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Establishing råvannsledning and VA facilities Holt Seats road

Ringebu kommune | Published April 25, 2016  -  Deadline May 20, 2016
45231300, 45232150

The project consists of two construction sites, but these are a short distance apart. The scope is 250 with råvannsledning and 450 with the sewage ditch, and a short line for water. See description in the tender documents.

Transfer facilities won Kvitfjell east - Kvitfjell west. Entreprise management facilities

Ringebu kommune | Published May 19, 2017  -  Deadline June 16, 2017

The acquisition includes the establishment of a new transfer line for water with associated trusses between Kvitfjell east (PVH314) and Kvitfjell west (PVH322). Trace for new transmission line PVH314-PVH322, totaling 1 326 meters. Of this approximately 313 meters are planned to be carried out as drill holes / coarse holes in mountains. The acquisition also includes minor construction work and concrete work, in connection with the connection of new water pipeline to PVH314, as well as an option rail with a length of 695 meters.

Expansion of Ringebu cemetery

Ringebu kommune | Published November 3, 2015  -  Deadline December 10, 2015
45215400, 45236300, 98371111, 45231300, 45221113

There is a need for more graveyards at Ringebu cemetery shortly. In this connection it has been rezoned an area north of today's cemetery for this purpose. Extension covers in brief graveyards (316 + 30 coffin burials and 38 + 14 urns), parking, new access from the north dyke system to bind new and old burial area together (including the establishment of a new bridge) and construction of toilet construction. The burial ground is planned in an area of ​​inclination, so that it is planned terrain adjustments to meet the requirements of universal design. As a result, it should be set up 300 meters of natural stone walls (heights in the range of 0.5 to 2.5 meters). It is planned that the executing will be completed by 1 September 2016, provided that the necessary permits have been obtained no later than in January 2016. The work can be started as soon as all the permits have been obtained. Pr 2 November 2015 are not the final permit from the Diocese council. It remains to clarify some details, but this should not affect the planned layout noteworthy. Therefore be competition now out on but with preliminary drawings and without post description. Drawings and descriptions for competition forwarded as soon as they are ready. Offers Competition conducted with negotiations and it can during the negotiations to be done to change the foundation. Because of the uncertainty surrounding approval of the diocesan council put admit else the deadline of the offer to 240 days. Negotiations and selection of contractors planned to be carried before the end of 2015.

Local development Vaal river - north of the railroad

Ringebu kommune | Published July 20, 2016  -  Deadline August 19, 2016
45112710, 44161200

It has for several years been planning beautification efforts along the river Vaal flowing through Ringebu center. These works are divided into three phases; construction of pedestrian and bicycle beautification of riverfront north of the railroad and the beautification of the riverbank south of the railway. Pedestrian and bicycle bridge was completed in autumn 2015, after repeated rounds of planning and tendering.

Summer 2016 was announced a competition for the beautification of the area between fv 387 and the railroad. The offers that were received in connection with this competition lay the framework for the project, and had to be canceled.

This competition mainly includes the measures described in the previous announcement, but also much simplified. In addition there will be restructuring of water main project. This main conduit runs today under the buildings of the future Vålehagene.

In addition there will be an option that applies to work south of the railway and onto river. This option is currently uncertain and will possibly be completed on time spent and expenses.

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