in Jarleveien. 5. Cycle path with sidewalk along Falkenborg Road. About. 250 meters by bike path with sidewalks. Option: 1.Expand a cycle path with sidewalks along Stiklestadveien. About. 300 meter by bike path with sidewalk. The contractor, in collaboration with the developer, will be responsible for the design of the work. This means that the contractor is deducted relatively early into the project, aiming at exploiting the players' overall expertise. On the basis of engineering, the target price is agreed with a structure as specified in A3.2. The contract period will be from winter / spring 2018 until 2019-07-01.

Cleaning and canteen services for the Norwegian Road Administration Region in the middle of Møre og Romsdal

Fylke: Møre og Romsdal, Kommune: Molde | Published February 28, 2018

The contracting authority wishes to offer services for cleaning, canteen, mats, plants and refills / cleaning of coffee machines. Cleaning The client wishes to offer a cleaning service to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in the middle of its locations in Møre og Romsdal. As of today, 12 locations are distributed around the area where we hire services. The locations consist of everything from small control stations to major offices. Cleaning should be checked according to the Nordic standard INSTA 800 (NS-INSTA 800 Cleaning Quality - Measurement system for cleaning quality assessment). The purpose of the acquisition is to provide high quality cleaning so that all premises appear as presentable and clean. In addition, it is important that the cleaning is carried out in accordance with applicable environmental requirements and that all provisions on pay and employment are followed and that tax and tax legislation is followed. Canteen services must be delivered at one of the locations. The provider shall supply everything from the preparation of the cafeteria / food, all food and drink, food and beverage storage, dishes, and kitchen cleaning. It may be relevant during the agreement period to expand with canteen at several locations, as well as offerings for food delivery to smaller locations such as construction offices and building owners. Matter Many of the locations will be followed up with mats to floor. The mats are supplied by the provider and cleaned depending on the use. Plants Providers must be able to provide plant services. As of today, it is not delivered to any of the locations. Coffee machines At locations where we have coffee machines, we assess whether the provider is to provide services on the follow-up of the coffee machines. This involves daily replenishment of the goods in and to the dispenser, washing of pallets and holders, as well as weekly cleaning of the machine. Details of the procurement can be found in Chapter 2 of the Specification.

Analysis of physical measures for the reduction of non-quota-related greenhouse gas emissions in industry

Sted: hele Norge | Published April 11, 2018

There is an increasing focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions not covered by the EU's climate quota system. This is mainly emissions from transport, agriculture, waste and construction, but also some emissions from industry not covered by the EU's climate quota system. Non-quota emissions from industry are in excess of one million tonnes of CO2 per year. There is a relatively low proportion of land-based emissions in total, but there is still a potential for significant emissions reductions here too. Non-quota releases come from a complex and insightful part of the industry, consisting of many and different industries and businesses. This is because the quota system in its design focuses on the largest industries and point issues. With the commitments Norway has in the future, there will be a need to turn all the stones in search of potential emission reductions, not only at the biggest point emissions. With this mission, we want to conduct a thorough analysis of industry industries that have non quota quotas of greenhouse gases, and what measures and costs these can be identified to reduce emissions to zero in a longer perspective. It is desirable that the assignment is based on the work done in the Climate Change (Report No. 41), but that a thorough and deeper analysis of the non-quota emissions from industry is made. This implies direct and broad contact with industry. There will also be required temporary deliveries along the way through the assignment, as well as meetings and contact with the client as needed. Assignment sheets and background data shall also be made available to the principal's use upon completion of the assignment.

Negotiated competition reserved for ideal players for the acquisition of lease and service agreements for the operation of 300-400 seats in 3-5 long-term homes

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published March 27, 2018

City Council adopted December 2017 Strategic housing plan for people with need needs 2018-2028. The plan outlines the need for places in long-term shelters in Oslo until 2028. Furthermore, it is defined in the Bureau Declaration that 25% of places in long-term homes will be operated by ideal actors. The establishment of lease and service agreements reserved for ideal suppliers for the operation of 300-400 places in 3-5 long-term homes will support the need for long-term shelters described in the Strategic Housing Plan, as well as the city council's 25% target of long-term investments in the operation of non-profit actors. The acquisition is reserved for ideal suppliers, cf. section 2-4 letter h of the FOA and the unauthorized access to reservation according to the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries's supervisor to the public procurement rules of 07.12.2017. There will be parallel lease, operating and service agreements, with a duration of 8 + 1 + 1 years. Rental and service agreement must be entered into with an ideal supplier, see point 3.1. For each long-term home the following are included: • Lease and operating agreement • Service agreement The supplier will assume total responsibility for providing satisfactory construction, as well as managing, operating and maintaining the rental object for 8 years + 1 year + 1 year. The supplier will receive remuneration during the agreement period. The supplier is totally responsible for ensuring that the rental object meets all requirements in the requirements specification and current regulations. The supplier shall describe in his tender what is necessary for the delivery to be in accordance with the Specification Specification. In addition, the supplier must provide services in the building, based on a negotiated and signed service agreement. Applicable laws and regulations applicable to the operation of nursing homes must be met. The supplier shall indicate in the offer the total number of seats in the long-term home. In addition, the supplier will offer price on shielded long-term parking spaces as an option.

Purchase of: Investigation of Methods, Opportunities and Limitations in Inspection of Substantial Armor In Concrete Bridges

Sted: hele Norge | Published July 12, 2018

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is working to find methods for assessing and mapping the condition of existing post-concrete concrete structures. Pulled concrete bridges make up an important group of bridges in Norway. It is of the utmost importance that these bridges are followed up in the best way to ensure longevity and safety during the use period. There are concerns about the quality of cable duct injection and anchoring in structures prior to 2005, due to previous times lack of standards covering function, properties and test methods for injection mortar. Poor control and lack of multi-grade quality in the injection process may have resulted in cavities, poor adhesion, lack of force transfer and / or bleeding. This can further cause corrosion of power cables. Inspection of aftertight construction systems is difficult because tension lubrication, anchoring and ducts are cast in solid concrete. For stress-stretched constructions, measurement of corrosion potential and possibly corrosion rate as well as evaluation of these are complicated. This is because the cables are located within the slab cavity in the concrete cross section, and thus a large depth from the surface, and because they are located in the pipes with injection molding. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is working to find methods for assessing and mapping the condition of existing post-mortem concrete bridges. The purpose of the assignment is to: Part 1) Map, test and recommend inspection methods that are available and suitable for detecting damage to cast cables and anchoring. The work must be documented in a report. Part 2) Develop a manual for inspection of reinforced concrete reinforcement, based on experience from Part 1.

Acquiring Input-Driven Planning program for cleaning

Rana kommune | Published June 4, 2015
Datec AS
48000000, 48100000, 48300000, 48420000

Rana Municipality - construction operations it intends to enter into an agreement with Datec AS for delivery of licenses and support related to the planning and kalkulasjonsverktøyet Jonathan Clean, for cleaning. The agreement includes an option for online operation tools for cleaners, Clean Pilot. The agreement will include a combined subscription based planning and kalkulasjonsverktøy and an operational tool for cleaning, and there will be an estimated 7 users of planning and calculation program. Operating tool will be used by a greater number of cleaners and an estimated 7 leaders. Clean Pilot is a wireless-based operating tool that enables effective distribution, simplification, use and monitoring of subscription-based cleaning plans, the tablet of the individual cleaner. Enclosed needs assistance from vendor to conversion of drawings and minor adjustments can also be purchased by the vendor. Licenses constitutes the greatest cost over the contract period, and is therefore classified as a service. The agreement will have a duration of 4 years, with an option to extend for a further 1 + 1 + 1, totaling a maximum of 7 years. Rana Municipality Building Operations may purchase corresponding modules and the number of licenses needed to cover demand during the contract period, and the financial scope will vary from year to year. The total costs this notice includes estimated at approximately 1300000

Procurement of building expertise within operations centers

Politiets Fellestjenester | Published May 15, 2015  -  Deadline June 25, 2015
71541000, 71540000, 71240000, 71320000, 71317210, 71241000, 71242000, 71245000, 71248000, 71315200, 71530000, 71310000

Police common services (PFT) will enter into an agreement for the acquisition of project management and engineering services in the building trade in connection with the police reform. Competence requirement will remain at levels engineer, engineer and architect. The purpose of the contract is to supply PFT expertise and capacity for working directly connected to reconstruction and adaptation of police operations centers with associated technical rooms and facilities. Work expected to be performed as part of the new geographic organization of police. The work will include services such as: Project Management Security assessments Preparation of decision documentation for procurement Project Descriptions Requirements Specifications Assistance for preparation of tender and contracting parts of the mission could be classified up to and including Confidential by Security Act. Work as the basis of grading demands special security terms systems, facilities, and utilities performed in a client's premises. It is expected an agreement withdrawal of about 3,000 to 4,000 hours, primarily in the construction professional engineering services. Principal uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To register your interest, and get access to any documents, click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[Http://]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.

New presentation of Norway's national environmental goals

Sted: hele Norge | Published July 7, 2017

Instructions for the assignment • It must be possible to implement a link collection on all pages of the presentation. Among other things, we want to link the Norwegian goals closer to corresponding European and global landing pages. • The visualization and production of targets, indicators, sub-indicators and status of these must be made in a way that allows them to be presented together and at the same time can also be presented separately from the other goals. • We want the opportunity to display aggregated status so that you can display top level status for all environmental goals and further down for each area, each goal, each indicator and finally each subindicator. • The goals must be able to integrate well with other relevant content or relevant websites. For example, a target or indicator may be presented at the Environmental, and at the same time could also be presented on the website of another agency, for example. • The prototype and the design of the national targets must take into account the concept of a new main website for Miljø, which is under construction. • Manufacturing / visualization should be able to build on underlying data from other sources (databases) in the directorate so that an update in basic data automatically leads to an update in the visualization. See Appendix 1 to the contract.

Artificial turf including design and installation of lighting systems

Fylke: Troms, Kommune: Storfjord | Published September 5, 2017

Storfjord municipality invites a tender competition for basic work regarding the establishment of artificial turf track at Hatteng, at Hatteng School. There is today a gravel track in the same locality. This will be upgraded to artificial turf. This competition includes basic work and electrical. The artificial turf track is to be built according to the Norwegian Football Association's (NFF) requirements for quality football. The artificial turf deck is illuminated in its own competition. Finishing justification must be expected just before the cover is laid out. The artificial turf track is established in the same locality as the existing gravel track at Hatteng School. Today's course is a gravel road built with drainage maternal mass, settled with 0-4 mm crushed mountains. In the north-eastern part of the track there are low-coverage areas for mountains and some moisture problems for the establishment of artificial turf deck. This area should therefore be drained and mountains lowered to provide a stable and homogeneous filling. Good access. The work should take place close to school and safety must be safeguarded throughout the construction period. The course will be illuminated with LED lane lighting. The electrical chapter contains details of functional requirements and requirements for the design of solutions and deliveries.