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Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways

Provincie Noord-Holland | Published January 31, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017
45221000, 45351000, 45200000

The new bridges will be operated remotely. 

Bridge Ouderkerk (bascule bridge) was built in 1936 and is operated locally.

See also enclosed the tender documents annexed to this publication.

The project N522 Replacement bridge Ouderkerk aims:

- Existing bascule bridge demolition and construction of two new (bascule) bridges with 1 movable trap a bridge;

- The new bridges are operated remotely and be suitable for that purpose;

- Providing temporary access during the execution work;

- The reconstruction of the N522 intersection with Amstel Battle and applying a (new) traffic management system;

- The reconstruction of the N522 junction with Higher End North / South End Higher (including traffic control system), the public

transport connection retains its current functionality;

- The construction of a road linking Amstelzijde and the intersection with Amstel Battle;

- The realization of an underpass Amsteldijk Noord to Amstelzijde;

- The realization of a bicycle underpass between Higher and Higher End North End-South;

- The reconstruction of the road section of N522 within the system boundary;

200 m;

100 m;

- The preservation of the existing structure and the banks in the period from contract to demolish the existing structure and

- Removing the junction N522 (Oranjebaan) - Amsteldijk-Noord / Amstelzijde.

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