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construction Courses

NAV Møre og Romsdal | Published March 1, 2017

Labour Training (AMO) for unemployed people over 19 years who are interested in working within the building / construction. The number of participants on the course is 15. The course will provide participants with a basic theoretical and practical training that leads to the necessary certificates / evidence of working within building / construction. For more information see tender documents.

Vågsli WWTP - Construction contract

ÅF Engineering AS | Published February 15, 2017

Vinje municipality will perform a complete upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant on Vågsli. The upgrade includes the demolition of the current main building and the construction of a new treatment plant at the current plot.

Construction management - Inn-Trøndelag Health and beredskapshus

Steinkjerbygg KF | Published September 2, 2017

Receipts Trondelag health beredskapshus is totaling 13,800 sqm. We pray now offer construction management.

Construction of 4 apartments - Blom Bakkane 25

Fjell Bustadstifting | Published June 2, 2017

Construction of 4 leilighter as extensions to existing buildings. In addition eksisternde buildings built extended with about 24 sqm.

1/2017 New construction 4 Detached Onøy

Lurøy kommune | Published November 1, 2017

Construction of 4-family houses on Onøy in Lurøy municipality.
The procurement turnkey.
The building will be used as rental housing.

Construction management / KU expansion Fauske depot area

Bane NOR SF | Published January 28, 2017

Court NOR invites participation in the tender for the supply of "Construction Management / KU expansion Fauske depot area"
Deliverables include mainly monitoring during the construction phase. In addition there will be some work in planning in the initial phase / contracting of contractors and charges. monitoring of work during the warranty period.
Duration construction manager extension Fauske depot area one year. Location: Fauske
For further description of the contract See Chapter A3 and D in the tender documents.

Hiring of construction manager for Fv.17 / 720 Dyrstad-Sprova-Malm

Statens vegvesen Region midt | Published February 2, 2017

The client wants cheap construction manager for the implementation of Fv.17 / 720 Dyrstad-Sprova-Malm Nord-Trondelag.
All assignments shall be carried out in compliance. NPRA Manual R760 "Management of road projects."
The agreement is valid for 2.5 years from the contract signing. Principal also has an option to extend the agreement. Detailed description of the contract set out in the tender documents part D "Description / Specification."
The purpose of the contract is construction management of construction contracts.

Project Leader signal / Assistant Construction Manager signal for Narvik Station

Bane NOR SF | Published January 28, 2017

Court NOR invites participation in the tender for the supply of
"Project Leader signal / Assistant Construction Manager signal for Narvik station" according to this competition surfaces.
Deliverables include:
Design Management for signal operating at Narvik station.
Support for the construction manager signal.

Kvassheim Lighthouses: Assistant Housing and outbuildings - Demolition and new construction. prequalification

Innkjøpsassistanse Vest as | Published February 15, 2017

Limited offer competition for prequalification applies turnkey respectively demolition of existing and construction of new assistant residence and outbuildings at Kvassheim Lighthouse in Hå.

ILAB - New Process Plants T-41 - Construction V1 Røra Add

Stiftelsen Industrilaboratoriet | Published September 1, 2017

The Industrial and Laboratory (ILAB), the principal, is a research foundation established in 1989 whose purpose is to facilitate research in aquaculture
The project mainly includes the establishment of a new processing plant for the production of animals for Thormøhlens Gate 41, Marineholmen. The processing plant established in industrial premises as adapted to new activities.
Entreprise V1 Røra Add safeguards rørtekniske work associated support systems to resirkulasjonsanlegg for production of laboratory animals (RAS Construction).
This mainly concerns:
- Energy Plants for heating / cooling of process water in RAS construction including cooling unit, electric boilers, components and piping. Piping performed in PE.
- Røra Add oxygen plant until oxygen panels. Piping executed in stainless steel.
- Piping for dilution water to process plants. Performed in PE.
- Piping for seawater safety at processing plants. Performed in PE.
- Piping for wastewater to seawater. Performed in PVC

Acid Mixture Construction

Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon (FLO) | Published May 1, 2017

Acquiring acid mixing plants for use in the production of lead-acid batteries for Norwegian submarines.

Construction management Skjeftejordet

Steinkjerbygg KF | Published February 1, 2017

The project consists of a building on two main floor with an area of ​​approximately 3000 m2 gross and contains 32 residential units.

Construction manager, framework agreement

Skedsmo Kommune | Published January 31, 2017

Purpose and extent
The competition is for a contract to deliver a framework agreement for building managers for Skedsmo kommune.Anskaffelsens value estimated at: NOK 3,000,000, - excluding VAT per year. The volume is estimated based on statistics and accounting for the acquisition of similar products for the same buyer group for previous years and future budget. The volume should be regarded as estimates and are not binding.
The acquisition is intended to ensure Skedsmo municipality access to build leaders for projects related to real property Skedsmo municipality administers.
It should if possible be entered into 3 parallel framework agreements.
The procurement is not already started building projects, unless otherwise determined by the principal.
For further information please refer to Part 2, specification and attached contract.

Harald Bjerke street - Bear Evjes street, VVA-construction execution phase 2

COWI AS Larvik | Published September 1, 2017

VA facility in Harald Bjerke gate and bear Evjes street will be rehabilitated. This also includes the reconstruction of the road trench go in. Construction is total approx 300 meters far.
The following procedures must be performed:
New water pipes, DN150 SJK - 300m
New wastewater pipe, DN160 PVC - 250 meters
New stormwater pipe, DN250 PVC - 300m
New drainage pipe, DN160 DV - 300 meters
Establishing 1stk vannkum, 4 pcs OV-manhole, 3 pcs SP-sewer
Establishment of 10 pieces drains / sand traps for draining road
Rebuilding way
Establishment of new street lights
Updating items. cable management; high voltage / low voltage / signal

Kobkroken Substations - Structural work

VARANGER KRAFTNETT AS | Published June 2, 2017

Principal invites with this competition for the contract "Structural works" project Kobkroken Substations.
Varanger Kraft Nett AS is awarded the license on construction and operation of new indoor Kobkroken Substations municipality of Berlevåg. Ref. Decision: NVE 201102457-104 of 07.03.2015. It is subsequently submitted additional application in connection with changes in technical design in new Kobkroken Substations in relation to the concession given, and it is expected new approval in NVE on this before the planned start of construction at the station.
The project is scheduled Programmes set to 2017-04-01, and the building will be close and clear to the supply of electrical equipment and transformers in 2017-12-31.
For further information on the project, contract splitting and contract work, requested interested providers to notify their interest to participate in the competition and submitting documentation for prequalification. Invited bidders will then be given Part II - Contract Basis.

NAV Vestby reconstruction, structural work

Vestby Kommune | Published October 2, 2017

Today the building houses offices for NAV Vestby and the planned rehabilitation and reconstruction of two main floors and basement.
The areas will be demolished inside for most construction for the technical installations electrical, sanitary and ventilation.
There shall be established a new main entrance and escape routes.
This description includes all interior demolition work, structural work on building up the flooring, modular and fixed walls, painting, t-profile ceiling and deliveries of interior doors, glass panels and desk solution.
Windows should be replaced on both floors incl. Sabots and belistning, shading should de- and reassembled with roller shutter and seizures, this will be carried out in a separate contract.
The tenderer shall during the construction phase be principal enterprise and control initial inspection, HSE protection dealing with inspections, risk assessments in planning and implementation, final inspection.

1139601 National gallery facades K 201 structural

Statsbygg Hovedkontor | Published February 13, 2017

Statsbygg requests in connection with the project:
Name: National Gallery facades
tenders for construction:
Structural, replacing the facade brick
After moisture damage on the wall, part brick used and some joints respekkes.
It should further be rehabilitated several wooden windows, windows covered by a separate contract.
The building is covered by protection class 1 and imposes special demands on the contractor's experience with similar work.

Sauland new school K201 - Structural work

Hjartdal kommune | Published December 2, 2017

Purpose and extent
Hjartdal Municipality invites with this tender process for the construction of Sauland new school.
This competition comes entreprise K201 - structural work.
The measure consists of a new building that houses the multipurpose hall and the new 5-10 school. The new building is located on the east side of the existing skoletomt.
Principal makes special note that since the local economy is strained, there will not be room for changes along the way. Offered sum will therefore be fixed for work. The project is conducted under the condition of political approval.
For further information please refer to Section 2, Description.

Vea nursing homes - building phase II, V03 - Automation Construction

Karmøy kommune | Published March 2, 2017

Detailed engineering and component supply for complete building automation systems.

Supply / construction of 3 twin residential units + 1 double in option - Turnkey

Orkdal kommune | Published February 1, 2017

Delivery / entry of 6 robust and mobile homes located in 3 double units on two or three different plots + 1 double in option.