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Construction work

Gemeente Groningen | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016

The municipality of Groningen is the owner of the new sports center Europapark. Noorderpoort the planned first tenant and therefore plays an important role in the design process. The project will consist of:

- A sports hall consisting of three parts,

- Gym (between Hall)

- A dojo (training hall with special mat for Japanese self-defense sports)

- A dance space,

- A gymnasium with fixed arrangement,

- Fitness,

- Education spaces (exam rooms)

- Catering.

Work on implementation of the contract consists of the construction of the building projects, the technical installation and mechanical installation work and the layout of the site (near building) on ​​the basis of specifications and drawings on which the application was based.

The Europa Park sports center construction consists of approximately 5700 m² GFA. This concerns both the engineering, installation and technical field work. The field work, the device directly to the building, including the land slopes, the stairs and the terrace.

Construction work for sewage pipes

Gemeente Groningen, Afdeling IGG | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

The municipality has a European public tender for expanding the sewer system in the Boulevard de Waterloo and Esperanto Street ahead running on the South Ring Approach (conversion southern ring road).

The work consists essentially of:

- Clearance;

- The disposal of sewage

- The foaming of old sewers;

- Carrying out earthworks;

- Placing GRP wells;

- The placing of concrete wells;

- The affixing of PVC sewer;

- The application of GRP sewer;

- Supply and installation of sand for sand bed;

- Applying drains and pit edges;

- The affixing of open pavings;

- Applying asphalt pavements;

- Applying constraints.

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