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New Aspåsen school. Contractor building with coordinating responsibility. Construction Officer Electro. Construction Planner Plumbing. SHA Coordinator for the design phase and execution phase.

Fylke: Nordland, Kommune: Bodø | Published March 2, 2018

The competition includes 4 separate part competitions. Providers may choose to offer one, more or all 4 part competitions. Partial competitions are evaluated separately and separate agreements are entered into for each of these. Displays attached documentation for further information. The 4 parts are: Construction Ombudsman Construction with Co-ordination Responsibility, Construction Commissioner, Construction Officer, Plumbing Planner, SHA Coordinator, Project Planning and Implementation Phase.

Purchase of tractors

Gaular kommune | Published April 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 22, 2017

The tractor to be used to transport 12 tons hengar with cargo (payload) in Norway. The product shall be delivered by the Norwegian law and the writings. It must, among other things be admitted notwithstanding the provisions of the Road Traffic Act (Weight and HP) tractor shall also helpful to ice scraping, snow plowing, scraping the gravel roads and various construction operations. The tractor can be demonstration run but då with max 500 user hours.

Procurement of project manager and construction management for project Langøyene

Sted: hele Norge | Published September 30, 2017

Oslo municipality has started work on securing the former waste disposal site on the Langøyene and facilitating recreation and bathing for Oslo's growing population. The Property and Urban Renewal Agency is assigned a Construction Referee for the project, and is currently in the process of acquiring project manager and construction management to assist the developer in the project. The Client makes reservations for final funding from the City of Oslo after completion of KS2, which will be completed in the autumn of 2017. See also the attached requirement specification / performance description. The procurement is divided into the following categories: 1) Project Manager (including role as Representative of the Builders) 2) Building Management, including Head of Construction and Technical Construction Management within RiG, RiM, RiB, RIVA and RiE. Head of the building must also hold a role as CO.

Framework agreements for project and construction management

Fylke: Oslo | Published December 18, 2017

3-6 parallel framework agreements with consulting firms with expertise in project and construction management, including coordinator executive, SHA coordinator and project management tasks such as progress management, financial management and project management, and will include both investment projects and rehabilitation projects.

Open competition for the purchase of a contractor - Construction of Fjellstuveien kindergarten Fjellstuveien 62

Sted: hele Norge | Published May 4, 2018

The assignment includes the design and construction of a new, complete 4-piece kindergarten in Fjellstuveien 62. The assignment also includes the construction of the outdoor area.

Hire of technical construction manager for walkways at Ullevål stadium

Sted: hele Norge | Published December 14, 2017

The contracting authority wishes to tender for the hire of a technical construction manager for follow-up of the work, including foundation for the project, new walkers over Ring 3 and Sognsveien at Ullevål Stadium. The implementation will be carried out according to HB R760 «Controls of Road Projects». There is a need for a technical construction manager and the agreement will be valid from the date of the contract in February 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Concrete foundation and assembly of steel construction to practice house

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published June 1, 2018

At Lahaugmoen Courses and Competence Center, a steel structure will be assembled that will function as a "house" for use in exercises so that crews will receive training in work at the height, ie. for securing tools and using different extinguishing methods. "Work in height" the house is hereinafter referred to as "AIH" or "construction". The assignment includes concrete foundation and assembly of 3 20 "steel containers on foundation and options for the assignment. The construction shall not have any connection of water, plumbing, ventilation or electricity.

Selfors Assisted living - New construction

Rana Kommune | Published March 15, 2016  -  Deadline May 2, 2016
45000000, 45300000, 45310000, 45331000, 45332000, 42416100, 48921000

32 pcs. new care homes in Selfors 4km from Mo i Rana.

The building contains apartments, common rooms and staff rooms. In tilleggg it is basement parking, storage, technical room and changing personnel.

Overall BTA 3940 m2 spread over 2 floor. + Basement.

The following contracts are posted:

K-201 Construction

K-301 Rørtekniske plant

K-302 Air treatment

K-401 Electrical Workers

K-560 Automation systems

K-601 Elevator

Furniture and fixtures for Hauknes school.

Rana kommune (Rana municipality) | Published December 12, 2015
JM Kontor AS
39000000, 39120000, 39130000, 39150000, 39160000

School furniture and office furniture plus various fixtures for new construction at Hauknes school.

Furniture and Fixtures for Hauknes School.

Rana kommune | Published August 12, 2015  -  Deadline September 21, 2015
39000000, 39120000, 39130000, 39150000, 39160000

School furniture and office furniture plus various fixtures for new construction at Hauknes school.

Inspection of properties in connection with the construction of cable tunnels Breivik-Litlesotra

Fylke: Hordaland | Published December 13, 2017

The purpose of the inspection before the start of the construction work ("pre-inspection") is to provide an objective description of the current state of the building mass. This description may provide conditions for plant operation and possible compensation for damages from affected landowners. Upon inspection after the construction work ("after inspection"), the supplier shall assess whether alleged damage is a result of the construction operation.

Construction / entry of convention fence / barracks

Fylke: Finnmark | Published May 9, 2018

The purchase is announced subject to funding. The Agricultural Directorate will, before the offer deadline expires, clarify whether the project has budget coverage in 2018. This procurement concerns an agreement for the construction / entry of a convention fence / barrier field on a set of approx. 31 km between Hoaššir and Váljohka in Karasjok municipality. The Directorate of Agriculture shall use the attached contract in this procurement with changes as stated in the contract's item 2. The description of the delivery of the agricultural directorate is also given in clause 1.1 of the contract and the dates for start-up and completion of item 1.3 of the contract. The supplier himself shall provide fences and equipment for the assignment to be performed according to the order.

Civil engineering consultancy services

Rana kommune | Published October 28, 2017
Nordland Teknikk AS
71311000, 71300000, 71310000

The procurement is for construction management assignments for contracts for approx. 3 000 m new municipal main water pipeline on land and at sea, including a building, pipes, electro/automation, as well as some renovation to the existing pipeline network.

The contract is for a construction management assignment for approx. 3 000 m new main water pipeline, including a building for a pressure increasing pump station and distribution, pipes, electro/automation and renovation of the pipeline network.

187469 - Mo i Rana airport - Construction work lane light

Sted: hele Norge | Published April 10, 2018

This contract K-187469 includes the necessary construction work for the following measures: Roller lane edge light, threshold and lane lights Establishment of new cabling, pipes and basins including local drainage, sawmilling and rehabilitation of asphalt etc. Including OPI channel over roof lanes.

Hire of administrative and technical construction management for the tourist road Vøringsfossen- stairwell and cliff path

Sted: hele Norge | Published July 16, 2018

Statens vegvesen Road Directorate (Client) invites to competition for the Client wishes to offer for the hire of administrative construction manager and technical construction management for follow-up of the Vøringsfossen tourist road - phase 2-2 with stairwell facilities and upgrading of existing cliff path. There is a need for building management that manages, coordinates processes, monitors economics and monitors the actual construction work. The agreement shall be valid for 2 years from the date of the contract. October 2018 to 30 September 2020. The contract includes two different roles, an administrative construction manager and a technical construction manager. Providers may bid for one or more subcontract (s) / role (s). Each single subcontract / role will be evaluated individually based on the award criteria specified under the requirements / criteria in KGV

Construction manager / control engineer for projects in BYM

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published May 7, 2018

Section for Building Management and SHA has a permanent employee with electrical expertise, and within a short period of time, will also try to hire an electric reseller. But, even this will not be enough to meet the division's needs. The section is also working with this with a framework agreement for construction management where this competence is also sought. However, due to the pace, scale and complexity of the specially-planned All Plan projects, we see that we want a resource to apply to the entire market, not just within the limits of a framework agreement. We also see that we have a resource in place at Tinghuset-Tullin already in June 2018, something we do not want to reach with the framework agreement.

Unit Framework Agreement on Purchase of Data Capture and Construction of Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

Sted: hele Norge | Published June 18, 2018

The contracting authority wishes to offer the delivery of data capture and construction of the Digital Terrain Model (DTM). The purpose of the acquisition is the delivery of data capture (terrain model measurements) to DTM and the construction of DTM. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration uses digital terrain models (DTM). in connection with planning / engineering of road projects.

Framework agreement for construction services in wood and carpentry work

Sted: hele Norge | Published October 3, 2017

The competition concerns a framework agreement for construction work in wood and carpentry work in the eastern part of West Agder. The tenderer must provide offers for the entire assignment, as described in Chapter 5 of the tender documents. Vest-Agder county municipality purchases in East Vest-Agder carpentry services / materials for approx. 1 mill pr. year invoice amount is approx. 40/60 respectively for goods and services. Vest-Agder County Municipality reserves the right to purchase material on its own agreements or after price competition. The supplier must assume that the abovementioned amounts for annual callouts are subject to considerable uncertainty and are only given as an indication of the possible size and scope of the agreements based on the contractor's experience figures. The assignment is specified in Chapter 5 of the tender documents. Greater, complex construction project where the price estimate for carpentry services and materials is over DKK. 250,000, - ex.mva. can be excluded from the agreement. Vest-Agder County Municipality reserves the right to use special expertise on certain deliveries if this has clear advantages. For cultural historical building mass, special expertise will be used, which will be obtained from own tenders. The principal's work in self-government will be in front of external suppliers.

Framework agreement project and construction manager for rehabilitation projects

Sted: hele Norge | Published April 10, 2018

The City Council's administrative service shall enter into a framework agreement with one supplier of project and construction management benefits. Over a period of 4 years, a cost of 1,200,000 kr is estimated for this assignment. The amount stated is only an estimate and is not binding on the principal. The agency needs services within the project manager and construction manager in all phases of the projects, from planning strategic assumptions to follow-up during the warranty period. The performance applies to different implementation models and types of contracts, depending on which operating and investment projects the agency has funds for. This also implies that the adviser is driving for future projects according to the agency's FDV plan. The need can be divided into the following areas: Project management: assigned to tasks within organization and management of projects, including progress and financial management, establishment of systems and procedures for quality assurance and control. Project Management: Responsibility for leading and coordinating architects and consulting engineers in the design work. Management of progress and finances in relation to the project's different phases and activities. Ensure that relevant laws, regulations and regulations of affected public agencies are taken into account in the design. Ensure that necessary permits from public authority are obtained, including, among other things, the Planning and Building Agency and the Labor Inspection Authority. Building Management: Observe the obligations of the developer during the implementation phase of the project. Building Manager performs control and management of economics, progress and quality as well as follow-up of HSE procedures and systems, etc. SHA (HSE) advice: Ensure that the responsibilities and tasks of the developer are taken care of, among other things. in accordance with the provisions of the Builders Regulations. Project / building manager can be assigned the role of KP / KU.

Framework agreement for the purchase of wooden loads, construction products and kitchen

Fylke: Rogaland, Kommune: Sandnes | Published July 1, 2017

The client intends to enter into a framework agreement for the purchase of wooden load, building materials and kitchen for municipal buildings and homes where the work is mainly carried out by its own employees. For RFK, respectively. Nord (Karmøy, Haugesund, Vindafjord, Sauda), South (North Jæren and Jæren), and Dalane (Egersund and South), the framework agreement applies only to wood and construction products (not kitchen). The contractor's description of the delivery follows the requirement specification, Appendix 1 to Contract.