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Construction work

Statens Vegvesen Region Øst (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Eastern Region) | Published November 22, 2016
Construction work

Framework agreement for consultancy services for construction and real estate

Oppland Fylkeskommune | Published November 11, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016
EIOFF cooperation governed by a separate board. 

The partnership involves several tenders as this, carried out on behalf of several municipalities.

Oppland County Council, Property hereafter referred to as the principal, invites to an open tender procedure for purchase of consulting services in construction and real estate for the municipalities Lillehammer, Gausdal, Oppland, Nord-Fron, Ringebu Oppland county.

Purpose and scope

Principal purpose of the procurement is to enter into 3 parallel framework agreements pr. disciplines for the provision of:

Advisory services to Oppland county, Lillehammer, Islands, Gausdal, Ringebu and North Carolina municipalities.

The above parties called on municipalities.

Through framework agreements wants municipalities to recruit personnel who can quickly retrieved when needed.

Entity requires offered services shall comply with the prevailing laws, regulations and other regulatory requirements, and as a minimum shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of competence, accuracy and professionalism that is common in the industry.

The mission will have a duration of two - 2 - years from 1 March 2017, with an option to extend for 1 + 1 year.

It should if possible be concluded three parallel framework agreements pr. field for each of the municipalities.

Fields will be signed an agreement for are:

• Architectural services;

• Landscape Services,

• Interior Services

• Consultative engineering building techniques,

• Consultative engineering electrical engineering,

• Consultative engineering HVAC engineering,

• Consultative engineering climate, energy and environment,

• Consultative engineering fire safety,

• Consultative engineering acoustics.

• Consultant engineer geotechnics

Construction management / builder ombudsman,

• ITB manager / ITB ombudsman,

• Planning,

• SHA Coordinator,

• Independent control engineering architect,

• Independent control design and execution RIB,

• Independent control design and execution RIE,

• Independent control design and execution RIV,

• Independent control design and execution KEM,

• Independent control engineering Fire Safety

• Independent control design and execution geotechnics

The contract period

The term of the framework agreement from 01.03.2017 to 02.28.2019 with an option to extend for 1 + 1 year.

Framework agreement for consultancy services for buildings and property

Oppland fylkeskommune [Oppland County] | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

Oppland county, Gausdal and Lillehammer municipalities have a formal cooperation within property management — called EIOFF. The EIOFF cooperation is managed by a separate board.

Lillehammer, Gausdal, Øyer, Ringebu and Nord-Fron municipalities are in a procurement cooperation with Oppland county — INNOFF. The cooperation means that several tender competitions, like this one, can be held on behalf of several municipalities.

Oppland county, Property, hereafter called the contracting authority, invites tenderers to an open tender competition for the procurement of consultancy services within buildings and property for Lillehammer, Gausdal, Øyer, Nord-Fron, Ringebu municipalities and Oppland county.

Objective and scope.

The municipalities annually procure a varying extent of consultant/advice services within buildings and property. The contracting authority's intention is to enter into 3 parallel framework agreements per field for the provision of:

Consultancy services for Oppland county, Lillehammer, Øyer, Gausdal, Ringebu and Nord-Fron municipalities.

The above mentioned parties will henceforth be called the municipalities.

The purpose of entering into framework agreements for engineering design services is to ensure sufficient capacity and good competence at all times. The municipalities would like to use the framework agreements to join up with personnel who can quickly be obtained when needed.

The contracting authority requires that the provided services shall always be implemented in accordance with the current laws, regulations and other administration requirements, and as a minimum, be implemented in accordance with the requirements for competence, precision and professional competence that is usual in the sector.

The assignment will last for two — 2 - years from 1.3.2017, with an option for an extension for 1+1 year.

If possible, three parallel framework agreements shall be signed per field for each of the municipalities.

Contracts shall be signed for the following fields:

— Architectural services

— Landscape architect services

— Interior architect services

— Consultant engineering services, construction techniques

— Consultant engineering services, electro techniques

— Consulting engineering services, HVAC techniques

— Consultant engineering services, climate, energy and environment

— Consultant engineering services, fire safety

— Consultant engineering services, acoustics

— Consultant engineer geo engineering

Construction management/builder ombudsman

— ITB-manager/ITB-ombudsman,

— Planning work

— SHE-Coordinator

— Independent inspection of engineering design services, architect

— Independent inspection of engineering design services and execution, RIB,

— Independent inspection of engineering design services and execution, RIE,

— Independent inspection of engineering design services and execution, RIV,

— Independent inspection of engineering design services and execution, KEM,

— Independent inspection of engineering design services, fire safety

— Independent inspection of engineering design services and execution, geo engineering.

The contract period

The contract period for the framework agreement is from 1.3.2017 to 28.2.2019, with an option for an extension for 1+1 year.

01E1 Tunnel and Electrical Contract Østfold 2017-2022

Statens vegvesen Region øst | Published December 5, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

The assignment includes operating and maintenance tasks related to electrical installations, with functional responsibility for some of the activities on national roads and county roads and associated tunnels, page construction, site areas, equipment and systems in Østfold

Turnkey - Project V00131 Lena-Valle High School. W16104 Tilbygg workshop and wash place Valle

Oppland Fylkeskommune | Published November 14, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

Turnkey construction of the hall and washing facilities as extensions to the workshop on Lena-Valle High School, department Valle. Annex hall and washing room ref. attached sketches. Built up and adapted to existing workshop.

The following procurement procedure is selected for this procurement: Open competition for turnkey, with negotiations.

New hall for practical training in gardening art and wash place for machines to be constructed as an extension of each end of the existing workshop building. There are no buildings there annexe should be listed, but necessary demolition and redevelopment of joining the existing structures and surfaces to be included in the offer. Annexe to be adapted to existing buildings with the same colors and materials as far as possible. Veggliv and ceiling surfaces in annex shall be adapted to existing surfaces. In the area where the washing facilities shall be established it is currently a waste oil tank at approximately 600 liters to be moved. It must be carried gentle frigraving and moving and excavation for the new location and tilfylling. (Expected depth is approximately 2 meters). In the same area there is an old diesel tank (6000liter) should be reorganized and included in the turnkey project. The tank is cleaned and free of gas so that it is ready for refurbishment. There is no knowledge of contaminated land at mind, but this is a risk can not be excluded. For clearing the need for mass replacement desired rate shown pr. m3 in tilbudsskema. (30m3. Entered into the evaluation). Water, sewage and electricity connected existing workshop building. Necessary work and personalization associated contained turnkey.

For design of buildings refer to the attached drawings and descriptions. There will be school operating in the field and in the workshop building also under construction project, this requires good coordination with school staff and students a safe and most painless implementation. The project is handled by the county council.

New culvert under E18 at Trara Østfold

Statens vegvesen Region øst | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017

The main work of the project is to rehabilitate Trarabekkens fall conditions, conduct bekkerensk and increase the stream flow under E18 and under adkomstveg to purify pool built adjacent to the purification of surface water from the E18.

Today concrete pipes under E18 to be removed and a new culvert will be built. This means that E18 must be dug up and that the road be closed during the construction period. E18 allowed only closed for a continuous period of 4 months. It must be expected blasting when new culvert be deeper than the old pipes.

Under access road to clean the pool shall old concrete pipes are removed and a new culvert built.

Trarabekkens fall conditions upstream E18 should be adjusted. Creek bottom should be lowered on a stretch that is approximately 700 m long.

Trara creek downstream E18 be cleansed. Fallout trees removed and the excavated mass down to the natural river cross section.

Main quantities:

Dredging Works about 6400m3

Bekkerensk ca. 700m

Blasting ca. 320 m3

Precast concrete ca. 1350 tons

Concrete ca. 715 m3

Building Automation. New Top System / BMS - Prequalification

Oppland Fylkeskommune | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016

Oppland county, Lillehammer and Gausdal Municipality has a partnership with a common platform for top system (BMS). More information about Oppland County Council can be found on the home page: more information about Lillehammer can be found on the home page:

More information about Gausdal Municipality can be found on the home page:

Oppland county, Lillehammer and Gausdal Municipality (EIOFF)

collaborating on an existing surveillance system with Normatic WebServer as

Top System (BMS). The server is currently located in Oppland county council

Lillehammer. One uses municipal Intranet for communication and transmission of

operational information from the various locations (buildings).

Top System monitors: these include kindergartens, residential and service centers, primary schools, technical buildings and most of the secondary schools in the county of Oppland. Existing system currently has association with 53 locations (building lots) with approximately 660 images, but should also have

capacity for future expansions. Implementation and phasing occurs gradually by

upgrades, expansions and new construction as determined later. List with information from

LK., GK. and OFK. concerning future extensions are attached.

Communication of the individual buildings perishes today via OPC while one in the future will be based on BTL certified BACnet protocol with B-BC profile (Building Automation and Control


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