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VA Construction Volhaugvegen

Verdal Kommune | Published September 16, 2016  -  Deadline October 28, 2016

The contract includes rehabilitation of kommunalr water and sewage facilities on these roads / areas:

• North Street, from Jernbanegata to Volhaugvegen

• Volhaugvegen

70 m west from Volhaugvegen

• Frydenlundgata east of Volhaugvegen

• Sissel Collins Street

• Haugslivegen

• Borgagropa, about 150 m eastwards from Volhaugvegen

New facilities will be built with separate system.

Others have drains hitch with common system, and it must normally be new branch lines into the foundations of the houses.

The association of the settlement will primarily be made after the new municipal plant is completed and operational, but for practical reasons it may be necessary to make some connections earlier.

Laying of new branch lines into homes is the home owners' responsibility, but the contractor must expect that he will do a significant part of these works, and it is taken into account in the amount up.

When the plant is completed and the buildings in the area is associated with the new plant, existing sewage plant be decommissioned.

It should also be placed part conduit for Nord-Trondelag electricity plants and Verdal Cable TV.

The facility includes:

Total trench length VA- wires is about 3000m.

- 106 manholes for water and wastewater.

- 37 sand traps manholes, 3 of which are outside veg

1710 m

- Street lighting equipment, 40 lighting columns and associated cable system

1800 m

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