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Construction work

Bergen og Omland havnevesen [Bergen and Omland Port Authority] | Published November 5, 2016
Construction work

Building construction work

Bergen kommune (Bergen municipality) | Published November 3, 2016  -  Deadline December 12, 2016
Building construction work

Construction work

Helse Vest Innkjøp HF | Published November 22, 2016
ByggHaugesund2020 (BuildingHaugesund2020) Supplier seminar.

Contract K200 Demolition

Helse Bergen HF [Bergen Hospital Trust] | Published December 6, 2016  -  Deadline January 13, 2017

The tender is a part of the stage 2 development for the new Children's and Youth Hospital, BUS2. The construction project shall be carried out in large joint builder managed contracts, with contract K200 — Demolition Work being the first. The plan is that all the demolition work planned for this contract shall be carried out before the actual construction work for the new building starts with the ground work and framework.

There will not be any other ongoing work on site whilst the demolition work is being carried out.

The demolition work includes consists of complete clearance and demolition of the Children's Clinic, Children's Psychiatric Clinic, the yellow barracks building on the other side of Haukelandsbakken, as well as the disassembly of the ‘White House’, which is built on to the Children's Psychiatric Clinic.


Havforskningsinstituttet | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline January 20, 2017

IMR shall procure two (2) Thermosalinographs with PVC (plastic) manifold and water jacket for shipboard installation to collect information about the sea surface.

The two thermosalinographs shall be installed and used on the polar research vessel (TBN) ‘Kronprins Haakon’, currently under construction at Fincantieri Muggiano Shipyard in La Spezia, Italy.

The scope of the contract is the purchase and delivery of two (2) Thermosalinograph systems, as further specified in the Tender document section 1.4.

The installation of the Thermosalinographs on board the polar research vessel (TBN) ‘Kronprins Haakon’ will be performed by the Buyer.

Vadmyra nursery — turnkey contract

Bergen kommune [Bergen municipality] | Published November 12, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

A new Vadmyra nursery shall be constructed to replace the existing nursery that shall be demolished. The new building is situated further north on the site than the old nursery. A new road and a new car park for 22 cars is under construction. The road, car park and other infrastructure shall also serve Lyngfaret nursery, which is the closest neighbour to the south. The footpaths in the recreation areas around the nursery shall also be developed. The affected area is approx. 7 decares.

The development plan, which was approved in June 2015, state that the road and car parks must be developed before permission is given to start the construction of the actual nursery. The framework application for the development was approved 21.12.2015. The heating, water and sewage work that shall fulfil the terms for the order of priority will be completed around the turn of the year 2016 / 2017. The site for the new nursery building will be prepared during this work.

The new building will have a gross area of 938 m² with places for 75 children. The nursery's outside play and communal area is 2 160 m².

The project shall be executed in 2 contracts:

1. K101 Builder managed general contract for the road and car parks and the ground work on the nursery site. Currently ongoing, take-over at the beginning of January 2017.

2. K102 Turnkey contract for the construction of the nursery, including development of the outside areas (this competition).

The assignment included in this tender contest — K102 Turnkey contract — will be awarded immediately after the tender contest is concluded, and the work starts promptly. The entire contract shall be handed over within 12 months subsequent to the signing of the contract. Cooperation with Tysseland arkitektur AS is recommended, who have been responsible for the preparation of the preliminary project.

BHO Eidsvåg school and new school pavilion

Bergen kommune, Etat for utbygging [Bergen municipality, the Agency for Development] | Published November 25, 2016  -  Deadline January 4, 2017

This procurement is being carried out to obtain for Bergen kommune, the Agency for Development, assistance as the builder's ombudsman in the execution of two important projects at Eidsvåg.

Eidsvåg school — new school pavilion:

It has been decided to set up a new school pavilion on the side next to Eidsvåg school, see Annex 8. The old Before and after school care pavilion will be demolished and the new school pavilion shall be erected for 350 school children in primary school. A turnkey contract has been announced in the market, the tender offers have been received and are being evaluated for contracting. A framework application with application for dispensation has been sent for the erection of the school pavilion while the regulating works are occurring. The new school pavilion consists of 2 buildings, a school building and an administrative building. The school pavilion shall accommodate the pupils of Eidsvåg School while this is renovated.

Eidsvåg school, renovation and new construction:

The contract ‘Engineering design in group contract including project manager’ has been awarded to Link Arkitektur AS (ARK/SØK) and Multiconsult ASA Bergen (all other disciplines). Planned start up with the engineering design group and the user group is January 2017.

Eidsvåg school has until the start of the academic year 2016, been a combined primary and secondary school with approx. 470 pupils. In the new School Use Plan for 2016-2030 which was approved by the Town Council 16.6.2016, it has been determined that Eidsvåg school shall be a pure primary school with 300 pupils, with possibilities for some expansion in the long term. Based on this, the school will be dimensioned for 350 pupils.

EØS 036-2016 Production and delivery of dinners

Bergen Kommune [Bergen municipality] | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016

Bergen municipality with joint venture partners shall enter into a new agreement for production and deliveries of dinners to retirement and nursing homes, etc., and service recipients living at home. The following two municipalities shall join the contract for delivery to institutions only: Askøy municipality and Os municipality. The following private institutions shall join: Signo Konows senter, Stiftelsen Nykirkehjemmet, Solsletten nursing home, Stiftelsen Metodistkirkens old peoples and nursing home, Stiftelsen St. Johanneshjemmet and Bergens Indremisjons Aldershjem.

The contract is for the production and delivery of approx. 730 000 dinner-sized portions per annum. Of these, approx. 600 000 portions shall be delivered to municipal and private institutions in Bergen municipality and approx. 130 000 portions shall be delivered to service recipients who live at home in Bergen municipality. The affiliated municipalities, Askøy municipality and Os municipality, shall have delivery of approx. 110 000 dinner-sized portions per annum.

The institutions shall have sous-vide produced dinners or cook-cool produced dinners delivered, if this is necessary to ensure a good final product (e.g. for spicy food).

Persons living at home shall have their dinner delivered in accordance with the cook/cool principle, packed in a modified atmosphere. The dinners for both institutions and persons living at home shall be served cold.

Due to a political decision on changes to the institution structure in Bergen municipality, there will be some new nursing homes in the contract period (engineering design services/construction is being carried out) and some institutions will be closed. These changes will not lead to major changes in the volume of dinners.

New nursing homes:

Råstølen: 90 places. Planned completion first quarter of 2019.

Sandsli: 120 places. In addition 30 Welfare Plus residences shall be established in the same building. Planned completion second quarter 2019.

Åsane: 100 places. Planned completion in 2021. This nursing home shall be replacement places in the first years for Midtbygda nursing home which shall be renovated.

New building at Frieda Fasmers Minne: 54 new places.

New building at an existing nursing home: 60 new places, probably in connection with Slettemarken nursing home.

Old peoples and nursing homes that will be closed:

B-hospital: 23 places at B-hospital will be closed when the rental contract expires. The contract expires in 2018 and the municipality can extend the contract for up to two years if needed.

Enkers old peoples home: 23 places will be closed when the new nursing home is opened in 2018-2019.

Hordnestunet: 20 places will be closed in 2019.

Storetveit nursing home: 53 places will be closed in 2019.

Sankt Johanneshjemmet: 46 places will be closed when the new nursing home is ready in 2019.

These are a guideline and there can be delays and other conditions that affect the dates.

The tenderer shall ensure that apprentices are used for work in the contract in the following discipline: Restaurant and food. A minimum of 7 % of the hours worked when carrying out the contract work are to be carried out by apprentices.

Bergen municipality produces some dinners itself in addition to the volume in this competition. In addition to this, the intention is that some of the municipality's needs, in addition to the volume stated in this competition, shall be covered through a public-public cooperation.

The Contracting Authority uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To express your interest and gain access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.

Test Equipment of tilslagsmaterialers properties

Høgskolen i Bergen | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 1, 2016

Institute for Building Construction seeks to expand the laboratory with testing equipment for testing of mechanical and physical properties of aggregates for road and rail.

Turnkey for viewing room w / operations department, Øystese kyrkjegard, Kvam

OG Arkitekter as | Published November 7, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016

Tearing of eksisternde operations building w / toilets, preparation of building ground

Construction of new viewing room w / operations department, changing rooms and toilets

Entreprise K200 Demolition

Helse Bergen HF | Published December 2, 2016  -  Deadline January 13, 2017

The tender terms are part of the development stage 2 of the new Children and Youth hospital BUS2.Byggeprosjektet be implemented in large shared builder controlled contracts, where contracting K200 - Rake Works is the first. It is planned that all demolitions, which are included in this

contract shall be carried out prior to the actual construction work on the new building starting with earthworks and framework.

It will not continue other works at the construction site simultaneously with completion of demolition works.

Demolition work includes complete redevelopment and demolition of Pediatrics, Children's Psychiatric Clinic, yellow fallow built across Haukelandsbakken and dismantling of "the" White House ", which is built up Child Psychiatric Clinic

Turnkey for bird observation tower at Herdla Valentine

Fylkesmannen i Hordaland | Published November 4, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016

Governor of Hordaland, hereinafter surnamed Funding, hereby invites to a open tender competition for turnkey construction of fugleobservasjonshus Herdla nature reserve Askøy.

Herdla nature reserve is using the very most important conservation lands in Oslo, and for wintering seabirds and wading birds at play it quite clear that most important. Instead of click, the area is characterized by aloud traffic levels and many different activities that are to the disadvantage of birdlife. Construction of EiT bird observation tower at Herdlevalen is an important measure for channeling traffic, instead of click that building will be a new landmark in Herdla.

Principal uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To register your interest, and get access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[Http://]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.

Vadmyra kindergarten - turnkey

Bergen kommune | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

It will be built a new Vadmyra kindergarten to replace the current that is torn. The new building is slightly further north on the plot than the old. New road and new parking spaces for 22 cars is under construction. Road, parking and other infrastructure will also serve Lyng faret kindergarten which is the closest neighbor to the south. Walkways in the outdoor area around the nursery will also be refurbished. The affected area is approximately 7 goals.

In zoning, which was approved in June 2015, given order provisions on development of road and parking spaces that must be performed before granting building permission for the construction of the kindergarten. Frame Application for development was approved on 21.12.2015. VVA work to be fulfilling order provisions will be completed around New Year 2016 / 2017. The plot of the new kindergarten built will be prepared in connection with these works.

The new building will have a gross area of ​​938 square meters space for 75 children. Kindergarten play and living space out on 2160 m².

The project will be completed in two contracts:

1. K101 Client-driven general contracting involving succession provisions and foundation work on the nursery grounds. Currently undergoing an acquisition in early January 2017).

2. K102 Turnkey which includes construction of the kindergarten including landscaping of outdoor areas (participators)

The mission concerning this competition - K102 turnkey - will be awarded once the contest is settled, and the work should be started promptly. Whole contract shall be submitted within 12 months after signing of the agreement. It is recommended to cooperate with Tysseland architecture AS, which has been responsible for the preparation of the pilot project.

K0280 Danckert Krohn - engineering

Bergen kommune, Etat for utbygging | Published November 29, 2016  -  Deadline January 5, 2017

EFU has been commissioned by BFEE looking at possible fitting of offices in Danckert Krohn

senior center Kong Oscars gate 54. This case concerns the protected main building from 1789 on 871 m2 in one floor plus attic and consists of two wings connected by a transverse construction. Extension 1974 is not included in this project.

Bergenhus and Årstad culture office holds today to Neumann's gate 1, but are moved to Danckert Krohn as amended from senior center to Cultural Center.

It was 8.18.16 held inspection of the building with representatives of the cultural office, senior center and EFU. It is desired to take the 1st floor of both wings for offices with a total of approximately 300 m2.

There is condition dat. 6/1/15 from Multiconsult, which concludes with a large maintenance backlog exterior, phrases, lack of ventilation and drafts from windows. The building is considered to overall development class TK 2 = moderate repairs and further investigations. Necessary measures for the first five years is estimated at kr. 17 million.

To get on with the case must be engaged a design group with expertise in heritage buildings. The mission consists of two reports:

1. Measures necessary for the use of wing buildings for offices, with new installations and repairs of exterior walls with windows

2. Option rehabilitation of the entire building with an emphasis on facades and roofs.

In the first phase, the studies lead to a sketch / preliminary project as a basis for decision on further work.

In the next phase the project will include preparation of detailed project, contracting and monitoring during the construction period, the scale will depend on decisions by the previous phase.

The project will probably be regarded as the renovation, but the scope of PBL § 31-2 on

measures on existing buildings.

BHO Eidsvåg school and new school pavilion

Bergen kommune, Etat for utbygging | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 4, 2017

This procurement is carried out to obtain the City of Bergen, Etat for development assistance builder ombudsman in implementation of two important projects in Eidsvåg.

Eidsvåg school new school pavilion:

It has been decided to set up a new school pavilion on the plot next Eidsvåg school, see Appendix 8. The old SFO pavilion demolished and the new school pavilion will be constructed for 350 school children at the primary level. It advertised a turnkey competition in the market, deals are entered and is under evaluation and contracting. It is submitted frame application with an application for exemption for the erection of school pavilion while zoning work in progress. The new school pavilion consists of two buildings, a school building and an administration building. School pavilion will house students in Eidsvåg school while this rehabilitated.

Eidsvåg school - rehabilitation and new construction:

It has recently been awarded a contract "Designing the group contract incl. PGL" Link Architecture AS (ARK / SEARCH) and Multiconsult ASA Bergen (all other subjects). Planned start with the design team and the user gets over in January 2017.

Eidsvåg school has until school starts in 2016 been a combined primary and secondary school with approximately 470 pupils. In new school use Plan for 2016-2030, which was adopted by the City Council on 16 June 2016, it decided that Eidsvåg school to become a pure primary school with an enrollment size of 300 with the possibility of some expansion in the longer term. On the basis of this decision, dimensioned school for 350 pupils.

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