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Bridge construction work

Rijkswaterstaat Programma's, Projecten en Onderhoud | Published March 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 4, 2017
45221110, 48620000, 51100000

The project involves the renovation of the Watershed Bridge.

Global Scope Definition

- Replacement of the bridge falling, including all the traps existing conservation (IH) components (paving, guide rail, railing, etc.);

- Adjust civil construction bascule basement;

- Ensuring the systems related to all disciplines, including the supply of goods available to specific 3B building block for bridges in the bridge as a total system;

- Refresh bridge fall of the movement and drive system;

- Renewal of electrical and 3B systems (based on the specific 3B Watershed Bridge);

- Renew its logic function fulfillers such as cameras, barriers and the like;

- Renewal of the safety systems for signaling, signage and closing tree cabinets;

- Removing the old equipment and / or systems which are not used as the emergency generator;

- Part of the work and 3B, the remote e ...

See the already completed field regarding the short description.

Construction work for buildings of further education

Gemeente Utrecht | Published April 5, 2017

The contract includes the construction of the Via Nova College (secondary school Vleuterweide) for about 800 students, approximately 9970 m² gross floor area, including two gymnasiums. The contract includes the implementation of architectural, mechanical and electrical works.

Ca. 9970 m² GFA.

Construction work

ProRail BV | Published April 11, 2017

The province of Noord-Holland, together with the municipalities achieve a grade public transport connection between homes and train station Hilversum. To this end, several track crossings, there will be realized. To a large extent is the route of laying the HOV bus lane at the municipality Laren and Hilversum close to the track section Hilversum-Baarn. There are crosses with the track underneath (for car and bike), overhead and floor (HOV lane) required bringing new operating road formed and retain existing rail links. In the interests of good ecological integration at Anna's Hoeve (Gooi Nature) a wildlife crossing is applied to track and HOV lane. The wildlife crossing is part of the national Multiannual Defragmentation (MJPO).

The tender is not reserved by ProRail under the qualification system recognized parties. The result is that there is a first publication (30 days) and selection will pl ...


Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Rijkswaterstaat Corporate Dienst | Published July 6, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2020
71000000, 79000000

Dynamic purchasing system for the hiring of external capacity and expertise in the areas of engineering services and operations.

Software package and information systems

Nationale Databank Wegverkeersgegevens (NDW) | Published April 19, 2017

The contract involves the construction of a reporting system for employees of provincial and municipal road authorities to record activities and events, each tune and publish.

Realization of a software system.

Software-related services

Nationale Databank Wegverkeersgegevens (NDW) | Published March 9, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017

It relates to an application for managing the configuration of measurement locations and routes of traffic data.

CBM helps resolve a number of processes of NDW.

CBM should fulfill two main functions:

1. supporting the process of creating and maintaining configuration files for current traffic data, including validation of locations NDW;

2. to support the process of creating and maintaining routes on the basis of segments.

The individual geographic features which can be accessed using the CBM also serve outside of the application, so there also by any other applications in the future (perhaps in ...

Phase 1: realization of the offered solution

The correct functioning of the Configuration Manager must be secured by this amount.

Phase 2: management and development of the delivered solution

NDW finds it essential here that the team composition remains unchanged from phase 1, in order to ensure continuity of knowledge and construction.


Kamer van Koophandel | Published April 25, 2017  -  Deadline June 1, 2017
32400000, 32562000, 72720000

The purpose of this open procedure is to close by Lot 1 contract with one contractor, namely Lot 1 (designing, building and managing the dark fiber connections) and Lot 2 (design, construction and management of low- 3 WAN links and Internet access).

The agreements will be concluded for a period of three (3) years, with the possibility of three (3) times an optional extension of two (2) years. The intended date of the agreement is 8.1.2017 and the intended delivery date of the functional WAN and dark fiber compounds is 12.01.2017.

Designing, building and managing the dark fiber connections. The application of the dark fiber route Woerden - Aalsmeer (2 x). For more information see Part A - descriptive document (Chapter 1).

Designing, building and managing the layer-3 WAN links and Internet access.

The contract includes the WAN links (for multimedia, voice and data) between all (25) offices of the Chamber of Commerce and its two data centers, Internet access to these two data centers in Woerden and Aalsmeer and all the necessary one-off and regular services in this regard. More information about the locations can be found in Appendix 3 - pricing sheet and list locations.

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