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Construction work

Statens vegvesen Region midt | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline April 19, 2017
45000000, 45110000, 45200000, 45221000, 45230000

The construction works for a 4.9 km roads, 1.5 km foot and cycle paths, 3 concrete sub-passages, 1 bridge at Meisingset, 3.4 km access roads/construction roads.

Length of the new national road 4 950 m.

Length of the new foot and cycle path 1 450 m.

Length of the agricultural roads 3 150 m.

Blasting 260 000 pfm³

Earth for use in the line and for levelling 32 000 pfm³.

Replacement matter for levelling, covering slopes etc. 118 000 pfm³.

Closed pipe ditches 5 600 m.

Drainage pipeline 4 600 m.

Surface water pipeline 900 m.

Manholes 88 units.

Culverts 2 405 m.

Street light pylons 67 items.

Conduit channels 7 500 m.

Natural stone walls 600 m².

Frost protection layer (Fk 0-125 mm) 37 000 m³.

Reinforcement layer (Fk 22-125 mm) 50 000 m³.

Base course (Fk 0-22 mm) 2 100 m³.

Base asphalt 50 000 m².

Concrete 1 560 m³.

Prefabricated sub-passages for cattle 179 tonnes.

Construction work

Statens vegvesen Region midt | Published February 10, 2017
45000000, 45221111, 45221241, 45221247, 45223500, 45231300, 45232000, 45233100, 45233200, 45233300

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration Mid Region invite tenderers to an information meeting for the procurement of the E6 Soknedal, lot Vindåsliene-Korporalsbrua. Road, tunnel and bridge work.

The estimated notice date is April 2017. The estimated contract value is 800 000 000 - 1 000 000 000 NOK. Contract type is unit price contract.

The meeting will be held at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's project office at Lademoen in Trondheim. Address: Strandveien 40, 7067 Trondheim.

The meeting will be held Tuesday 28 February, 1 300 - 1 500.

Registration for the meeting is to be sent by 23.2 by email to the following address:

The project consists of

— Soknedal tunnel including electro, 3.6 km (tunnel class C and tunnel profile T10.5).

— Approx. 2.9 km new E6, dimension class H5.

— Split level junction in the centre of Soknedal.

— 2 E6-bridges.

— Approx. 1.7 km local road system with 2 bridges.

— Public transport terminal with car park.

— Other accompanying infrastructure and side installations.

The contract also includes reinforcement of an existing concrete wall, .earth riveting and the construction of concrete walls and dry stone walls, as well as other accompanying infrastructure and side installations, including complete electro work in the tunnel and lighting installations for the E6.

A new E6 shall be constructed, partly in steep virgin side terrain and partly along the existing E6 route.

Construction work for highways, roads

Statens vegvesen Region midt | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017
45233100, 45233000, 45233120

The project includes the construction of approx. 5 km of new county road and a roundabout. As well as approx. 2 km of new foot/cycle path. The project is divided into 3 geographically located lots, all of which are located in Bjugn municipality.

The project includes the construction of approx. 5 km of new county road and a roundabout. As well as the construction of approx. 2 km new foot/cycle path.

Construction project management services

Statens vegvesen Region midt | Published February 3, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017
71541000, 71000000

The contracting authority would like tenders for construction management for the execution of county road 17/720 Dyrstad-Sprova-Malm in Nord-Trøndelag.

All assignments shall be conducted in accordance with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration hand bood R760 ‘Management of Road Projects’.

The contract period is 2.5 years from when the contract is signed. The contracting authority has the option to extend the contract. Further details on the procurement are in the Tender Documentation part D ‘Description/Requirement Specifications’.

The aim of the procurement is construction management of contracts.

The procurement is for the hire of a construction manager for county road 17/720 Dyrstad-Sprova-Malm in the Mid Region.

The assignment equates a 100 % position, there will be periods where the number of hours differs.

Tasks that will be included in the assignment:

— Main responsibility for following-up contracts with contractors.

— HSE coordinator in accordance with the regulations.

— Have work management responsibility for 2 technical construction managers and control engineers in cooperation with technical construction managers.

— Manage the quality, contract/agreement, economic and technical inspections of the executors' work.

— Have responsibility for carrying out a risk analysis for technical quality and preparing the builder's check plan.

— Handling deviations.

— Following-up all the documentation requirements and checking that the reporting during the work and upon completion is carried out.

— Contribute to information flow, experience exchanges, a good working environment and good cooperation, internally and externally.

— Chair construction meetings.

The list of tasks is not exhaustive.

Framework agreement for the purchase of janitorial Central Region, Nord - Trondelag

Statens vegvesen Region midt | Published December 19, 2016  -  Deadline March 8, 2017
98341130, 70330000

The client wants offer concierge services and construction management of our owned and leased buildings. See tender documents for details of the acquisition.

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