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Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt. | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline June 22, 2017
71310000, 71320000, 71631000, 71520000

Agency contract "ETCS L2 train control system design, construction and installation works of Sopron - Szombathely - linked to the performance of a contract to carry out business in Szentgotthárd railway line engineering and technical supervision tasks IKOP-2.1.0-15-2016-00017".


Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt. | Published January 25, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017
44113140, 44922200

stone materials for railway construction procurement framework agreement.

Part I: Purchase of Various Basalt crushed stone.

II. Part One: Purchase of Various road construction dolomite.

Contracting Yes. Based on § 105 paragraph (1) a) in respect of both parts 1-1 bidder enters into a framework agreement. Contracting a particular product please call your contractor direct ordering.

a variety of basalt crushed stone Framework Agreement required the purchase of railway construction.

The value of net 1,261,128,000 HUF envelope.


1. Product: BS EN 13450: 2003 as a railway ballast material to use as material Basalt 31.5 / 50 railway ballast.

2. Product: BS EN 13043: 2003 in accordance with suitable additives for use as materials made of basalt basalt 0/4.

Based on the preliminary requirements of performance contracting, in the handling of such loads by carrying wagons provided by Offeror Tender happens.

various road construction dolomite Framework Agreement required the purchase of railway construction.

The value of the net 64,150,000 HUF envelope.


1. Product: 0/12 szemeloszlású road construction dolomite;

2. Product: 0/55 szemeloszlású road construction dolomite;

22/55 szemeloszlású road construction dolomite: 3 products.

Based on the preliminary requirements of performance contracting, in the handling of such loads by road transport wagons provided by the Tender Offeror is happening.

Installation of cable infrastructure

Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt. | Published January 27, 2017  -  Deadline March 8, 2017
45314300, 45316200, 45300000, 45314310, 45231000, 45112500, 45112200, 45112320

Execution exchange contract line and power cables and spare LPE works for laying pipes to perform.

The subject of this acquisition on the execution Porpác Csorna-line sections:

The No. 16 train line Porpác - Csorna line section, B7H line cable, numeric code (4x25) power cables and conduits 4 LPE40 new cables in a common trail of laying construction plans approved by the GYSEV according to..

Design stages:

"Basic" orders.

Beled (342 + 59 hmsz) - Elm-Sopronnémeti (463 + 46 hmsz).

Répcelak (265 + 04 hmsz) - Belem (342 + 60 hmsz).

Pósfa AS107 (107 + 15 hmsz) - Mountain Village (152 + 09 hmsz).

Optional items:

4. Ölbő-Alsószeleste (72 + 90 hmsz) - Pósfa AS107 (107 + 15 hmsz).

Mountain Village (152 + 09 hmsz) - Vámoscsalád AS210 (210 + 90 hmsz).

Porpác (0-40 hmsz) - Ölbő-Alsószeleste (72 + 90 hmsz).

The technical content of acquisition are specified in the procurement documents.

Workspace for the ordered phase-transfer receipt (ie, to begin construction work on the given section) within 10 working days after order confirmation, may take place on the date specified by the customer.

data specified in § 98 paragraph (3):

- The subject of acquisition: new works, which is identical or similar to present works its purpose, so in line with present construction investment are: the No. 20 train line Porpác - Szombathely line section, B6H line cable, numeric code (4x25) power cables and 4 LPE40 pipe by common route of laying new cables, GYSEV construction plans approved by the Company with the following construction sections.:

Porpác (989 + 79 hmsz) - Vép (1072 + 50 hmsz).

Vép (1072 + 50 hmsz) - Szombathely (1149 + 50 hmsz).

- Conditions for acquisition: the section of the line in terms of source contracting has.

The Contracting Authority draws attention to:

- Products used by the Bidder in the present works shall comply with this notice and products specified in the tender documents or equivalent products (321/2015 paragraph (X.30) Korm.rend.46.§ (3)..).

- Contracting a technical specification documentation specify the requirements, according to which the contractor is required to be based on the execution of the relevant standards and regulatory requirements.

Contracting for additional coordination of care would be needed, or by special order cable operators Wicker volume up most of the investment can be significant factor in pushing up prices; it is also appropriate at the end of each section fits-sections This convergence is that the same contractor implementation, done using the same technique as precise fit and have the same quality conditions to ensure continuous future supply etc) cables, because of the circumstances the principle of effective and responsible public spending ensuring they get damaged parts.

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