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Construction work

Stichting Wellant | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
45000000, 71000000

Design and Build new Wellantcollege Naarden.

Wellant Foundation intends to achieve new building for Wellantcollege Naarden the Tenierslaan 2. The current school is functionally and technically outdated. The intended new location is the adjacent "Stork location". The proposed new building at the Stork venue hosts 330 VMBO students on a plot of almost 6700 sqm. The need for education area is approximately 3130 m² GFA including one gymnasium. In addition, approximately 440 sqm to be realized for animal enclosures, a greenhouse and a shed for the purpose of practical training in construction and maintenance of green. of 0 is an EPC is required for the teaching building.

Until the next new one contract to be awarded also the demolition of the existing buildings on the Stork location and asbestos remediation and layout of the outdoor space.

Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security

Gemeente Houten | Published February 9, 2017  -  Deadline February 8, 2021

The municipality realizes hiring commands using the platform As a result of the new guidelines of the Procurement Act 2012 will migrate the platform for a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). This DAS will hiring contracts are published in the following categories.

- Administrative / Secretarial.

- Automation / ICT.

- Administrative.

- Interior Services / General Services.

- Construction / Civil Engineering.

- Fire brigade.

- Outreach / landscaping.

- Civil / public affairs.

- Service / facility.

- Financial / economic.

- Health care.

- Registrar.

- Legal.

- Education / science / culture.

- Public order and safety.

- Human Resource Management.

- Spatial planning / environment.

- Social Affairs / Employment.

- Sports / recreation.

- Traffic / Transportation / nautical.

- Sale / purchase.

- Information / Communication.

- Welfare.

The organization reserves the right to add a category or change at a later time. The organ ...


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