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Building construction work

Schiphol Nederland BV | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline April 7, 2017
45210000, 71220000

With this tender Schiphol aims to select a General Contractor for the detailed engineering and construction of a new pier A as part of Schiphol's Capital Programme.

The Pier A- Airside building consisting of:

A three storey building of approx. 400 m by 40 m with 50 000 m² occupied space on various levels. Ground floor ramp, parking and bussing; first floor Schengen departures/arrivals, 2nd and 3rd floor non-schengen departures/arrivals with segregation.

Building works consist of piled foundations, structural shell and core, full internal fit out, including departure gate lounges, pedestrian routes, partitioned area, floor, ceilings, lifts escalators, travellators, stairs, and air bridges.

Areas for specialised use such as passport control, search and baggage screening, passenger assembly areas, bussing gates, retail outlets, toilets and other uses.

A Temporary Connector consisting of an elevated corridor connecting Pier B with new Pier A at level 1 of approx. 3 000 m².

Aprons And Stands consisting of paving of approximately 57 000 m² area to accommodate five (5) narrow-body and three (3) wide-body (or six (6) narrow-body) aircraft simultaneously, plus all stand equipment, navigation aids, head of stand roads and ramp parking.

Construction work for water projects

TenneT TSO BV | Published February 11, 2017

This market consultation focusses on island for grid connection concept ‘IJmuiden Ver’ wind area, which will be held during Q1 2017 and investigates the technical feasibility and costs for development of an artificial island near ‘IJmuiden Ver’.

TenneT is currently considering how from 2023 onwards the ‘IJmuiden Ver’ wind area can be connected to the onshore electricity grid. This wind area is further from the coast than currently developed wind areas. To connect this wind area, substantial offshore transformer and switching installations will need to be supported. This can be done with jackets or gravity-based structures, but an artificial island could be considered as an alternative.

See section II.1.4).

Please note that the estimated date of publication of contract notice (see section II.3)) is very preliminary and no rights can be derived from this.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

TenneT TSO BV | Published February 10, 2017
71000000, 71300000, 71310000, 71311000, 71311100, 71312000, 71314000, 71320000, 71600000

The scope for this Tender concerns the demand for Client Representatives for the COBRAcable project and the WoZ projects.

Locked restricted procedure.

Locked and restricted procedure.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland ( | Published February 24, 2017
71000000, 71300000, 71351000, 71600000

Beginning of April 2017 a tender will be published. The objective of this tender is to conclude an agreement with a tenderer who is able to carry out the geophysical investigations required to obtain the soil information at the Wind Farm Zone Hollandse Kust (Noord). This soil information will be made available to all potential bidders for offshore wind farms in the Netherlands.

The objective of the geophysical soil investigation is to improve the bathymetrical, morphological and geological understanding of the wind farm zone and identification of objects in the designated wind farm zones and to obtain geophysical information on these locations, which is suitable for the preparation of geotechnical investigations and suitable to progress the design and installation requirements for offshore wind farms, including, but not limited to foundations and infield cables.

The work has to be executed in the Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm Zone.

It is envisaged that around 700 MW of wind energy will be installed in the Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind farm Zone.

Construction work

Gemeente Hilversum | Published January 24, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

Within the housing Anna's farm in the municipality of Hilversum reserved land for the construction of houses by individuals and developers. This contract covers the sale and the exclusive right to develop housing on construction field 5.2 and / or construction field 5.3 in Anna's Farm project.

See the tender documents.

Construction work

Agora Zaanstreek | Published February 4, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017
45000000, 45350000, 45315100

It is a complete new construction of a multifunctional accommodation, where OBS Delta, ICBS Coral (both schools), BSO Free Kids, BSO Tinteltuin and two gymnasiums for housed the Zaanstad municipality.

5500 sqm.

Construction work

Projectvennootschap GEM A4 Zone West CV, vertegenwoordigd door GEM A4 Zone West Beheer BV | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline March 15, 2017
45000000, 45100000, 45233141

Please note that client is no contract requiring organization.

Customer is responsible for site preparation of the site Schiphol Trade Park. Schiphol Trade Park is a business park located in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Schiphol Trade Park project has high ambitions which innovation and future orientation play a major role. Client recognizes that cooperation is an important means to achieve the desired goals. The principal desire is to develop the project fully and as far as possible jointly with partners. The intention is to do this with a suitable candidate based on a DEC (f) M construction (design, engineer, construct, (finance) and maintain) to conclude a framework agreement.

For more information, see attached documents.


Construction work

Rijksvastgoedbedrijf | Published February 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 1, 2017
45000000, 45216200, 55500000, 98340000, 71000000

The project consists of all the works, supplies and services to be performed under the DBFMO contract resulting from this tender. This consisted essentially of the design, construction, supply of support services, providing resources, maintenance, financing and provision of Michiel Adriaan de Ruyter barracks with the user, the Department of Defense, specifically the Marine Corps, part of the Navy command. This is done on location at the Outer Harbour, a former Olau grounds and inside the dike subregion in Flushing. Further information can be found in the tender documents, phase selection and attachments, which can be downloaded from

Gross floor area (GFA), indicative divided into: buildings (approximately 100 000 m² gross floor area) and outside (approximately 80 000 sqm GLA).

Construction work

Gemeente Amsterdam, Ingenieursbureau | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017
45000000, 45211350, 45300000, 71540000

Lot 3 rebuilding city hall - entrance hall and political administrative part

Beginning in 2016 began the large-scale renovation of the city hall of municipality of Amsterdam. In January 2017 the tender will start for the third and perhaps most prestigious of 4 subprojects (plots): entrance hall and political-administrative part.

The renovation of the City Hall aims to improve the experience and living environment for guest and user. This is not just about nice and climatically well conditioned rooms. This is also about the experience of hospitality: a good welcome to visitors, officers, directors, council and committee room and Town Loket. "An open and welcoming city hall" is the credo that underlies the renovation and the project entrance hall and political-administrative part is the backbone of this.

The scope of the pay to work broadly comprises the following components:

- The reorganization and renewal of the public entrance of the Town Hall;

- The construction of a civic representative / committee room and two smaller multipurpose rooms;

- The construction of a public plaza at the council chamber on the first floor;

- Modifications to the council, public access and surrounding areas;

- The renovation of various offices on the first floor to the working environment of political groups and the council Registry;

- The construction of a conference center with flexible workstations that will work in times of crisis or major events as the Regional Crisis Center;

- The conversion of a portion of the second floor to administration wing: the working environment of mayor and cabinet of councilors and staff, a new lecture room and a representative reception and waiting area for all visitors (from ministers to ordinary Amsterdammers).

District-heating mains construction work

WarmteStad BV | Published February 3, 2017

Construction of district heating pipes

Construction work

Gemeente Zuidplas | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline March 16, 2017

Zuidplas municipality intends to accommodate all employees under one roof. To achieve that serves demolished the existing town hall to be and will be built on the same site a new building. The housing specifications with respect to the following four objectives:

a. Position of the town hall in society.

b. Sustainability (3P's).

c. Appearance, quality and image expectations.

d. Work Concept Zuidplas.

The purpose of the tender is to contract one contractor carrying out the work referred to above for the best value for money within the financial frameworks.

The contract consists of the following activities

a. Prepare technical design (detail) Town Hall.

b. Demolition current property.

c. Construction hall.

d. BREEAM certification for realization.

e. Guaranteed Energy for 20 years after completion.

Construction work

Prolander in opdracht van de provincie Drenthe | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

It is a complete new construction of a sheepfold for 1000 sheep plus buildings and installations.

The work includes the following (non-exhaustive):

- The new fold with a deep litter system (1500 m²);

- A cattle barn (1200 sqm);

- Kapschuur including a canteen, toilets, wool workshop and workshop (600 m²);

- A store for foil bags and a space for a manure place (300 m³);

- The layout of the premises;

- Field device;

- A company house, consisting of one storey (240 m²);

- A shed for the purpose of holding the housing;

- A dog kennel for the benefit of 6 dogs;

- A playground / petting zoo with play area for children and apparatus for smaller animals, including a small animal shelter (30 m²);

- An information center (including meeting room) in combination with a hospitality room, terrace and observation deck (276 m² gross floor area and 100 sqm terrace);

- A concrete access road (approximately 260 m);

- A paved parking for 30 cars;

- A path which connects to the cemetery;

- Parking for disabled, 2 pieces at the location of the information center;

- Necessary new utilities;

- Outdoor bicycle for about 80 pieces, including a number of charging stations;

- Other smaller device further measures.

Construction work

Rijksvastgoedbedrijf | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline March 17, 2017
45000000, 71000000

The new government office on the Southbank is the place in Rotterdam where it comes in contact with the national government. In the office three areas to be distinguished; the reception area with a rich desk area, the general area and the office area. To achieve these different areas within the State Office is the most likely, it is necessary to design an addition to the current Tax office.

Through clever re-use of materials or building elements, the logical positioning of the various functions and the introduction of a new entrance through which the connection is realized with the current passage (the Galleria), it creates a logistics bright built up Rijkskantoor, in which the visitor for the National Desk finds its way nice and quickly and which meet the public servant, working together and focused work is encouraged.

The intended users are the Tax Office, Department of Public Works, the Immigration and N ...

Overview general project characteristics

Building area including parking in basement: approximately 54 000 m² GLA.

Building surface functional adaptations: approximately 37 000 m² GLA.

Optional extension: 600 m² GFA.

Surface building fire safety measures: Relate to entire building including the facades.


- All design and construction disciplines should be integral in the development and realization provided.

- It is necessary in the development of discipline to his attention (s) behavioral characteristics of individuals and their influence on the perception of accessibility, received and find the way to make the building part of the elaborate task.

Construction work for water projects

Gemeente Moerdijk | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017

The reopening of the Roode Vaart and the refurbishment of the Market Town Plan Zevenbergen. The municipality of Moerdijk wishes to the realization of the Port and the redevelopment of the downtown area take place in a building team. The municipality of Moerdijk believes that integrating these operations, partly because of the specific techniques required, is ideally suited to develop this construction team and to carry out, in principle, even with the construction team.

Construction work for sports facilities

Gemeente Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht | Published December 28, 2016  -  Deadline March 10, 2017
45212200, 45200000, 71200000

Design and construction of a new indoor pool at the High Quay in the immediate vicinity of the existing sports hall. Renovating the pool and demolition of the existing pool.

The implementation activities include:

- Renovation of the pool,

- Realization of temporary facilities,

- Demolition of existing outdoor facilities serving the construction,

- Construction of the indoor swimming pool consisting of:

- Competition pool (25 x 12.5 m)

- Instruction pool (12 x 10 m)

- Paddling pool,

- Slide,

- Demolition of the existing pool,

- Terugrealiseren deleted provisions.

For more information, refer to the tender documents and tender specification.

Building construction work

Rijkswaterstaat Corporate Dienst | Published February 15, 2017  -  Deadline March 16, 2017

It concerns the construction of Delfgauw Centre for the benefit of the primary process of Traffic and Water Management (VWM), namely: carrying out activities in the field of winter maintenance to keep the A-roads of ice and snow. For more information see the application and selection document.

See application and selection document.

Engineering works and construction works

Havenbedrijf Rotterdam NV | Published February 10, 2017  -  Deadline March 21, 2017
45220000, 45233100, 71322000, 45314310, 45221115

The Theemswegtracé project comprises an approximately 4 kilometer long railway line that runs on an elevated concrete work along the Theemsweg and Neckarweg. The route includes two steel arch bridges (at the Rozenburgse Luis and the Thomassen Tunnel) and connect on both sides with the existing railway from the Port Railway. More information about the Theemswegtracé project is available at:

For the realization of the Theemswegtracé opted for a split between the civil construction (including 2 steel rail bridges) and railway construction, separate contracts respectively called "base" and "superstructure". The realization of the substructure is the subject of this tender. For this contract, "Realization substructure track TWT" is selected for E & C contract due to limited freedom of design include the route from / EIA.


Entertainment building construction work

Gemeente Tynaarlo | Published February 25, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017

The work consists essentially of:

- The design and construction of a building with double sports hall (2 x 24 m1 m1 x 44.2 x 7 m1) and associated areas. With attention to efficient use of space, a logical layout and manageable.

- Design and realization of a sustainable building with minimal maintenance and energy costs in the operation. It should be based on an energy-neutral building.

- The design and construction of a building with a clear relationship with the environment (other construction). This planning frameworks are important.

It concerns the first to realize building containing 2 C1 sports halls (24 m1 x 44.2 x 7 m1 m1). There is space for a sports canteen and other related areas (such as first-aid room, changing rooms, referee and staff room and storage). The total size is about 3900 sqm gross floor area.

Preliminary implementation schedule:

- Start construction in March 2018,

- Completion end of 2018.

The building is 01/01/2019 to be put into service.

The above data No rights can be derived.

Engineering works and construction works

Waterschap Hunze en Aa's | Published February 28, 2017
45220000, 45400000

With this notice, we want to alert potential bidders timely manner following market scheduled meeting. The market information meeting aims to inform the interested market in this mission and to consult the market.

Date and time: Wednesday 13.3.2017 from 10:00 to 11:30.

Address: Aqua Park 5, 9641 PJ Veendam.

If you wish to attend should at this meeting to give yourself no later than Wednesday, March 1st at 12:00 by specifying the following number of people (maximum 2) name or names, job title, email address, telephone number and organization .

Relevant information should be sent to:, Attn Marline Wolda, to sign stating: "Registration information meeting architectural and civil engineering maintenance".

The tender documents expected to be published Friday, 03/24/2017 at the latest.

Hunze and Aa's will contract one supplier with this tender for all the work in the context of small architectural maintenance of all objects of Hunze and Aa's. Major repairs, renovations and new construction are outside the scope of this tender. The estimated value of this contract is approximately 100 000 EUR per year.

Hunze and Aa's will contract one supplier with this tender for all the work in the context of small civil engineering maintenance of all objects in the Hunze and Aa's. Major repairs, renovations and new construction are outside the scope of this tender. The estimated value of this contract is approximately 100 000 EUR per year.

Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines

Alliander NV (namens Combi infra Amsterdam) | Published January 25, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

Construction of infrastructure combined cable and pipeline construction work main pipelines and terminals / connecting cables, water (W) Holding (A) Electrical (E) Gas (G), Cai (C) and Telecom (T).