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Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants

Comune di San Pellegrino Terme (BG) | Published May 7, 2015  -  Deadline July 6, 2015

Detailed design and execution of restoration and structural consolidation of the former Grand Hotel of San Pellegrino Terme.

Bridge-design services

Comune di San Gavino Monreale | Published July 15, 2015  -  Deadline September 4, 2015

The contract concerns the method of awarding the preliminary, final and executive, construction management, safety coordination during design and execution, relating to the work of demolition and new construction of two bridges over the river Mannu, Via Via in Villacidro and Guspini in the municipality of San Gavino Monreale. The overall objective of the project is the mitigation of flood risk, through the definition of technical solutions aimed at both the construction of two bridges across the Flumini Mannu.

Cemetery services

Comune di Sanremo | Published September 26, 2015
LS Cooperativa Sociale Onlus

The services covered by the contract are divided into: - main activities: burials, burials in niches, tombs and ossuaries, exhumations ordinary and extraordinary, ordinary and extraordinary estumulazione (see Annex A of the tender documents), - secondary activities: cleaning cemeteries internal and external maintenance cemeteries internal, routine maintenance, construction, plant engineering and works as electrician (see Annex B of the tender documents), according to the terms and conditions laid down in the tender documents and the other processed.

Tender no. 2/2016 - Open procedure for the award of the works concession for the construction and operation of a plant for treatment of leachate at the site of the treatment plant area in loc. Camposalese in the municipality of Spoleto - CUP E37H11003960003 - 6560354F5E IGC.

Valle Umbra Servizi SpA | Published February 6, 2016  -  Deadline May 3, 2016
45222100, 71322000, 90510000, 90481000

Public works concession under Article. 142 and following of Legislative Decree no. 163/2006.

The preliminary draft placed in the tender was valid on 10/26/2015.

The contract includes the preparation of the detailed design, the execution of works for the construction of the plant, as well as the functional and economic management of the same for the entire duration of the concession. The final project is instead being offered in the tender.

The total investment amount derived from the maximum PEF amounted to 8633 € 134.25.

The opera economic framework of VAT set out in detail in the tender documents, derived from the preliminary draft, amounts to € 1,200,000 of which:

- Total amount of work and security costs 1076 € 905.02 including 30 158.22 euros for ordinary expenses for the implementation of security plans, 17 178.59 euros for additional costs for the implementation of security plans, 294 € 978.94 for minimum cost of labor;

- Amounts available 123 094.98 EUR including 56 432.45 euros for planning costs (final planning / execution, safety coordination during design, geology).

Based on the preliminary draft the following categories of work were identified: main category OS22 classification III amount 1076 € 905.02; there are no separable categories.

Classes and design categories: services related to engineering Cat. 12, Annex IIA of the Legislative Decree. N. 163/2006, classified in the following categories of Z-1 attached to the DM n table. 143/2013: category ID operates IA.01 work value 1 076 905.02 euros.

Restaurant and food-serving services

Comune di Monte San Savino | Published April 6, 2016  -  Deadline May 18, 2016

The contract covers the identification of the economic operator to which will be entrusted with the school meals service with construction of a center owned by the City area.

Miscellaneous engineering services

Stazione Unica Appaltante dei Comuni di San Giovanni Rotondo — San Marco in Lamis — Rignano Garganico | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

final design, detailed design, geological report, construction management, and accounting measures and safety coordination during design and execution, geological and geotechnical investigations and the execution of specialized investigations on its execution. CIG 6918031BC5.

Public notice for exploratory market research for institutional stand exhibition "Fruit Logistica 2017" (Berlin February 8 to 10)

Direzione Formazione e Instruzione | Published October 12, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016

exploratory market research for the identification of economic operators to be invited to the negotiated procedure for the construction service of the stand of the Veneto Region at "Fruit Logistica 2017" (Berlin February 8 to 10)

Post information notice

Direzione Formazione e Instruzione | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline November 13, 2016

Reliance professional assignment to Eng. Nicholas d'Este of Trichiana for the activities of "Service support construction management" concerning the replacement of partoie at the Stra cross' on the River Brenta. CIG ZAD1AF2AC7

Application for amendment and supplement to single authorization - DGR n. 702 of 24/05/2011, as amended (DGR n. 32 of 01.19.2016) - Application no. 292874/2016. Admissibility: 09/09/2016. Convening the Conference of services.

Direzione Formazione e Instruzione | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016

Application for amendment and single authorization integration - DGR n. 702/2011, as amended (DGR n. 32/2016) pertaining to the construction of a power plant from renewable sources (biogas) in the City of Cona - location Foresto (VE). Request filed by companies "Biogas Bruso sarl" Notice of simultaneous conference services.

Application for amendment and supplement to single authorization - DGR n. 877 of June 4, 2013, as amended (DGR n. 2428/2014) - Application no. 305190/2016. Admissibility: 5 September. Convening of Conference Services

Direzione Formazione e Instruzione | Published October 27, 2016  -  Deadline December 4, 2016

Application for amendment and single authorization integration - DGR n. 877 of June 4, 2013, and subsequent amendments (DGR no. 2428/2014) concerning the construction of a power generation plant from renewable sources (biogas) in the municipality of Musile di Piave (VE) - Application no. 305190/2016 filed by the "Agricultural Society Agrotec 2 sarl". Convening of Conference Services

Sports facilities operation services

Comune di Sesto San Giovanni | Published July 1, 2016  -  Deadline August 2, 2016

The service concerns the management and conduct of Breda Stadium Lot 1 and Lot 2 of the Tennis Club located in Via XX Settembre, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni. For the description of the installation, please refer to the specifications Lot 1 and Lot 2 (for both art. 2).

It is planned the construction of works of extraordinary maintenance, adjustment and restructuring for a total estimated of 821 000 EUR to be paid by the lottery dealer 1.

School-meal services

Comune di Monte San Savino | Published May 20, 2015  -  Deadline June 16, 2015

The contract has as its object the supply of the school meals service, as defined in art. 2 of the Specifications, for the school and primary of the City of Monte San Savino. The contract has as its object services listed in Annex IIB of the Decree. 04/12/2006, n. 163 - Public Procurement Code. The main performance of the contract consists of the provision of the school meals service. The contract also includes, as a secondary benefit, the construction of the center cooking municipal property.

Library, archives, museums and other cultural services

Centrale di Committenza fra i Comuni di Spoleto, Norcia, Sant'Anatolia di Narco, Scheggino, Vallo di Nera, Monteleone di Spoleto, Sellano e Cerreto di Spoleto, per conto del Comune di Norcia | Published August 11, 2016  -  Deadline September 8, 2016

Reliance, in concession, the integrated management of additional instrumental services to be performed at the Municipal Civic Museums and the Rocca Albornoz - National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto as further described in the performance specifications and summarized below:

A. Implementation of the Integrated Plan of promotion, communication and marketing of the integrated system Municipal Civic Museums and Rocca Albornoziana - National Museum of the Duchy;

B. Management of the ticket;

C. Conduct, in all the places of art. 3 of the schedule, the following services:

first reception, information and guidance

Access and control Wardrobe

Guided tours (non-exclusively on)

cultural assistance and educational workshops (non-exclusive)

the museum bookshop management provided by guides, catalogs and publications related to the knowledge of the territory, the art and the field of tourism

design and construction editorial

design and construction objects

sale objects editorial products.

D. Performance of security services and cleaning in the spaces indicated in the performance specification;

E. Performance of services for business and extra museum initiatives and support to the control of the spaces indicated in the performance specification.

printing service n. 6 roll up to exhibit at the conference to present the volume Statistical Report 2016. Outcome of financing. Art. 36, paragraph 2, letter. a) of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016. CIG ZEC19E7358.

Direzione Formazione e Instruzione | Published June 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2016

Subject: Reliance firm Firma Srl (CF / P. IVA 03265270276) Print Service of n. 6 roll up to exhibit at the conference to present the volume Statistical Report 2016. Contracting authority: Regione del Veneto Giunta-regional-Section Regional Statistics System; Allocation of credit: Procedure Community subthreshold of directly awarding pursuant to art. 36, paragraph 2, letter. a) of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016; List of operators invited to tender: Firma Srl with registered office in Padua, Via Guanella 2 / A; Operator selection criterion invited to tender: selection by the force of economic operators list drawn up by the Communication and Information Section, which collects, diversifying by service category, the references of traders who offer their services and products in order to power collaborate on communication initiatives implemented by the Region pursuant to Article 216, paragraph 9, of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016; Trustee: Firma Srl (CF / P. IVA 03265270276); awarding procedure: Decree of the Director of the Regional Statistics System Section n. 38 of 06.15.2016; reliance amount: EUR 220.00 (excluding VAT); Motivation which led to dell'affidatario choice: The company Firma Srl owns the general requirements of Article 80 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 required in the decree to contract, the firm's supply meets the needs the awarding body and is fair in economic terms; the company has also been designed to service implementation, in light of the extensive experience gained in the construction of displays, roll up and signs in general, as well as demonstrated their own Web sites. Responsible of the Procedure: Dr. Andrea Fosco, official of Section Regional Statistics System.

Event services

Comune di San Vito Lo Capo | Published November 4, 2015  -  Deadline December 11, 2015
79952000, 15894700

The service contract is for more actions for the realization of the integrated wine / gastronomic Sicilian tourist district consisting of several measures designed: Action at - improving tourist facilities and the extension of time in continuity of initiatives already in place - Cous Cous Fest , Inycon, Vinimilo: A.1 For the enhancement of the supply chain of food and wine. A.2 Educational tour with stops in Ulysses. A.3 International Workshop taste of culture - "menunesco." A.4 Information material institutional. Interventions aimed at enhancing the supply chain of food and wine events in the Cous Cous Fest, Inycon, Vinimilo, presenting the most important gastronomic Sicilian; construction exhibition, promotion products companies related to quality products (PDO and PGI); workshops / tasting etc .; Ulysses stops aimed at tour operators, trade journalists and opinion leaders from Britain, Germany, Russia, Spain and Switzerland; the Mediterranean diet, characterized by a nutritional model recognized by UNESCO; promotional material, which required adequate knowledge of the subjects being compared with the obvious specific insights. Action b - increase competitiveness and attractiveness of the territories: B.1 Creation and management of tourism (DMO). B.2 Product Design District and ordering the product portfolio. B.3 Creating a destination portal (CMS). B.4 booking system and e-commerce system of the tourist district "Wine and Flavors of Sicily." B.5 Constitution's social media team of the tourist district "Wine and Flavors of Sicily." Interventions identify each a step that is part of the development path to take to be able to build a successful district. Action C - communicate the taste of culture: The lessons will be focused on three main areas: Culture of taste, Production agribusiness and food and wine, marketing and communication of taste. Action D - interactive multimedia guide: Determining factor for the development of tourism in Italy is the digital mobile channel, with the need to use modern technology, creating an interactive multimedia for tourists, with map services, the list of proximity and reality increased, exploiting the marketing potential of social networks (facebook and twitter). Action E - promotional and marketing activities (participation in trade fairs and stock exchange): Activities of promo / marketing, by means of participation in promotional events involving the participation to 3 exhibitions in the tourism sector, two abroad, International Tourism Borse (ITB) in Berlin and MITT Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition, and the other in Italy, the Travel Trade Italy (TTI) in Rimini. The implementing rules of the service are indicated in the special descriptive and performance and in the draft contract, the technical descriptive report.