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construction Courses

NAV Møre og Romsdal | Published March 1, 2017
Labour Training (AMO) for unemployed people over 19 years who are interested in working within the building / construction. The number of participants on the course is 15. The course will provide participants with a basic theoretical and practical training that leads to the necessary certificates / evidence of working within building / construction. For more information see tender documents.

1/2017 New construction 4 Detached Onøy

Lurøy kommune | Published November 1, 2017
Construction of 4-family houses on Onøy in Lurøy municipality.
The procurement turnkey.
The building will be used as rental housing.

E134 Gvammen - Aarhus Purchase of consultancy services for construction management

Statens Vegvesen | Published January 15, 2017
To strengthen capacity in the implementation phase of the project E134 Gvammen Arhus has NPRA Region south need to hire a contract engineering / construction manager for the project.

ILAB - New Process Plants T-41 - Construction V1 Røra Add

Stiftelsen Industrilaboratoriet | Published September 1, 2017
The Industrial and Laboratory (ILAB), the principal, is a research foundation established in 1989 whose purpose is to facilitate research in aquaculture
The project mainly includes the establishment of a new processing plant for the production of animals for Thormøhlens Gate 41, Marineholmen. The processing plant established in industrial premises as adapted to new activities.
Entreprise V1 Røra Add safeguards rørtekniske work associated support systems to resirkulasjonsanlegg for production of laboratory animals (RAS Construction).
This mainly concerns:
- Energy Plants for heating / cooling of process water in RAS construction including cooling unit, electric boilers, components and piping. Piping performed in PE.
- Røra Add oxygen plant until oxygen panels. Piping executed in stainless steel.
- Piping for dilution water to process plants. Performed in PE.
- Piping for seawater safety at processing plants. Performed in PE.
- Piping for wastewater to seawater. Performed in PVC

Acid Mixture Construction

Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon (FLO) | Published May 1, 2017
Acquiring acid mixing plants for use in the production of lead-acid batteries for Norwegian submarines.

Construction management Skjeftejordet

Steinkjerbygg KF | Published February 1, 2017
The project consists of a building on two main floor with an area of ​​approximately 3000 m2 gross and contains 32 residential units.

The reserve Construction Fitjar Municipality

Fitjar kommune | Published January 13, 2017
It will be procured two reserve facility to Fitjar Municipality.
All information is in the specifications

Harald Bjerke street - Bear Evjes street, VVA-construction execution phase 2

COWI AS Larvik | Published September 1, 2017
VA facility in Harald Bjerke gate and bear Evjes street will be rehabilitated. This also includes the reconstruction of the road trench go in. Construction is total approx 300 meters far.
The following procedures must be performed:
New water pipes, DN150 SJK - 300m
New wastewater pipe, DN160 PVC - 250 meters
New stormwater pipe, DN250 PVC - 300m
New drainage pipe, DN160 DV - 300 meters
Establishing 1stk vannkum, 4 pcs OV-manhole, 3 pcs SP-sewer
Establishment of 10 pieces drains / sand traps for draining road
Rebuilding way
Establishment of new street lights
Updating items. cable management; high voltage / low voltage / signal

Construction management Sjøfront Part 2

Rana kommune | Published January 17, 2017
The procurement includes building projects for general contract Sjøfront Part 2, boardwalk along the waterfront. From Havmannplassen to "C2 hotel plot"

Facing 3rd construction stage Frya RA

Sør-Fron kommune | Published January 13, 2017
This is a pre-announcement of a planned bid request which aims to get feedback from potential suppliers about the tender documents is sufficient to be praised.

Supply / construction of 3 twin residential units + 1 double in option - Turnkey

Orkdal kommune | Published February 1, 2017
Delivery / entry of 6 robust and mobile homes located in 3 double units on two or three different plots + 1 double in option.

Acquisition of project management services in the construction of new elementary Ullerål, Honefoss north

Ringerike Kommune | Published June 1, 2017
Ringerike municipality by Development invites to an open tender procedure for purchase of project management services for the design and implementation of new Ullerål school and multipurpose hall Hønefoss Nord as interaction model entrepreneur.

Fuse - structural measures

STIFTELSEN BYMUSEET I BERGEN | Published January 13, 2017
It shall carry out a rectification of hedging level of Bryggens Museum in Bergen.
In this connection it should be solicited on the structural measures to be carried out.
The work must be carried out in the period March 13 - May 31, 2017.
Part of the work has final deadline of 21 April 2017. (Which work concerned will appear in Appendix 1 Requirements Specification)
All relevant suppliers will receive on request Appendix 1 Requirements Specification after they have submitted
a signed Confidentiality Statement, via the communication module in Mercell.
Total estimated value will be US $ 2,800,000, - and listed in Doffin form. Please note that the budget framework is between $ 2,100,000, - and $ 2,800,000, -.
See attached documents.

Turnkey - New office FeFo

Norconsult AS | Published March 1, 2017
The request comes turnkey dialogue on planning and construction of new office buildings to FeFo.

New Innbygda treatment plants

Selbu kommune | Published November 1, 2017
Turnkey process, construction, wiring and external work for new Innbygda wastewater treatment.

Anders Madsen gt 1 - Health clinics, p-cellar and 28 apartments

Tønsberg kommune | Published December 1, 2017
Construction of building containing underground parking, health and housing totaling approximately 4200 sqm.

Inventory biology building UiT

UiT Norges arktiske universitet | Published January 14, 2017
UiT Norges Arctic university has under construction a new biology building on campus in Breivika. In this connection it should be procured inventory adapted to the purpose.

Demolition of existing buildings - Eastern Toten Health Care Center

Gjøvikregionen - anskaffelser | Published January 19, 2017
The provision applies to the demolition of existing buildings in connection with the construction of Eastern Toten Health Care Centre (Otho) in Østre Toten.

Squares and canal park, Ålgård

Gjesdal kommune | Published January 19, 2017
Construction of new Torg and duct reserve, Ålgård.
Basic, concrete and landscape gardening works. High standard.

E6 Finneid maelstrom bridge, contract bridge

Statens vegvesen Region nord | Published June 1, 2017
E6 Finneid maelstrom, contract bridge, includes construction of a new bridge over Finneid maelstrom. The bridge will be constructed as double steel box with concrete pavement in cooperation. The range is approximately 68 m and the bridge has a width of 15 m. Land tubs are founded on steel core piles of rock. In axis 2 intersect municipal road forthwith E6 allowing land vessel is built as a culvert construction on the land side of the plan for the bridge. The axis 1 is weighed down abutments on a single foundation. Existing abutments and E6 secured against construction pit with drilled rørspunt.
In addition to the construction of a new bridge should blow down the whole mountain ridge west of the current E6. Nedsprengning to The formation. Rockfill mass will partly be used for the filling of abutments bridge.